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Buffalohair: Burma: Angels Assist Kachin Soldiers in Battlefield Miracles

Burma: Angels Assist Kachin Soldiers in Battlefield Miracles

In the heat of battle, Kachin troops found themselves under attack from several flanks. When all seemed lost a Kachin officer appeared out of nowhere, standing in plain view of both Burmese and Kachin troops. Instantly he began directing gunfire and the Kachin dutifully followed orders redirected their fire sucessfuly forcing the aggressors to retreat. The officer began pointing out other hot-spots; again the Kachin routed more entrenched invaders. When the battle was over the Kachin officer simply vanished into thin air.

Michael the Archangel

When Jinghpaw soldiers reported back to headquarters and inquired about this heroic officer in the battlefield, command did not know this officer nor did they send anyone. Soldiers who witnessed this phantom officer mentioned that he was standing tall in spite of Burmese troops shooting everything they had at him. This is not the first time a phantom officer appeared to Jinghpaw troops and literally save the day.

There is no question the Kachin march under the Christian flag as well as the Kachin. They pray before engaging the enemy and walk with absolute faith within their Baptist belief system. Are these phantoms actually Angel’s sent from G*D? To the fighting Kachin there is no question they have re-enforcements from a higher power. Superstitious Burmese troops also witnessed these phantoms and I could only imagine what went through their minds when bullets had no effect. Miracles have become regular occurrences for these brave and courageous Jinghpaw soldiers.

My Kachin brother stressed the point that the Kachin people don’t hate Burmese or other religions and only wish to live in harmony with their neighbors. He told me the Kachin already know they are alone in this fight. But with the arrival of these ‘Angel’s’ or phantoms they may not be as alone as they are perceived to be. These Angel’s appeared at a most critical time in the heat of combat and they were truly an answer to their prayers. With people from around the world also praying in earnest for a miracle it is a pleasure to inform them, “Yes your prayers most definitely are being heard and answered’.  

I also want the Jinghpaw back in Kachinland to know that they are not alone in their struggle to save their nation & people. They are in the hearts and soul of people from around the world and people from all denominations are offering prayers for their survival. As word spreads about the injustice being perpetrated against the Kachin people they are appalled and shocked as details come into focus. People are beginning to question their politicians as to exactly why sanctions are being lifted when people are being killed by a government who claims to be a budding democracy. They are also questioning why the media has chosen to disregard news about Burma’s Secret War.

My question is, “How many politicians are invested in corporations who want to turn Kachinland into an open pit mine?” Unfortunately, there are a multitude of politicians who are invested in mining and rare earth mineral futures globally speaking. With Hillary & Bill Clinton deep in the pockets of international mining interests Burma does have powerful allies. But with Angels re-enforcing Kachin soldiers in the battlefield Burma is woefully outnumbered and destined to be defeated. Just remember the story of David & Goliath, the story of a well armed Philistine behemoth of a warrior named Goliath, who was defeated by a simple rock tossed by a shepherd boy named David. Obviously Angels were with David and I can’t help but wonder; was Michael the Archangel disguise as a Kachin officer? I would not be surprised.

As for me, I will continue to make medicine and offer prayers within my tradition for my Kachin brothers and sister for they are not alone or forgotten, by me or G*D.

Your Devil’s Advocate

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Buffalohair Walking and Diabetes

Walking and Diabetes

I am a believer in early morning power walks and I’m living proof a person can beat diabetes, lower blood pressure and actually have something nice to say when confronted by humans. I used to run but now I try to knock off 4 miles in 50 minutes or so. I know there are people who can run circles around me and I don’t care. Sometimes I’ll mix a few half mile jaunts into my routine but walking is mostly what me and my PF Flyers like to do.

The mechanics of my early morning stroll is really quite simple. Get up way to early, 4 am. Meet my walking chum at a desolate turn-about in the woods at 4:30 am. Then we walk at an extreme pace, almost a run, but not quite. I mean, we are ‘strutt’n it’ down this dirt road for exactly 2 miles. We stop, I take a piss then we head 2 miles back up the hill where we parked our cars. The challenge is to maintain the pace we kept when we were coming down the trail. Ain’t no big deal, it does not require rocket science and you can wear spandex if you really wanted to.

As for us, its sweats and Nikes plus a few big caliber guns, just in case bears or big kitties try to add us to their menu. Bears and big cats do eat people here and I have little desire to experience a culinary adventure as an entrĂ©e. The trick is to continue walking long after you’ve convinced yourself you don’t need to walk anymore. After you make it over the hump (about two weeks) you’ll walk rain or shine like clock work and even feel guilty when you can’t go anywhere because a blizzard closed all the roads. 

The kewl part of getting up so early is the fact we are in the cool of the day and everywhere smells ‘green’. Plants fill the air with their crisp and sweet earthen fragrances and it totally rocks. We run next to a stream and follow it to the next tributary and down to the lake where we run along the shore to our 1/2 way point. The sun is not even on the horizon and on a full moon its way bitchen out there. Ducks and geese greet us every morning as they forage for breakfast. As spring turns into summer the deer and elk are coming out in force. We found bear crappola along our trail, a big turd to. Easy math, big turd equals big bear and from what we’ve gathered it’s a daddy bear that stands at about 9 feet tall according to marks on the trees. The walk is very healthy, refreshing and exhilarating provided you are not eaten.

By the time 5:35 am rolls around I’m having my first cup of java back in my mountain chalet (shack) and getting ready to dance with the body bag. I might as well work on those body shots and left hook eh. After all; ‘If you ever have to defend yourself with your hands it’s nice to send the aggressor to bed early’, I always say. Screw that dancing around routine, I’m too old for all that dramatic stuff. In my elderly state I prefer to jump in and take care of business when I think someone might do harm to my frail self. Just deliver a few quick lethal cabeza and body shots then call an ambulance before they bleed all over my gladiolas. Hmm, maybe I should check my sugar. One thing you can safely bank on is the fact the world is a much more violent place and its destine to get much worse. Having the ability to jog a few miles away from danger at any given time would be a survival skill indeed.

And here is the coolest part of this story. My walking chum used to be diabetic and had to take insulin several times a day along with pills. But after we started our walks his sugar came down and eventually he no longer needed shots or pills to stabilize his sugar levels or blood pressure. We also maintain a quality nutritious diet and eat lots of dead plants & cactus. Did you know that Nopales or Prickly Pear Cactus is a hedge against diabetes? It grows wild all over the Southwest and it does not require a prescription. I experienced something similar when I had diabetes only thing was I ate walrus blubber and a bunch of other tribal foods during one of my global odysseys. I was running around the woods and eating traditional foods & bushes back then. So it could have been anything or a combination of all of the above for all I know. One thing is for sure, I’m no longer diabetic. 

Now, I don’t have daily access to whale, walrus, seals and other culinary dishes I once imbibed in. But I stay physical, eat real food and steer clear of Triglyceride Burgers and Trans Fatty Fries. Once in a while I will eat at Carl’s with my mom, she likes Carl’s. I can’t get her to eat squid or octopus let alone a durian or tea leaf salad but she will tear up some buffalo or elk with no hesitation. At 85 yrs of age I doubt she would join me on my morning constitutionals but she is a hoot with a couple Singapore Slings in her gullet when I take her to ‘the lounge’ on special occasions. And what does getting my 85 yr old mom sauced have to do with diabetes, nothing but she is a lot of fun.

I can’t guarantee if you stopped taking your meds do more physical activity and eat good foods you will cure your diabetes. But I can guarantee you that it would not hurt if you tried in earnest to get more physical and quit eating out of the corporate dumpster. I’ve seen many people turn their diabetes around by doing these simple things, no CD’s, pills, or books, just exercise and paying attention to what you stuff in your pie hole. Granted not everyone was completely cured but everyone did get a better handle on their disease by making their condition easier to manage. Even now I find myself looking at contents and balancing my intake even though my sugar is good. With the proper amount of physical activity alone there are many conditions we can alleviate ourselves of by simply moving and breaking a sweat.

And if by chance this is the time of change you had better be able to move your butter ball butt down the road if needed. What about all that survival stuff you bought? Will you be able to lug that junk around without dying of a heart attack? A tornado will sweep down and carry your lard ass to Kansas if you are not careful. I am no track star and you don’t need to stroll 4 miles a day while beating the daylights out of a body bag to be in fit condition but you need to do something physical as a routine and that’s the bottom line. If you prefer to sit on your keister diabetes is only one of many conditions that will plague you to an early grave.

Worse yet, you might evolve to look like one of those pencil neck technology dependant sissies from space with a giant head and bony arms and legs. And I can’t help but wonder; what do alien chicks look like? Now that’s a dramatic ending eh.

Your Devil’s Advocate

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Buffalohair, America Fails Asia 101, Ignores Kachin War in Burma

America Fails ‘Asia 101’, Ignores Kachin War in Burma

I know what it must have felt like to watch helplessly as the Indian Wars unfolded in America. Corporate interests and their presses published lies and excuses to justify the wholesale slaughter of the natives in the name of Manifest Destiny. Now in complete helplessness I am watching the systematic annihilation of another tribe of people, ‘The Kachin’. The Burmese government is killing them simply for the natural resources Kachinland possesses. The media remains mum to atrocities while promoting the lifting of sanctions. How far beyond stupid is that?

It is shameful the world chose to ignore Kachinland’s epic struggle for survive in the face of Burmese tyranny. It has been a year of war for the Kachin people and the media has barely said a word. Only now the media is chirping away about civil unrest in Rakhine State oblivious to the ethnic cleansing just around the corner. Where the hell were these boneheads when the junta began their bloody siege on the Jinghpaw people in the first place? Fortunately the Kachin have the KIO/KIA to watch their backs because it is obvious they are truly alone in this ambivalent world. You, the free world, should be ashamed for turning your backs on a trusted ally in their hour of need.

In a world of honor the Kachin already showed their mettle and spilled their blood along side our troops in *WW 2. They made the ultimate sacrifice and earned a place of distinction for their contribution in preserving the freedoms we all share. The kinship between the US and the Kachin Rangers was a bond sealed in blood and human sacrifice. The Kachin knew in their hearts the US would always be by their side, a moral obligation secured by honor and the memory of their fallen. So you can imagine the feeling of betrayal they felt as sanctions were lifted in Burma while loved ones in Kachinland were being tortured and murdered at that same time. The plight of the Kachin people continues to this day and the stories of human suffering and barbarism stagger the imagination. And true to form the western media is silent.
Timing is everything with the junta and the Rakhine disturbance is the perfect smoke screen needed to pull off another bloody offensive against Kachinland. The loss of life is of no concern to the Tatmadaw as they kill at their leisure when causing dissention between groups. Than Shwe played the race and religion cards between factions since time immemorial. This Muslim/Buddhist dispute thing has the Tatmadaw’s finger prints all over it. The junta is notorious for burning down temples and churches to instigate clashes between groups.

Rape and murder are still trusted old stand-bys in the junta’s arsenal of extortion and deception. Unquestionably Than Shwe wishes the news of war in Kachinland were keep to a minimum and using Rakhine State to draw attention is right up ole Than Shwe’s Alley. He did manage to quell all the chatter about the remaining 700+ political prisoners. There is no doubt they are having a bad time as the junta tortures them with more frequency in a last ditch attempt to brain wash them. Oh well, we are ignoring their plight as well.

With the help of the western media the war in Kachinland is nothing more than a whisper of dissention by some rebels who are opposed to the new civilian government of Myanmar. That is not the case and it is a shameful example of exactly how bias the media has become when it comes to long-range corporate and mining concerns and reporting the news. Kachinland is a sovereign nation with clearly defined borders with Burma and China. Kachinland is also a cornucopia of natural resources that western mining companies are eager to exploit. Your Corrupt-O-Meter should be pegged by now.

The soldiers of the KIO/KIA are the legitimate guardians of the Jinghpaw People and are the true heroes in Burma’s Secret War. To the chagrin of Burmese troops and global mining interests Kachin soldiers are tuned with precision and trained to perfection. They are not going down any time soon. With the cunning of a tiger they are a wary adversary indeed. The Tatmadaw has suffered great losses at the hands of the Kachin and more losses are sure to follow and the bloody war continues. Facing overwhelming odds is the norm for these paitriots and fighting for their very existence is nothing new either. The mainstream media may have forgotten the Kachin but I refuse to, and I pray for their survival.


Jinghpaw Wunpawng Hkalup Hpung

Your Devil’s Advocate

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Buffalohair, Why is America Forsaking D-Day?

Why is America Forsaking D-Day?

Is it because the founding father of the Bilderberg Group was a retired Nazi, most notably Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who was an SS Officer and Dutch Knights Templar? Or is it because American elitist families were Nazi sympathizer progressives in competition with Adolf Hitler to evolve the American Race as opposed to Germany’s Master Race? Only after the attack on Pearl Harbor did they cool their fascist and eugenic ambitions publically. 

Today is June 6th and no one seems to care.

In any event today’s Bilderberg Group cadre includes key officials from the main stream media and the military/industrial complex, provided you did your homework. As these treasonists usher in the New World Order through globalization it is obvious they are using the same technique the Chinese used in erasing China’s illustrious history and destroying her heroes. True to form there is barely a peep about D-Day from the main stream media. In fact you have to hunt down any mention about this day of valor and human sacrifice.

As for America, we are oblivious or simply don’t care anymore and besides, it’s illegal and politically incorrect to wave the American Flag in many places. How far beyond stupid is that? In the old days flags were everywhere and parades filled avenues during D-Day Commemoration to honor our heroes. National pride is a pock to elitist vermin since it is contrary to the tenets of globalization and the destruction of national sovereignty. But what do you care? Just so you have a big screen TV and an iPhone made from indentured slaves inChina. If it were not for our GI’s who gave their all in fighting fascism back in the 40’s the New World Order would already been here. We would either be singing “Es zittern die morschen Knochen” or roasted in an oven. Just remember what Mussolini once said;

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

As for me, I will continue to honor our true heroes such as my friend Elwood who was a crewman in one of those bombers that crashed behind enemy lines in WW 2. He carried a fellow crewman with two broken legs back to allied territory. He and his fellow crewmen faced insurmountable odds as German scouts tried in vane to hunt down the American bomber crew. This was an epic journey and I only scratched the surface of his heroic story of survival.

And I refuse to forget my Mohawk friend Clarence who was in the Normandy Invasion and singlehandedly saved the lives of 16 soldiers who were frozen with fear on Omaha Beach. One after another, Clarence went back to the beach to retrieve his fellow soldiers to literally drag them to safety through heavy enemy fire. He humbly told me;

“I could not just sit there and watch as those boys were cut down, so I got them. Just wish I got them all”

Shame on everyone who has forgotten the sacrifices made by our gallant soldiers during D-Day and WW 2. The rights you enjoy and the rights you abuse were fought for by good men and women who died for you ungrateful morons. For your sins you deserve what is coming. I have no sympathy for people with no honor and when you realize what you have thrown away it will be to frigging late. When you snooze you loose homeboy and you’re going to loose big time. When money becomes worthless you will have betrayed your nation for nothing and will be fighting for a piece of fry-bread with the rest of us Injuns.

“A nation that forgets its heroes will itself be forgotten” and that is exactly what globalist intend to do is erase the memory of the struggle for democracy. Silly me, democracy and civil liberties are already in the dumpster along with our Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Good thing this is the time of change since the reign of global elitists will be short lived at best. As for prophecy, it’s moving along right on schedule.

Your Devil’s Advocate

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Buffalohair, An Epitaph to a Once Proud Nation?

Jun 5, '12 6:25 PM
by Ann for everyone

An Epitaph to a Once Proud Nation?

‘We The People’ have been replaced with ‘We the corporate shills of the Bilderberg Cartel’. President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned America about the impending threat of the military/industrial complex but nobody listened. Now both the Democratic and Republican Parties no longer represent the voice of Americans but the vested interests of a hand full of global oligarchists. Democracy has officially died and nobody cares.

It is debatable: who actually was the last President of the United States of America. Was it Dwight D. Eisenhower or was it John F. Kennedy? Eisenhower did manage to finish his term in office while giving us a stern warning about the rise of the Bilderberg’s military/industrial complex. But it was Jack Kennedy who took the fatal bullet because he planned to end the war in Vietnam. In stark contrast it was President Lyndon B. Johnson, JFK’s Vice President, and his wife Claudia or ‘Ladybird’ who amassed a personal fortune from their investments in this sham but lucrative war marking the end of true Democracy in America.

With the ‘fix in’ within American politics both the Democratic and Republican parties began to change ever so minutely with each presidential election. Though they appeared to be diametrically opposed to one another their directions ultimately flowed in the same stream. The only real difference between both parties at this juncture is that one party is covert while the other is overt in their push for the New World Order. Forget about all the gushy speeches and the bold faced lies because talk is cheap and inaction speaks louder than words.

The Bilderberg Group was the spearhead of the military industrial complex provided you were paying attention. Their rolls ‘coincidentally’ include heads of the mainstream media, military contractors, a multitude of corporations and leaders of the once free world. Democracy and humanity have long since disappeared from the face of the planet and now civil society is a pipe dream but sounds off in speeches. The election of 2012 is nothing more than a changing of the guard since the two main candidates are corporate shills. The voice of the people is of no consequence to the corporate owned media and other candidates are just folly for talking heads before commercial breaks.

The only hope for America and democracy as a whole would be the election of a write in candidate. But that will never happen since the corporate owned media only promotes the two corporate candidates. Ron Paul is only one of many ‘other’ candidates and it would behoove the American electorate to explore other presidential candidates if ‘we the people’ expect to salvage this nation from corporate tyranny and the fabled New World Order. It would also be nice if all the disenfranchised and apathetic voters were to make their voices heard this November since only a hand full of well organized investor/voters are choosing our leadership. And its all about the money paisan, capice?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t simply throw your vote away if you vote for someone other than the two corporate stooges. You make your voice heard and if the election is close between the two stooges they will have to pander to the other candidates and offer concessions to garner their electoral votes, think about it eh. It would also send a message to the elitists that; ‘We are mad as hell and we are not gong to take it anymore!’, to coin a phrase. If everyone voted we might just turn this country around and get someone who truly is an American Patriot, not a screw that was hand picked by elitists. Just remember that apathy is a tool of the corporate ghouls who’ve hijacked this nation and if you sit on your duff thinking your vote does not count then the epitaph of this nation will read;

“Here lies a once proud nation, Democracy, and The Constitution of the United States of America; Victims of globalization/colonization, and corporate greed”

Your Devil’s Advocate

© 2012, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.
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