Friday, February 27, 2009

Navajo Nation gets $34M for housing stimulus

Navajo Nation gets $34M for housing stimulus
Friday, February 27, 2009
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The Navajo Nation will receive $34.4 million in housing funds under the national stimulus package. They money comes from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. It will be used for new home construction, housing rehabilitation and housing-related infrastructure. "These projects will help communities in tribal lands get back on track during this difficult economic time," said Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (D-New Mexico), The Farmington Daily Times reported. Lujan worked with tribes in his district to identify housing projects, the paper said. Get the Story:
Navajo Nation to get $34 million from stimulus (The Farmington Daily Times 2/27) AMERIND Risk Management Corporation

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Buffalohair: Obama Sooths a Hurting Nation

Obama Sooths a Hurting Nation

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

After listening to Barack Obama’s speech tonight I must say I did enjoy much of what he had to say. Regardless of what I know about economics, history and the political arena I did enjoy the positivity he managed to rally. As a journalist and one that does not beat to anyone’s drum I kept an open mind since there was no point in beating the dead dog of trillion dollar debts and lackluster cabinet appointees. The need for positivity for the America people was much more important and for the most part Barack Obama came through with all the bells and whistles.

For a moment in time I found myself mesmerized as this eloquent statesman delivered a captivating speech that fostered hope in the face of insurmountable odds. Maybe it was only ear candy and maybe it was sincere fore only time will tell at this juncture. But in a time of extreme hardships and uncertainty the people of this nation needed a glimmer of hope to weather the disaster called our economy. I applaud his effort to easy the pain of our reality and I really mean that.

On the other hand I was not so impressed with Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and his dismally poor response to the president’s speech. If there was a message in his jargon it was poorly delivered and inspired distain for his candor and pointless rhetoric. With so much negativity swirling about on all levels of the American experience he only poured salt in the wound of a hurting nation. Timing is everything and there would have been a better time for his skewed dialogue to be addressed to the people of America.

I know things are as bad as they seem and there are volumes I do not agree with Obama’s administration. But I like so many American’s needed a break from the constant bickering between political parties and the talking heads of the mainstream media. Whether we voted for him or not is of no consequence since Barack Obama is OUR president and there is nothing we can do about it now. For a survivor of the Great Depression, my ma, to turn and say to me, “The president made me feel good” said volumes. We might be going to hell in a hand basket but a cup of cold water along the journey does offer some relief and I will savor every last drop. Thanks for the drink President Obama.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009




Innocent casualties of land mines

Innocent casualties of land mines

The angels of mercy within the jungles of Burma, The Free Burma Rangers, have made a personal request for medical supplies. With Than Shwe’s military government of Burma on a campaign of genocide he’s escalated his efforts of killing and maiming by the use of landmines. Scores of refugees fleeing government death squads have lost their limbs and their sight whence they encountered these deadly gifts of modern warfare. The jungles of Burma are riddled with landmines and with devastating effects. Men, women and children are having their bodies mangles, if they survive.

The courageous Free Burma Rangers are getting depleted of critical surgical supplies and are requesting a list of surgical supplies so they can continue their mission of mercy. The marked increase of innocent villagers found on the jungle floor crawling with limbs blown off or simply bled to death force the need for such a worldwide request for supplies.

This is the short list;


Gifts of death and dismemberment

Gifts of death and dismemberment

Medical instruments


BP cuffs


Scalpel blades

Needle holders


Suture of all kind with needles

Dental equipment

Steel syringes

Upper and lower forceps



This is the bare bones wish list and I personally know they need medical supplies of all kinds on a grad scale. But realize the magnitude of the situation and it will stagger the imagination since thousands of people are being disfigured, maimed and crippled by these devastating gifts of genocide. You will save lives by your direct donation to the Free Burma Rangers. Medical suppliers and the medical profession as a whole can make a difference by donating critically needed supplies.


Many of people ask what they can do to make a difference in the plight of the people of Burma. This is a golden opportunity that will have immediate results since the Free Burma Rangers are in the field as of this writing with more medical unites in the wings. They need our help is gathering supplies to accomplish their humanitarian efforts today.

You can make a difference.

Contact the Free Burma Rangers directly;


P.O. Box 14, Mae Jo

Chiang Mai 50290

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Buffalohair: Madoff Was Not The Only One

Madoff Was Not The Only One

Birds of a feather

Birds of a feather

As the reality of the Stock Market comes to light it is only obvious the whole system was corrupted and government officials were part and parcel co conspirators. As I’ve mentioned all along, this is the most elaborate Ponzi Scheme in the history of the world and it is time the public to woke up, for a change.

But again, the mainstream media is asleep at the wheel, possibly because of their corporate handlers, since they still failed to give you the complete story about this financial disaster. The magnitude of corruption is staggering according to whistle blower Harry Markopolos who for 9 years struggled to expose this massive fraud. The Securities and Exchange Commissions was either part of the scam or was totally intimidated by these power house Brokerage firms. Markopolos was also fearful for of his life.

Now for the blockbuster of blockbusters; With in Harry Markopolos’s testimony he identified a criminally corrupt organization that was knee deep in criminality and fraud. Though the SEC was incompetent to say the least but the securities industry’s self-policing organization; the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority was totally corrupt and involved up to their eye lids in fraud. The head of this organization during this period of absolute criminal behaviour was a person named Mary Shapiro. With her stewardship and guidance this crime was executed with no oversight intentionally. And if you were paying attention you would also know Mary Schapiro was appointed by Barack Obama to head the Securities and Exchange Commission this December. Talk about another fox watching the hen house eh.

How many other lacklustre, inept and criminal negligent people must Obama include in his cabinet before we realize Barack is either part and parcel involved in the total destruction of our government or is shamefully misguided by a staff of advisors with a “second agenda”? And now he is pushing a “stimulus package” that will not work since it is already known by economists Bail-outs never worked in the past and actually plunged out country deeper in Depression. Obama’s rush for the gold on the first bail-out was misguided at best. The bail-out was a clear failure at best and this one is sure to cause more harm than good. This is “Disaster Capitalism” at its best as International Corporatism tries to extort more money from the US taxpayer again. How far beyond stupid are we?

For government to promote borrowing and borrowing is completely wrong. Buying beyond our means was the axiom that was pounded into our heads while politicians invested in these mortgage lending firms and filled their coffers. Follow the money and you will see who is invested in these loan sharking corporations and it will show you how corrupt our politicians are. The first bail-out only masked or concealed other perpetrators in this elaborate Ponzi Scheme. These institutions should have gone broke like any other corporation involved in fraud. The end result would have been an example to other corporations who wanted to commit a crime against the people. And out of the ashes honest companies would have taken over where corruption once stood. It would not have been the end of the world but new beginnings within the business world for not all corporations were criminal. Now, the new bail-out will cover-up other fraudulent enterprises and reward criminals for bankrupting a nation and the free world.

We are on our way down and the sooner the better so we can rise up once again. There is no turning back the clock and it is time to face our reality rather than cushion the fall of corporate criminals for that is all this bail-out will do. Whence this bail-out failed our leadership will say, “Well we tried” and generations after we are gone will foot the bill and we will have extended our recession by years. That was the case with Franklin Roosevelt’s bail-outs. It is time to clean the slate of corrupt politicians and break the back of these international corporations who’ve long ago declared war on our constitution and democracy, all for the corporate bottom line.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Buffalohair{ Our Technological Achilles Tendon

Our Technological Achilles Tendon


Antikythera Mechanism

As our modern society bases everything on technology a religious parable comes to mind. Have we built our proverbial home on a foundation of sand rather than rock? When you consider how frail our technology actually is, it is not hard to conceive that modern man has placed their eggs in one basket. With millions of people tossed into the Stone Age from a winter storm electricity is not as dependable as once thought. Seems more and more people are experiencing power outages for extended periods of time these days. Without electricity even the most technologically advanced doodads will not function. And to think a grain of silicon sand is the corner stone of this technology.

With a hole in our magnetosphere 4 times larger than the Earth we should be a bit concerned. With our atmosphere filling with highly charged particles (ions and electrons) as we speak it’s only a matter of time before we experience wide spread power outages. Without the protection of our magnetosphere we are taking a direct hit from the sun. Scientists already predicted anomalous weather conditions and as we can plainly see, electricity is the first casualty. There are no green solutions for the impending disasters that lay in wait for humanity fore we are experiencing “The Perfect Solar Storm”. Whether you like it or not this event is out of man’s control.

Knowing what we do about solar storms and its effects on power grids you’d think we would get a heads-up about this situation. After all it is our tax payer buck that has financed all this scientific research. The cost of which has been astronomical to say the least. Though the data is available, you have to hunt for it. Scientists have warned us about many Earth changing events yet no one is listening. Opinion, politics and financial concerns have overshadowed real science with fanatical misconceptions and inaccuracies. And now, Americans are living in shelters as anomalous weather patterns plunge parts of our nation into a double digit deep freeze destroying power lines in its wake.

Fragile at best, electricity is the weak link in contemporary life. With questionable weather patterns as well as pending electro magnetic disasters technology will soon becoming unreliable. With the discovery of Galvanic Batteries and electronic devices in the ruins of ancient Egypt there is no question electricity was no secret to the ancients. Hieroglyphics depicted light bulbs with filaments according to engineers and Egyptologists. The absents of tell tale soot in dark caves clearly indicated there was a different source of light. Murals painted in these caves thousands of years ago were still pristine and did not show the usual signs of smoke damage. Did some unknown atmospheric anomaly stem the further development of this advanced technology? Or did the ancients simply loose interest in electricity? With more discoveries being made in ancient ruins across the globe it is clear we are not the first civilization to stumble across electricity or even the computer. The Antikythera Mechanism found in an ancient ship wreck off the coast of Greece was a sophisticated device that accurately mimicked the wobble in the moons orbit. Other precise astronomical calculations were discovered as well. Advanced knowledge of the cosmos by the ancient Mayan culture still baffles scientists today. So it is not hard to imagine our so called advance culture could face such an untimely demise of technology.

With our atmosphere filling with highly charged ions and electrons, electricity is sure to be compromised and all who placed their trust in the technological egg basket may soon find themselves in the dark. It was mentioned in many Indigenous prophecies that modern thing would become useless during the time of great change. If a snow storm can plunge 2 million people into chaos in the dead of winter, imagine what would happen if we are cast into another mini Ice Age. You remember what they say about building a house on a foundation of sand. Is it a metaphor? After all, we’ve built our technological empire on silicon sand. This may very well be mankind’s Achilles Tendon.

Your Devil’s Advocate