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Buffalohair, Earth Changes 102, My Way or The Highway G*D

Earth Changes 102, My Way or The Highway G*D

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With FEMA and other agencies around the world revealing that 2010 was the most virulent disaster year to date, it should be clear change is upon us. It’s no longer a matter of ”IF” changes will occur but where. Oh well, it’s not like mankind was not warned considering our ancestors left volumes of warning signs for future generations to heed, but to no avail eh. If you don’t get it by now, you never will, I believe. It was also written in prophecies much of the worlds population would not get it either and blindly march to their demise, so you are not alone. But there is another side to the time of change that simply does not get enough press and that’s the supernatural side.

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Hopi need our help !

 Hopi need our help ! 

Hello my sisters and brothers !
The Hopi people need our help please read and make calls.

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Please Re-Post URGENT NEWS-!! La Creek Electric is pulling Lakota familes electric meters.

Please Re-Post URGENT NEWS-!! La Creek Electric is pulling Lakota familes electric meters.

  • Dec. 2010

    Please Re-Post URGENT NEWS-!! La Creek Electric is pulling Lakota famlies electric meters. It’s cold, it’s the holidays. Needing Support please call 605 685 6851 ask why can’t they wait for warmer weather to pull meters! It’s snowing and 30 degrees out !!

  • Wow …They do this every year and they just don’t care.
    I think they need to be reminded that they can’t cut off peoples heat at certain times of the year.
    Will do what I can to help!!
      • They jump around and here we go again at another area! Dec. 2010 Dec. 2010
        Please Re-Post URGENT NEWS-!! La Creek Electric is pulling Lakota families electric meters. It’s cold, it’s the holidays. Needing Support please call 605 685 6851 ask why can’t they wait for warmer weather to pull meters! It’s snowing and 30 degrees out !!

      Dec. 2010

      • La Creek Electric is scheduled to turn off 420 peoples light in the coldest months of winter. Lakota people who are already impoverished. They charge Lakota people $200 to get their lights back on. This is not right! People who’s lights are off have no water, no way to heat their homes! What about the elders and kids!

  • Indigenous Lakota Women Face Harsh Winter Wrath Under Climate Change

    Indigenous Lakota Women Face Harsh Winter Wrath Under Climate Change Numerous Lakota Oglala Sioux women Elders, are now facing extreme poverty on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. They also face real danger with threats of hypothermia during the winter season. “An average of 689 (reported) deaths p

  • We the people need to stand against tribal corruption. This is why we the people suffer. As many sit with out lights, heat and water. Our tribal  official our on their way to sleep in hotels eat out and enjoy the night with our money that should be used to pay our bills that's entitled to us under our treaty rights.

    These statistics concerning the Pine Ridge Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Reservation were compiled from recent Political, Educational, Government, Non-Profit, and Tribal Publications. An earlier version was published by the same author in 2002 entitled, “Hidden Away, in the Land of Plenty.”

    On Saturday, September 20th 2008, CAN-DO will be at Crow Creek participating in the “A Day of Dignity” project, a humanitarian effort to be held at Crow Creek Indian Reservation, Fort Thompson, South Dakota. In its second year of existence, this humanitarian event was started to provide immediate

  • Dec. 2010

    Please Re-Post URGENT NEWS-!! La Creek Electric is pulling Lakota families electric meters. It’s cold, it’s the holidays. Needing Support please call 605 685 6851 ask why can’t they wait for warmer weather to pull meters! It’s snowing and 30 degrees out !!

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Buffalohair, The Wikileaks Scam

Buffalohair, The Wikileaks Scam

The Wikileaks Scam

It should be more than apparent that Wikileaks was a carefully calculated operation rather than an activist news group. The matrix of the operation is quite complex involving intelligencia with a host of hostile countries and people with an agenda. But for one moment did anyone ponder the possibility the leaked information may be tainted or altered if not completely fabricated in some instances? It is clear Julian Paul (Assange) is more of a figurehead rather than a mastermind and there are other operatives who are really calling the shots with this Wikileaks Ka Ka. It’s really quite odd that Julian’s primary target is America and her allies. If Wikileaks was legitimate it would have assaulted and exposed all the countries in earnest for all the fraud that earmarks contemporary governments around the globe, not just the free world. It would appear Wikileaks primary purpose is to break the spirit of the American people but sorry Julian, in the land of soap operas this is just entertainment and you are just a jester.

American’s love a good scandal but like any other salacious news story the Wikileaks scam will fade from memory as another scandal comes to pass. As sensational as the media likes to portray the so called discoveries of Julian’s most American’s already knew or had an idea anyway. In all fairness Julian should have exposed all the nations for their corruption and secret crimes if he were legitimate. But for Vladimir Putin to throw sticks at America about her democracy was actually quite funny considering he has Russian blood on his hands. Like a pot calling the kettle black, Vlad put his foot in his mouth and singing with kids will not white wash his crimes against Russian sovereignty. Wonder how much money Julian got from Putin or that other New World Order clown Dmitry Medvedev? Eventually the Russian people will take care of this deceptive duo when the truth is finally revealed about their treasonous activities.

As for America, Julian will be placed in the proper category along with Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton where he belongs. Maybe by then he will have stopped snipping the tips off his condoms and stopped spreading the disease called his gene pool. In any event this is part of prophecy and soon there will be others with more salacious material to share with the world. Frankly, I’d rather hear more Paris Hilton gossip since she is more appealing to the eye than that pencil neck mommies boy Julian Paul.

Your Devil’s Advocate


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Buffalohair, Earth Changes, Paranormalization and Pizza

Buffalohair, Earth Changes, Paranormalization and Pizza

Earth Changes, Paranormalization and Pizza

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The time of change really is not a bad thing when you think about it. Cleaning the slate isn’t the best way to describe it but that is what it is. Call it an act of G*D, devil or just pure coincidence one thing is for certain, the Earth is changing radically in all plains of existence not just the physical. The reality of this ebbing cycle will soon dispel the myths of man with the harshest of its reality. Hopefully people will read the signs and seen the tide of change that has permeated every facet of existence or will they? Not everyone is destined to survive the transition but on the other hand not everyone is going to perish when pandemonium reigns across the globe. Survival will take on a new dimension as more and more people interface with elements of the supernatural. Surviving the onslaught of paranormal events will test the sanity of many people who will not be able to cope. If they don’t get a handle it the paranormal aspect of change will be a cataclysm unto itself.

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Native Diversity 2010

Back! Thought you might like to see this video by Roscoe Pond. He used my song "You and I" from Flash of a Firefly to accompany this video he's sending to Hollywood producers. What a great way to make Hollywood more aware of these talented actors! Just click on the link below...
Here are the native performers who touched the mainstream in movies and on TV in 2010. There is such a thing as Native Diversity in Hollywood. Let us hope for more work in 2011.

Discovering the Bay Area’s original settlers | San Francisco Bay Area News

Ann Little Running Deer via Sal Kiki Camarillo:
The city of Novato was established in 1960, but people have lived in that area for thousands of years. The city is near the center of what’s now Sonoma and Marin counties – an area that was home to the Coast Miwok tribe for centuries before the first Europeans arrived in California. Now, Novato is

Yurok Tribe Seeks to Reclaim Part of Redwood National Park

Ann Little Running Deer via Sal Kiki Camarillo:

Environment News Service for the latest environmental news, current issues, climate, water, food, forests, species, energy, education. RSS feed.

Charles Littleleaf - Trail of Tears / Amazing Grace (remix)
Trail of Tears / Amazing Grace - Cherokee Dedication. Original song release (2003) from album, "Ancient Reflections" by Charles Littleleaf at Musical production & arrangement by Yaelle Byrd. Video production by V. Littleleaf (2009)

Buffalohair, Wikileaks Ushers in Cyber Censorship

Buffalohair, Wikileaks Ushers in Cyber Censorship

Wikileaks Ushers in Cyber Censorship

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Wikileaks can add Internet Censorship to their list of accomplishments since Sens. John Ensign (R-Nev.), Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Scott Brown (R-Mass.) introduced an anti-Wikileaks Bill that will surely open the flood gates of censorship on the web. Likened to 9-11 where we-the-people allowed our stewards to compromise liberty and democracy for a little bit of safety, Wikileaks has caused a similar mass hysteria where censorship will be touted as an acceptable solution. Chip away at freedoms and civil liberties a little at a time and eventually we will have a “Disciplined Democracy” like Burma or China. The direction our stewards should be looking towards is the massive security leaks within our bloated over paid government agencies, not penalize the citizens like in the case of 9-11. Bush spawned the PATRIOT ACT during the pandemonium that ensued after that fateful day. That spelled the end of our constitution and civil liberties. Now, granny gets fingered at the airport for our safety of course and politicians who’ve bankrolled the body scanner industry are collecting dividend checks. The terrorists celebrate their victory.

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Buffalohair, What Has Wikileaks Accomplished?

Buffalohair, What Has Wikileaks Accomplished?

What Has Wikileaks Accomplished?

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Above all else Wikileaks has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are no secrets in this new information age we live. As Americans go through debasing unnerving body scans and cavity searches at airports people in positions of authority are doling out secrets. Naked pictures of passengers flood the net from lack luster TSA employees. Treason and espionage has taken center stage as this budding cottage industry supplements the incomes for a myriad of disgruntled federal employees and service personnel. Wikileaks also provided the perfect catalyst for laundering funds from a host of terrorist organizations who applaud Julian’s performance. Wikileaks should be called Julian’s Jihad for no good or purpose will come from his exploits, just pandemonium.

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A Superhero (Not an Ethnic Minority)

I love Halloween…but I don’t love racist Halloween costumes. And, sadly, it seems like the “go to” Halloween costume is often an “Indian Chief” or a scantily clad “Indian Princess.” When in doubt, wear something brown, cut some fringe, put a headband around your head and attach a feather. Now, you’re an Indian!…??!!
image credit:
Click the photo to read a great article at
What kind of statement are we making when we dress up as a marginalized people? What makes us think we own their culture in this way?

I thought I was the only one who felt sick to my stomach seeing someone dressed up in costume as an “Indian Chief” or “Muslim,” but to my surprise, I’m not! There is quite a bit of buzz online about racist Halloween costumes and how to avoid being racially/ethnically offensive, while still having fun.
As explained,
I saw people dressed as Mexicans, Asians and sporting the ever popular Afro wig. Putting on an Afro wig or a sombrero is not a costume. Batman or Superman is a costume, being ethnic for a night isn’t—it’s offensive.
"Native American boy" costume
Check out Gawker’s list of offensive Halloween costumes including the “Geisha girl,” “Samurai Warrior” and “Alaskan ‘Eskimo.’” also has a great slideshow of wigs and masks (and glasses like the pair below) that made my jaw drop.
This is not okay.
Please think critically when you pick your Halloween costume. Just because your friend who is Native American/Black/Asian/Latino/whatever is not offended, does not mean the costume is not offensive to others! Halloween is about fun…not disrespect.

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Buffalohair, Julian Assange Wants a Girl to Call His Own

Julian Assange Wants a Girl to Call His Own

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In the beginning I found it darkly comical a journalist easily found people in sensitive and classified positions willing to betray their own country. And to think these boneheads are assigned the mission of spying on us for all intents and purposes. In any event Julian Assange managed to gather sensitive and classified diplomatic cable communications with relative ease. I find this discovery troubling indeed. Why would any communications officer treasonously dump classified communiqué’s and intelligentsia in the lap of a politically slanted journalist such as Assange in the first place? Who were the liaisons and go-betweens that facilitated this and other Wikileaks intelligence operations? Or is Wikileaks just a mechanism for Julian to vent his lifetime of personal torment and sexual frustration? Is this just another way for you to score chicks Julian?

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Mingalaba Show » Aung San Suu Kyi Dedication

Mingalaba Show » Aung San Suu Kyi Dedication 10:39 PM

Aung San Suu Kyi Dedication •
November 20th, 2010

Tonight …I dedicated this show to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. I selected music I thought she would enjoy and hopefully she will have a chance to hear my selections. After dealing with a host of issues I thought it would be nice to give her a break and listen to some music she will enjoy. I also added music from Buffy Saint Marie’s latest album ‘Running for the Drum’ since she is also a champion of good over evil much like Aung San Suu Kyi is. In any event, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, this show is for you……
1. p11 (2:27) 2. show opening (0:22) 3. Burmese National Anthem (6:42) 4. Raven Hernandez – Shooting Cowboys (4:04) 5. intro (1:20) 6. Kachin song, Zaiwa Manau Dance (6:52) 7. Buffy Sainte-Marie – No No Keshagesh (4:43) 8. Radiant Light of the Simple Life (3:16) 9. Zaw Win Htut-Irrawaddy (4:24) 10. Lahu-Na Haw Ti-La Sheh Ca Daw Law Kui – Lahu-Na Haw Ti-La Sheh Ca Daw Law Kui (4:01) 11. Dwe Myanmar song (4:42) 12. Lay Lay Wah 4 (3:28) 13. Saya Ma (3:53) 14. Lashio Thein Aung(Jimmy Jack) – “Ah chit Oo” (3:48) 15. Hero’s in Insein Prison (4:01) 16. Saing Htee Saing – 01-Cherry Ko Thar Pan Par Kwel.MP3 (4:19) 17. Zaw Win Htut – You are not alone (2:20) 18. HTU EIN THIN03 (4:22) 19. d1 (0:33) 20. show purpose (0:51) 21. Buffy Sainte-Marie – Cho Cho Fire (3:05) 22. Zaw Win Htut & L Kun Yi (Moe Kaung Kin Ka Yee) (4:11) 23. Ahnge 3 (3:58) 24. Htoo Ein Thin – Yar Za Win Myar Ye Tha Doe Tha (4:57) 25. Plo Win 3 (4:25) 26. Yan Geng – Beautiful Meng Mao (4:32) 27. Dedicated to the Monks in Protest 1 (4:59) 28. Lahu-Hpu Da ga (4:51) 29. Dwe Kha Na Laut Way Way Nay Mel (4:19) 30. Mon, Traditional (7:59) 31. I love Chinland (3:38) 32. d2 (1:08) 33. show participation (0:34) 34. Buffy Sainte-Marie – Little Wheel Spin and Spin (3:05) 35. Shay Kudo- Yan Aung+May Than Nu (4:20) 36. Lashio Thein Aung(Jimmy Jack) – “Thitsa” (3:13) 37. lisufriends (4:45) 38. Free Burma (solo) (4:38) 39. Zaw Win Htut – Life (4:07) 40. TA SA SEE KYO PET NAY TAE AYE CHAN MAY (4:51) 41. Dwe Ain Mat Kabar (4:41) 42. Ah Nge – Haung Thwar Be Lar (3:51) 43. Karen song, p’tar mu lar ler ai moo Oye (4:31) 44. Shay-Yay-Set, sung by Thu Maung and Nay Nwe Win (3:25) 45. sai sai kan hlaing-heyt de mar heyt (4:09) 46. Myo Gyi – So Weird (4:01) 47. d3 (1:12) 48. show closing (0:26) 49. Buffy Sainte-Marie – America the Beautiful (3:01)


Buffalohair, Now that Aung San Suu Kyi is Back

Now that Aung San Suu Kyi is Back

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My Burmese constituents and I had a little chuckle when we heard Daw Aung San Suu Kyi wanted to get online because many groups took her name and likeness in one form or another. What will she call her site, ‘The Real Suu Kyi Page?’ There is no question funding and support meant for her and the National League for Democracy should go directly to them now that she is out of bondage. After all, she is the duly elected leader of Burma and all funding is rightly theirs. For journalist and supporters, such as my self, who have campaigned for Aung San Suu Kyi out of pocket, the funding issue is a mote point indeed and we will continue to campaign for freedom. But there are some groups who have capitalized on Burma’s suffering and surely this will be a major loss of income…

Organizations who work directly with the NLD and Suu Kyi already get their marching orders from the top so there will be little change. Now that ‘The Lady’ is back it behooves us all to show a unified front around the world and support the cause for Burma’s democracy like never before. There are other groups and agencies that depend on funding but they are mission specific such as the Free Burma Rangers and the Mae Sot Clinic who depend on funding for critical medical supplies. Other groups offer HIV and  refugees assistance so they would not be affected either. I am well aware of several groups who used the crisis in Burma to lavishly improve their lifestyles and it will do my heart good to watch as these parasites disappear.

Your Devil’s Advocate


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Buffalohair, Welcome Back Daw Aung San Suu Kyi !!

Welcome Back Daw Aung San Suu Kyi !!

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Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, The True Leader of Burma 
The true leader of Burma has been released from bondage maybe now we can get down to business. Next on the list are the thousands of political prisoners that need to be freed as well. There is little room for celebration since security for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is absolutely critical at this juncture. Well maybe a little celebration is in order. 

Daw Aung San  Suu Kyi, I am at your service


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Buffalohair, Worldwide Participation to Say NO to Burmas Sham Election

Buffalohair, Worldwide Participation to Say NO to Burmas Sham Election

Worldwide Participation to Say NO to Burma’s Sham Election

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I am forwarding this appeal to the world from Aung Myo Win, Member of Burma Campaign and a Burmese Patriot to halt the bogus election scam being perpetrated by criminal dictator Gen. Than Shwe of Burma. The election is a fraud and a bold faced lie based on a bogus document that was also forced on the belieguresd people of Burma in 2008, The New Constitution.  As of this writing Than Shwe is excluding various ethnic groups, threatening the people at gun point and murdering those who would vote against the thugs he has in place to ‘take over control’ of Burma. Just remember that Than Shwe ‘retired’ a host of his key generals so they could form political parties and sham candidates in this scam to make Burma look legitimate.
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is the true leader of Burma, no one else!

Please take this pledge to call at least 5 friends in Burma not to vote.

2010 Elections in Burma are fully rehearsed to legitimise military rule in Burma. The 2008 constitution said it does not guarantee the protection of the rights of Ethnic Peoples, nor Human Rights, nor democratic principles, and so it will not aid the construction of a peaceful democratic nation. The election laws are unfair and unjust.
It is important to tell people of Burma not to go out to vote. The electorate of Burma have the right NOT to vote in the election.
“People have the right to vote as well as the right not to vote.” “Coercing people to vote by force is against the law.” “If people do not want to vote because they cannot see the NLD on the ballot paper and so are not able to vote for this party, then they should not vote.” Q+A Who should I call? At least 5 of anyone you know in Burma.
What if I don’t have any friends in Burma?
Call someone random you can find from following listing websites.
NOTE: Please be aware of the time difference. If you are calling from aboard, November 7th in Burma will be November 6th in the East, such as USA, UK, Canada, etc.
LEARN more on Burma’s Elections HRW’s comprehensive Q&A on Elections in Burma:

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Buffalohair, The Last Breath of American Sovereignty

Buffalohair, The Last Breath of American SovereigntyNov 4, '10 5:03 PM
for everyone

The Last Breath of American Sovereignty

El Chapo Guzman for President
With the Fed announcing another bail-out with a price tag of over a half trillions dollars it should be apparent that either someone is very stupid or this is a calculated intentional act. I wager it is an intentional act to further cripple the US economy in order to usher in the fabled New World Order. Disaster Capitalism at its best since Bilderberg Lackeys around the world played a shrewd game of chess while the public at large played checkers. David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, and a host of other world leaders are knee deep in Bilderberg Cartel corruption and are in the process of crippling their nations economies in order to usher in austerity measures to ‘save’ their economies. The European Union is a farce and a tool of the New World Order and the Globalization process.

The world at large has focused on the criminality of a few Mexican Cartels while the real criminals have hijacked nations plunging their respective nations into financial turmoil. We looked in horror as austerity measures were imposed on Greece from a non elected body of billionaires cloaked in the International Monetary Fund, a scurrilous group of thugs spawned by the Bilderberg Cartel. Look who their front man is, the notoriously criminal Bill Clinton the man who singlehandedly gave vested American economical might to China. We seem to forget how the Clintons stole silverware and other items when they left the White House which told volumes about their true nature. The list of deaths associated with the Clintons is also very telling indeed, 47 so far. But he was not alone for there were presidents on both sides of the bogus political isle who laid down the groundwork for this disaster and they were Bilderberg lackeys, including George W. Bush and his cousin Barack Obama.

By far the Bilderberg Cartel has more blood on their hands than all the cartels of Mexico, Sicily, Russia and Asia combined since they have influenced wars around the globe killing millions of people while draining the coffers of the free world. The Sinaloa Cartel of Mexican is actually more honest then the leadership of the free world. They are outlaws and mince no words about it. World leaders claim to be working for the people of their respective nations but they are lying. In all actuality they are destroying national sovereignty and leading their nations down the path of financial ruin so they can impose austerity measures and ultimately hand over control of their nations to a non elected entity of greedy corporate thugs within the Bilderberg Cartel. Europe is the first battle ground for the New World Order for austerity is a tool used for global control by an elite class of thugs. Once Europe is inline with the New World Order America is next and it will be enforced by a new global army.

Ironically it was one of the forefathers of the current Bilderberg Cartel, John D. Rockefeller, who had Pancho Villa assassinated and the Rockefellers have been meddling in Mexican politics ever since. Mexico’s PRI has always been and continues to be a puppet regime controlled by Bilderberg lackeys in Europe. The media claims the PRI retained stability within Mexico since 1930 but nothing could be further from the truth. The elite class with direct blood lines from Spain and other European ports of call continues to rule with an iron fist keeping the indigenous populations in a state of poverty. All the wealth from Mexico’s abundant of natural resources lines the pockets of European aristocrats leaving Mexicans penniless. Assassinations of every type have kept this nation in a constant state of siege, to the joy of the Bilderberg Cartel. They have murdered millions of people during their bloody reign. They reinstated what the Mexican Revolution tried to eliminate, ruling class greed, and the people have suffered as a direct consequence. Mexico would be better off with Chapo Guzman, boss of the Sinaloa Cartel, as their leader because the PRI has murdered way more innocent people. The cartel only murdered players and fellow thugs for the most part though there have been some collateral deaths in the process but nowhere near the innocent lives taken by the PRI. The Rockefellers, Kennedys and the scurrilous lot of social elitists were crime families in the very beginning and their hands are covered in blood.

Russia faces this new plague called globalization since it is obvious to many Russian people that Dmitry Medvedev is playing ball with the Bilderberg Cartel even though he claims not to have heard of them, oy vey. Ole Dmitry has already boasted about becoming part of the New World Order in the Russian press raising eye brows throughout the Russian Communist Party. Now the Russian military is a part of NATO and the one world military. France and England have combined their forces without the say of the people from their respective nations under the stewardship of Bilderberg lackeys David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy. That will soon harvest a bitter crop for the people of France and England, there is no question. The Bilderberg lackeys list also includes media moguls so I doubt there will be much said in the Euro press. But the real show will be within Russia when the people rise up against what is already being perceived as treasonous activity within the Kremlin. My Russian constituents say;

“Russians are not blind and we see what is going on with this traitor and we pray Vladimir Putin is not one of them”

China’s Communist Party is in a state of upheaval because of the corporate corruption within its own ranks. China is on the verge of revolution so they need a war and a common enemy to rally their people. Mao is turning over in his grave because of what China has become, a Bilderberg Lackey via the World Trade Organization of which they are a member. Masthead of the WTO, Pascal Lamy, is a Bilderberg Lackey from way back. Fact is the WTO is another front organization of the Bilderberg Cartel. In any event China’s upheaval will also be a show to watch provided they don’t start a smoke screen war first. India is already in a state of turmoil and it woun’t be long before they are in fullfledged internal revolt no matter how many US jobs Obama gives them on his 2 billion dollar vacation. As for the USA, people will continue to hope for the better and relegate news of such kind as blarney and conspiracy hype from a few fringe groups. They will know more about what Paris Hilton is wearing rather than what is happening within their own government. Their ears will be filled with headphones filling their brains with foolishness while their country dissolves into nothingness. When they finally wake up to the stark reality there will be laws in place to stop the new American terrorist who actually are patriots, in fact there already is. But who cares anyway, just so the stock market is in the black even though it does nothing for the average person. Like ole Benjamin Franklin once said;

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”

And soon Americans will have neither.

As for my people, we have already been placed in colonies called reservations. We have already been Bilderberged. Our indigenous cultures lay in ruins from the onslaught of corporate thugs who lied, raped and murdered our peoples throughout the America’s in the name of Manifest Destiny. It is also ironic that the lying scum corporatists of the 19th century are the forefathers of the Bilderberg vermin who continue the rape the planet today. Guess some habits are hard to break. Globalization is the new catch word but Manifest Destiny is what it really means. John L. O’Sullivan, a Democrat, coined this phrase;

“And that claim is by the right of our manifest destiny to overspread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty and federated self-government entrusted to us”

The only change to this phrase should be in the word ‘continent’ for it should be replaced with the world ‘planet’.

So now American is being intentionally bankrupt while banks and other corporate interests amass billions of dollars in enormous profits. The fed has bought up $600 billion in debt in an effort to spur growth, paleeze. If you believe that one then you deserve what will happen next. Money is like hot air for it only rises and giving cash to banks will never help the people at street level. We already dumped billions into the banking system and it only gleaned profits and bonuses for people who should have been in jail including Barney “The Kitsch” Frank and Chris “Sticky Fingers” Dodd. This act of treason is already gleaning the desired effect since the US dollar is being devalued at an alarming rate. The notion of spending ones way out of debt is preposterous and way beyond stupid as best from a sensible economic point of view therefore it is a calculated intentional act. Whence the US is finally broke our leadership will be ‘forced’ to borrow from the IMF and ultimately loose our sovereignty as non-elected vermin dictates to a once proud nation how they will have to run their affairs. Maybe America will have a 7 day work week and a ‘common wage’. Frenchmen balked at rising the retirement age to 62 years of age. American’s did not even blink an eye at rising the retirement age to 70.

The stock market? Forget about because it’s on an artificial plateau and it will eventually drop out of sight as the unscrupulous leadership from both sides of the isle cash in their chips. On a good note we are living in a time of great change since this rush for the cash was predicted many years ago in prophecy. The rush for cash is only a sign not the climatic end like so many corporatists believe. The Earth Changes will take precedents over all material consequences and the greedy will be left to fend for themselves just like the rest of us schlocks since money and material wealth will become worthless. Technology will also take a major hit and the list goes on and on. But if you are up to speed within your respective dogma you will already know this and you will also know how to survive the tumultuous future. So I will not waste your time. For those of you that don’t have a clue just consider the times that lay ahead as nature’s way of foreclosing on mankind for there will not be a bail-out for any of us.

Your Devil’s Advocate


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Buffalohair, Joe and the UFO, A Book Review

Buffalohair, Joe and the UFO, A Book Review

Joe and the UFO, A Book Review

What would you do if by chance a UFO crash-landed in your back yard? In the case of Joe Lucky, an impoverished farmer on the brink of foreclosure, that is exactly what happened one shimmering night. Interestingly enough the back drop for Joe and the UFOSouthern Colorado region noted for exterrestrial and paranormal activity since time immemorial. Out of a quaint little science fiction story evolved an epic journey into the human experience as I read this wonderful piece written by Daniel Sanchez Leonetti.

Joe and the UFO truly was a journey for not only Joe Lucky but for the reader as well. I was thrust into the culture of Southern Colorado with colloquialisms, culture and history only found within this region. From humor and joy to the darkest of human emotions Joe and the UFO spanned the human persona. The characters came to life as they faced very real tribulations associated with an exterrestrial encounter. Heartwarming at times and ruthless as well, Joe and the UFO offers the reader an opportunity to introspectively examine their own emotions if poised with the situation that faced Joe Lucky and the other characters within this well written folktale.

You don’t have to be a UFO aficionado to appreciate this story for it’s a human tale and in some way a reflection of the era we live writhe with tumult and uncertainty. For the UFO aficionado this tale is a vindication of the realities that not only lay in the stellar beyond but within the souls of man. Joe and the UFO is bound to be a classic for within its pages is a lesson that all of mankind should heed.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wild Rice: From the Canoe to your Plate Read more:

By Jenice Johnson, marketing manager

For Greg Bellanger, what makes wild rice special is the effort that goes into harvesting it. Just take a look at any videos online that feature "ricing" and you can see the exertion that goes into gathering this aquatic grass seed from its watery habitat. Typically, two people venture out in a canoe among rivers and lakes with one person standing with a pole with a duckbill on the end to pull through the tall stalks of grasses. The other person takes two sticks to beat the rice off the stalks and the mature grains fall into the canoe. "It's amazing food -- it takes a lot of work to get to it and, because of that, the benefits from it are so great," Bellanger said. Bellanger is store manager of Northland Visions, a Tanka retailer in the heart of the Ojibwe community on Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis, MN. He has a strong passion for wild rice. Manoomin is the Ojibwe word for wild rice, which means "the good berry" and is a key ingredient in Tanka Wild snack sticks. "The Ojibwe originally came from the east coast and migrated west before the first settlers came," he said. "The elders had a vision that they needed to move west until they found 'the food that grows on the water.' From Minnesota to Canada, no matter how you travel from north of the Great Lakes or south, you will run into wild rice."

A family tradition

Bellanger's family, which has been ricing for years, is from the White Earth Reservation, the Mississippi band of Ojibwe tribes. His father, who is part Ojibwe, used to give away wild rice for Christmas gifts. "I remember it being hot, sticky, dirty and a very long day, but I enjoyed every minute of it and found it very humbling, and wanted to do it again and again," Bellanger recalls of his ricing days as a youth. "The most rewarding part is eating the fruits of your labor, knowing it is by your hand it was harvested, cleaned and dried to your liking." In 1995, Bellanger's father started a gift package business out of their home. The family business moved to its current location on Franklin Avenue a few years later. They sell various native-made arts and jewelry, as well as a variety of wild rice products, such as wild rice pancake mix and wild rice soup.

Natural vs. cultivated

Bellanger said that wild rice is a very versatile food, but much different than what you might find at the grocery store, which is a cultivated version of the seed. The cultivated version is always black and is an isolated variety instead of the various 13 strains you can get from natural harvesting. "The dark color comes from the protective seed coating that is naturally black and is usually scratched and partially worn away during the parching and cleaning process," Bellanger said. "When the coating is left intact it makes it harder for the rice to absorb water extending the cooking time." Once a combine runs through the cultivated wild rice, Bellanger said it can make "millions of pounds, but doesn't have the same flavor because it doesn't have the genetic strains and varieties" you get from natural harvesting. "That's why you get different sizes and color depending on which part of the state it grows in and the growing season," Bellanger said of natural wild rice. "There is a taste difference, too. It's nuttier if it's from here and gets starchier when it gets big. It's a personal preference." Anyone can harvest wild rice with a license on state lands. Reservations though, require you to be a band member to harvest on their lands. Northland Visions buys its rice from native pickers from Northern Minnesota -- the White Earth and Leech Lake areas. According to, "Each year, U.S. lake and river producers harvest approximately 0.5 million pounds of the "wild" varieties of Wild Rice." Minnesota's wild rice web site,, states Minnesota harvests between four and six and half million pounds of cultivated rice each year and is about $5 per pound.

Healthy advantages

Along with the multitude of wild rice strains, there are several ways to eat it. Bellanger said any wild game actually makes it taste better or it can be barely cooked and put in salad. Or left over wild rice can be used with eggs, such as in an omelet. The main thing Bellanger said he wants people to know about wild rice is to realize its benefits, which he said justifies the expense. He listed wild rice's health benefits, which includes being rich in potassium, riboflavin and niacin as well as being a good source of fiber and protein. "Wild rice is perfect if you are looking for something to add to your diet that is healthy, tastes goods and goes with everything. It's a little more expensive, but expands three to one. For every cup of dry turns into three cups," he said. "People are looking for healthier ways to eat and even kids like it." You can keep up with Northland Visions here.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Buffalohair, Coyotes Call for Help!

Buffalohair, Coyotes Call for Help!

Coyotes Call for Help!

With man ever encroaching in the natural habitat of all animals its no surprise that so called civilized people have taken the next step in eradicating any living thing that crosses it path. Tribally speaking, the coyote has always been our brother since no matter how hard settlers tried to exterminate us,we still returned just like the coyote. Therefore I am forwarding this request so the world will be aware of this genocidal act against nature.


Attn, ALL Native/Indigenous Nations, Coyote Clans, animal lovers, coyote spirit 2 legged and those who honor all living creatures that ALL have a right to share our “Earth Mother”. Tomorrow the City Council of Arcadia, California will be voting to authorize the killing of all coyotes in the hills of Arcadia. They will be allocating thousands of dollars to achieve this end to the Coyote nation. Who was here first? It doesn’t matter to the 2 legged who wield their power to reduce, diminish and exterminate the natural inhabitants of these sacred hills.

Sound familiar? So the call goes out, I have received an urgent request for representation from our nations on behalf of our 4 legged brothers & sisters we call “Coyote”. In the Creators name of all that is “sacred” Join us, native family & “spiritual leaders” speak to end this doing and slaughter of the Coyote nation.

When: Tues, Oct. 19th, 2010
Where: 250 W. Huntington Drive, Arcadia, Ca.
Time: 6pm

The press will be covering this so we need the “spiritual leaders” of our community to attend and give “word” to the “heart” of this council that of all who are placed here by the Creator have a right to live, free from decimation, as we, native people’s, who have also suffered at the hands of those who call themselves “the elected officials in charge of governing”. For the PEACE & BALANCE of our community we must peacefully in our natural “Harmonic expression of oneness” tell the story for the coyote nation.

I can also be reached at (626) 482-9277.

Tlazacomtli malik (nauhlt), Pilamaya (Lakota) “Great Heartfelt Thanks”

Daniel Cuatli Yalt (Eagle Warrior), Dine/Apache/Mayan

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Buffalohair, Chilean Miner: We Thanked G*D

Buffalohair, Chilean Miner: We Thanked G*D

Chilean Miner: We Thanked G*D

  The rescue of the 33 miners in Chili was nothing short of a miracle considering the circumstances.  They were not discovered for 17 days and if it were not for Chilean President Sebastian Pinera’s insistence not to give up the search the miners would have been left to starve to death a half mile underground. This 69 day ordeal was a classic example of how people could survive insurmountable odds. It is clear Luis Urzua, foreman and last miner out of the hole, was a hero for his structured stewardship. But there was something else that played a vital role in their survival, the spiritual connection within their dogma.

Though I’m not fully aware of the chronology within the mine it was made clear Luis had the respect of his fellow miners. With his guidance everyone was assigned ‘   purpose and direction’ if only to keep them sane. The eldest miner, Mario Gomez, was appointed spiritual leader or medicine man since it was obvious he had wisdom and respect as well. Establishing a routine of prayer, while building faith and hope was critical in controlling panic during this ordeal. I’ve always contended that the key to survival lay within all the dogmas of the universe and this was a classic example of this axiom.

The miners were hoping their ordeal would come to some significance and I am happy to say it did, if anyone was paying attention. The first 17 days will have been the hardest to endure since they were in total black out conditions with limited resources. The fact they were incommunicado added to the stress since they did not know if they would ever be discovered. If it were not for the fact they had faith all the provisions in the world would not have kept them from going insane with fear and panic before they were discovered. Hopelessness breeds suicide and other less than desirable mental disorders during adverse conditions and this story could have easily ended in death. Miner and spiritual leader Mario Gomez dropped to his knees while clutching the Chilean flag when he came out of the rescue capsule. He was offering thanks within his dogma and with good reason, he and his compatriots were alive and they beat insurmountable odds in the process. They experienced a miracle, there is no question.

With news of the epic rescue operation in Chile, Chinese citizens have begun to question their government for its lackluster performance in a vast majority of their mining disasters. Now the question is how many of their loved ones were left to die underground. The Chinese Communist Party has turned a deaf ear on its own people long ago and if they could get away with it, they would simply place a plague on all the mining sites rather than spend the money to save lives. People who’ve divulged to the media there was a mining accident are usually incarcerated since China has a policy of covering up their disasters or simply lying about them. Mining incidents are never reveled if they can get away with it and thousands of miners have died in the process. Many of the miners were slaves and expendable in the CCP’s eyes. Since it is a crime to practice any dogma or discipline under this pseudo-communist regime I doubt the miners would have been allowed to seek out spiritual assistance anyway. If they did they would most likely be arrested after their rescue. Fortunately the miners in Chile did not have to face this consequence. Their spiritual connection saved their lives and their sanity.

It really does not matter what your dogma is since all religions celebrate the Creator together on the other side. There is only one race, the human race for tint is irrelevant in all reality. The key to surviving earth changes is really quite simple if you were to pay attention to what was written or said within your dogma. The miners in Chile were faced with one of the most difficult situations imaginable and they survived. It should be noted that they all thanked G*D upon their return to the surface world. They believed they would survive and placed absolute faith in their tradition and dogma. I would love to interview Mario Gomez. I know in my heart he had contact with good spirits.

This mining disaster was a microcosm of what mankind will soon face during the more virulent times we face as a civilization. It was said in many visions that no place on the planet would be spared from the cleansing wrath of Mother Earth, nowhere. It is a sure bet these miners stand an excellent chance of surviving the time of change since they witnessed first hand the medicine of their dogma. By no means am I selling short the valiant efforts of the international team of experts that converged on the San Jose’ Mountains of Chile. They are heroes in their own right since they achieved the impossible. One person stated that this was a “text book rescue”. The only thing they failed to mention was the fact the pages were being written as the rescue operation progressed.

According to inside sources no one knew if this was going to work but they managed to pull it off without a hitch, well except in the case of rescued miner Yonni Barrios. His wife declined to celebrate her philandering husbands return from the dead and sent his mistress instead, ouch. She was none to pleased with the revelation her hubby had a ‘spare spouse’. Oh well, he had to clean up his act after getting a new lease on life anyway eh.

In any event this rescue was an engineering marvel under extreme conditions with 33 lives hanging in the balance. It enjoined some of the greatest minds in the mining industry in this multi-national emergency rescue effort. For Chilean President Sebastian Pinera this may very well be his finest hour because it was his decision not to give up hope. Though everyone will pat each other on the back for this successful mission and deservedly so, spirituality and the intangible aspects of absolute faith also played a major role in the final outcome. Let this mining catastrophe be a lesson in survival on both the physical AND spiritual plain. Your life may very well depend on it in the future.

Your Devil’s Advocate

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