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Even our animal friends can Paint? Elephant painting!

Elephant Paints Self Portrait

The Emergence of the Clowns; Artist Roxanne Swentzell

The Emergence of the Clowns The Emergence of the Clowns, 1988 Roxanne Swentzell (1963 - )

Roxanne Swentzell (Santa Clara) b. 1963
"The Emergence of the Clowns," 1988
Mixed media clay, A: 22" x 13" x 15"
B: 16" x 23" x 18" C: 17" x 14" x 14" D: 7" x 19" x 1 1 "
The Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona
Purchased with funds from the Koll Company

Roxanne Swentzell is a young artist whose artistic wisdom is far beyond her years. She brings to Native American sculpture an integrity of technique and understanding of her materials. Swentzell is the niece of Nora NaranjoMorse and is also well grounded in the realm of Santa Clara pottery produced by her grandmother, her mother and her aunts.

Roxanne Swentzell - Living Portraits of New Mexico Artists

Friday, March 28, 2008

Cree actor Nathaniel Arcand is a busy guy.

Nathaniel Arcand Isn’t Letting the Grass Grow…

March 28th, 2008 by Carole Levine

Nate2Cree actor Nathaniel Arcand is a busy guy. I know this to be true because every time I talk to him he is actively pursuing a new challenge beyond seeking roles that break with hackneyed film portrayals of Native males. Sure, he's worn his share of buckskin and feathers onscreen, but he's also played a kickboxer, curling champ, amiable repairman, rodeo rider, possessed grad student, and most recently, a veterinarian. Oh yeah, he is also a motivational speaker, youth mentor, photographer, singer, and has produced a  sketch comedy show, among other things…

So it's hardly a surprise he's attracted a large and loyal fan base across North America. Nathaniel's just the sort of person who represents the best of what is coming out of Native entertainment, and in keeping with his impressive resume, is continuing to develop as an artist. Most recently, he's co-starred in the CBC series, Heartland, which will begin filming its second season this May. Also, he just completed a docu-drama called The Last Explorer  for Montreal-based Rezolution Pictures, the Aboriginal owned production company whose Canadian comedy series, Moose TV he starred in with Adam Beach. And, just so we all know the dude isn't letting the grass grow while he's waiting for Heartland  to resume production, he is developing his portfolio as a photographer.

Yup, Nathaniel Arcand is a busy AND versatile AND talented guy. With that in mind, we are sharing with you a recently produced demo video just to give you a taste of what we're talking about. Enjoy and stay tuned…

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Walking For Freedom (Fox12 News)

Walking For Freedom (Fox12 News)

March 21, 2008 05:39 PM

Nampa — It’s been more than three weeks of walking…an estimated 800,000 steps as two men fight to make a difference in a county torn apart by injustice. They’ve taken a vow to walk from Portland, Oregon to New York City to hand deliver a signed petition to the United Nations Security Council.
It’s day number 21, more than 400 miles for 27 year old Zaw Htwe… and he’s tired.
“Just whole body pain, but we gotta keep walking and you know,” said Htwe.They are two Burmese refugees escaped from a country they describe as an in-humane military monopoly. Burma is located in Southeast Asia, nestled between India, Thailand, and China and has been run for the last 19 years by the State Peace and Development Council…although the country has been anything but peaceful.“Our country is genocide and torture the human violation you know, child soldier, and labor forced, the woman raised and killed,” said walking partner Athein. In 1988 at only 7 years old Htwe remembers one of Southeast Asia’s darkest moments. Millions of students, professionals, and civilians were gunned down and imprisoned in response to a peaceful march to bring an end to the social dictatorship. So now, twenty years later, he is marching peacefully in remembrance of his fallen brothers and sisters.“Right now the military government trying to arrest people who like to make peace, freedom, and democracy and human rights, and they arrest and torture people,” said Htwe.

Upon arriving in New York the men will implore the United Nations to make a change in Burma…they say this is the year for a revolution.“So I believe that for 2008, bring freedom to our country, and our people, ” said Athein.

They have also created a website explaining their mission, with the letter they hope to present to the UN Security Council.

If you’d like to find out more information or support their petition with your signature, go to
The video of the interview is listed as
Walking for Peace

Walking For Burmese Freedom
The Burmese Flag
The Burmese Flag
It's been more than three weeks of estimated 800,000 steps as two men fight to make a difference in a county torn apart by injustice.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Longest Walk ll Welcome Pow Wow May 10, 2008

Welcome Pow Wow
 Pow Wow
Large Flyer

Free Burma Rangers risk life to help

Fleeing Burma Army gun fire but Ranger Nurse is shot up

Free Burma Rangers medic teams helping the people

Child by home burnt to ground.
 Rangers bring them clothes and books to continue their learning.
As they get families to safety

Burma Army killing Machine

Prison porters carry Burma Army supplies or are shot

Monday, March 24, 2008



With all the fuss about China and their iron handed assault on the good people of Tibet. It should be no secret as to what they are doing, in spite of the news black out. Just take a gander at the atrocities going on in Burma as we speak. People are being forced to except some Constitutional Referendum or face extinction. Villagers are being routed from their homes and must flee into the jungle through a hail of gun fire. Ah yes, the joy of ethnic cleansing. Torture has become a pastime for prison officials in Burma. Political prisoners are abused in some of the most ghoulish ways imaginable, weekly. Genital torture is common place as well as other forms of barbarism. Of course, this conduct is accepted and condoned by China. Chances are they taught the Burmese Military Junta this and other forms of human cruelty. It is a safe bet this is going on in Tibet as we speak.

The savagery being perpetrated on innocent defenseless people in the cities and jungles of Burma would make Pol Pot smile with approval. Yet the world marches on, ambivalent or simply comatose to the cries of human beings. Yet we the people inadvertently sponsor all this death by supporting corporations who finance the military junta. Chevron and its subsidiary Mrs. Beasley Bakery Goods and Toiletries are only the tip of the ice berg within the USA alone. Alcoa Aluminum has joined forces with China. Now that China has come out of its closet exposing the demon behind this Olympic fa├žade. Maybe now we can consciously find the mettle to ignore this bogus Olympic Charade, “The Beijing Blood Letting Olympic Games”. It will be interesting to see which corporations finally sign on and participate with China in this Olympic farce. I will never buy from them or their subsidiaries again.


China, like other corporate countries, has taken the usual high road to profitability at the expense of human beings, again. But one must realize the examples corporations presented to the world at large. So China simply followed suite and joined the rest of the corporate world. Its all about the money Paisan. Throughout the America’s, Africa, Asia and the rest of the world, corporations have laid siege on indigenous people with venom. Rightly so according to industry leaders since these tribal people are “wasting” all the natural resources they are living in, on or over. And it is the corporations mandate to eliminate anything and anyone who stops “progress” at all costs.

In a very real sense countries have disappeared as corporations changed the rules of national sovereignty, all for “commerce” of course. This is the New World Order. What kind of animals have we become where human life has no precedents when the bottom line is concerned? In essence, Earth has become a Gulag where all of mankind must work for the “Corporation” or face imprisonment and death. You can’t sit under a tree without having to pay according to the refugees I’ve interviewed over the years. People from Sudan, Burma and other repressive countries told me it is an illusion, this thing called “Freedom” because noting is free anymore.

Sadly, China is not the only corporate country who has indigenous blood on their hands. Ask an American Indian about the good ole USA and you will hear tales that mirror the stories from Burma or Tibet. The Shoshone Nation in Nevada are under siege since the Cortez Mining Company wants to take their sacred land and turn it into a gold mine. Some South America Countries are secretly eliminating the indigenous people who stand in the way of deforestation and “progress”. Africa is filled with death and poverty as corporations glean all her natural resources. The indigenous populations are murdered if they stand in the way of “progress”.

We have become “enablers” since we did nothing to curve this wave of corporate influence. Remember what Benito Mussolini once said;

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

The only change I would make to this historically dark quote would be to add “Communism and Capitalism” since they have turned to Corporatism as their new axiom. As human beings we are powerless militarily to fight such empiresof greed. But we have bullets that will pierce their armor and neutralize their killing machines. Like they say, “fight fire with fire” so lets wage war on their pocket book. Without our dollar they will be nothing. Only through a concerted effort from the buying public will they become humbled.

Within my culture we believe we are living in a time of great change. Within this framework is the belief money will someday become worthless. I truly look forward to this, if I survive Mother Earth’s wrath. The barter system will ultimately come back into fold where a person is valued by their personal skills and not that of their servants. A time will soon come where money will buy almost nothing. Early last year oil companies boasted that $5 a gallon of gas was an expectable figure to shoot for. With record breaking quarterly profits corporate greed has crippled economies of the world for fun and profit just for a select few. Chevron will soon pump blood into your gas tank as they help the Burmese Junta rape a nation. But that’s OK since you will be home munching on a Mrs. Beasley’s bakery treat while watching the pre-recorded Beijing Olympic Games on your Daewoo big screen TV. As you will recall, Daewoo is invested in Burma as well. It is said Great Britain is the largest investor in Burma. I counter that it is not the good people of Great Britain but corporations. Such is the case in China fore it is not the people of this nation but the Corporate Communists who are calling the shots. Just ask one of the 1.5 million people who’ve been displaced with no compensation to make way for these games. No telling how many more people were displaced incarcerated or killed.

To boycott the Olympics would send a stern message to the corporate world that the sleeping giant of humanity has awakened. To boycott corporations who are invested in human suffering would strike at their Achilles’ Tendon. Remember, without our money corporations would be nothing and every penny not spent is a penny not invested in tyranny and death. We can make a difference if we try.

Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom, Capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the by product of a fertile mind

The Companies involved so far?


His starting List:
Then he added another Dirty List:

Quote Buffalohair: "The Beijing Blood Letting Olympic Games". It will be interesting to see which corporations finally sign on and participate with China in this Olympic farce. I will never buy from them or their subsidiaries again.
Olympic Games:
See List Here

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Buffalohair Free Burmas Indigenous Karen

Care2 - Free Burma Indigenous Peoples of the World - The Karen ...Free Burma Indigenous Peoples of the World - The Karen & Buffalohair. ... - 4 hours ago -

Free Burma Indigenous Peoples of the World - The Karen & Buffalohair


Blog: Free Burma Indigenous Peoples of the World - The Karen & Buffalohair

Free Burma Indigenous Peoples of the World - The Karen & Buffalohair

513GO Old Warrior Dragon.JPG


I dreamt of Burma - Photo Gallery by Anna Pagnacco at pbase.comFor showing us an insight to the people and landscape of Burma, You have captured the spirit well. You have some fascinating pictures here. ...

The Karen in Burma have suffered opression at the hands of successive regimes of that country for decades. Forced re-settlement and labor, incarceration, ... - 14k -



This is something all of us can help with! We still have that freedom of choice and it can save these children and their families!
pledge not to buy fuel from any gas station owned by THE INVESTORS OF DEATH AND HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN BURMA, or any of their subsidiaries.The Burma Campaign UK: The Dirty List - Companies Supporting the ...The boycott will continue until the companies leave Burma entirely.
Olympic corporate sponsors.
See List Here


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