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ADAM BEACH and his new Online TV network 2009

Here is what Adam says on his MYSPACE BLOG page about his new venture...."Hello everybody! I am introducing you to a virtual cable television network called OVNTV, and coming soon to their channels is the first virtual cable channel dedicated to Native Americans.

I want everyone to check out It's the first internet television network of its kind, and it will be the first to feature Native channels. A press release will come soon for everyone who has Native content to provide to these channels so we can hear your story. My whole life I've been trying to give the true perspective of who we are, and now our aspiring Native filmmakers have a place for the world to access their content. Finally we will be able to create and present our image from our perspective for the world to see...And it's FREE! -- OVN currently requires Internet Explorer 6+ and Windows XP or Vista, but the Mac version is coming soon." -- Please click on the picture for OVNTV!

VIDEO interview about the white and black buffalo


Buffalo Messengers

Date: Apr 30, 2009 4:06 PM
Subject: VIDEO interview about the white and black buffalo
Body: this is the video of the interview done by Amanda Schantz of Millersville University

Red All Over Band


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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 10:03 pm Post subject: THE INTERNATIONAL COUNSEL OF INDIGENOUS GRANDMOTHERS

Remember them gals from Indigenous cultures around the world who talked to the Dali Lama about world peace? Well, I do since one of them grannies is my aunty, my mom’s sister Margaret Behan. I talked with her the other day back on the rez and she is still doing the deal and championing Native and Human interests around the globe. So, in a shameless attempt to take full advantage of media exposure, I will promote my auntie’s web site in the hopes she will make me some fry-bread next time she is on the rez.

Your Devil’s Advocate and good nephew…..

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Buffalohair: It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Air Force One!

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Air Force One!

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Here is one for the “What Were You Thinking” file. Today terror rang through the streets of New York City as Air Force One with a fighter escort buzzed the city doing laps around the Stature of Liberty and cruising the New York skyline. People were injured during the evacuation of sky scrapers doing this hapless stunt. Many people were screaming for their lives as they ran from buildings in mortal fear. Many New Yorkers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder were plunged into near panic as the presidential jet and its fighter escort did a few photo-ops. From Staten Island to So Ho New Yorkers were not amused

Already reeling from the devastating 9-11 catastrophe the destroyed the Twin Towers killing thousands of innocent people New Yorkers were not happy campers. Blatant and insensitive is an understatement as FAA officials said there was nothing to worry about. Like pouring salt on a wound this was beyond stupid in any event. I can’t remember at any time in the past were Air Force One was ordered to pull off such a publicity stunt for any reason, photo-op or not.

Mayor Bloomberg said;

“The good news is it was nothing more than an inconsiderate, badly conceived and insensitive photo op with the taxpayers’ money,”

With all the concerns for the environment and the conservation of energy you have to wonder what the White House was thinking. What a callous disregard for the survivors of 9-11. I wonder if the federal government will pick up the tab for the innocent victims who were injured during the may lay as people ran for their lives. Obviously this would have been a very real trigger for those suffering PTSD at the very least. There will be a financial toll as well since commerce was totally disrupted. Mayor Bloomberg was not pleased and the totality of this debacle is yet to be tallied.

Your Devil’s Advocate, Buffalohair


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Channel Videos?

Buffalohair: Swine Flu, Oink Oink

Swine Flu, Oink Oink

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Mexican soldiers issuing the public face masks

Mexican soldiers issuing the public face masks

Whether or not the swine flu is man made is of no consequence at this juncture. What is important is that people should prepare for the worst and pray it does not spread throughout the globe. Washing hands and wearing face masks should already be common practice if you plan to survive what may be a world wide pandemic. The swine flu is a deadly plague and Mexico has already made the first move to protect their population. They have issued face masks and closed down public events and gathering places.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and it amazes me that everyone is so lackadaisical about the possibility of another great plague. This is not the time to be politically correct or worry about causing a stir since the potential is here now. Over kill, I think not since I have my face mask and am pondering the wearing of rubber gloves. If you live anywhere near an interstate highway you are living near a disease thoroughfare. If ever there was a time to stay home it is now.

It is alarming to know the disease is in Texas, California, Kansas and New York already. Even *Barack Obama may have been exposed to the disease since he met with a person in Mexico who died from the disease only days after greeting him. Or are we to wait till thousands of Americans die from this disease? By the time we are aware of the magnitude of this vile killer it may very well be to late. The disease is popping up all over the place as it is. Maybe we will be OK but maybe we might be at the beginning of a plague like the one that struck back in 1918. The Center for Disease Control already said the situation is changing “rapidly” and I know it’s not for the better. The World Health Organization warned of a possibly pandemic.

I find it almost humorous that we will run around like chickens with out heads cut off for material things, like it’s the end of the world. But we will blow off a potential pandemic and ignore its deadly consequences. Take some time to protect yourself and avoid public places for a few days and see what happens. If the bug spreads then we maintain our isolation and protect our loved ones until the tide of death passes. Then we can go back to being whiney and broke.


Your Devil’s Advocate


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IinM Artist of the Month - Joanne Shenandoah, Accoustic Folk

Artist of the Month Honoree!

Click to visit Indigenous in Music

APRIL 2009

Congratulations to Joanne Shenandoah!

Click to hear Joanne Shenandoah

Click to hear Joanne Shenandoah

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Tune in April 24-25 to watch the 2009 Gathering of Nations live!

Dear Ann LRD,

Tune in April 24-25 to watch the 2009 Gathering of Nations live!

See all the dancing, singing, contests, Grand Entries and more! And join us in the chatroom to talk with other viewers! will also have a live blog to keep you up to date with all the action from the Pit.

Webcast Schedule and Pow Wow Information:

And we'll rebroadcast each day's events during the night. After the Pow Wow we'll archive the entire Pow Wow to Pow Wow TV in the webcast archives.

If you have problems viewing the webcast, please visit our support page. The webcast is viewable by PCs and Macs. We have links for Mac users on the support page: is continuing to improve our live webcasts. Please consider making a donation to help us bring you even better coverage.

The Head Man Dancer, Adam Nordwall, will sponsor a special Old Style Grass Dance contest on Saturday afternoon. This contest will be judged by the audience and those watching on the internet. At the start of and during the contest instructions will be given for text voting. The votes will be gathered electronically and tabulated by the Make sure you are watching Saturday afternoon to cast your vote!

Read more:

During the weekend and after the Pow Wow we'll be adding hundreds of photos and videos! Check the site often to see the latest photos and videos.

Photo Gallery



Paul G

Mother Earth


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Buffalohair: A Week of Hero’s

A Week of Hero’s

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Nothing exemplifies the American Spirit better than the successful rescue of the Maritime Captain Richard Phillips by our Navy Seals from pirates. But there is much more to this story fore it was a hero’s tale.

From the moment pirates decided to capture a container ship their fate was sealed in their own blood. Unwittingly they chose the wrong ship to play out their act of extortion. It was ironic this ship was filled with aid for an impoverished African country though. None the less, they boarded this vessel and tried in vain to take on this crew of sailors. Heroically this American crew repelled the armed marauders and was not going to be captured by anybody.

Sadly the captain was taken hostage in an effort to save his unarmed crew but so was one of the pirates. The crew and the pirates bartered to exchange prisoners. When the pirates reneged on the deal after their cohort was delivered the stalemate continued. The pirates revealed something that should be noted, they have absolutely no honor and their word is meaningless.

These pirates also revealed something to the world as well, the American Spirit is still alive and that we are the most unorthodox people on Earth. Our politicians should well take notice as well since it is this unorthodox and unconventional spirit that won world wars and faced down insurmountable odds. We don’t always do as we are told and when we are backed into a corner we will be like the mighty badger and fight like there is no tomorrow. When American’s had enough, they had enough. They will fight and fight hard and it took the crew of the container ship Maersk Alabama to reveal what American’s are really all about. The captain and his crew are AMERICAN heroes on many levels.

A high seas adventure would not be complete without the US Navy coming to the rescue and they came with a vengeance. The crew of the Maersk Alabama was at an impasse. The pirates reneged on the prisoner exchange but the US Navy had other plans. With the green light from President Obama the Navy mustered our elite Seals to end this act of extortion. With surgical skill the Seals made the day for these punks as one of them pointed an AK 47 at the back of Captain Phillips. Mess with the best and die with the rest.

It is clear these pirates drew first blood and perpetrated this crime on the high seas in the first place. So it is beyond stupid they are threatening revenge for our actions to save Captain Phillips life. Knowing these pirates have no honor at all should be an indicator that they are not to be bargained with. Their declaration of war against America over our rescue should not be taken lightly. The attempted assassination of American Congressman Donald Payne in Mogadishu, Somalia the day after the rescue is an act of war. This also shows a more ominous connection with the pirates on a national scale as a whole.

In any event it was good to hear that Captain Richard Phillips was rescued and American’s still have the grit to make a stand. As for the US Navy Seals, they kick ass.

Your Devil’s Advocate


5 part Mini Series, We Shall Remain, starts NOW on PBS!

April 12, 2009

5 part Mini Series

We Shall Remain | American Experience | PBS
From the award-winning PBS series American Experience comes. We Shall Remain, a provocative multi-media project that establishes Native history as an ... - 21k

Heard on Set | Behind the Scenes | We Shall Remain | American ...
Here’s what some had to say about the importance of the series and what the phrase "we shall remain" means to them. Chris Eyre (Cheyenne/Arapaho) Director ... - 20k -

Cast & Crew | We Shall Remain | American Experience | PBS
Chris Eyre (Cheyenne/Arapaho), Director: Eyre’s film Edge of America .... Sharon Grimberg, Executive Producer, We Shall Remain: Grimberg plays a key role in ... - 41k -

In Their Own Words: An interview with the makers of W S R Why W S R ?
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Chris Eyre (Cheyenne/Arapaho), director, After the Mayflower, ... What is different about the Native people portrayed in We Shall Remain? ..... people are seeing a story about us tonight.” And that goes with the rest of the series. ... Eyre: Working on a PBS project, we weren’t as rushed as a normal production, ... -

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Two different events: one Sat.April 25, other Sun.April 26

She:kon Friends,
Here is some information on April 25 Georgetown, California. I would like to also add that I'll be doing a lecture April 26th at DQ University, California. You are all invited.

Sunday - April 26th at DQ University
april 26lecture DQ

Saturday - April 25th at Georgetown California

Make an on-line slide show at

Directions from Bay Area to Georgetown NATURE FEST & KFOK Concert,
6530 Wentworth Springs Road, Georgetown, California 95634
1. Take I-80 Northeast towards Sacramento.

From Sacramento take 50 towards Placerville/South Lake Tahoe
Take Exit 37 (Ponderosa/Shingle Springs Exit)
Left turn onto Ponderosa (goes over the freeway)
Right turn onto North Shingle (see signs pointing to Georgetown, Coloma, Lotus)
Continue on North Shingle for about 5 miles
7. North Shingle merges with Green Valley but is unnoticeable as the road veers right.

8. Then road comes to a Y, veer left onto Lotus Road, towards town of Lotus, for about 8 miles until it ends.

9. Left turn onto CA- 49, and go over the South Fork of the American River for less than a mile.

Go past the Shell Station on the right side of road
11. Right turn onto Marshall Road (Coloma Club on the corner) and go up winding road for about 5 miles.

12. Go through town of Garden Valley continuing on Marshall Road for another 2 miles.

13. Right turn onto Black Oak Mine Road, (as you pass the Sierra Stop gas station on the left) until it ends..
14. Make a left turn onto CA-193/Georgetown Road towards Georgetown for about 3 miles.

15. Make a right turn onto Main Street (you're in Georgetown!) gas station on the left corner.

Continue on Main Street and after 3 blocks it becomes Wentworth Springs Road
17. Slow down as you continue up Wentworth Springs Road (winds a little) and look for the Black Oak Mine Unified School District sign and driveway on the right.

18. It is easy to miss if you are driving too fast. If you've gone more than a mile on Wentworth Springs Road you probably passed it.

19. Right turn into driveway and follow road towards the soccer field and follow directions of Star Security to find parking spaces.

Welcome to our Nature Fest. If you get lost, try calling me at 415-637-4740, or try calling KFOK at 530-333-4335. You can also get directions from MapQuest, etc., but they will give you directions on I-80 through Auburn, which might be easier, but going through the canyon can be pretty windy with lots of twists and turns. Take it slow if you do.

Mignon Geli
530-333-0299 Home
415-637-4740 Cell

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