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Buffalohair: Burma: Angels Assist Kachin Soldiers in Battlefield Miracles

Burma: Angels Assist Kachin Soldiers in Battlefield Miracles

In the heat of battle, Kachin troops found themselves under attack from several flanks. When all seemed lost a Kachin officer appeared out of nowhere, standing in plain view of both Burmese and Kachin troops. Instantly he began directing gunfire and the Kachin dutifully followed orders redirected their fire sucessfuly forcing the aggressors to retreat. The officer began pointing out other hot-spots; again the Kachin routed more entrenched invaders. When the battle was over the Kachin officer simply vanished into thin air.

Michael the Archangel

When Jinghpaw soldiers reported back to headquarters and inquired about this heroic officer in the battlefield, command did not know this officer nor did they send anyone. Soldiers who witnessed this phantom officer mentioned that he was standing tall in spite of Burmese troops shooting everything they had at him. This is not the first time a phantom officer appeared to Jinghpaw troops and literally save the day.

There is no question the Kachin march under the Christian flag as well as the Kachin. They pray before engaging the enemy and walk with absolute faith within their Baptist belief system. Are these phantoms actually Angel’s sent from G*D? To the fighting Kachin there is no question they have re-enforcements from a higher power. Superstitious Burmese troops also witnessed these phantoms and I could only imagine what went through their minds when bullets had no effect. Miracles have become regular occurrences for these brave and courageous Jinghpaw soldiers.

My Kachin brother stressed the point that the Kachin people don’t hate Burmese or other religions and only wish to live in harmony with their neighbors. He told me the Kachin already know they are alone in this fight. But with the arrival of these ‘Angel’s’ or phantoms they may not be as alone as they are perceived to be. These Angel’s appeared at a most critical time in the heat of combat and they were truly an answer to their prayers. With people from around the world also praying in earnest for a miracle it is a pleasure to inform them, “Yes your prayers most definitely are being heard and answered’.  

I also want the Jinghpaw back in Kachinland to know that they are not alone in their struggle to save their nation & people. They are in the hearts and soul of people from around the world and people from all denominations are offering prayers for their survival. As word spreads about the injustice being perpetrated against the Kachin people they are appalled and shocked as details come into focus. People are beginning to question their politicians as to exactly why sanctions are being lifted when people are being killed by a government who claims to be a budding democracy. They are also questioning why the media has chosen to disregard news about Burma’s Secret War.

My question is, “How many politicians are invested in corporations who want to turn Kachinland into an open pit mine?” Unfortunately, there are a multitude of politicians who are invested in mining and rare earth mineral futures globally speaking. With Hillary & Bill Clinton deep in the pockets of international mining interests Burma does have powerful allies. But with Angels re-enforcing Kachin soldiers in the battlefield Burma is woefully outnumbered and destined to be defeated. Just remember the story of David & Goliath, the story of a well armed Philistine behemoth of a warrior named Goliath, who was defeated by a simple rock tossed by a shepherd boy named David. Obviously Angels were with David and I can’t help but wonder; was Michael the Archangel disguise as a Kachin officer? I would not be surprised.

As for me, I will continue to make medicine and offer prayers within my tradition for my Kachin brothers and sister for they are not alone or forgotten, by me or G*D.

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