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Buffalohair, Nuclear Nior

Mar 29, '11 4:05 PM
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Nuclear Nior

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Surly radiation is the gift that keeps on giving and now I am informed rain or snow will be radioactive and not to collect the runoff. That is just ducky because it looks like a snow storm is brewing in the high country. Oh well, so I’ll have some radioactive snow to shovel. Won’t be the first time. There is something I have noticed today; the daylight sky has an ominous tint to it. An elder pointed out the haze and commented on how it looked like an omen or shroud over the Rockies. We could see and feel it somehow and it was not a good thing. After all, this came on the heels of our radioactive weekend and now it’s the radioactive weekday, oh boy.
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Fukushima Fallout Map thru 3-31

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Buffalohair,Earth Changes, Spinning the Wheel of Mankind’s Destiny

Earth Changes, Spinning the Wheel of Mankind’s Destiny

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As man scrambles to avoid a nuclear catastrophe in the wake of another “coincidental” natural disaster it should be clear, the time of change has come. Unfortunately it was prophesized that much of the world’s populations would still be scrambling to find a “human” solution when the futilities of their efforts were ultimately revealed. With greed at the helm it is obvious modern society is on a ship of fools. A kingdom built on a foundation of sand is destined to crumble in the era we live. Silica sand and the world it offered will ultimately be an Achilles tendon as man flounders in the angry sea of change. And it’s about time. Read more »

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Buffalohair, The Earth Change Trifecta and Spirit Stuff

The Earth Change Trifecta and Spirit Stuff

Already, pundits have begun playing down the second worst nuclear disaster in world history at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, second only to Chernobyl. But in the grand scheme of things Japans triple disaster is only another sign of the times we live. Eventually the onslaught of “coincidental” catastrophic events around the world will be impossible to ignore any longer. Like the thieves in the night the earth changes have already begun in earnest as prescribed in a multitude of prophetic teachings. There is no quarter that will be spared. Mankind may have gotten religion and prophecy all wrong but Ma Earth sure didn’t. Guess you could call this time of change an interfaith cataclysm that everyone can enjoy from the comforts of their home or survival shelter.

Down playing the presents of radiation was an insult to the intelligence. Within the same sentence news pundits mentioned how US sailors and the helicopters were already at critical exposure levels from just delivering aid to drop zones in Japan. Why can’t they simply tell people the truth about the dire situation as it is? In the case of Chernobyl, everyone was lied to about the totality of that nuclear catastrophe. After the plant explosion the world was covered in radioactive dust, lock stock and tomahawk. Some places got more than others but there were enough contamination to go around. The ambient radiation in our environment was increased a thousand fold. Radioactive dust from Chernobyl continues to circle the globe to this day. Instead of lying about the totality of contamination, truly responsible authorities would have issued iodine tablets to everyone within their respective nations if that truly offered some relief. They should have made some kind of effort to protect their electorates. The pharmaceutical companies would have made a killing and they wouldn’t have had to invent cheese names for new diseases to mask the side effects of radiation contamination. Fukushima will make the Three Mile Island disaster seem like a fart in the wind by its shear volume. Umm, exposed fuel rods are not a good thing but I’m also not a nuclear physicist struggling with job security issues at the moment. People are being contaminated by something and I just wonder if that’s just another coincidence?

Take a long had look at the crisis in Japan. The Japanese government prepared its citizens in earnest for disasters. The diligent population took these drills and exercises seriously and went to great lengths to prepare. Surely there would have been a much greater loss of life if this country did not drill and train as intensely as they did. Tsunami escape routes are posted and sirens are everywhere. Their nuclear reactors were quality engineered and designed to deal with disasters common in Japan including earthquakes. Japan was a model nuclear nation and an example for others to follow just a day before the quake. But even with all the preparations untold thousands perished with scores of villages wiped completely off the face of the earth up and down the coast of Japan.

This is a logistical nightmare from a first responder’s point of view since there are so many hazards that pose a mortal danger to rescuers. Transportation is a major issue since everything must be airlifted. Roads and rail lines are nonexistent in the stricken regions where help is needed the most. There is no question nuclear workers will suffer from exposure in the weeks and years to come. Stories about birth defects and cancers directly related to their exposure to radiation will be suppressed or discounted. I guess nuclear physicists will have to increase the acceptable levels of ambient radiation once again since levels are increasing as we speak. Eventually we will have to wear lead boxers to protect our junk or junkettes. Hmm, does radioactive contamination cause ET?

On the bright side, this disaster is also another sign verifying the era we live. Prophecies just keep coming to pass and it does not matter what dogma or ideological principal one follows. According to these writings events will increase with more virulence as time progresses. Eventually people and nations will be too wrapped up in their own catastrophes to worry about others. Supplies will begin to dwindle on a grand scale as farmland disappears or becomes unusable. Flotillas of aid that once filled the oceans when disasters struck will cease to set sail. Nations will struggle in the face of a multitude of disasters that plague man and beast. Conflict of every kind will dot the landscape. Technology will be mans Achilles tendon or nemeses as it becomes unreliable and impractical. Ultimately modern conveniences will cease to function as coastlines change and rivers forge a new course.

Along with the physical, man will be tormented by spirits from many plains of existence. Sanity will be a rare commodity in a world that appears insane. Gangs will roam urban ruins unabated as pandemonium reaches a feverish pace in some metropolitan areas. Other places will become city/states as community’s band together to preserve a semblance of order in the chaotic world. People will fear the dark more than ever before as spirits make folly of the unaware and ill prepared. The supernatural aspect of change will undoubtedly be the greatest challenge to man. And frankly, I could give a flying crappola because I have troubles of my own.

Yup, everything is going to hell in a hand basket and there ain’t a frigging thing I can do to stop it. Yeah there is more to the time of change than I can possibly describe here. Just believe that anything is possible and don’t freak out on dumb stuff. Many people will be paralyzed with fear over witnessing one supernatural thing or another. They will have this glazed look in their eyes, oh brother. That is why you must get a handle on your spirituality now before it gets any busier in the spirit-world. You are not going to change or alter the destiny of mankind but you can still save your ass. You need to read your sacred books and speak to your ancestors or what ever you guys do. It is time to figure out which spirits are cool and which ones are tricksters. Spirits meddle with your affairs on a daily basis. The funny part is, they have always been there, its just that we can see and hear them now. During the time of change the spirit-world and other plains of existence will interface with ours. In fact it has already begun. Surely you did not think bad spirits mentioned in your dogma or traditions simply went away. Naw, they are still out there screwing with people in a very real and paranormal way and dumping a few coins in an offering plate or burning a few sticks of incense does not buy you any reprieve.

Time is running short and eventually my site will succumb from the ill affects of the earth changes like everyone else. Therefore I am stressing the most important aspects of survival I know and they all are spiritually oriented. That is the key to surviving everything you may encounter including reruns of the Flying Nun. There is no right or wrong religion only a right or wrong way of interpreting it. When man says G*D told him to whack another human being, they were listening to the wrong spirits, big time. So it is up to you to become familiar with the spirit-world and know who the good guys really are. Obviously you can’t trust mans rendition of religion since they’ve clearly added their own spin to it. Besides, it’s all about the covenant between you and the Creator and nobody else. You don’t have to beat to anyone’s drum just so long as you have a very real spiritual connection as prescribed by your dogma. Good is good no matter what dogma you choose to be. Spirits in the spirit-world are not anal about how you pray or believe just so you walk in a truly good way. Evil or bad spirits only care if you’re dumb enough to by into their smack.

Evil spirits are nothing more than flautists of fear and feed on our ignorance and misbegotten superstitions. But I’ve also seen good in such a form of purity that it made me cry like a baby to know there was something so beautiful that loved me. All my senses were somehow embraced in a warmly emotional way, something I never experienced here on earth. I thought that was kind of bitchen. Earth changes are here to stay and I got my spiritual connection within my belief system/tradition and it would be wise if you did the same. I’m not exactly sure when the plug will be pulled on the net and technology but it’s not to far away now. The only real question is not if but where will the next catastrophe be. 

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Buffalohair, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn Shows His Mettle, Abolishes the Death Penalty

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn Shows His Mettle, Abolishes the Death Penalty

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With the stroke of a pen the honorable Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois abolished the death penalty on Wednesday March 9th 2011, revealing his incontrovertible humanitarian moxie. This was the crescendo of thousands of man hours and years of dedicated hard work to abolish the controlled murder of inmates. The Illinois Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, Death Penalty Focus and a host of other humanitarian organizations banded together to champion this noble cause and fortunately their diligence bore fruit. And I applaud their efforts.
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Buffalohair, South Africa Prepared for Solar Storm, We Picked Our Noses

Buffalohair, South Africa Prepared for Solar Storm, We Picked Our NosesMar 10, '11 6:39 AM
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South Africa Prepared for Solar Storm, We Picked Our Noses

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South African authorities issued a warning to its citizens to prepare for the dire affects of the latest solar storm. They suggested their citizens wear sun protection or stay indoors. NASA also issued a warning about the latest solar outburst but for the most part the rest of the planet was ambivalent to the whole situation. As noble as the South African governments attempt to prepare its people was it offered more of a placebo since gamma and x-rays can not be stopped by sun tan lotion. In fact gamma and x-rays penetrate most structures with relative ease. Staying indoors would provide little to no protection since gamma rays can penetrate 1 meter of solid concrete. But if your home was still covered in toxic lead based paint you’d have some protection at the very least. Ironic huh.
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Buffalohair, Council of American Indian Organizations, GIVE US BACK OUR ANCESTORS!

Buffalohair, Council of American Indian Organizations, “GIVE US BACK OUR ANCESTORS!”

Council of American Indian Organizations, “GIVE US BACK OUR ANCESTORS!”

After talking with Joseph Allen Ruanto-Ramirez of the Council of American Indian Organizations I am most compelled to forward a letter they sent to the president of the University of California, Mark Yudof. The world needs to know what is happening within the good ole USA since this is far from the conduct of a civil society and it borders on barbarism. Apparently the University of California has continued to stall the return of Native Americans remains (CA-SDI-4669) for at least 35 years. From what I’ve gathered Native remains are scattered around the universities and used for “research”. Now what are they researching anyway? Are they still trying to prove we are not human like the US did at the turn of the 20th century? What gives these anthropologists licenses to grave rob?? If I went to George Washington’s resting place for “research” I would be tossed in the poky for such an egregious act of desecration. Why is it OK to ravage our sacred sites in the name of science in the first place? But to stall in the return of our ancestors is just plain criminal. And they called us savages.

Anthropologists poke around sacred burial sites and dig up our dead, in the name of science of course through out Indian Country already. But what right do these alchemists have tossing our ancestors bones around their labs and playing with their skulls? The ultimate slap in the face is that these researchers act as if the hallowed remains are theirs to do as they wish in perpetuity. The fact they failed to return the remains for 35 years hints at the possibility the remains are scattered throughout the University of California system and they don’t really know where everything is. I shudder to think the remains are in some collection or trophy in a secret society like Geronimo’s skull. In any event it is time for the world to know what is happening within the University of California since it is likened to a B-Rated horror flick and a slap in the face to everything that is sacred in a civil society. Frankly I find it patently offensive our ancestors are being used for a collegic show and tell in the first place. And no, we are not sub-human but I am beginning to question the moral and ethical reasoning of the University of California.
In any event, I am forwarding the Council of American Indian Organizations letter requesting the return of the sacred remains of our brothers and sister. And I would suggest that everyone around the world inform the University of California, President Mark Yudof and the board of directors that the world is watching. I would also suggest you contact the Council of American Indian Organizations and offer your support as well.
The aforementioned opinions are mine, lock stock and tomahawk, capice?
A letter to UC President Yudof from the Native American community of San Diego County
The following was sent to UC President Yudof by the Council of American Indian Organizations. The University of California Office of the President will be doing a meeting on this issue today and tomorrow.
4265 FAIRMOUNT AVE.   STE. 140    SAN DIEGO CA   92105        619 281-5964 ext. 104

March 7, 2011
President Mark Yudof
University of California
Dear President Yudof,
The Council of American Indian Organizations of San Diego County adds our voices to the many that are requesting that the Native American remains CA-SDI-4669 be returned to their people.
These remains are long overdue (35 years!) to be repatriated.  The local 13 Kumeyaay Bands in this County have come together to support their return to the La Posta Band of Mission Indians, a federally recognized Band of the Kumeyaay Nation.  It amazes us that the UC system is so resistant to this very human request that their ancestors’ graves not be tampered with and returned when they are disturbed.  The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act clearly states that this is the only recourse for these remains.  Why – instead of building communication, bridges and reconciliation – are the Kumeyaay people and American Indians being denied this fair and moral path by an institution that sits on Indian land and is supported by Indian taxpayers?
It is no wonder that American Indians do not want to attend UCSD and other UC schools due to this injustice.  Now this matter is in your hands to correct and we know you will not continue this insult and affront to the 55,000 Native Americans in San Diego County.
Juan Castellanos
Executive Director
Indian Human Resource Center
cc: Listserv
American Indian Studies – SDSU, Indian Training Trust Fund, UCSD American Indian Faculty and Staff Association
Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s Association Tribal TANF, American Indian Warriors Association, Peace and Dignity Project
California Indian Environmentalists, Explorers Club, Grossmont College Cross Cultural Studies, MS Choctaw of California
Tribal Indian Nurses Association, Hummingbird Consulting, Indian Education Program – SDUSD, Indian Human Resource Center
American Indian Chamber of Commerce of CA, American Indian Movement, Sycuan Intertribal Vocational Rehabilitation,Taspan Group
Tonkawa Seniors, American Indian Health Center, Indian Voices, Kid Korps Native American Chapter, Southern Indian Health Council
Kumeyaay Community College, Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, Native Americans Council, UCSD Native American Alumni Chapter Native American Women’s Intertribal Circle,  Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel, American Indian Recruitment Program, American Indian Source
Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science – Mesa College, Citizen Potawatomi Nation – So. Ca. Region Office