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More Native Americans Art: Skin Paintings

The Indian World at Contact

(Approx. 36X60 On Deer Skin)

Map of Tribes known by unknown explorer

at time of early contact with America

Note: some tribes not shown....this is one man's exploration

Porcelain Dolls - Native American Indian

Beautifully handcrafted porcelain dolls made by LouAnn Paul, Cheryl Yazza and Freida Nelson
(Navajo). Quality craftsmanship reflect in everyone of LouAnn's porcelain dolls, all inspired from the many children's on the Navajo  reservation that LouAnn loves so much. Whether you are a serious collector of quality porcelain dolls or just collecting for the fun of it LouAnn has a doll for you. Our porcelain dolls make wonderful gifts for anyone of any age, they will cheer you up each time you look at them.

All our Porcelain dolls are made by:
LouAnn Paul, Cherryl Yazza & Freida Nelson (Navajo -  NM)

Face and Hands are porcelain.
Body is soft filled.
Height 15 & 19  inches standing
Numerous facial expressions
Various hair styles
Various outfits
Signed by Artist
LouAnn Paul

Face and Hands are porcelain.
Body is soft filled.
Height 19 inches standing

Numerous facial expressions
Various hair styles
Various outfits


Beaded Moccasins


Baby Moccasins
Sun Circle Moccasins 2
Sun Circle Moccasins
Women's High-Top Moccasins
Women's Eastern Woodlands Moccasins
Men's Eastern Woodlands Moccasins
Wedding Moccasins
High-Cuffed Southeastern Woodlands Floral Moccasins
Eastern Woodlands Woman's Moccasins
Copyright ©
Martha Berry

Photographs by Dave Berry

Sunday, January 30, 2005

artist: John Cogan

Title:  THE SUMMIT Size:  40x50 inches

Oneidas donate $1 million to tsunami relief benefit special

Updated: 11:06 AM EST           Tsunami Survivor Found After 25 Days By NEELESH MISRA, AP


PORT BLAIR, India (Jan. 22) - Waving a flag made of his clothes, a tsunami victim dressed only in his underwear was rescued after surviving alone for 25 days on a flattened island in India's Andaman and Nicobar archipelago, authorities said Saturday.

Oneidas donate $1 million to tsunami relief benefit special
Posted: January 14, 2005
by: Staff reports / Indian Country Today
Oneida Nation Homelands, N.Y. -- The Oneida Indian Nation of New York announced Jan. 13 that it will donate $1 million to NBC Universal's benefit special to aid the relief efforts in countries devastated by the tsunami that struck the Indian Ocean. ''Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope'', hosted by Jay Leno, will be broadcast live at 8 p.m. Jan. 15 on all of NBC Universal's outlets.

Native People...Yesterday and Today

Someone once said Native American Indian People are the most beautiful people on the face of this Earth.
Perhaps we are biased, but we tend to agree.
Of course, all people of Earth are beautiful.
A very big Thank You to Lynda from Mississippi for allowing us to post these rare pictures on our pages.

Page Two...Native People Today

Friday, January 28, 2005

Tsunamis: Facts

Tsunamis: Facts About Killer Waves Tsunami fast facts Wreckage from the Dec. 26 tsunami

Examining Earthquakes
A magnitude 9.0 quake caused the tsunami. Learn more about earthquakes.
Video: Earthquakes
Set Off a Quake
Printable Quake Facts Fast as Jet Planes
The Dec. 26 tsunami in the Indian Ocean may have been the most destructive ever, killing over 150,000 people. National Geographic News examines these killer waves, their causes and effects.
Tsunami Fast Facts
· Did Animals Sense It?
· Was It the Deadliest?
· Homework Help: Tsunamis
· List of Major Disasters
· Latest News
· More Tsunami Stories

The Story in Pictures
· Video: Tsunamis
· View News Photos
· More Satellite Photos

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Featured Native American Authors


Featured Native American Authors

 Jake George
Native American author from the Lenape tribe, writes fiction and non-fiction relating to health or Native American stori...


Rosemary Patterson
I'm a retired School Psychologist and the author of ten novels set in Australia, Hawaii, California, B.C., and Tahiti in...

All Native American Books

Return of the Canoe Societies
A riveting Literary History and adventure novel that celebrates the cultural resurgence of Coastal First Nations peoples....

The Other Side of the Mountain
Now avalible for purchase online or at your local bookstore The Other Side of the Mountain The story of Jim Call...


Greengrass Pipe Dancers
One man journey remarkably told. Healing from the lost of a loved one with the help of many, Lionel travels a road unknow to many...

Enduring Wisdom
"There are thousands of wise sayings attributed to The quotations used here were spoken in prayer, in song, in orations, or in co...

The Education of Ruby Loonfoot
Women's Fiction at its best....

Cemetery of the Lost
A fictional tale of Mina Mallory and her l
ifelong dedication to a nearly abandoned Indian graveyard deep in the woods of northern ...

Clouds are the Creator's Fingerprints
A collection of Native American poetry and poetry dealing with emotions. This work is written under the name of Claywoman....

All Native American Stories

Nitam bemadizijig (first people) by Teena Hartsfield
Nitam bemadizijig (first people)...

excerpt from: Of Indians and Aliens by Sonya Henderson
After “Why don’t you tell me where this woman is? You know, you could save yourself a lot of unnecessary suffering.” The man scrutinized the woman’s face. He could n...

Belonging by Ell
en Kay


How the Hopi Create Their World by Keith Varnum
God gives food to every bird, but does not throw it into the nest. -Montenegrin proverb ...

Reena's Song by Judith Bailey
Wisdom gained through adversity is not the only way to learn, but for Reena it could not have happened any other way....

An Indian Tale(copywrite 2003) by Tommie Stovall-Prentiss
This is a story based on a Native American Shamaness Vampire character that I play in a chat room....

A Ghostly Tale...Part VIII.. by Claywoman
She lay there for hours unable to sleep, afraid if she did, the dreams would begin again. She missed her husband so desperately! She knew if she slept, the horror of the past few...

All Native American Articles

Pledge of Allegiance, Native American view by Jake George
This article was published in Florida Today news paper, a Gannett subsidary....

Walking in Beauty by Zinta Aistars
I>Calvin Hill’s Journey from a Navajo Reservation in Arizona to the ministry of the Stockbridge Avenue United Methodist Church in Kalamazoo/i> Published as a cover story...

Violations: Poem and Essay by Claywoman
My terror at thirteen at being raped......

An Unknowing, Uncaring Insult by Dan Summerfield
An Unknowing, Uncaring Insult:...

Chief Joseph and Hawk Littlejohn by Dan Summerfield
Words and Men...

Powwow by Jay Driskell
Experiencing the Powwow...

The Destruction of America's Cultural Resources by Gary Varner
A recent tour of ancient Native American sites revealed more than rock art....

All Native American Poetry

Shadow Dancers by Ed Kostro

If Buffalo could read by Jake George
I wrote this poem after reading about the story of the Sacred White Buffalo....

Do Not Cry by Jake George
A poem I wrote for my father after he died of cancer. It is from my Chap Book, "The Red Man In Me"...

A Stone In My Pocket by Deborah Russell
...One thousand birds above my head......

Spirit by Alan Burch
The spiritual world is the true reality. The body we inhabit is only a shell. The Great Spirit, God, in the Bible says that god is a Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship ...

The Wanderers~ by Erica Ivory
repost... with memories...

The Truth of the Matter by Carol Meeks
This poem placed in the top 100 at the 73rd Annual Writer's Digest happy!!!...

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Native American Culture - Poetry

Native American Culture - Poetry - ... A small collection of quotations by American Indian peoples, past ... us to "learn from them what a Native Heart feels ... by Nunya Ageya is a beautiful piece about ...

Native  American Culture (BD Shadow)

Native  American Culture written with pictures from 'Red Rock'


Site Index Poetry and Essays
All Is Finished
This poem by Chief Dan George Salish (1899-1981),   written late in his life, might make you cry.

American Indian Quotations
A small collection of quotations by American Indian peoples, past and present.

The Ballad of Kokopelli
A ballad about Kokopelli, and additional poems about him.

Indigenous Poetry
Links to Poetry pages of many different Indigenous Peoples, including Turtle Island Nations, and Aztec, Maya, Nahuatl, and Quechua.

Native American Christmas
This is a very good description by Looks for Buffalo, an Oglala Sioux Spiritual Leader and SandieLee Bohlig, spiritual healer and teacher. Native American Christmas cards
Throughout the world, in every nation, from every heart, one prayer....
That all people live in freedom and peace reign everywhere.
A Christmas wish for you and all the world... PEACE
--- artist Brummett EchoHawk

Native Poems
Some wonderful poetry has been sent to Stonee's mail room. In sharing them he asks us to "learn from them what a Native Heart feels today."

Poems and Stories by Longtrail Snowbird
The poem "Eagle Hunter," by Longtrail, describes a very old method of capturing Eagles.

Poems and Stories by Shelley Smith
"Four Dreams" by Nunya Ageya is a beautiful piece about receiving her name.

Renee Womble's Poetry
"Renee is 3/4 Cherokee and 1/4 French, and was born and raised in the Eastern Cherokee reservation in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina." About Renee.

The Time of the Young Eagles
The beautiful prayer of the For the Children Program

Time Walker Trilogy
by Les Tate, visits with "Old Ones who walked this land long before us."

Thoughts from the Elders of Vnewetv
Compiledfrom various Native American Source Files and hosted on the North Florida Muskogee Creek Culture site.

NEW Wisdom, Truth & Vision
A wonderful collection of Poems & Essays on the "We Are All Related" section of Sun Singer.

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