Monday, August 30, 2004

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

See the Full Fruit Moon

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      Sunday, August 29, 2004   aol://1722:space/ See the Full Fruit Moon The moon will be full Aug. 29 and even though it won't look like an apple or orange, it's called the Full Fruit Moon. Learn how it got this name.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Song Child's Spring Bouquet (LE)

by Karen Noles

Teepee Tender (LE)

by Karen Noles


Lakota Water Maidens

by R. S. Riddick

artist:Dana Tiger

Dana Tiger

Creek Tribe Muscogee Nation

"By drawing on the strength of the women of my Creek Indian ancestry, I am better able to portray the dignity and determination of contemporary women."
Biography || The Daily Oklahoman Interview Please click on any of the following images or titles
for a larger image and order information.

Warrior Women

Under Control

American Indian College
Fund 1993

Voluntary Action

Quest for Peace

The One Who Teaches

Thinking It All Over

Ritual Traditions
of the Human Woman

Beautiful New World

Ozark Literacy Council
Poster 1993

Gathering Strength

The Healing Dream

AIDS Benefit Poster 1994
Freedom to Choose

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Groups About Indigenous People; 14???????


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     American Indian Writers                                                                                     
    This site is for American Indians to join and post their work or if you write about American Indians feel free to join and post. FINALLY A PLACE TO BE!!
    Date Created: 8/7/03 14

    Eagle Spirit Native American                                                                           

     Osiyo, We offer a wide varity of Traditional Native American & Southwestern Arts & Crafts, Native Gift Baskets, etc. Visit us at for pricing & purchases.Wado
    Date Created: 7/4/03 26

     Native American Veteran Women                                                      4
    Many of us have served along with our male counter parts and we have a diverse background and interests. We are still the givers of life as well as warriors.
    Date Created: 10/18/02 4
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    Monday, August 23, 2004

    artist Bill Holm

    "The Inviter"
    Original acrylic 12" x 16" by Bill Holm

    Wow, about 200 web Home pages!!!!!

       Homepage Results for Indian Native American:        

    Big Indian Native American Cultural Center
              Description: Big Indian Native American Cultural CenterBig Indian Native American Cultural Center    
    Native American Indian Books
              Description:  * Native American Indian Books WELCOME NATIVE AMERICAN BOOKS +++++++++++++++++++++++...    

    Art Indian's Native American art, history and cultural tour. Education, historical facts
              Description: Art Indian's Native American art...tour. Education, historical facts Native American Art, History and    

    ART INDIAN's Native American Art History and Cultural Tour
              Description: ART INDIAN's Native American Art...and Cultural Tour ART INDIAN's Native American Art    
    Art Indian's Native American art, history and cultural tour. Education, historical facts
              Description: Art Indian's Native American art...tour. Education, historical facts Native American Art, History and    

    Revalations of the Interesting Mind
              Description: ...DO NOT CALL INDIANS, NATIVE AMERICANS It wasn'    
    Flaming Arrow's Home Page
              Description:  Flaming Arrow's Home Page Flaming Arrow's Home Page About Me I am a mixed-blood    
    der hintern der katze ist kalt auf der maschine
              Description: ...DO NOT CALL INDIANS, NATIVE AMERICANS. It wasn'    

    Jazzin' It As JJ
              Description:  Jazzin' It As JJ Jazzin' It As JJ Stats 'n' Stuff I'm Rob and live in San Fran.    

      (1-10 of 200) 

       more >>

    I was exploring and my site came to top, but there are 25 sites?

    Journal Results for Indian Native American:        
    NAMoments >> Red Wolf's Site

    A KID FRIENDLY SITE - Help protect their future.

    Check back as new information is added daily
    A collection of Native American Indian literary and historical excerpts and observations.
    Literary Credit given when known
    A day in the life of Cassandra >> The Joys of being Native American?
     Despite the fact that I'm adopted, I know that I'm part black foot (ok ok...maybe its like 1/16...or 1/32..but still!!). No, that doesn't mean that one of my feet can dance because it's black (    
              Updated: 4/11/2004    

    Dream Catchers >> Native American Calendar
    Native American CalendarNo North American Indian tribe that I am aware of had a true calendar--a single integrated system of denoting days and longer periods of time. Usual    
              Updated: 4/23/2004    

    A Tsalagi's Dream >> Hero's never to be forgotten
    Osda Sunalei, Today I will talk of the warriors from long ago.  It is good to learn about the great ones from long ago and even today......In my dreams I am always in the past with many nations..    
              Updated: 5/3/2004    
    Whitefawn's Native American Page >> Taking from the people: One of many wrongs
    Greetings from the Onyota':Ka Oneida Wolf Clan of theHaudenosaunee> Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy>>> From the 32 Territory: April 3, 2004: On April 2, 2004, the three-> judge panel o    
              Updated: 4/25/2004    
      (1-5 of 25) 


    Allen's Art

    Allen's Art

    Oklahoma Indians and Genealogy

    Oklahoma Indians and Genealogy

    Oklahoma History Links: This  guide  provides topical organization of  web sites related  to Oklahoma history, geography and  genealogy. Some annotation is provided  but many sites overlap and some sites will  be listed more than once.  Some sites  provide information on line while most will include indexing and contacts for further research.  Some buttons will link to a section with a different main title.
    The Oklahoma Historical Society is not responsible for the content or operation of most of the links listed here. Agriculture Art Aviation Architecture Birth Certificates  Broadcasting Books Business and Industry Cemeteries Centennial Collecting History Corrections Counties Cultural Diversity Copyright Disaster Planning  Death Certificates  Depression Dust Bowl Education Events  Fraternal Film/Video Folklife/Folklore Forestry  Genealogy General  Geography Historic Research Historic Sites Historical Societies Images Indians Land Openings Law  Lawmen Libraries Living History Marriage Records Maps Microfilm Military Mining Museums Music Newspapers Obituaries Oil Outlaws Political Pre-History  State of Oklahoma Sports State Seals and Symbols Territorial Towns and Cities Travel and Tourism Transportation Water Weather Vital Statistics Research Aids  Advice to the Researcher Conservation On-line Suggestions      Click on a topic to  search.                                                                 Return to top using your back button.

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    Thursday, August 19, 2004


    Site Choices

    Wood Carvings
     Oil Paintings

    About the Artist

    Public Sculpture Tour


    Ho Chunk Family Tree: A Record of a Work in Progress

    We Are One Child Spinning Through Mother Sky: The Story of the Osage Orange Bayview Community Foundation Sculpture

    Contact Whitehorse Gallery






    "Superior Spirits"



    Sculptor          Painter          Carver

    Madison, Wisconsin, USA

    "As a child, I was taught that nature has definite patterns and that nature is perfect in what it does. Those lessons defines my approach as a realistic sculptor and painter. I strive for the qualities of attitude, accuracy, and detail within my art works." Harry Whitehorse

    Welcome to version 2.0 of Whitehorse Gallery Online. If this is your first visit, a good place to begin is with the Gallery where you can view detailed photos of Harry Whitehorse's sculptures, bird carvings, and oil paintings.


    Summer 2004

    Watertown High School 
    Peace Crane Sculpture Dedicated
    Learn more about the Peace Crane.

    October 2003
    Medium: Basswood, Artist's Oils, Mixed Media

    The hummingbird on the left is a work in progress.

    Completed hummingbird.

    Work in progress.

    Fishing Eagle
    A Work In Progress
    Medium: Basswood
    Life Size Unique Edition

    Artist Harry Whitehorse painted the head of the eagle to give an indication
    of it's finished appearance. He has many, many feathers left to carve and burn and has yet to begin detailing the walleye.

    September 2003
    In Memory of John Blackdeer

    Recently LouAnn Blackdeer approached Harry Whitehorse with a rather unusual commission. Her husband, John Blackdeer, came across a red stone somewhere in New Mexico and started to create a sculpture from the beautiful stone. Sadly, John passed away in an accident in the spring of 2003 before he was able to complete the sculpture. Rather than let the statue stay unfinished, LouAnn asked Harry if he would complete her husband's work which she will then present to the Ho Chunk Nation in memory of John. When Harry first saw the stone, he immediately recognized the shape of the Native American woman that John was in the process of creating before his passing. 

    September 2003
    Bayview Statue On New Base

    Sculptor Harry Whitehorse looks over the statue "We Are One Child Spinning Through Mother Sky" and the recently installed base at the Bayview Foundation in Madison, WI. Bjorn Carlson, a Madison custom wood worker, created a base that enables the statue to be carefully revolved. For more information about "We Are One Child Spinning Through Mother Sky", see the special website that documents the project.

    Content and Photos ©Harry R Whitehorse