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Buffalohair, General Than Shwe Threatens Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Again

General Than Shwe Threatens Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Again

Though General Thein Sein was proclaimed president of Burma in one of several sham elections perpetrated by the criminal cartel of Burma, General Than Shwe still calls the shots from Naypyidaw. Just remember it was under Than Shwe’s orders his top generals “retire” and form political parties in advance of the bogus election of 2010. Many people were quietly threatened, murdered or incarcerated in the process to pull off this election scam and their blood still stains the streets. The hopelessly corrupt Constitutional Referendum of 2008 paved the way for this theatrical performance. Now Than Shwe has resumed his war against Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the National League for Democracy in earnest, via his minion of course. Than Shwe deserves an Oscar for ‘Best Fiction’.

There is no question Than Shwe’s fingerprints are all over the latest push to quash Suu Kyi and the *NLD’s political aspirations. General Thein Sein, relegated to the ranks of gardener, has no real influence and must take orders like the other disingenuous generals turned politicians. That is the cold hard fact of life in contemporary Burmese politics. Than Shwe’s xenophobic fear of democracy, Suu Kyi and the NLD is a real cause for concern because of the planned visit to **Pagan. It would not be the first time Than Shwe orchestrated an unprovoked and bloody assault on his opposition. Ultimately the International Criminal Court will determine Thein Sein’s total involvement Burma’s ongoing holocaust. But alas it will be Than Shwe who has the most blood on his hands for he continues to kill. Nothing has changed in Burma except for the civil wars in the north.

The junta’s relaxing of censorship laws was very short lived but no one really believed the press would be allowed to print anything that remotely resembled the truth. Even a simple photo of Suu Kyi on a magazine cover was slammed by the censorship board. Than Shwe’s soldiers continue to rape and murder Kachin, Karen and other ethnic civilians in barbaric flare, hidden in plane site. So nothing has changed on the humanitarian front either. The only hope for Burma is when the people finally unite as one regardless of race or religion against a common enemy. Than Shwe’s ultimate weapon to divide and conquer using race and religion as a weapon would be neutralized. In any event Burma’s destiny lies in the hands of her own people for the world has proven to be impotent but their rhetoric of support sounded good.

It’s time for a Burmese Spring.



Your Devil’s Advocate

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why? Heres Why

Why Don’t You People Just Get Over It? Here’s Why

Video explaining why we "just can't get over it.
Why don’t you people just get over it? Well, umm…. Hello?
That’s the gist of this video put together by Canada’s largest labor union, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, which celebrated National Aboriginal Day on June 21 by launching a new campaign, Justice for Aboriginal Peoples—It’s Time!
“Aboriginal Peoples in this country have endured centuries of oppression and face many challenges in their struggle for justice. This struggle is not only for the First Peoples of this nation to take on,” the union says on its site. “Treaties were signed between First Nations and the Government of Canada—the people we elected to represent us. So we all have a responsibility to ensure that the terms and conditions of those treaties are met.”

Deftly encapsulating centuries of shared history, this vid pinpoints just when it went acrimonious between the First Nations and the settlers. The union hopes to educate its 172,000-plus members worldwide, including embassy and consulate personnel.

The bring-it-home stats that hit the opening line’s question out of the park are strictly Canadian, but the story told beforehand applies to all of Turtle Island.

Why don’t you just get over it? Check out this video to hear aboriginal union members spell it out succinctly.

Buffalohair,Was Justice Served in the James Arthur Ray Sweat Lodge Case?

Was Justice Served in the James Arthur Ray Sweat Lodge Case?

James “Snake Oil” Ray will get off with a few years in the joint and probably have his sentence reduced when the eyes of the public are gone. It is funny, in a dark way, what money can buy a guy who sold spirituality ending in the deaths of innocent trusting human beings. But for the families of Kirby Brown, 38, of Westtown, New York; James Shore, 40, of Milwaukee; and Lizbeth Marie Neuman, 49, of Prior Lake, Minnesota, justice will never be served. The loss of their loved ones will always leave a big void in their hearts and there is no dollar figure that could possibly replace their loss. Eventually James Arthur Ray will literally get away with murder and be free to hock his bogus wares to other unsuspecting people seeking spirituality enlightenment.

This should be a grave reminder to people that true spirituality can never be bought or sold and those who do are fools or frauds. Within my tradition the sweat lodge is a sacred place and material consequence has no place in this hallowed ceremony. Building a monstrosity that housed about 60 people was far from the traditional sweat lodge mine and many other tribes build for ceremony. This was more like Dante’s Inferno or trip to hell rather than a place to reflect, purify and pray. People had to pay about $10,000 for a bogus Spirit Warrior extravaganza. Wonder if Jimmy sold tee shirts, baseball caps and coffee mugs after these fetid events? The medicine was bad from the very beginning. It did not follow any traditional protocol I’m aware of, not by a long shot. Instead of purifying the people they were broiled ultimately killing three and injuring at least 15 innocent souls in the process during this pseudo ceremony.

Well the jury is still out on the penalty phase of this case but since he was convicted of the lesser of all charges he will not see much time behind bars. Hopefully he will not be sent to a “resort prison” like so many other affluent people do these days but a real prison where he might learn some hard lessons. Maybe the home boys will teach him some respect for native traditions and err of his ways while he wiles away in his concrete penthouse. Then I guarantee justice will be served and just maybe Jimmy will think twice before using traditions from a culture he is oblivious of just to make a buck. It was an insult to our culture that this bonehead used our traditions to scam people in the first place. It tore our hearts out knowing his antics lead to the demise of innocent people and our prayers go out to the victim’s families for their loved ones will never come home.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Re: Buffalohair, Chinese Scientists Create “Minotaur”, Produces Human Milk

Re: Buffalohair, Chinese Scientists Create “Minotaur”, Produces Human Milk

Chinese Scientists Create “Minotaur”, Produces Human Milk

Just when you thought you heard it all within the twisted world of genetic engineering Chinese scientists spliced human and bovine genes to produce a new species or life form. Within their laboratory alchemists conjured a creature that is likened to the mythical Greek Minotaur. Reminiscent of Mary Shelly’s ‘Frankenstein’, 300 genetically engineered Holstein Friesian cows that resemble their organic counterparts, produce human-like milk from their supple breasts and I just have to say; How far beyond stupid is that??

This is not the first genetic mutation mambo to stretch the limits of sanity but it’s a very bold one. Accepted moral and ethical ideological principals have been tossed to the wind according to legitimate genetic researchers. The blending of human and animal genes was once considered forbidden and very taboo by the medical and scientific communities but that was yesterday. With a relatively high mortality rate only a little better than half of the mutations survive from birth to maturity according to scientists. Likened to a horror movie I shudder to think of what other anomalies and defects the less fortunate creatures endured before they died. Humanity surely has taken a back seat to the pursuits of mad science. Credibility within the scientific community has been compromised on many occasions. Geopolitical and commercial interests dominate many scientific communities and researchers are obliged to cater to their whims or loose critical funding. The truth will be obscured by rhetoric and ultimately ignored and forgotten. Would this be a human rights issue or an animal abuse issue?

Surely this is not pursuant in the name of science by any means. But in a land where humans are forcibly harvested and dissected for their internal organs then left to die, the plight of some teenage mutant bovines with big boobs would fall on deaf and indifferent ears. Morality and ethnics are not high priorities with the Chinese Communist Party and profiteering on the blood of others is their signature. Any maligned statements the party found objectionable would simply be addressed with incarceration, torture and a trip to a slave labor camp. Death is another option but that usually follows months of continuous torture and forced labor. So it makes me wonder what other anomalous creatures these alchemist concocted in secret with their witches brew. 

There is no doubt the long term effects of cloning are anyone’s guess and apparently of no big concern. The possibility of inadvertently creating creatures with undesirable or grotesque human characteristics was once the fodder of science fiction movies. Like a 5 year old child with a loaded 12 gauge shot gun, scientists are running amuck with no regard for the potential consequences of their folly. Having the ability to fiddle around with the matrix of life does not mean it is a good thing. This is a frontal assault on established moral principals and common sense. Crossing the boundaries of ethical and responsible science will surely glean a bitter harvest in years to come. It does not get more ‘in your face’ than that, or did you miss it.

The cow/human mutation is a new specie in reality. Would it be ethical for cows to be slaughtered for beef if they are genetically part human? They are no longer bovines in the true sense since they possess human genes. The human donor whose genes were used would be considered a relative of the cow or calves, right? There is one thing you can rest assured of though. You won’t find any labeling identifying mutant GMO meat with human genes in them. Fact is you’ll be hard pressed to find any GMO warnings in the US since most things are already contaminated. You might not want to know anyway because it’s all but impossible to avoid gm products or ingredients.

The thing I find most important on this critical issue about GMO foods is what kind of wine would be appropriate to serve with mutant bovine/human rib-eyes? Actually, that is a no brainer since the obvious answer is a quality red wine of course. I prefer the odd years for some reason. A moderately priced Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon would be an excellent selection I do believe. After all, a good wine will bring out the flavor of the meat. Toss in some GMO garlic and onions with a dash of cesium sea salt and yum. For me the bottom line is the taste because GMO anything is an anemic version of real food, it only looks pretty. As far as Mutant Bovine/Human Franken-Milk is concerned, I think I’ll pass. One researcher did mention that the milk was sort of ‘strong’ tasting, what ever that meant. So that grossed me out even more because it reminded me of blindly chugging a glass of ice cold milk only to discover it was almost cheese, gads. Nothing like drinking a fresh glass of mutant milk that tastes weird I always say. I will just stick to my rBGH/plutonium fortified milk and a bowl of glow in the dark alpha and beta particle enriched Lucky Charms if you please.  

GMO: It Almost Taste Like Real Food!


Your Devil’s Advocate

Buffalohair, When Technology Finally Bids Us Adieu

When Technology Finally Bids Us Adieu

It is not a matter of ‘if’ technology will slip from our grasp but ‘when’ since it is only a matter of time. With ever increasing and more virulent solar flares coming towards earth there is no question power grids and frail electronics will soon be compromised. It may be for days or weeks at first but ultimately it will be years before the sun begins to stabilize. Months ago NASA scientists issued a red flag of concern about the possibility that technology would be our societal Achilles tendon since the sun entered a new phase never before witnessed. Well at least by these guys anyway. According to visions and prophecies by dogmas and ideological principles from throughout the universe this is just one aspect of change mankind will experience. But it’s a good one and the ramifications are endless.

The earth’s magnetosphere is also pulling vanishing acts of its own during extreme solar flares gives us the opportunity for a perfect radiological storm. The disappearance of the magnetosphere during solar events allows extreme levels of solar and cosmic radiation to permeate our atmosphere and ultimately the earths crust. The Fukushima radiological disaster has already offered up a new round of cancers that will soon plague mankind, which should be a no brainer from a scientific point of view. Chernobly and other less known radiological events have increased levels of ambient radiation ever since man opened the proverbial nuclear can of worms back in the 40’s. With all this current and available data it is funny, in a dark way; the World Health Organization has failed to make mention about the increased worldwide cancer risk from all these radiological events. It would appear the WHO only caters to the whims of pharmaceutical companies and the nuclear industry rather than the concerns of the people. Maybe when a chemical company invents a potentially profitable pill for cosmic, solar and manmade radiation exposure they will address this increased cancer risk issue but that’s another story. And it’s a dozy eh…

Anywayzzzz, solar flares will eventually turn our expensive electronic gadgets into curious useless paper weights for the most part. Our fancy big screen TV’s will be nice picture frames and people will have to relearn the use of a slide rule for mathematical equations so in a way it will be a good thing. We’ve grown to co-dependant on gadgets and gizmos to do our thinking rendering us battery operated and stupid as a culture. Technology has been a boon in some ways and a bust in others educationally speaking. So I look to the pending solar disasters as a blessing since people will have to use their brains, for a change. Granted I will be stuck with hundreds of thousands of dollars of useless digital audio and video equipment and my fancy electronically co-dependant car will no longer function. Tragedy will strike my household because Spell-check will be a thing of the past and I will be forced to relearn the use of a pencil or pen, oh the horror. I had better stock up on erasers and paper if I plan to chronicle mankind’s reemergence. But in reality I doubt I will have the time since I will be busy smoking meat and preserving food stuffs. The good part is the fact it will be hunting season year round and I know the woods quite well.

I can also brain tan so I guess I would eventually have to replace my color coded BVD’s with elk skin skivvies and I will not make them with a flashlight holder in the front either. I never used that silly little door anyway so what’s the point eh? Maybe I’ll just wear a loin cloth like my ancestors did. Then all I have to do is pull the curtain, taa daa! The boys will enjoy the fresh air and new found freedom so there is a bright side to all this. I doubt Tyvek or other radiological contamination resistant materials would be readily available anyway. The hides I would procure would be tainted with years of exposure to alpha, beta and gamma rays already and so would be the meat. We’ve been exposed to radiation and other toxic chemicals in our food chain already so what’s a few more RAD’s. Course the absence of rBGH will be a Godsend since I could possibly loose some weight without the presents of fat retaining hormones in my vittles. I could even hunt in the evenings since the elk and moose would glow in the dark. This is sounding better and better. I wonder how my vintage Cabernet Sauvignon will taste with a hint of cesium, hmm.

Guess I’ll have to resort to Ginger the Wonder Horse for transportation but we both could use the exercise anyway. I’ve used pack animals in the past and I venture to say I will use pack animals during heavy solar event days, weeks or years, just depends I guess. For people around the globe who faced floods, winter storms and other events that destroyed power grids, they already know the frailties of our technologically co-dependant society. The Amish people would be role models and the homeless of today would be ahead of the curve. As for the indigenous populations who’ve been colonized and relegated to reserves not much would change since we were left out of the technological loop anyway. Maybe someone will send a note telling us the world ended or something for life would not change much on the rez.

Gads, so much for my power tools in the garage. But I already made preparations for that since I did manage to collect a wide variety of hand tools and I’m quite capable of using them. That is provided I don’t kick the bucket from cancer by my exposure to ambient radiation. Which reminds me, what will happen to all the nuclear reactors when the power grid is shut down? Sadly there will be cooling issues that can’t be addressed by simpler technology. All their fancy electronic gadgets will go kaput and pandemonium will most likely ensue. I venture to say meltdowns will become common place and occur around the globe further increasing the levels of ambient radiation. By the way, there is no such thing as a safe level of radiation and existing levels of ambient radiation are most likely the root cause of a host of new and improved cancers we are experiencing these days. Oh well, so I will also glow in the dark. At least I will not need batteries.

Radiation is only one of the issues that will soon plague mankind, err, already plagues mankind. There are other issues that will make this somewhat mot by comparison but if you paid attention to your respective dogma or ideological principle you would already know my words. So my advice is to prepare within your tradition or respective ideology since we are in the midst of change as we speak. In one dogma it was said within their sacred text that change would come like thieves in the night. And if you were actually paying attention you would discover someone has already rummaged through your underwear drawer. Just remember that these solar flares will soon be a pocks to modern technology but other catastrophic events are sure to follow during this era we live. Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom, capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate

Monday, June 6, 2011

Joplin Missouri Tornado

Sad News about people stealing from the victims of the F5  Tornado!

Pour some salt on that wound, DirectTV – As Joplin victims call Direct TV to cancel their service due to homes completely wiped off the map, they are being told to send in a box or remote control or pay a fine of $500+ to cancel service. DirectTV should be boycotted. Tell their employees to go to these FORMER homes and find their remote controls themselves!!… REPOST to help get DirectTVs attention!!! via.. A Friend  that is Concerned in California.

Ann Little Running Deer Not only were people coming in to steal jewery from homes! A Towing Outfit was coming in ,towing away the wreaked cars and then charging the people a towing and storage fee, to get their info out of their cars for their Insurance Co. or for ID proof of who they are! Gads! What evil scum for a buck in their own pockets! Makes me ashamed to say I am on the same planet at times on how some people are!

There were a few Great comments at FaceBook about this!

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