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Buffalohair:Made in China Tainted in Human Suffering

Made in China Tainted in Human Suffering

ATTENTION CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS...............Zhang Xiaohong (also called Zhang Zhaohong), 29, was detained three times; twice while he was at the Mianyang Xinhua Forced Labor Camp, where he endured severe brainwashing sessions. Zhang had been bound and hung up for a whole night, police have beaten him until nearly every part of his body was bleeding. While being tightly bound with “police” ropes, he passed out. Police also shocked him on his mouth, neck, shoulders, body, and navel all at the same time which severely burned his skin.

ATTENTION CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS...............Zhang Xiaohong (also called Zhang Zhaohong), 29, was detained three times; twice while he was at the Mianyang Xinhua Forced Labor Camp, where he endured severe brainwashing sessions. Zhang had been bound and hung up for a whole night, police have beaten him until nearly every part of his body was bleeding. While being tightly bound with “police” ropes, he passed out. Police also shocked him on his mouth, neck, shoulders, body, and navel all at the same time which severely burned his skin.

With expressed permission from the good people of the Falun Dong Organization I am reprinting their latest news story. I would also implore you to research this story as well as log onto the Falun Gong site. With Bill Clinton’s granting China “Favored Nation Status” we the consumer have become a party to slave labor in a magnitude that staggers the imagination. The absolute brutality being inflicted on Falun Gong members in China is beyond imagination in its barbarism and cruelty. Clearly more than half the populations in China’s Slave Labor Camps are Falun Gong members.

American industries invested in China have become partners in the bustling slave labor market. As a favored nation China has found a way to extract every cent of profitability by utilizing cheap and affordable slave labor. The American public has become the “Enabler” as millions of slaves manufacture goods and supplies for American Markets. Part and parcel we the consumers are financing torture, rape and death of millions of innocent people who are being gathered and tossed in Gulags across China.

The toll in human life has been replaced by concerns for the corporate bottom line. Human beings work and die to produce end tables, cheap radios, clocks and cute little fuzzy toys for baby. Even chemicals and raw materials US Industry uses are produced from slaves who toil and suffer in conditions Hitler would be proud of. Take a look all around you and locate the Made in China sticker on it. Can you smell the dried blood or the cries of innocent people being tortured to death? Then take some time to find out what companies from the US are invested in China. Then log onto the Falun Gong site and see the fruits of your labor. By supporting these companies you must take credited for the blood bath and death that accompanies each and every item you purchase. Imagine a US President, Bill Clinton, paved the way for millions of innocent human beings to be enslaved in Gulags till death. We’ve become a partner in crime and wholesale genocide. So take some time and read the story I’ve included with my ranting. Happy shopping boys and girls.

Urgent Appeal: Widow of Olympic Torture Victim Faces Immediate Sentencing for Practicing Falun Gong

After husband died of torture, wife is at risk of long-term imprisonment

New York—The widow of a well-known musician and Falun Gong adherent who died from abuse in police custody is scheduled to be sentenced to a potentially long prison term in a Beijing Court on Tuesday morning Beijing time (Monday evening EST).

Ms. Xu Na and her husband Yu Zhou, a popular folk band member, were arrested in Beijing on January 26 while returning home from a performance by Yu’s band. They were stopped by police at one of many check-points setup throughout Beijing in the run-up to the Olympics as part of Beijing’s efforts to stamp out potential dissent before the Games began. During the stop, police discovered they were practitioners of Falun Gong.

Eleven days later, Yu’s family was told to go to the Qinghe Emergency Center. When his family arrived, they found him dead. (news) Soon after, Yu’s death was mourned in the Chinese blogosphere and reported on by The (London) Times (news). It was also included in a recent submission by Amnesty International to the United Nations Committee on Torture (news)

His wife Xu Na, herself an award-winning artist, has remained in detention since the couple’s arrest. In April, her family was notified that she was to be charged with “using a heretical organization to undermine implementation of the law,” a vague provision of the penal code commonly used to sentence Falun Gong adherents to prison terms of up to 12 years. (Amnesty report)

According to sources inside China, Beijing’s Chongwen District Court is scheduled to announce the result of the trial against Xu on November 25, at 9am (Beijing time). The court’s address is 10 Yong Wai Ding An Li, Chongwen District, Beijing.

Xu has been represented by Mr. Cheng Hai of Yitong Law Firm, a well-known human rights lawyer, who has pleaded Xu’s innocence. She was released in 2006 after serving a five year sentence for having lent her apartment to Falun Gong adherents traveling to Beijing to appeal to the authorities for an end to the persecution campaign. While in detention, she was reportedly subjected to torture, including beatings, sleep deprivation, forced-feeding, and being tied into uncomfortable positions for hours.

The Falun Dafa Information Center urges members of the foreign media and diplomatic corps to seek to observe the hearing, fully investigate the circumstances surrounding Xu’s trial, and call for her immediate and unconditional release.

For more information and a timeline of Xu’s case see:

Your Devil’s Advocate


Buffalohair Gazette International

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A Native American Film Series

Bringing the Circle Together

Hosted By: Bringing the Circle Together
When: Thursday Dec 04, 2008
at 7:00 PM
Where National Center
111 North Central Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
United States
Bringing the Circle Together

The fifth annual Missouri State University Native American Heritage Month Powwow

Missouri State University celebrates Native American Heritage ...

Nov 5, 2008 ... The fifth annual Missouri State University Native American Heritage Month Powwow will take place from 1-11 p.m. on Nov. ... - 13k

5th Annual Native American Heritage Month Powwow

Sunday, November 23, 2008, 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Show all occurrences
McDonald Hall & Arena
This event is a two day celebration of native American music, dance, arts, crafts, and foods. Dance contests will also be held. Member of several native American tribes from Oklahoma, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri and elsewhere will be performing

American Indian Student Association
Open to current students, future students, parents and family, alumni, faculty, staff, community, visitors, .
Dr. William Meadows, Associate Professor, Anthropology at or (417) 836 - 5684.

Northwest New Release

Sept. 23, 2008

The drums return: Powwow celebrating fifth year


The fifth annual Northwest Powwow -- a celebration of Native American culture and tradition -- will take place Saturday, Oct. 25, at Northwest Missouri State University's Bearcat Arena in Maryville. Grand entries will be at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. The free event is open to the public.

The powwow will feature singing, drums and scores of dancers in full regalia competing in such categories as grass dancing, traditional, fancy, fancy shawl and jingle dress. Age and gender categories include "tiny tots," juniors/teens, women, men and "golden age."

Powwow highlights will include presentation of the University's Native American Scholarship to one or more recipients. Supported by private donations and proceeds from the sale of T-shirts and other items, the scholarship was made possible through a major gift to the Northwest Foundation by alumnus Earl Shelton ('49). This year’s award is $1,700.

The award is made to eligible Northwest juniors and seniors who must earn a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.5 while demonstrating a commitment to the preservation of Native American culture.

Those attending this year's powwow are encouraged to help support the scholarship through individual donations. For information about the Northwest Native American Scholarship Fund, call the Office of University Advancement at 660.562.1248 or visit the Alumni and Friends Web page at

Nationally recognized powwow veteran Steve Byington will serve as arena director, and Willie Ogden will perform duties as master of ceremonies. Drummers and singers include Thunder Shield (Northern Drum) and Young Omahas (Southern Drum). Head man dancer is Travis Brown, and head lady dancer is Tashina Tahdooahnippah.

As in past years, there will be plenty of intertribal dancing for all participants. Since dancing continues uninterrupted throughout the powwow, spectators should feel free to come and go during the event.

Traditional Native-American concessions, such as fry bread, Indian tacos, meat pies and "prairie dogs" (hot dogs wrapped in fry bread), will be available for sale, as will Northwest Powwow T-shirts and posters. A number of Native American vendors and craftspeople will be on hand displaying and selling their wares.

Concessions will be sold by the Boys & Girls Club of the Prairie Band Potawatomie Nation and the Horace Mann Laboratory School Student Council. Contributions from spectators to the drum teams to cover traveling expenses are appreciated.

The powwow is sponsored by the University's Intercultural and International Center, Northwest’s College of Education and Human Services, the Office of Student Affairs and a Northwest Culture of Quality grant.

For more information, please contact:

Anthony Brown,
News Bureau Manager
Phone: 660.562.1704
Fax: 660.562.1900

Northwest Missouri State University
219 Administration Building,
800 University Drive
Maryville, MO 64468

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2008 8:08 am Post subject: A press release worth reading. Rather than reinvent the wheel I am republishing this in it's entire form.


People of Rosebud & Pine Ridge Reservations in Need of Emergency Assistance Following Severe Blizzard & Weather Conditions

Children, Elderly, Disabled, and Sick In Need of Heat and Winter Necessities

"About 60% of the Elders on Pine Ridge have sole custody of their grandchildren or great-grandchildren so there are often small children in the home, also at risk."

N.A.M.A. Task Force Committed to Assisting Throughout Winter Season

The Native American Music Association, N.A.M.A., a non profit 501(c)(3), (Fed Id# 13-4032761) is heeding the requests of NAMAPAAH Radio and is joining in the effort to provide emergency clothing, and heating/utility assistance for the Elders, children, the disabled, and the sick on the Rosebud & Pine Ridge Reservations in South Dakota throughout this Winter season. N.A.M.A. is calling upon its international membership to make a donation in which ALL funds will go directly to providing clothing to local churches and schools on the Reservations as well as emergency heating/utility assistance determined by the application process of the Link Center Foundation's primary program. N.A.M.A. is also building a task force consisting of Winners, Nominees & Volunteer Staff in South Dakota to assist in filing emergency applications for those most in need of heat and Winter clothing on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations.

The current goal is to raise over $15,000.00 in donations which will provide all current application approved households with several weeks of emergency propane and winter clothing. Fuel vendors will be paid directly. A list of fuel vendors is available for those interested. Additionally, an open line of communication is available with Propane companies in the event they refer an emergency recipient, i.g, , Lakota Plains Propane Co. on Pine Ridge. Assistance is provided in the order applications are received or in cases of dire or life-threatening emergencies which then take precedence. Propane is currently running about $2.20 to $2.50 per gallon. Fuel costs have risen about 33% in the last year. The various propane companies are requiring $120-$150 minimum purchase per delivery.

Sadly, some of the elders in the back country (many of whom take care of their grandchildren) don't get into towns or local CAP offices and often miss out on obtaining emergency applications or even knowing about them. We can be of help to them!!! And most importantly, we want to be assured that the assistance goes directly to those most in need.

While need is everywhere, particularly at this time of crisis, there are no greater needs than those of the Elders, children, disabled, and ill on these reservations. They have the lowest income, the least ability to gain funds, and often suffer from such serious health issues as to be severely impaired by the cold. Even worse, for the most part, they are the least able to travel to get assistance or to get someplace that might be warm. Moreover, according to the last Federal census, about 60% of the Elders on Pine Ridge have sole custody of their grandchildren or great-grandchildren so there are often small children in the home, also at risk.

We are depending on YOU, the individual donor, to help us help these families in crisis. DONATE NOW through N.A.M.A.'s website.

FACTS: Average income on the Oglala Lakota Sioux Pine Ridge Reservation is about $3,500.00 per YEAR. Jobs are extremely scarce; unemployment hovers around 85% on this 11,000-square-mile reservation which houses about 40,000 people. The other Lakota Reservations face similar economic conditions.

Death by hypothermia is always a concern on the reservations. Each winter (October – March), temperatures drop well below 0*F. Many families must choose between food and heat. In some cases, they have neither.

Federal LHEAP and Tribal Assistance Programs offer each low-income family approximately $300 per year. With the current rate of propane at $2.20 per gallon, this provides only 136 gallons – about enough fuel for 2 to 4 weeks (depending on the harsh weather).

For more information on the LCF Elder heating/utility application process, feel free to visit the Link Center Foundation,

To send clothing, blankets, boots, etc directly, you may request a list of ministries, churches and schools via email to;

Let's help ASAP. It is just unacceptable to have third world country conditions in the middle of America! We need to help them not only during this crisis, but throughout the entire Winter Season.

Please make a donation by clicking the donate button on the Native American Music Awards' website, "Special Programs" page. All donations are tax deductible.

Media References:

Please make a donation by clicking the donate button on the Native American Music Awards' website, "Special Programs" page. All donations are tax deductible.

Media References: By Kayla Gahagan, Journal Staff November 9th, 2008 by: Tamra Brennan November 15th, 2008



The Native American Music Awards & Association would like to assist those on Pine Ridge & Rosebud with their winter crisis.

The inspiration for our entire organization, was given to us by the youth on Rosebud and Pine Ridge over 12 years ago. We are well aware of the difficulties and conditions facing those on Pine Ridge and Rosebud and it would be a wonderful effort for myself and our organization to come full circle and assist those there that are most in need. Not only in this crisis - but on a continuing basis.

It just amazes me at times that the mainstream or others throughout the world do not realize we still have third world country conditions existing in the middle of America. Without Rosebud or Pine Ridge, there would be no NAMMYS today, and it is imperative that we make others aware of the hardships the Lakota face.

We believe we have secured the best possible methods to offer the most direct assistance and reach those most in need, whether its money, diapers, toys, food, water, etc.

We look forward to your assistance. Please visit our website on the Special Programs Page and make your tax deductible donation now.

In Unity,
Ellen Bello
NAMA President & Founder
212 228 8300

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

NativeVue] Johnny and Tonto Fistfight in Hollywood

[NativeVue] Johnny and Tonto Fistfight in HollywoodNov 18, '08 11:41 PM
by Ann LRD for everyone

Native moms don't want their sons to be Tonto.

johnny depp

A demeaning caricature of what mainstream America thinks of "Indians"—obedient, inarticulate and always subservient to the more clever white man. Tonto is Native America's Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and Stepin Fetchit; a non-threatening, amiable real-life cartoon...

Read the Rest...!!!! Johnny and Tonto Fistfight in Hollywood

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Buffalohair Solidarity for Burma, November 22

Solidarity for Burma, November 22

I receive mail from readers everyday wanting to do something for the people of Burma. On November 22nd 2008 there will be a world wide silent protest and show of Solidarity for the people of Burma. Here at the Buffalohair Gazette we support any and all efforts to bring awareness and support for the cause of democracy, freedom and justice around the world. In an effort to spread the word about this global event we are reposting the news release from Burma Democratic Concerns, located in the UK. Even an armchair observer can make a statement and show solidarity, please read their press release;



White Campaign for justice in BURMA

17 November 2008

Burma Democratic Concern called for people around the world to wear white at your own place to show solidarity with Burmese people on six Saturdays staring from 22 November 2008, Burma National Day, until 27 December 2008.

“Please show your support for people of Burma by simply wear WHITE at anywhere you are. We are defending freedom and human rights with non-violent ways. We are paying for the price very dearly as we are facing one of the most brutal military regime in the world. I would like to stress here that Burma crisis is not only Burmese people crisis. It is world’s crisis as we are bond in humanity. We have to work together sensibly in order to eliminate military dictatorship in Burma and in the world at large. Together, we can make the difference and change the lives of Burmese people. We will prevail because we are doing the RIGHT thing. I would like to encourage everyone who loves justice, freedom and liberty to join this event and send the very strong message to the WORLD that there is no place in the world for injustice”, said Myo Thein, Director of Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) in United Kingdom.

Burma crisis is now in crucial situation. Even though National League for Democracy (NLD) led by Aung San Suu Kyi won 1990 elections overwhelmingly held by very Generals who are currently ruling the country, ignore to honour the elections results. Although International Community is calling for the release of all political prisoners, military regime defied it by sentencing political dissidents to prison for up to 65 years each.

“We have to eliminate military dictatorship in Burma before junta plan to hold rigged 2010 elections, unless otherwise Burma will be under brutal military dictatorship forever and ever and ever. We have to stop it sensibly and it is our duty to do the RIGHT thing. If United Nations fail to intervene in this very critical situation, it will send WRONG message to the Burmese people and people around the world that if you got the guns and power, you can do whatever you want and kill the people well before the international community and get away with it” said Khin Maung Win, Director at the Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) in United States.

In 2006 and 2007, 88-Generation Students launched the ‘White Expression Campaign” , “Multi-faith prayer campaign”, “Sunday White Campaign”: calling for the Burmese people to show their support by wearing white clothes and praying for national reconciliation and release of all political prisoners. Now they are in PRISONS.

“We have to do what we can to show our UNITY with the heroes of Burma. It is our duty to keep up the flame alight in order to restore democracy in Burma”, said Kyaw Lin Oo, Director at the Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) in Thailand.

Our leader, Aung San Suu Kyi once said that “Everyone got a role in democratisation process of Burma. When you see INJUSTICE, do not sit tight and just look. Do not ignore unjust to let it happen. When you see injustice, try your best to stand by with justice. Do something and voice for JUSTICE”.

Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) call for people around the world to wear white every Saturdays, at your very own place, starting on 22nd November 2008 (Saturday) until 27th December 2008 (Saturday), as the expression of solidarity with everyone who are working to restore justice, human rights and democracy in Burma.

The point is that even though we are in various places and locations, but we are stick together with the HEROES of Burma and we are with them.

Please participate wherever you are to show the solidarity and spread this to everyone you know.

Please show your support for people of Burma by simply wear WHITE at anywhere you are. Please see the links below.

For more information please contact:
Myo Thein
00 44 787 788 2386
[United Kingdom]

Khin Maung Win
00 194196126 22
[United States]

Kyaw Lin Oo
00 6684107 9352

When you get a hold of Myo Thein, just say Buffalohair Sent you eh;

Your Devil’s Advocate


Buffalohair Gazette International!

Charlie Hill



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Buffalohair: Than Shwe’s Bogus Prison Release Bares Fruit

Than Shwe’s Bogus Prison Release Bares Fruit

Mon child running from Death Squad, Photo FBR

Mon child running from Death Squad, Photo FBR

Remember a few months back when Than Shwe, Military Dictator of Burma, gave the appearance he was relenting to world demands for humanity? Sure you do since he released prisoners by the droves including NLD Central Committee member Win Tin. There was a buzz Than Shwe was bending to international pressure and possibly turning an new leaf. On the other hand there were Burmese insiders who looked on with a skeptical eye. Recently Than Shwe purposely ignored millions of Nargis survivors, leaving them to die. Burmese troops raising villages, murdering and raping villagers after the cyclone was hatred at its best. Brutality has not ceases only the news sources.

The prisons release was a calculated maneuver to show a compassionate face to the world while freeing up beds for the next round of arrests. Coincidentally it was this time frame Than Shwe approved capital investments in the largest IT Center in Burma, The Yadanabon Cyber City. 9 Burmese technology firms as well as 3 foreign corporations, CBOSS-Russia, Maxinet-Australia and Global Technology of dubious origins, were selected for the project according to The Irrawaddy. It was also a coincidence this high tech merger of technology and Than Shwe’s criminal regime came on the heels of an Internet assault directed at Pro Democracy sites and newspapers around the world. It was a veritable assault on freedom of speech worldwide.

With many news groups out of commission and or scrambling to repair their servers and site as well a private citizens, Than Shwe escalated his campaign against the NLD and 88 Generations Students group. Boldly Than Shwe assaulted the United States of America with a Cyber Attack knocking out site after site. Thailand and the news groups in that region were hit hard as well. And all the time his criminal regime arrested student after student on trumped up charges using the September 2007 excuse. Monks as well as common folks were rounded up day and night. The magnitude of General Than Shwe’s “round up” is yet to be told as people come up missing. It is clear Than Shwe is on the offensive and has declared war on all Free Burma Sites as well as exiled Burmese citizens.

With prisons near empty and key September 2007 conspirators in jail the stage was set. 40 Burmese citizens and monks were sentence to terms ranging from 6 months to 65 years in prison. The longest terms were given the 14 leading activists of the 88 Generations Students Group. Min Zeya, Jimmy (aka Kyaw Min Yu), Arnt Bwe Kyaw, Kyaw Kyaw Htwe (aka Ma Kee), Panneik Tun, Zaw Zaw Min, Than Tin, Zeya, Thet Zaw, Mie Mie, Nilar Thein, Mar Mar Oo, Sandar Min and Thet Thet Aung, were given 65 years a piece for their involvement in September 2007. Silently people are being arrested/convicted and sent to prison. These students have been given the death penalty for wanting democracy. There are more convictions to come as he tightens his grip on an already beleaguered nation. Journalists who dare to speak the truth find a similar fate whence the junta gets wind of his/her dissidents.

Popular Burmese music group “Shwe Than Sin” lead guitar player Win Maw was sentenced to 6 years in prison as well as activist Than Naing. Three of the defense attorneys were given 6 months in prison for contempt when they tried to voice their objections to the kangaroo style hearing their clients received.

Valiantly the convicted 88 Students Group member stood defiant to the end after their sentence was read;

Min Zeya replied to the reading of his sentence: “Only 65 years?” Mie Mie shouted: “We will never be frightened.”

Others shouted: “Free Burma!” according to The Irrawaddy.

With the courage and fortitude of America Patriot Patrick Henry of “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” fame, they gave their lives for democracy.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Buffalohair Gazette International

Air Force Aims for 'Full Control' of 'Any and All' Computers

Air Force Aims for 'Full Control' of 'Any and All' Computers

By Noah Shachtman EmailMay 13, 2008 | 3:54:00 PM

The Air Force wants a suite of hacker tools, to give it "access" to --
and "full control" of -- any kind of computer there is.
And once the info warriors are in, the Air Force wants them to keep tabs on their
"adversaries' information infrastructure completely undetected."

From over at Ann's NEW Collection with Videos:)

About Computer Hackers video called World War 2.0 on Wired Science shows what is happening in World

He tried his best to veil it, but Obama is an intellectual'

He tried his best to veil it, but Obama is an intellectual'

On Tuesday, dodging the hubbub of election parties, I watched the results come in with two close friends and my teenage daughter. We might have been patients showing up at a hospital for a surgical procedure, nervously joking over the early returns from Vermont (predictably, Barack Obama) and Kentucky (predictably, John McCain). When, at 8:01pm, Pacific time, CNN called the race for Obama, we collapsed in one another's arms. Even my dry tear ducts did their job, and, for a few moments, the room swam out of focus. The champagne, whose presence in the fridge I had thought to be ominously bad karma, was opened. No toast. Just "Thank God, thank God, thank God", spoken by four devout atheists. There was little triumph in our emotion, only an overpowering wave of relief that, after eight years of manic derangement, America had at last come to its senses.

Inevitably, Wednesday's headlines were all about Obama's skin colour and the historic milestone of the first black presidency. For the United States and the rest of the world, that is a fact of huge symbolic importance, but it is the least of Obama's true credentials. What America has succeeded in doing, against all the odds, and why we cried when it happened, is to elect the most intelligent, canny and imaginative candidate to the presidential office in modern times - someone who'll bring to the White House an extraordinary clarity of thought and temperate judgment.

Every White House has had its intellectuals, but very few presidents have been intellectuals themselves - Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Woodrow Wilson, the list more or less stops there. Much of the nightmare of the last eight years has arisen from the fact that one of the least intellectually curious or gifted presidents in history was in thrall to a group of passionate, but second-rate, neoconservative intellectuals, all associated with the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), whose imperial agenda for the US was lost on the man they guided and advised. Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, the architects of the war on Iraq and the "war on terror", were treated by George Bush as experts on parts of the world of which he was ignorant. "Wolfie" knew all about the Middle East; that this knowledge proceeded from a hardline political philosophy instilled in him by Richard Pipes of Harvard and Albert Wohlstetter of the University of Chicago, both avid cold warriors and proponents of US military, political and cultural domination of the globe, was grasped, if at all, only very dimly by the 43rd president, who prided himself in reading no newspapers and being in bed by nine. While Bush was bicycling and cutting brush at his Crawford ranch in Texas, the intellectuals in his administration were staying up late in DC, busy about the task of reshaping the United States into the Roman Empire of the 21st century.

Since September 11 2001, the damage inflicted by intellectuals on America and its constitution and justice system, as well as on the outside world, has been so great that we ought to be wary of the election of an intellectual to the presidency, and, though he tried his best to veil his proclivities while on the stump, Obama is an intellectual. At the University of Chicago, he taught constitutional law, the most demanding and far-reaching area of study in US law schools. He names Philip Roth and EL Doctorow among his favourite living writers. In his memoir Dreams From My Father, the late-night life he describes himself as leading inside his own skull is every bit as real and vivid as the exterior life he records on the streets and in the homes of Honolulu, Jakarta, New York, Chicago and Kenya. Again and again in that book, one finds Obama in the small hours, reconstructing in his mind recent events, searching for patterns, making connections, a novelist teasing meaning and significance from the chaotic stream of daily contingencies.

Dreams From My Father reveals more about Obama than is usually known about political leaders until after they're dead. Perhaps more than it intends, it shows his mind working, in real time, sentence by sentence, in what feels like a private audience with the reader. The self at the centre of the book is, above all, an intent watcher and listener - one of those on whom, as Henry James said of the ideal writer, nothing is lost - and there runs through the story an almost worshipful regard for what Obama calls "the messy, contradictory details of our experience".

The unique contradictions and messinesses of his own childhood made him an empiricist by instinct, finding a path for himself by testing his footing each step of the way. His education at Columbia and Harvard made him an empiricist by training. As a law professor at Chicago, he pressed his students to adopt contrarian views while playing his own opinions close to his chest. In July this year, the New York Times reported:

Obama liked to provoke. He wanted his charges to try arguing that life was better under segregation, that black people were better athletes than white ones. "I remember thinking, 'You're offending my liberal instincts," a former student remembered.

In the Illinois state senate as well as in the US Senate, this has been his habit as a legislator, to solicit counter-arguments against his own position, to deploy his unusual talent as a close and sympathetic listener, to probe, to doubt, to adapt, to change.

Such chameleonic powers are liabilities on the American campaign trail, where constant iteration of simple maxims ("Drill, baby, drill!" or "Read my lips: no new taxes") is required, and any variation of policy is derided as a "flip-flop", but Obama the chameleon has conformed to the rules of this game, too. It's only now that we can expect to see the full extent of his natural flexibility of mind.

During the last two years he has been quietly surrounding himself with other intellectuals. Two are law professors: Cass Sunstein of Chicago and Laurence Tribe of Harvard, who taught Obama there and called him "the most impressive student I'd ever worked with".

There's Austan Goolsbee, Obama's senior economic adviser, from the business school at Chicago, a highly eclectic behavioural economist, who writes about the dismal science with both impressive clarity and sceptical humour. Funny economists are in lamentably short supply: Goolsbee has moonlighted as a stand-up comedian.

This growing coterie of wits and scholars looks a lot like the "brain trust" which Franklin Roosevelt assembled in 1932 to shape the New Deal. Happy in the company of prominent intellectuals, and with a mind equal to theirs, Obama promises to spectacularly raise the IQ and the standard of debate inside the White House (unlike John Kennedy, who liked intellectuals as ornaments of his administration, but never seriously engaged their talents).

Heaven knows, he will need all the intelligence and range of viewpoints he can muster to cope with the toxic legacy he inherits from the 43rd president: the mounting turmoil in Afghanistan, the dangerous, simmering cauldron in Iraq; an America cordially loathed by at least half the world; an impending global economic catastrophe, triggered by the lunatic improvidence of deregulated Wall Street. Not since Lincoln and Roosevelt has an incoming president been landed with an America in such desperate need of rehabilitation and repair, and it was no surprise that, in his Chicago victory speech on Tuesday, Obama conjured the ghosts of those two presidents.

Early in the campaign, he was painted as an empty optimist - a description that couldn't be more wrong. For every rousing "Yes, we can!", there was the caveat of "It won't be easy", and, uniquely among the raft of candidates in the primaries, Obama brought to the election a clear-sighted grasp of the tragic aspect of US history. His most uplifting speeches were grounded in images of the shame of slavery, the national agony of the civil war and the intimate humiliations of poverty in America, and it was by reminding his audiences of the depths to which the country is prone to sink that he was able to summon them to hope.

On Tuesday, there was a strong echo of Roosevelt's first inaugural speech when Obama said, "I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face. I will listen to you, especially when we disagree."

After eight years of an administration whose hallmarks have been secrecy, dishonesty, and a refusal to listen to any voice outside its own inner circle, this promise of candour and conversation was probably the most important policy statement that he could make as president-elect.

If there is one prediction that one can make with near-certainty, it is that, by January 20 2009, inauguration day, things will be rather worse than they are now, at least in Afghanistan and on the economic front, on which ever more dismal results and forecasts continue to roll in. Yet the worse the crisis, the more latitude it will allow the new administration in showing its intellectual mettle quickly and decisively, and it's to be assumed that, even now, Obama is talking with Goolsbee, Paul Volcker, Lawrence Summers, Jason Furman, Warren Buffett and his other on-tap economic advisers, in an extended seminar on the financial meltdown and its possible solutions. The best thing about living in the United States since Tuesday has been the gilt-edged assurance that, somewhere out there, very smart people are thinking and talking in a serious conversation from which narrow ideologues have been rigorously excluded.

We've elected as president someone who is empirical, cautious, conservative with a small "c", yet unusually sure of his own judgment when he makes it, which is often slowly. He's sure to disappoint those of his supporters who believe he can raise the dead, turn water into wine, and walk on water. But he has rescued the White House from the besotted rationalists of PNAC with their Platonist designs on the world, and restored it to the realm of common reason. It's a measure of the madness of the last eight years that, for this seemingly modest contribution to the nation's welfare (and not just this nation's), grown men and women wept in gratitude on Tuesday night.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Buffalohair Gazette International

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November 8, 2008
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Welcome to Buffalohair Gazette International and Anns Journal Collection!

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

And These Words?Baracks Message for First Americans

Buffalohair:True Colors?

Buffalohair: True Colors?

True Colors? - November 8, 2008 by Buffalohair

It did not take long before the true nature of the beast was reveled as Barack Obama unveiled his plan to reward the rich. Filled with empty words of recovery and hope for the poor his stimulus plan will reward bad business practices and secure retirement accounts while giving we-the-people the crumbs. Again, America will face more Bush-a-nomics as government prepares to rob the coffers and feed the axiom of Corporatism.

The fact ringers McCain and Obama shared core tenets of GW Bush from the very beginning should have been an indicator this was truly a corporate election. The media as well as corporate funds supported these candidates. They deliberately ignoring candidates who supported the Constitution, hmm I wonder why? The public was given a bill of goods and now will face the consequences. It was a calculated move to place the American public behind the 8 ball. Desperation rather than sound choices dictated the outcome of this election. Nothing more than a form of extortion eh.

The internet is already under assault as new technology reigns in a new form of censorship. Attacks on web sites that don’t follow the party line are being hacked and in some cases obliterated by technologically advanced forms of span. The era of totalitarianism has begun and the ride to hell will be a ruff one for the vast majority of the population.

The Constitution of the United States has effectively been retired as president elect Obama embraces the core objectives of GW Bush and the Presidents Club. The only real color that has entered the White House is the color of green on the dollar bill. If only people would have bothered to research the candidates they would have known both candidates were just clones and products corporate admen. The ole song and dance routine that convinced you to buy useless items was used to sell these candidates. If you don’t see it then you deserve what is about to happen to America, it’s a corporate takeover.

With 4 more years of Bush-a-nomics and total disregard of the Constitution civil liberties, human rights and democracy will soon disappear all for the “Greater Good” Extortion is the best way to describe what is thinly veiled as an economical stimulus package will fill the headlines as America borrows more money from China to balance our books. We sold our freedom and the American way of life so an absolute minority can glean profits and secure their retirement funds before the tank is dry. When the recession reaches its maximum level of destruction there will be no cash for the cash strapped American citizens who trusted these criminals.

Whether you like it or not Obama is just another point man in the push for a One World Order or Economical structure effectively eliminating national sovereignty. Obama wants to save jobs and help industry, but there was no mention of the millions who’ve already lost it all and businesses that folded. Not a bail-out in sight for these people eh. It’s all about the money since it should be obvious by now that corporations rate higher than people. There was no stimulus package for education, Social Security or poverty. Sick part about it was the fact social issues and all that is wrong with America could have been cured by just the interest of these bail-outs combined. But that means a leader would actually what to help the citizens of this nation not corporate interests. What ever eh.

But like I keep telling you, though this may look very bad at the onset it is really meaningless. Ma Earth is soon to kick some major ass and there is no way man or his greedy ways will be able to combat or quell the coming Time of Change. So suck it up and prepare for the show of a lifetime since this change will come on many levels. Take it or leave it since I did my job. What you do or how you accept my words is all on you.

Earth Changes were foretold by every culture on the planet long ago. It was always accepted this time would come, again. This is not mankind’s first rodeo with catastrophic disasters that alter mankind’s destiny boys and girls. The sad part of the coming changes is the fact the majority of the world’s population will blindly follow a leader to their destruction. Remember this phrase, “The meek shall inherit the Earth”? Well this is written in many dogmas in various forms but it points to the fact the greedy will have their day in the high court of Humanity. You can run but you can’t hide from the law of retribution. Like they say on the streets, “What comes around goes around” homeboy/girl others also say, “You reap what you sow”.

I call it the “Humbling Times” since mankind will be humbled and there is no material wealth that will alter this destiny. Nature will be the equalizer for all humanity. Money will be a poor fire starter and a dark era of human history will come to a close. It really does not matter if I survive or not since I know where I will be going, that press club in the sky. Knowing the world will be a better place for future generations is all that matters. But if I did survive I guess I’ll have to learn how to carve since I’ll still be writing. The first phrase I will etch in stone will be the words “I told you” Hope my handwriting is legible. Hmm, a life without spell check would truly be the Stone Age eh.

As glaciers and ice packs disappear more and more people who’ve tried to survive the last change will appear. It will be a grim reminder of what lays ahead for mankind I venture to say. I’m still amazed at how quickly an elephant like creature, the wooly mammoth, could be completely frozen while still chewing food or mid stride. Like dipping them in liquid nitrogen they froze quickly preserving the meat all the way to the bone. Don’t think it would take as much to ice us up for an eternity.

So the world is being taken over by corporations as a new for of tyranny takes humanity for a ride, (economical). At the very least I hope Obama lifts the embargo with Cuba so I can savor one more hand rolled stogie before I get whacked. I can see it now, people will be running helter skelter as unexplained phenomena terrorize people all around me. I’ll be seated in my lawn chair drinking a vintage Peruvian Cabernet Sauvignon while puffing my stogie. My stereo resonate a Doors tune, “This is the end”

“This is the end

Beautiful friend

This is the end

My only friend, the end

Of our elaborate plans, the end

Of everything that stands, the end

No safety or surprise, the end

I’ll never look into your eyes, again”

Your Devil’s Advocate


Friday, November 7, 2008

Buffalohair: Thaksin A Man without a Country

Thaksin A Man without a Country

The convicted criminal ex Prime Minister of Thailand, Thaksin Shinawatra and his bride Pojaman, had their visa's revoked by the UK today according to The Nation. Here is a reprint of the notice given airlines;

"Dear All,

The United Kingdom Border Agency has revoked the UK visas held by the following Thai nations:

Thaksin Shinawatra. Thai Passport Number D215863

Potjaman Shinawatra. Thai Passport Number D206635

The UK visas contained in the passports of the individuals listed above are no longer valid for travel.

Airlines are advised not to carry these passengers to the UK"

*** end *****

Well I'll bet there is a ball club in Jolly Ole England that will be up for sale soon since ole Thaksin will not be allowed to play anymore. Convicted of corruption Thaksin was of the mind he was immune to Thai justice and the rule of law. To bad so sad for this friend of dictator Than Shwe of Burma and I'll wager his cronies will find a similar fate in the future. Sadly Thaksin is cronies with American corporations as well and like I've said in the past, "Birds of a feather flock together" and if we followed the money it would lead to the good ole USA as well.

Though Thailand is in the midst of cleansing corruption within their political arena there is still a level of decency that is very admirable. I am envious since our government condones the conduct Thaksin was convicted of. Violations of their sacred constitution is not tolerated since the populous still has a voice in their government unlike the US where we are dictated to, it would appear. The people of Thailand are very adamant about their constitution and American's should take notes in how democracy works.

Thaksin and Somak exercised what was called by People's Alliance for Democracy "Western Style Democracy that promoted corruption" Yup you heard right, the whole mess was over how Thaksin and Somak tried to copy our politicians by ignoring the Thai Constitution. Sadly for these thugs the Thai people did not buy into it one bit. Thaksin was convicted and tried to hide in the UK. Somak will serve 2 years in the joint for his sins and the current PM, Somchai Wongsawhat who is Thaksin's brother-in-law, is under close scrutiny.

But the struggle to maintain democracy has not been an easy journey since the People Power Party, Thaksins political party, clashed with People's Alliance for Democracy with deadly results. Democracy has always been a struggle to maintain and vigilance by the voting public has been the only way to keep corruption at bay. America used to be vigilant and guarded democracy with a passion but now we are complacent and

Somchai does not appear to be any different from what I've researched on him. Well with Thaksin as a brother-in-law it does not take a Rhodes Scholar to figure out that nuts don't fall far from the tree. And with this axiom it should be obvious who the other corrupt players are as they come to Thaksins aid. People should take note who Thaksin's cronies are world wide. Maybe they will see how far the cancer of corruption and greed has traveled.

Your Devil's Advocate


Buffalohair The Prophesy Cha Cha

Friday, November 07, 2008

The Prophesy Cha Cha

OK boys and girls it's time to play "connect the dots". After having discussions with several religious types I'm compelled to write this piece. Their discussion was the Coming of Christ and or Earth Changes. Though I'm not a Christian per se' I have read their sacred book as well as others and respect the core tenets of their faiths. Any path that brings a person closer to the Creator and promotes walking a good way is OK by me. To bad very few people practices what they preach and kill in the names of their associated icons. The justification is "The Greater Good", paleeze that's just an excuse for poor behavior, plain and simple.

Anyway, as I sat and listened to these educated men and women of clergy I was taken back by how these dogmas's see this time we live. They shared observations and concepts' I do for the most part. Good is good and bad is bad, how hard is that? Though we are of different religions we all share a common belief that we are at a juncture in mankind's history. They discussed the "signs" of the impending chaotic period civilization will face and the bottom line was, "yup, this is the big one eh" Though we had different conclusions such as the "Great Rapture" and other tales of deliverance during a time of pandemonium we shared the same dooms day clock, so to speak.

Though the media has masked the fact the world is suffering famine and total pandemonium, it's happening now. The land is filled with false prophets and false hopes as totalitarian rule replaces democracy and civil liberties around the globe. Like a race for the gold mankind has become so materially oriented they will stop at nothing to garner material wealth. As if living in a bubble we've been spared the realities of the world around us while being fed garbage from the press. If only the people had access to missionaries and volunteers that travel the globe like I do eh. People would be aware that all is not well globally.

The reality of global climatic change has ravaged many countries already with crop failures and the loss of water. Food riots are already common place as the hungry struggle to survive. These are major signs eh. We all agreed that if people would just open their sacred books they too would see the signs that was given in their respective dogmas. Enjoin these respective "signs" with scientific facts and it is clear as the schnozzle on your fact we are on the final count down.

Ah but religion is passé these days and we make excuses for bad behavior. The quest for material riches has blinded even the most educated people as greed replaces humanity. All of which are "signs" that should have been heeded. But alas, they have been ignored or cast in a light of "folklore" After all; we are modern people with iPods, fancy gadgets and live in the land of milk and honey. Nothing could possibly happen here. Well almost eh, just ask the millions of American's who've lost everything already either by natural disaster or the latest economical rip off. They will tell you the time is now, for them anyway. Our western culture is at the end of the whip and one day soon it will crack with a loud pop and it will be all over. For many of us it will be the end of the world while for others it will be a cleansing and a rebirth. The conclusion to this tale of Earth Changes varies from dogma to dogma but the fact we are living in the time of change is a unanimous observation.

It was never my intention to be one of them dudes walking around the streets of Hoboken New Jersey wearing a sandwich board with "The End Is Near" written on it, not by a long shot. I was perfectly happy living outside of the box as a fellow materialistic lout chasing the all mighty dollar. As I've said in the past, I grew up a street kid and was not known for my pleasant disposition. I should have been whacked back in the 70's. I damn sure did not expect to live over a half century, holay. Think that is what really pisses me off about society. I was no goodie two shoes but I was an honest gangster. I did not try to play good guy, I was who I was. I ain't no cherry. But to discover the so called moral leadership of this nation was worse than all the crooks combined just blew me away.

Gangsters and outlaws in general would have never been able to pull of such a caper as our elected officials pulled off on the American public. There is no bank job that would yield trillions of dollars and offer you world domination. The US Government condoned loan sharking by allowing banks and credit card companies to gouge the public with interest rates that would put tears in a gangster's eye. The absolute corruption of our system has made Al Capone look like a saint in comparison. At least Al supplied soup kitchens to the poor during the Depression. What does the government do, give welfare to corporations with more to come.

It was sickening to learn this Bail-Out money went to retirement accounts and golden parachutes as well as investment capital. And there is more to come since Obama is already planning more Pay-Offs even before he takes office. GM needs loot to cover their retirement accounts as well. But again, these are signs of a bigger event in human history and there is no bail-out that will stop the inevitable Time of Change. For those who've squandered and stole riches they will have to struggle alone side the rest of us whence money becomes useless. Remember what was said in a vision, "A rich man will starve to death in his sleep while using a sack of pinto beans as a pillow"

According to the Mayan calendar 2012 will be a time of great change. Maybe it is, maybe not but from what I've learned from experts on the ancient Native's of Mexico, they knew way more than we gave them credit for. Coincidence or sign, I'll let you be the judge. But one thing I might suggest is that you go to your respective sacred books and read about the time we live since it's there in black and white. Then you can tell your clergy they are out of their minds. Better yet, you can tell the ancients who've written about the time we live that they are full of it. But keep me out of it since I'm only a messenger and frankly I could give a flying crappola what anyone thinks eh.

Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom

Your Devil's Advocate