Monday, January 30, 2012

Buffalohair, Earth Change-O-Rama

Earth Change-O-Rama

Needless to say prophecy is moving right along as scheduled while man marches forward in quest of material wealth and world domination, at the expense of others. Does not matter which dogma one pursues, the signs are everywhere. Also dictated within ancient sacred texts is the fact many people will choose to ignore the obvious and follow the Pied Pipers of Deception to their inevitable doom. My question to them is; “Did you bump your head?”

Soon we will be introduced to the culprits who guided elitists to this end and many people will stand in awe of this reality, gads. People will consider them G*D’S like elitist ancestors did thousands of years ago. Others will quiver in fear, overwhelmed by this celestial revelation. I say “Screw’em!” and the Frisbee they flew in on. And that goes for those smack-talking spirits of darkness as well. These guys meddle with world governance, human emotions while moving the masses towards their own self demise, I hate that.

Spirits are just spirits and they are either good or bad. It does not matter what they say, look like or the junk they fly, plain and simple. We are in the midst of a major spirit war and it has already spilled onto our plain of existence. It’s a major part of the era we live since this influence is literally driving people crazy. If only folks paid attention to their sacred book or oral tradition this would be a no-brainer. There would be a practical understanding of our true existence without all the foolishness. Its not rocket science knowing how to deal with bonehead spirits just a little thing called absolute faith within your tradition.

Since all people posses the ‘gift of free will’ it is up to them personally to find their place in the real world. There is no free ride and people must jump through all the hoops before they can move forward. There are no short cuts and ultimately we all must travel the same path. If people don’t get a grip on the supernatural side of our existence they are toast and it does not matter how many bells or bibles they have. If Moses did not have a clue about the supernatural he would still be in Egypt picking cheese out of Pharos toes.

As far as space dudes are concerned, there are many. Get over the fact they exist, that’s old news. We hear about the browns, grays, reptilians but others are making an appearance these days. Within all space guys it’s the same drill as with spirits as far as sorting out bad guys. Appearances can be very deceiving since they look different anyway. People go ga ga when they encounter anything paranormal or out of the norm and that is the last thing you want to do. Constantine blew it big time. Charlemagne drove the point home and now the world is in the grips of pure evil because ancient elitist boneheads went ga ga over some spirit or space dude with flashy stuff and that sucks. Talk about Anti-Christ looking, in any event this religious razmataz took a toll on humanity and man has killed in the name of G*D ever since. Jesus, Jesus who? It would appear they blew off all the cool stuff Jesus and his dad had to say and misrepresented their sacred texts ever since. How far beyond stupid is that?

I don’t give a flying crappola if some space dude or spirit did help build pyramids and knew all the wonders of the world; if they hang out with the greed filled buttheads of world domination today, they can eat my shorts. My main concern would be if they are good or not and within my tradition I have ways of sorting these boneheads out. In fact; all traditions and religions have ways to deal with these juvenile delinquents of the paranormal. When you truly follow your custom, tradition, ritual, blab, blab, blab there is one thing you must have that is universal to all paths of conscience and that is ‘absolute faith’. You should also be walking in a good way as prescribed within your sect, provided your ilk does not require human sacrifice. That could be an issue in some municipalities. Hmm, I walk OK, just sometimes I trip but I don’t spill my beer eh.

You really must have no fear of any entity since fear is their fuel. Like the ole saying goes, “It’s better to be pissed off then to be pissed on” and you can’t take crap from them. Only you can give them the access to screw with you more intensely and that is through fear. It’s just street rules with dead guys when you think about it. You show fear they chump you and take your milk money. Stand up and don’t take no crap and they will back down. It’s just like being back on the streets homeboy/girl. Show face with no fear, have absolute faith within your dogma and get ready to box. You know your sacred homie has your back and that’s what I’m talking about. I don’t go to a gun fight with a picket knife on any level of my existence and neither should you. The help you need in dealing with evil and its conscripts is written with the pages of all dogmas and ideological principals throughout the universe.

For people who are sensitive, they are already experiencing the influx of more activity within the astral plain. Lots going on spiritually speaking as a variety of new spirits make themselves known on our plain of existence, there goes the neighborhood. To me the spirit world is more like a freeway on rush hour. There is lots of traffic and it’s easy to get lost if you miss your turn. You got to pay attention since there are many distractions that can really throw you off course. This is where you tippy toe into the den and pull out your sacred book and thumb through a few pages to get a clue what I’m talking about. I can’t tell you specifically how to cruise the spirit world, that’s your personal journey within your faith or principles.

It’s not just earthquakes, tornados, civil unrest or other catastrophic human events we as a global community must prepare for. The increased interface with the spirit world and all its inhabitants is a major component within the matrix of this time of change. This event also offers focus on the true nature of our existence shaking the very foundation and sensibilities of some people.

As far as prophecies are concerned; it’s full steam ahead. If you plan to survive the supernatural aspect of this epoch you better find your mojo.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Buffalohair, Are Extraterrestrials Edible?

Are Extraterrestrials Edible?

So it’s February 6th 2013 and I just dug my way out of a makeshift dwelling I built after my home and community was destroyed in December. Water is not an issue because it snowed, big time. Good thing my pair of Louis Vittons survived the cataclysms because everywhere the eye can see is in white-out conditions. To top it all off, I’m on my last Tanka Bar, haven’t seen a Snickers in weeks and I’m out of Pepsi so it’s time to forage for victuals. Besides, I had to go outside to pee. 

Well, so much for global warming because the snow is now about 100 feet thick burying my part of the planet in a velvety white coffin. Not even power poles are visible anymore. After several days trekking around the new neighbourhood it has become all too apparent that everything is buried and totally out of reach. I can’t even locate where the 7-11 down the street where the ole stand by textured soy burritos used to live. To make things worse, I’ve already eaten my pets; Mr Turtle; who became my walking sandwich and Bear the Wonder Dog; only because he had designs on my joining his food group first. Just when despair and starvation begins to set in, a flicker of something shiny in the distance catches my eye. With the last spurt of energy I make a beeline for this last glimmer of hope. Or at least I hope it is.

Advancing towards what appears to be a metallic object it becomes clear that this is one of those UFO’s, stuck in the snow like a Frisbee in the sand. Well, the visions did say, “no one from throughout the universe would be immune to the wrath of nature in the time of change” and for this crew of extraterrestrials it would appear they are toast. Finding the spare key I open the hatch of this wondrous craft and discover 3 dead alien guys or girls or whatever the hell they are. If they are dudes then they needed some major Viagra since I can’t see their tiny willies, not that I’m looking. If they are chicks, where are the boobs?? They must have a boring sex life being test tube babies and all. And talk about buck ugly, they don’t even have a butt.

Now for the next question, where is their fridge or ice chest? Surely these guys had to eat and drink something. Maybe they still have some cow parts left over from their last mutilation. No telling which parts they might have but I ate a Mickie Dee’s mystery meat burger before so this should not be too different anyway. 100% Beef, what a sales pitch that was and people bought into it not realizing cows consist of more than prime rib and sirloin. In any event I scrounge around the craft and can’t seem to find anything at all to eat, not even a cow uterus. I mean there is nothing at all to be found, glove box and trunk are empty except for a few unopened packages of anal probes, pair of cheap sunglasses and a couple Jefferson Starship CDs. What would Survivor-Man or Andrew Zimmern do, I wonder?

One thing is for sure, these space dudes are not G*DS since they are deader than a door nail and on the bright side, they don’t stink to bad or appear rotten. They seem perfectly preserved, probably from being irradiated while tripping around the universe absorbing all those cosmic rays and stuff. Voila! I may have found sustenance after all, though they don’t appear to have much meat on them. But check out the head cheese and Survivor-man did say eyeballs are loaded with nutrients, or was it that Bear dude from the UK? In any event this shiny craft has become my cornucopia of survival food. But they do look a little funky with those meatless bony arms and legs. Gads, I just realized, since they don’t have an ass how do they, umm do their business? Here I am starving to death after a global catastrophe and all I can worry about is how some booty-less space dude craps? I need a life.

Dragging them outside of the ship, I proceed to slice and dice my celestial culinary adventure. Where is their frigging liver and all the normal goodies inside? The blood sort of looked like ours except for those metallic sparkles and that funny yellowish red tint. Gads, I hope they don’t have jaundice, granted my liver more resembles a jar of strawberry jelly so I should not snivel. Besides, it’s not nice to talk bad about your food. I must be more thankful and should not feel guilty since I did not whack the dudes and I am starving to death. Now if only I had some wood for a fire, I could have a Texas style BBQ, less the sauce, seasonings & spices and a pick up full of Lone Star Beer. Fortunately, I still have some survival garlic salt in my backpack. I should have backed some Picante Sauce. They just look so funky but crab and lobster never passed any beauty pageants either and I eat the hell out of them or should I say ate?

As I consume my little alien treats from space I am struck by the distinct aroma of sulphur and hydrogen peroxide in the meat and my mouth has a metallic sensation. Did I eat the space suit? Shiza! These boneheads are radioactive but with a little garlic salt they still go down OK. I can’t say they were that delicious because the meat had the texture of vinyl and foam rubber. I believe a red wine is in order but any wine would be OK considering it’s the end of the world. Then I ponder what reptilian space dudes might taste like and imagine they would be more like gator since they are lizards. There is more meat on them too. Cajun style star people sounds good to me. After all, they are not G*D’S, just an entrée.

Moral of the story: Remember to pack Garlic Salt, Mesquite Wood, and Picante Sauce in your survival gear. Yes, extraterrestrials are edible but in a time of extreme hunger and starvation, so are you.

Bon Appetite

Texas Style Extraterrestrial BBQ
8 boneless, skinless alien breast halves (They have no Butt)
3 tablespoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon ground paprika
1 tablespoon thorium
1 teaspoon salt (iodized)
1 teaspoon dry mustard
2 chopped jalapeños
1/4 cup distilled heavy water
1 teaspoon garlic salt
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 1/2 cups tomato-vegetable juice cocktail
1/2 cup ketchup

Your Devil’s Advocate

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Buffalohair, Hey Suu Kyi, Senator Webb, Don’t Forget the War in Kachin State!

Notice Tribes being attacked over Gold and Holy Sites!!! But in another land. Ah yes !

Hey Suu Kyi, Senator Webb, Don’t Forget the War in Kachin State!

As we listen to feel good speeches and news about dignitaries from every planet in the universe clamoring to eat ngapi with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, civil war continues to rage in Kachin State. People are dying and cities are being shelled by Burmese heavy artillery. Citizens of all ages are being shot at random and refugee centers are filling to capacity but oddly the humanitarian crisis is being ignored, completely. Then Senator Jim Webb praises the *“Historical Steps” the junta has taken. Surely he meant hysterical.

Burmese troops have invaded Kachin State and are in a major offensive against the Kachin Independence Army. The war is taking its toll on the civilian populations as Burmese troops advance raising villages and townships as they go. **Civilians have been tortured, raped and executed by government forces in Kachin State while attention has focused on Burma’s Metamorphoses. In realty it’s more like flipping a burger since one side is still on the fire. In this case the Kachin are still being murdered while the media rejoices over ‘breaking’ events and tea parties. It is a very good thing ‘prisoners of conscience’ are being released so I hate to rain on the parade but people are dying here. Why doesn’t Billary Clinton make a case for the Kachin people? Surely she heard about it since every Kachin (Jinghpaw) organization, exile and refugee on the planet contacted the governments of Canada, US and UK. Or did someone misplace the memo?

Since the Kachin are only about 1.5% of the population of Burma I guess it does not really matter what is happening to them, right? After all, Burma is about to open its doors and let freedom ring across the land. ‘Wal-Mart Superstores’ in Mandalay, ‘6 Flags Over Chin Mountain’ and ‘Hooters’ in Naypyidaw! Corporations have already begun to slice up the Burmese pie as her resources become ‘available’ in this latest round of junta sponsored Glasnost. Oil, Gas, Gold, Silver, Jade, Rubies, Emeralds, Rare Earth Minerals, etc and a cornucopia of agricultural resources are ripe for the picking. And let’s not forget the endless supply of cheap and affordable slaves, porters, and indentured workers eager to work for almost nothing, to the joy of the IMF and WTO. To top it all off, prisoners are coming out of Insein Prison and Aung San Suu Kyi is running around all over the place saying cool stuff and eating out a lot. She does not gain a single ounce body fat either. How do you do it girl?

Unfortunately not all of Burma’s riches are up for grabs. Remember those annoying Kachin’s and that pesky civil war thing Billary Clinton was oblivious to? Those Kachin people literally live on a gold mine. In fact, Kachin State is rich in a multitude of natural resources including gold. The primary reason the junta wants to exterminate this tribe of people in the first place is for their ancient sovereign land and its resources. There is a slight problem with Burma’s wholesale land grab when it comes to Kachin State though. The people are not buying into the junta’s bogus scheme one bit. They might be only 1.5% of the population of Burma but they are 100% pissed off and are not taking this lightly. After all, the junta is bombing them to pieces regardless of Thein Sein’s theatrics’ about peace negotiations. Sounds good in the world press but for the Kachin it’s business as usual while the junta shells Kachin State into oblivion in an internationally ignored civil war.

Gen. Than Shwe’s on going ethnic cleansing operation continues unencumbered in Kachin State to this day while the world makes pudding and sweet cake with the Burmese government. How come Billary Clinton failed to bring focus on the humanitarian crises in Kachin State as she paved the way for industry? Critical diplomatic leverage could have been applies at this opportune juncture provided anyone really cared. I hope this does not have anything to do with the Clinton Foundation’s cozy relationship with Barrick Gold, subsidiaries and their list of donors from the global mining and oil/gas exploration industries. The foundation has the audience of newly released Burmese comedian Maung Thura “Zarganar” and I find that v-e-r-y suspicious as well. What is that all about eh?

Surely Barrick and friends would benefit from the relaxation of sanctions and there is no question Kachin State would be a top priority for exploration and development of the vast resources this region possesses. There are billions in untapped wealth waiting to be exploited by foreign interests. Maybe Billary Clinton simply forgot about Kachin State while wrangling for a piece of Burma’s wealth like the rest of the world. She just forgot but as soon as she remembers everything will be OK, provided the junta has not succeeded in killing the Kachin first. Now that would be a “Historic Step” worthy of international attention; the annihilation of a race of people. How special.

The grandiose excuse the world offers for unprofitable humanitarian causes is the old stand by; “This is in internal matter”. But if the shoe were on the other foot and resources were in the hands of folks unfriendly with corporate developers this would be a global humanitarian effort filled with moral blarney on the air waves. They would supply the Kachin’s rockets, bombs, air support and a drone attack on Canadian targets just for realism. News wires would be abuzz with tales of the epic human struggle as Kachin people fight for their liberty. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening in the near future. Besides, the Kachin would not allow for international corporate interests to simply march in and turn Kachin State into a giant cyanide pit for gold extraction anyway. The land is sacred to the Jinghpaw, wow that sounds familiar. The axiom of sacred homeland simply does not fly with global conglomerates and investors that are eager to harvest Burma’s bounty. Then again I might just be a little paranoid since this is a reflection of Native American history. Come to thing of it, the world sat around while Euroid expatriates raided the America’s for that funny yellow metal for hundreds of years. The land was the spoils and the indigenous survivors of genocide were relegated to colonies or reserves. Hmm, now that was depressing.

It is like looking back in time and watching as my people are slaughtered by the US cavalry with Gary Owen playing in the back ground. The military junta of Burma is waging a war of ethnic cleansing in Kachin State and this is not getting any air time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice the junta has begun doing cool things but it’s the same old smoke screen ploy Than Shwe is famous for. While he has the attention of the world directed elsewhere he is murdering people and in this case it’s the Kachin’s. And for some stupid reason the mainstream media is simply ignoring this humanitarian catastrophe in favor of nicer more palatable news for the west about Burma. Nothing fair and balance about that eh. But when you realize much of the media is owned by conglomerates who also own mining companies it’s easy to see why the Kachin are not getting press. Then again it could all be just one big coincidence.

The public should speak with Kachin’s struggling to locate loved ones in villages the junta just burned to the ground. Or console a Kachin whose family members were killed in the shelling of civilian targets by Burmese troops. The war in Kachin State is a very real and the reality is the civilian government of Burma is a sham regardless of the prisoner release and all the feel good press. The continued bloodshed in Kachin State is proof positive that nothing has changed in the grand scheme of things. It also proved just how powerless President Thein Sein really is over the Tatmadaw. Big Daddy Than Shwe is still in the drivers seat and that should be a no brainer. The junta has also managed to divide the spirit of democracy by offering peace to some while waging war on others in classic ‘Than Shwe Divide and Conquer’ flare. He is really good at this rouse and it’s only a matter of time before his thugs target public places to keep the divisions strong.

Will the beneficiaries of Burma’s new found humanity ignore the cries of the Kachin and other people who continue to be murdered? With other ethnic groups entering into agreements with the junta this provides a good opportunity to consolidate forces against the Kachin. And since no one is paying attention the junta will get away with genocide while the media praises Burma’s Metamorphosis. Maybe Senator Jim Webb should count the many “Historic Steps” Burma has already taken in the past only to arrest and kill its citizens later.

Hey Senator Webb;
How about a few “Historic Steps” for the people of Kachin State???
Is the continued killing of civilians to politically incorrect to mention on this hysterical occasion?
Or did you just loose the memo like Billary did?



Your Devil’s Advocate


Friday, January 13, 2012

Buffalohair, Crucify Soldiers for Peeing While Bankers Walk For Destroying

Crucify Soldiers for Peeing While Bankers Walk For Destroying

If I stand alone on this issue, so be it. But I find it reprehensible that real criminals of the world are allowed to walk scot free with absolutely no accountability for destroying millions of lives. The numbers of the dead from suicide, starvation and murder from the epic losses sustained from Banker criminality places them in the ranks of mass murderers, military dictators and street thugs. That’s OK; we can ignore that since we are invested in the corporations they steal for. Its better we screw Americans, especially the pawns of corporate greed, our soldiers.

Funny how Bloody Bashar Al Assad of Syria can continue his campaign of wholesale genocide in the publics eye with torture rape and murder at his leisure and the daily news barely says a peep. Good thing Assad the Bloody has some very powerful corporate friends. Taking the Marine incident completely out of the context of war and bashing them by their own government officials was the most blatant act of treason our government could have committed. These soldiers were in a situation that civilians are completely insulated from, heavy combat and the urinatee’s only moments ago were trying to kill the urinators’ and so goes the spoils of victory. If someone was trying to kill me and I won, I would cut their frigging head off and mount it on a stick. Just stab that vertebrae below the skull in the disc and follow the dotted line, capice? Hmm, this has my PTSD all fired up and I will have some juicy dreams tonight. Gads, I live in the sticks and my neighbors can still hear my screams at night.

These Marines are not criminals and from what I witnessed over the years, their actions were actually a relatively mild act of revenge on enemy combatants. I can’t tell you how many noses, ears, fingers and scalps I’ve seen from friends returning from Vietnam, Iraq and places the media does not cover where soldiers fought for American interests. And this is true for the opposing forces that engage in combat and this tradition goes back to the time of the Sumerians. *The Skull & Bones of G.W. Bush fame was sued of the possession of Geronimo’s skull in their club house. People barely raised an eye brow and that was a very telling and reveling snapshot of a sick society come to think about it. You people are lost and deserve what is just around the corner because you have no loyalty to anything other than cash and stupid electronic toys that will soon be worthless. Screw it, enjoy the seeds of destruction you are planting in civil society but don’t come crying to me when you reap your bitter harvest. Besides, I just might make you a lawn decoration like at the House of Vlad. Wow, it’s PTSD City for me today. But then again it was said by my old crew I could eat a cannoli while sitting on a stack of stiffs. Yup, I can feel the anxiety from my PTSD already. If you ain’t been there, then you don’t know.

The fact politicians including Barry Obama and Billary Clinton were watching the capture of Osama Bin Laden live on satellite TV then ordering him to be murdered was probably the most obscene thing I ever heard a so called civilized nation do. What a fine example we made for the world. Osama was killed on White House Reality TV and the ghouls who watched with glee a live murder exemplified the pure evil that has descended on Washington. The soldiers only pissed on the dead in a common act of victory and they will most likely face charges, loose their careers, benefits and their futures for being soldiers in the heat of combat. This will be America’s darkest day because we’ve chosen to betray our own. I have more respect for the Taliban because they even said this incident would not have a negative bearing on the peace process. But let’s have a media conviction in the global kangaroo court of public opinion. Then toss our warriors in the trash like we did with democracy and the Constitution of the United States of America. Maybe we should just execute the Marines without a trial. That would save money and as we should know by now, money is everything for money is G*D.

The Clintons are batting a thousand; Bill sold American industrial might to China crippling the economy and turning the US into a service industry nation populated by college educated burger flippers. As a front man for the IMF he is the face of extortion for many third world countries according to economists in countries I’ve spoken to. Hillary and Barry O. have their hands drenched in blood for the murder of Osama Bin Laden. Rather than let him face his day in court with a strong possibility he would be executed upon conviction, we kill him and toss the body in the drink without any proof it was him? This is the actions of people with something to hide and it makes me wonder what Hillary and Obama are trying to cover up in the first place. After all, Osama was an international playboy with links to the best schools in the US while his family made billions from the US Government as a contractor around the world. Hmm, I wonder. But that’s OK and crimes against humanity in Syria are OK also since Assad is friends with corporate thugs, but let’s screw the Marines over for displaying combat fatigue and signs of PTSD. We can always draft more people since life is expendable and there are too many people on earth anyway. Maybe Barry O and Billary are bucking for another Nobel Peace Prize since it is clear they have all the qualifications. Silly me.

Oh well, if you don’t care then it’s all on you but as for me I stand with our soldiers who are more a victim than criminals. You train them to kill then you jail them when they do. When they are discharged you screw them over and rob them of benefits and poison them with tons of experimental drugs while reporting to pharmaceutical companies with test results. Do VA Officials get paid vacations like bogus pill doctors do for prescribing these toxic poisons to patients in this grandiose experiment with human life? One day this scam will be uncovered and American’s will wonder why our finest men and women who gave their all were treated like dirt after fighting wars then treated like guinea pigs when they came back home. I know heroes from the Vietnam War who still struggle to get their back pay from unconcerned VA officials who never pick up the phone. This holds true for the vets today and suicide has become the other alternative for our wounded heroes. My brother Rayburn was in the Third Marine Division in Vietnam and he gets a big fat zero from the VA. I could write a book on the atrocities being committed on our vets by worthless scum bags who don’t even know what the smart end of a rifle is. Shame on you, shame on America.

As the vermin of political corruption dissects the world while destroying democracies and preparing for civil unrest from angry citizens they betrayed, nature has another idea. And it’s a good thing since man is either powerless or just too stupid to see the trees for forest. The laws of nature will not be abridged or ignored and it’s the elitists and their minions who are earmarked for extinction by natural selection. They may rule their fellow man with an iron fist, fanciful lies and deception but they are helpless kittens in a cardboard box by comparison to nature and the elements of the four directions. Betrayal is the moniker of the greedy and it has become the law of the land for all intents and purposes. Semper Fidelis is the moniker of the United States Marine Corps; it means ‘Always Faithful’ and it’s in direct conflict with the status quo and the axiom of global greed.

Treachery and betrayal are also critically important signs within all the dogmas of the world. They verifying the time of change marking the final countdown to the end of this cycle of deception, hate and greed. But you should already know that if you were really a Muslim, Christian or any other dogma you claim to be for that matter but maybe you are just as much a fraud as the rest of them. It was also prophesized the majority of the populations would march to their own demise following the false prophet or profits anyway. Just remember that man will run neck and neck with nature as we approach the conclusion of this cycle. But it will be an exercise in futility since man is destined to fail even before Ma Earth flexes her muscles proving exactly how powerless mankind really is and I don’t feel sorry for you one bit. What comes around goes around.


Your Devil’s Advocate

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Buffalohair, Marine’s Urinating on the Dead Are Victims Too

Buffalohair, Marine’s Urinating on the Dead Are Victims Too


Marine’s Urinating on the Dead Are Victims Too

I must admit I was shocked but not surprised to see Marines pissing on dead enemy conscripts. Especially since I just did a story on how stupid it was to hate all Muslims. But when you realize they face death every day with their buddies being blown to smithereens from land mines and suicide bombers it is clear they are already suffering from emotional fatigue. They don’t need an Article 15 or summary court-martial, they need some therapy to help them deal with the stresses the mainstream media will undoubtedly ignore while painting our heroes in a negative light. 

From a civilian point of view it would appear these soldiers with weak bladders are just being cruel and heartless. But in reality, the people lying on the ground are deader than a door nail and their spirits are long gone. These Marines were coping with the war from an emotional standpoint. It’s bad enough our soldiers have a hard time differentiating between the good guys and the bad but toss in the fact people are shooting at you and they all look the same. I know the sound of rounds whizzing past ones ears and it’s very humbling and terrifying. When someone is trying to kill you, you must rely on your natural instincts to survive therefore you must erase all the Sunday School morality you was raised with. Basically, you must become a natural born killer instantaneously, sight your target and blow their brains out first, or die. What do people think is going on in Afghanistan anyway?? But since they are American’s let’s screw them over for an event taken totally out of context and with absolutely no understanding about the mechanics of killing the enemy.

The military ingrains combat survival skills into each and every one of their personnel. It’s the name of the game to know when and how to engage enemy combatants with extreme prejudice and to be able to eat your MRE without loosing your lunch later. That takes discipline and rock hard determination but it comes at a price. No one really likes killing people by nature, well most people don’t anyway. But when the time comes to take someone out or be killed yourself, you MUST take care of business (TCIB). It’s at this TCIB juncture when you sight your target and squeeze out the first volley that your mind goes into auto-pilot, it reverts to the instinct that was ingrained in you during training and you become a natural born killer, and love it. There is nothing politically correct about combat training since you sing, live and breathe killing the bad guys and you learn how to use all those cool killing toys too.

Yup, you got to love it while you are popping off those caps and the enemy must be the target of your lead based affection. There is nothing pretty about killing someone but if you’re a Marine in Afghanistan it’s part of the job and you have to cope with it as best you can or you will loose your mind. It is these events that Post Traumatic Stress Disorders are made of. Sadly the VA and Mommy Pants Obama continue to ignore this and other issues our pride must endure whence they are discharged. I have relations still struggling to get bennies since the Vietnam War but that’s another story. But here is the part everyone needs to know about killing, in defense of our Marines. After a person whacked someone they are still high on adrenalin, I mean you are pumped up because you got the bad guys. If you and your crew are still intact you laugh off the firefight and have some fun. It’s not really fun but the person is still in kill mode and in the process of returning to normal the fun will have more of a morbid tone to it.

Gun fights are not fun but levity helps people cope with the severity of the situation. Firefighters, EMT’S, Cops, ER Nurses & Doctors and a myriad of emergency workers find that a little dark humor eases the inner stress from horrific and dire situations. For example; when I was in the Fire Service I used to call intestines ‘noodles’ because of their similarity when I was at the scene of an accident. I would not run my mouth with civilians and bereaved family members, that would be insensitive and cruel but I would chat with fellow emergency personnel as we coped with a tragic accident. People who did not make it out of a burning structure would be a crispy critters and so forth. It did not mean I was being disrespectful by any means but was just trying to find a platform to stand on emotionally while I was doing my job. My instructor at the EPA used to call some of the hazardous materials we were training with as Methyl Ethel Meatloaf because it would literally melt the meat off your bones when it comes into contact with flesh.

If I was cutting a person out of a car and their guts fell out I would mention that noodles were hitting the pavement. I was a pro with Hurst Tools but imagine cutting a car open with BBQ Beef all over the windows and you can see splattered kids in the back seat. Since I was a family man this scene hit home in a big way so I would distance myself from the norm and become super smoke eater and cut their bodies out like a day job. I would even assist in the collection of body parts, talk about BBQ beef, wear those frigging seatbelts paisan. If I was taped or recorded saying something that sounded cruel I would look like a bad guy but in context people would better understand the situation. Now we have soldiers who not only whacked the enemy but also saved their own skins in an adrenaline and emotion packed gun battle. With minds racing they try to shut down the killing machine within their souls then someone has to take a leak.

Off the wall, in an effort to add levity to this most deadly situation someone says, lets piss on these dead guys. Ha, Ha, Ha, sounds good at the time and the seriousness subsides as the crew pisses on a few stiffs that earlier tried to kill them. And for this; US Congressmen, Senators and other morons want to make political fodder out of soldiers who faced dead not a few seconds earlier. That is just plain wrong and it is clear people have their heads up their asses and need a piece of glass implanted in their belly bottom’s so they can see where they are going. These soldiers were not torturing these guys for they were already dead. Even the Taliban had the sense to realize the situation for what it was and chose not make a stink but I guess its open season for our soldiers from our own. The only real crime here was the random act of stupid for video taping this event and posting it online to a world who is searching for fault in America already. What were you thinking? It is shameful that politicians enjoin in the witch hunt against our Marines with enemies of our country just to look liberal or cool. In reality they are showing the Benedict Arnold side of their fetid persona by running their mouths without having a clue.

I may not like this Obama Peace Prize War but I love our soldiers who are giving their all in the battlefields of the world. With one son in the Navy, another in the Air Force, a daughter in the Air Force and one nephew just back from Afghanistan I have a duty to stand behind my kids and our military. It’s the politicians who use them as pawns and political poker chips for the corporate that I am sorely disappointed at. Sadly our politicians on both sides of the isle are invested in the Military Industrial Complex and war IS on the agenda, for fun and profit. Sounds like we are headed towards an African Peace Prize War, or is it Iran or Asia?

It just sucks that my kids are in the line of fire but I already made medicine for them so now it’s in the hands of Maheo. I bet you guys thought I was going to burn a goat and run around naked in some pagan ritual or something. Naw, I just pray within my tradition. Gads, I burn the goat at the Bacchanal, everybody knows that eh. Hmm, now I got to pee. Slide on over soldier and let me take a whizz on that dead guy.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Monday, January 9, 2012

Buffalohair, Dec. 21, 2012 Can’t Get Here Soon Enough

Dec. 21, 2012 Can’t Get Here Soon Enough

Meanwhile back on planet stupid we find elitists struggling to gather as much cash, gold and oil they can get their hands on, at the expense of others of course. Slavery is at an all time high as stock markets ratchet out more corporate profits from cheap and indentured labor from China and other corrupt nations. Corporate Fascists pillage nation after nation with the blessings of investors and corrupt politicians. Humanity and compassion are in the scrap bin and the last vestiges of civil society died along with democracy and nobody cares.

So what if villagers were murdered by corporate funded private armies to build mines or bananas plantations and who could give a flying crappola about China and it’s on going crimes against humanity? It’s all about profits, material gain and that’s all that matters in this day and age. “There are too many people on earth anyway” is the contemporary wisdom of our politicians and their corporate handlers. The “Axis of Absolute Evil” is their moniker for they have blood on their hands and the profits they garnered are tainted with the souls of the dead. Sadly the investor will pay the ultimate price for their ambivalence for they are accomplices to epic human suffering and have blood on their hands as well.

Man is powerless to stop this cycle of greed and most people have become complacent, pacified with their flat screen TV and other electronic gadgets. When you think about it, we all have blood on our hands from our ambivalence since most goods are from China these days. I look at my computer and I can almost hear the cries of FOXCONN employees who work 6 and 7 days a week 12 to 16 hours a day so Hewitt Packard, Microsoft, Apple and other cartels can boast phenomenal profits. Then I look at my car and I can hear cries from Brazilian steel industry slaves producing pig-iron for US industries and the world.

They are actually native slaves working in the Amazon and living in fetid conditions. The list of firms profiteering from slavery is astounding and shameful; Fiat, Ford, GM, Toyota, Volkswagen, Renault, Peageut, Scania, Frigidaire and Volvo, just to name a few. Dare I mention the native farm slaves of Brazil and the corporations who benefit from these indentured souls? Here’s a partial list that will raise an eye brow or two; Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Carrefour, Cargill, Bunge, Vale, Petrobras, and Mahle. This is only Brazil but rest assured there are a multitude of third world nations under the thumb of corporate hooligans who’ve extorted bribed and murdered they way into these nations, to the chagrin of their citizenry. Hmm, guess I’m a complacent lout as well eh.
The only thing world news is good for is verifying prophecy and observing the human condition since mankind is wildly out of control. Not even a world war will alter the fetid state of humanity for man has become blinded by lust and greed and will stoop to any level to garner a profit. In fact the military industrial complex is flourishing while lining the pockets of share holders, many of which are in congress on both sides of the isle. It’s funny in a dark and twisted way how it does not really matter which continent you are on because all citizens are at odds with their corrupted governments. If we all spoke the same language they would be saying the same thing about corporations and corrupt government officials who sold their nations out for personal profit. Tin horn dictators and world leaders are connected by the umbilical cord to a hand full of multinational conglomerates that control most of the mainstream media and financial institutions. In essence these cartels control militaries and the police forces of the world in this elaborate game of global chess and world domination.

Here is an excerpt of a speech from President Dwight D. Eisenhower about the military industrial complex me made in 1960:

“This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.”
—-President Dwight D. Eisenhower 1961

To bad no one was paying attention.

There is no question I will be just as screwed as the rest of the planet when the crappola hits the fan. But in my case, I relish the coming change and I am well prepared to take my lumps and suffer along side the rest of you boneheads. Like the ole saying goes; “Bad money drives out the good” and you can bet your bottom dollar coffers around the world are filled with bad money. Ill-gotten gains are a curse within my tradition and tainted riches brings great sorrow for the beholder. I’ve seen this a thousand times before but never on a scale that encompassed the entire planet. It is what it is and all I can tell you is to prepare for the retribution that follows cursed or tainted profits. Don’t feel too bad, I lost everything I had several times in my life and yes, there is life after financial ruin. Sadly I have relations who never had anything in the first place other than a rez car with no registration and a cracked windshield. They still make it to socials and give-aways but my people are used to poverty. We’ve been in training since 1492.

When I was a poop butt kid I used to have many visions that scared the fry-bread out of me and it was about the era we are living today. I still have visions but I don’t get my boxers all knotted up about them. Toss in my oral tradition, prophecies from my ancestors and I can safely say we are going to have a wild ride as the new cycle takes control of life on earth. There is no one event that will mark this era but a multitude of seemingly unrelated events that will eventually overshadow mans impudence and greed. But it’s not the end of the world though it might be for some people and should be for others. We call it the humbling times for we will get our asses kicked for being so stupid and we have it coming big time. This is where I badger you into seeking out your dogma for particulars about the pending time of change. The answers are there for those who actually connect within their faith or ideological principal. Prophecies abound these days and you had better have a handle on your spirituality or you will be one lost puppy or deader than a box of rocks when the dung hits the fan.

December 21, 2012 is not the end of the world but it’s the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. If those buttheads from Spain did not burn down all the libraries filled with Mayan codices than maybe we would have a better handle on the writings of this ancient civilization. One thing I do see is that the new cycle will definitely wreak havoc on the sciences since chemistry, physics and a host of other sciences will change destroying years of accepted theorem and bring scientists back to the drawing board. Scientists of the day knew the world was flat and scientists of today are equally as cocky with their all knowing posture. Well it depends on which scientists we are talking about since there are two breeds; scientists and government funded alchemists who bend and invent facts for political purposes, better known as flatulists with pocket protectors. According to mine and the visions of others there will be events occurring in nature on earth and space that man and their little green friends never before experienced or knew about. Yup, some of those space dudes will be just as screwed as us.

We are going to learn how and why a wooly mammoth was quick frozen in mid stride with food still in his mouth. I’ll wager it’s a temporary loss of atmosphere causing the temperature to suddenly drop to -455 degrees Fahrenheit. That cooled the heels of these ancient pachydermata. I just hope I am not doing something lame if and when I get quick frozen. Gads what a thought, to be quick frozen picking my nose or scratching my butt. Maybe the freeze will occur during the “shotgun blast from space”. That’s what I call this vision I had where a bunch of meteorites pummel the earth like a shot gun but I don’t know for sure when. All I do know is that space will come alive with events we never ever could have imagined. I just wish it would hurry up and get this show on the road because I’ve seen the future beyond change and it’s a good place. I used to be fearful of my visions and the time of change when I was a kid. Now I see this time of change as the only hope left for humanity. Whether I survive the cut or not is of no consequence for my time on earth is about done anyway. But it’s the future generations who survived I am rooting for because they will carry the torch for humanity once again, and that’s OK with me.

Your Devil’s Advocate