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President Obama announces nomination of Lillian Sparks (a Lakota woman ) as Commissioner, Administration for Native Americans

President Obama announces nomination of Lillian Sparks (a Lakota woman ) as Commissioner, Administration for Native Americans
WASHINGTON – Today, President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate the following individuals to key administration posts:

* Betty E. King, Representative of the United States to the Office of the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Geneva, with the rank of Ambassador
* Lillian Sparks, Commissioner, Administration for Native Americans, Department of Health and Human Services

President Obama said, "I am grateful that these two talented and dedicated individuals have chosen to serve my administration and the American people, and I look forward to working with them in the months and years ahead."

President Obama announced his intent to nominate the following individuals today:

Betty E. King, Nominee for Representative of the United States to the Office of the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Geneva, with the rank of Ambassador
Betty E. King served as the United States Representative to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W Bush. In that capacity, Ms. King worked on human rights, children, development, aging and population issues. She was the principal U.S. negotiator on the Millennium Development Goals. Ms. King has an extensive background in philanthropy, having served as the Vice President of the Annie E. Casey Foundation in Baltimore, Maryland, the Senior Advisor to the CEO of the California Endowment in Los Angeles, CA and an advisor to the Atlantic Philanthropies in New York. She was the Deputy Commissioner of Mental Health in the District of Columbia, the Executive Director of the Southwest Society on Aging, the Director of the Arkansas Department on Aging and an Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas. She currently serves on the boards of Refugees International, the United Nations Association of the United States, Phoenix House, and on the Advisory Board of the Annenberg School of Public Diplomacy. Ms. King earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, a Masters degree at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and was a National Humanities Fellow at Harvard University.

Lillian Sparks, Nominee for Commissioner, Administration for Native Americans, Department of Health and Human Services
Lillian Sparks, a Lakota woman of the Rosebud and Oglala Sioux Tribes, has served as Executive Director of the National Indian Education Association (NIEA) since 2004. Prior to joining NIEA, Ms. Sparks was a staff attorney with the National Congress of American Indians where she worked on international indigenous rights, sacred sites and religious protection, and issues related to youth and healthcare. She also previously served as a law clerk for the National Indian Gaming Commission in the Department of the Interior where she, among other duties, reviewed tribal gaming regulations to ensure compliance with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. Ms. Sparks is a member of the National Congress of America Indians, the Native American Bar Association, and the National Trends & Services Committee. In 2004, she was named one of seven young Native American Leaders by the USA Weekend magazine. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Morgan State University and a Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University Law Center.


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National Museum of the American Indian Event

National Museum of the American Indian Event

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Native Promo

Join Us!

Celebrating a new partnership between the

Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian and Koahnic Broadcasting Corporation in presenting;

“Today in History” on KBC’s

National Native News

National Museum of the American Indian

Potomac Atrium, 4th Street and Independence Avenue, SW

Washington, D.C.

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Enjoy a taste of Alaska!



Eskimo Ice Cream


Fry Bread


Yup’ik Eskimo Dance

By Chuna McIntyre Yup’ik Cultural Expert

For more information call;

907.793.3500 ext. “0”

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Tanka Bar with London film crew

Tanka Bar with London film crew

The BBC crew’s film about Tanka Bar has been posted! Go to link and click on Episode 2 (the box of Tanka Bars). Then click on the little screen. That will launch the film about Native American Natural Foods

Episode 2
A Bite of Native America : Native American Natural Foods is a company born to create a range of food products based on traditional tribal recipes. Their first product the Tanka Bar mixes Buffalo meat and cranberries, and is taking the US market by storm. See how they are dealing with the difficult challenge of rolling out a national food product with no budget, no experience and from such an isolated location.

Benefit Concert in Seattle: Pura Fe, Star Nayea and Leilani

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Russell Means Comments on Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Buffalohair:Playing With Fire, Sweat Lodge Deaths

Playing With Fire, Sweat Lodge Deaths

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Ray Foot Dis

With a myriad of people grasping Indigenous cultures left and right it was only a matter of time before someone was hurt or killed. Latter Day Healers and so called Sweat Lodge practitioners have filled the classified columns promoting their New Age connection to spirituality. With many people being poisoned from the misuse of herbs to the deaths of two people in a *sweat lodge this weekend in Arizona, there is a price for playing with something that is not of your tradition. From an Indigenous point of view these deaths are more of a sign and not a good one at that. The sign is, “the medicine was bad”.

The commercialization of ancient traditions has gone on for years. In quest of the all mighty dollar entrepreneurs used props and gadgets and bastardized Native American traditions. For the most part they don’t have a clue what they are doing. It was a horribly tragic event that transpired at the Angel Valley Retreat Center and there is no question people of all paths have offered prayers for the dead. But what was this guy Reverend James Arthur Ray thinking? It is obvious to me he was thinking of money and now two people are dead and 14 hospitalized from obvious greed.

Mixing medicine (or traditions) has always been verboten with all ancient traditions including the main stream dogmas. So why was it OK to dilute and bastardize Indigenous religions for fun and profit? I rolled my eyes when I learned this monstrous lodge was packed with 60 or so people. This was commercialized and billed as a “Spirit Warrior Retreat” guaranteed to change your life. In this shameless exploitation by **James Ray International, ancient tradition was used for monetary gain. Now two are dead but it was only a matter of time because it is incomprehensible for me or my people to mix our medicine.

The mixing of medicine is likened to have little or no faith in a dogma one purports. Walking into a home and finding icons from a bazillion religions shows little faith to any of them. And for the most part this is quite scary when someone’s home looks like the inside of a New Age Shop. There is no way one could have absolute faith when they follow the combined axioms of a zillion dogmas and spend half the day praying too many entities. Bet the smoke alarm gets plenty of use from all those incense burners. James Ray would profit from the sale of fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and DVD players with his “Million Dollar Mindset”.

In a time when people are trying to make sense of what is going on in the world opportunists have taken full advantage of this quest for spirituality. James Ray International is just one for there are many, all possessing the “Key” to spirituality. Hungry for direction innocent people buy into all their gadgets, DVD’s, incense burners and meditation mats, holay. Spirituality can not be purchased for it is something that is gained. When you follow a path or religion you must have absolute faith, not have “extra” dogmas in the wings when you think the other one does not have your back. It does not matter if it’s the Christian Faith or the Path of Sweet Medicine; all dogmas follow this basic rule of thumb. Exploitation has its consequences and there will be more events like this as others exploit religions for their corporate bottom line.

Taking advantage of innocent people seeking out their personal spirituality is an accepted lucrative business these days. But from the Indigenous point of view it’s a sacrilege with dire consequences. The event’s that transpired in this spiritual retreat exemplifies the cause and effect when one chooses to play around with ancient customs for monetary gain. Shame on you James “Schlock” Ray for the murder of these innocent people for you have blood on your hands. You had no business playing around with our customs and traditions for cash. Now two families have been destroyed from this bold and callous act of greed packing 60 people in a lodge. Basically it’s your entire fault for you were nothing more than a child with a loaded shotgun and you pulled the trigger. If a person wants to sweat go to the people who’ve practiced this cleansing for generations not a snake oil salesman.



Your Devil’s Advocate


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Buffalohair:Why I Fight For Burma

Buffalohair:Why I Fight For Burma

October 9, 2009

Why I Fight For Burma

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I’ve been asked why I’ve decided to take a stand for the people of Burma. I pondered this question for a moment then I explained exactly why.

A little over 150 years ago my people along with the rest of the Indigenous population of the United States of America were under siege. With the pseudo religious axiom of Manifest Destiny the US Government declared war on us allowing for the wholesale murder of our sovereign nations. From the land of the Lenapi, Lakota, Cheyenne, Apache and a multitude of other noble tribes we were hunted down like animals.

We were hunted down, tortured raped and murdered in the secret holocaust that killed millions of my brothers and sister in this hellish bloodbath. Children were raped and cut to ribbons while pregnant women had babies carved out of their bellies while U.S. Soldiers laughed and joked. Civilians were offered rewards for our scalps while soldiers paraded through their towns with human body parts ornamenting their ponies and uniforms. And the media pumped the papers full of lies to fostered support for the genocide of those “pesky savages”.

Lusting for the funny yellow medal that makes the white man crazy, soldiers under the stewardship of General George Armstrong Custer they invaded tribal land that was promised by treaties. The Black Hills became a killing field as well as the rest of Indian Country. Screams of agony echoed throughout the land while anyone who could carry a rifle shot innocent men women and children in their slept, as they ate or hunted. Even on territory promised to tribes in the waning years of the holocaust such as Oklahoma the land was opened up to settlers in the most criminal acts of land theft in U.S. history. People were murdered in clod blood by settlers who brought wagons and built farms and communities with no regard for treaties.

Rivers ran with the blood of my people as the land grab continued. Manifest Destiny was their divine right to take what they wanted even though the land was promised to us. Eventually many of our nations ceased to exist and their histories ripped from history books. They could not take away our oral tradition and we remember what they have done to us and the myriad of tribes that disappeared from the face of this Earth. All that remained of these tribes were names in a subdivision street or ally. The countryside was filled with mass graves where the Cavalry buried our slaughtered people, out of sight and out of mine. Many events were never recorded or the facts skewed to justify our demise.

The once bountiful buffalo was all but exterminated in part to destroy our food supply and to introduce their tasteless fat laden cow from English cattle barons. Herds used to span as far as the eye could see. Eye witness accounts told of trains stopped for over a day as herds many miles wild and untold miles long would cross the railroad track. Photos of these so called great buffalo hunters sitting on gigantic piles of carcasses adorn museums to this day. Speaking about the railroad, people would ride the train and take pot shots for sport at Indians who were simply watching the locomotive roll through they land. People would wager who would shoot the most “savages” on a trip killing fathers, mothers and children in their wake.

To add insult to injury we were victims of biological warfare with cholera infested blankets that were distributed to our people on the paltry reservations they finally gave us. The locations were wind driven with no game or a means to survive the cold bitter months. Rancid and putrefied food was distributed to us while greedy brokers kept the good. And the whole world looked on with ambivalence and distain as the media masters pumped out lies after lies with their tabloids raising even more negative press against us. Only after the advent of the 20th Century did the U.S. Government stop a program of rewarding people with $900 for Indian skulls robbed from our graves Government anthropologists were feverishly trying to prove we were sub human. This is only a tiny glimpse of the stories that abound with much more gruesome tales of genocide, betrayal and survival against all odds. All that remains is a fraction of the Indigenous populations who once lived on this land. The few buffalo that survived are relegated to ranches never to roam the plains again.

My uncle once told me that we are related to the coyote since no matter how hard the white man tried to kill us off we still returned. The shooting has stopped for the most part. We are relegated to reservations and in many cases still struggle to survive. But we are still here, witnesses to mans greed and the wholesale slaughter of innocent men women and children. It was one of the greatest acts of genocide in world history. From the tip of Alaska to the tip of South America untold millions of Natives were slaughtered in cold blood by Europeans hunting for gold, land and a multitude of natural resources. In the south the genocide continues throughout Central and South America for gold, oil and other natural resources. So I guess I should feel fortunate living in relative safety, but I’m not so inclined.

When I first met a Karen villager I was curious about their culture so I queried through my interpreter Madam Butterfly. I was taken back by what I heard because it was a carbon copy of what happened to our people in the Americas. The ghoulish and barbaric details brought tears to my eyes because I saw my own relations in these soft spoken tribal people. I was introduced to the political exiles that spent their young years in Insein prison. They were tortured and beaten to till they did not move on a daily basis for the crime of wanting freedom and democracy. An elder told me an ancient story about 7 fabled brothers within their Asian tradition. Then I was told that I and all the Natives of the Americas were descendants of the eldest brother, (Shaun htoi Gam). It was a very intriguing yet humbling story.

As I looked into the eyes of their children I could see my cousins, nieces and my beloved sister who I used to call the Chinaman because of her pronounced Asian features. That’s when I decided to take up this cause and make the world aware of the atrocities that befell these innocent and kind people. The eldest brother has come back home to help his people.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge of life and I’ve traveled many miles since that fateful day. With a wealth of resources including intelligence and advanced technology at my disposal I’ve taken up the cause with a vengeance. Whether they are Kachin, Mon, Karen, Wa, Rvwang or the multitude of tribes who face extinction they are my people. I will utilize my resources in both Asia and the free world to accomplish the common goal, freedom from bondage. I have many aces up my sleeve and some spooky little friends who are already in the trenches fighting for Burma’s democracy. One day I will be drinking tea at a quaint little café with my brother Myo Thein in Rangoon City. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi will be dedicating a new hospital down the street. I can smell the nga pi wafting in the air now.

Kyay Zu Tin Pa Te

Your Devil’s Advocate


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Buffalohair: Earth Changes, Survival and Spirituality

Earth Changes, Survival and Spirituality

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stuf gg copy

As we enter the next phase of Earth Changes you would think mankind would be bracing for the much more virulent events that are just around the corner. Some nations are already reeling from these effects while others live with a feeling of immunity. Just remember what them old buzzards from all corners of the globe have said, no place on Earth will be spared from the cleansing. Also it should be pointed out that the only real way to prepare is within your heart.

The secret to survival is not storing up truck loads of goods, guns and goodies; it’s knowing when to leave, more on that later. Stuff might be nice to have but if you had to leave in a hurry from some cataclysmic event you would not have the time. You still would only end up with the cloths on your back and that silly Winnie the Poo Backpack filled with candy, crayolas and a couple of Hanna Montana CD’s. You should have taken the survival backpack angle more seriously eh. Remember, “What you can grab is what you will have”. A packed backpack filled with survival essentials is a wise investment. Chances are whence you returned to your home after disaster struck the landscape would have changed drastically and your stash would be history. That is if you even survive in the first place. Come on, the reality is many people will not make the cut so I guess it would be the end of the world for them eh. My people say it’s the end of the way of mankind, not the end of mankind. And this axiom is shared by all dogmas of the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my field pack, FNFAL Assault Rifle, .45 jelly bean shooter, canteen and foul weather gear at the ready. Call it a basic LRRP pack, (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol). I already know there is no way I would be able to hump my stores of ammunition, other pop guns, cloths and food stuff. No, I don’t have a global positioner. I prefer my battery free compass. You must realize there will be a time when modern technology will cease to function for a myriad of reasons, polar shifts and activity in the magnetosphere, just to mention a few. In the visions it was said electricity would become non existent at some point. When, I just can’t tell you but I know we will be on manual mode for quite some time after the changes are complete. I know this would devastate the IPod generation for sure, the electricity part that is. I don’t think I would be missed by politicians and world dictators if I did not make the cut. But I’ll wager they would be trying to remember my simple words of survival provided they were not whacked by nature’s law of retribution. You remember, “What comes around goes around”. We will reap what we sow, that is a given.

As a journalist my world would be turned upside down since I would not have spell check and be forced to resort to using primitive devices called a pen and paper, oh the horror. The studio and every electronic gizmo would be just a novelty including all my High Def equipment if my home is not obliterated. Wish I kept my old manual .35 motion picture camera and film bag though. My electricity bound Detroit chariot would be nothing more than a yard ornament with worthless plastic gadgets and expired plates. So everything, even my means of egress would require manual labor. On the bright side I would not have to worry about paying my monthly extortion payment to the insurance companies. And I would finally have some rest from all the telemarketers who’ve encroached on my cell phones, complements of George W. Bush I might add. Gads, no more Erectile Dysfunction ads. It was rude to have commercials about buying foreclosed homes anyway so I won’t miss them either. Never in my dying day would I ever have imagined a president promoting borrowing more money when debt was the root cause of the economical disaster. Such is life but those days would be over including the colonization of the planet. (Globalization)

So here I would sit along a babbling brook, what a picturesque setting if it were not for one thing. That’s where my bitchen house and studio was. At least I would have running water and since it’s coming off the mountain top it would not have too many bodies floating around in it. That’s another thing, you’ll have to get used to the putrid sweet smell of rotting human flesh since people are going to die, especially in urban areas. If you’re lucky enough to be around running water make sure to walk up stream and remove any decomposing neighbors and animals you may find. As distasteful as it may sound burying or burning the dead should be a priority to avoid diseases, at least where you decide to establish a Bivouac (camp). Be my luck I’m at a camp fire and Bear the Wonder Dog walks up with a hand or a foot in his mouth, holay. I hate that.

With a fire burning into the night the mind would wander as isolation, confusion and fear sets in. It’s bad enough many survivors will most likely whack themselves because of the magnitude of what has transpired. So don’t be one of them. On the other hand think about what you do know about survival and hopefully you are not one of those who are solely dependant of modern living. We will be thrust into the Stone Age in many regions if only temporary, 3-7 years I guestimate from stories and visions. In any event one must be prepared to survive on their own. From lessons learned from contemporary society, you can’t depend on anyone but yourself. Tribal people would adjust much easier since everyone is part of the whole, even my Listerine drinking cousin. The joke around my people is that someone would have to tell us the world has changed since we live in the Stone Age already, sorry, Injun humor. There is no doubt I would make tracks to my reservation and hook back up with my people. It would take a month or so but I would get there. Hopefully they would still be around. But knowing my people they would be having a social and I would hear our drum well in advance of my arrival. Who needs HBO when we can gourd dance?

If for some reason it was no longer possible to traverse the altered landscape then it would be time to make a more permanent base camp. Living in a multi tribal region survival would not be so bad since everyone would have a skill or craft of some kind. From making clothing, shoes and Tee Pee’s as well as hunting, trapping and brain tanning skills we already have a game plan of sorts. The barter system would be something else that would come into play and that’s way cool as far as I’m concerned. With engineering, hunting, smoking, farming/ranching and building skills I have plenty to offer to a group of people I stumble upon. Doubt they would want to utilize my opinionated journalistic prowess though. When I say smoking I don’t mean twisting some dubage, I mean smoking and curing meat. Course I’ll wager the marijuana laws would not be as restrictive. Munchies would not be very welcomed when food was at a premium. Weed would be relegated to the medicine it once was. Wonder if my medical marijuana card would still be valid?

Natives don’t corner the market in survival I might add. I’ve met many non Natives whose cultural traditions were chock full of survival skills. People who live in fridge regions of the globe would be a wealth of information on surviving extreme climates and believe me, the weather will be extreme. The end of Earth’s temperate period will come with a vengeance in many regions so don’t pack to much Sea and Ski in your overnight bag. People who live close to the Earth like farmers, ranchers, hunters and the like will adjust quite easily. Granted life will be more like an extended vacation in the wilderness. Survivors in rural communities would regroup with a sense of oneness, rebuild and establish some kind of order. After all electricity is actually a recent commodity and if the power went kaput for an extended period of time steam will eventually be back in vogue. Oil companies were responsible for quashing steam technology back in the day if anyone remembers history. So eventually the white puff of steam would grace the skyline of the world I venture to state.

Spirituality would be on the rise since it would be this axiom that saved those who truly understood the teachings of their respective dogmas. Now here is where I tell you how you are going to survive major disasters and most likely piss some of you off. Within ancient teachings, before man meddled with sacred works, it was once known that messengers were sent to all cultures of the universe. These messengers taught the fundamentals of good and bad, right and wrong and most important of all, respect to others regardless of color, creed and gender. Man, on the other hand, used dogmas or religions to control the masses for the purpose of loyalty and fighting under one flag.

Since the time Ramses II and the introduction of the monotheistic religion dogmas spiraled out of control. Constantine took religion to another level and mankind started this bogus axiom of “Holy Wars” and disregarded the core tenets of their faiths then killed in the name of their respective G*D. Charlemagne and the Knights Templar murdered they way into history killing in the name of G*D. How far beyond stupid is that eh? Does “Though Shalt Not Kill” ring a bell? Any one, any one?… But like the Constitution of the United States, some parts of their sacred works were simply ignored since it caused a conflict in the quest for material gain. Sounds familiar eh. And like a bad dream history continues to repeat itself. Personally, I’m glad it’s all coming to an end and it does not matter of I make the cut or not since I know where I am going. But that’s another story.

So what the heck does this have to do with survival? Well if you read your sacred books or paid attention to your elders you would know that spirits are here with us now not just in stories. All religions teach people how to cope with both good and bad spirits, plain and simple. This is the most important key to survival in the coming days. Remember the story about Moses and how he freed his people from bondage in ancient Egypt? Anyway if you read this piece “Shemot (Exodus) 12:21” you would know that Moses was warned of impending danger and arrival of the angel of death in a paranormal way. Lamb’s blood was placed above the doors of those who listened to Moses and the lives of their first born were spared. Bummer about Pharos kid though. Knowing the spirits who comes to warn you is the key to surviving in the future. Though many people purport to know their faith they run from anything paranormal and relegate this to horror flicks and science fiction. This is a fatal mistake since the spirit world has always been alive and well; we only drifted away from this ideology. Just so you know, the spirit world is supposed to interface with our plain of existence in the days to come and I’ll wager Prozac and Lithium will be in demand as people think they are going nuts. Imagine how frustrated a good spirit will be when they can’t get the attention of someone they want to save. Oh well, to bad, so sad.

We’ve blinded ourselves from the spirit world and the messengers who will warn us of impending doom. Within all dogmas they provide you with a simple answer to survival so pay attention and possible you will make the cut. When a spirit comes to you and tells you that you must leave, don’t take it for granted. Simply pray within your respective dogma to verify if this spirit is either good or bad. You will get an immediate answer. If the answer is no, the bad spirit will simply disappear, If the spirit is good then grab your backpack and get the heck out of Dodge, like pronto. Just make sure you don’t grab the Winnie the Poo backpack eh.

Sadly many people will simply freak out and turn into a mush of quivering flesh at the sight of anything “Other Worldly”, paleeze. Many cultures have an on going relationship with spirits and it’s a day to day thing. Personally, I could give a flying crappola about many of them since they only want me to do dumb things or misguide me. Others like to try and torment me but I don’t torment easily. I have no fear since they are simply a part of who we are. Just remember, bad spirits are fueled by fear but they can’t do a dang thing if you don’t let them. My people burn cedar to clear the room of evil, we also pray for assistance to drive the point home. Just remember to verify if a spirit is good or bad and if they are good heed their warning like Moses did and you stand a good chance of surviving the time of change.

If the change does not occur I hope you like the taste of Victory Gin and the sound of Double Speak. The only other option is colonization and the New World Order and that’s not an option at all.

Your Devil’s Advocate


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Artist of the Month Jana Mashonee!

Click to visit Indigenous in Music
October 2009
Congratulations to Jana Mashonee!
Click to hear Jana Mushonee
Click to hear Jana Mushonee

Flutist of the Year at the NAMMY Awards 2009

JJ Kent

I want to take this time to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to all of you wonderful people out there who have helped support me with your votes, your love and your prayers. I was blessed last evening in Niagara Falls, New York at the 2009 NAMMY Awards to receive the award for "Flutist of the Year."

Winning this award is certainly a wonderful honor and it really feels great, but I know very well that I did not get there all by myself. So from the bottom of my heart, I want to say once again a very big THANK YOU to all of you. I would like to also convey my congratulations.. to all the other winners at last night's event.

Many blessings to all of you,

JJ Kent

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Walk With the Warriors Inc. Commanders' Update Veterans Day Activities 2009

Walk With the Warriors Inc.
Commanders' Update Veterans Day Activities 2009

I) American Indian Veterans Day Vigil Walk (Pentagon to Vietnam Veterans)
II) Celebration of the Native American Indian Heritage Month
III) Honoring the Korean War Memorial
Sponsored by: Walk With the Warriors, Blue Star Mothers, & Gold Star Mothers

The event will be Nov..6th., 7th., and 8th.

At: Old Folk-Life Festival Site, NE of Washington Monument, between Constitution Ave & Madison Dr., between 14th and 15th Street.

Schedule of events:
Friday, November 6, 2009 – Setting up Information Center and Headquarter
(VA Benefits, counseling, and blessings will be available, at this site Sat. & Sun.)

Saturday November 7, 2009
Annual Vigil Walk of the Century will begin at the Pentagon and will end at the
Korean War Memorial, Lying of the wreath ceremony will take place as soon as the Vigil Walk arrives.
The Pentagon: Ceremony will take place in the courtyard of the Pentagon.
1) 10:30AM - Master of Ceremonies by; Jake Singer
A) Opening Ceremony: American Indian Pipe Ceremony by Jake Singer Commander
Walk With he Warriors Inc.
B) Invocation: Jack Jackson (traditional Navajo Prayers & Songs)
C) Honorary Speakers:
1) Commanding Officer in Chief, President Barack Obama
2) Commanding Officer of the Pentagon
3) Navajo Code Talkers; (open)
4) Retired Arizona State Senator; Jack Jackson
5) Kim Sowinski
6) Navajo Nation Representative (open)
7) Closing Prayer; Chaplin Allan Pomaville
2) 12:00PM - Vigil Walk to the Korean War Memorial will commence, from the North Parking lot of the Pentagon. (American Indian Society Color Guards and Color Guards from any organizations are welcome to lead the march)
3) 1:00PM - Lying of the Wreath Ceremony at the Korean War Memorial
4) 2:00PM – At the Main Headquarter, Old Folk-life Festival Site
Press Release Conference;
1) Opening Statement by Commander, Walk With the Warriors Inc; Jake Singer
2) Navajo Nation Representative (open)
3) Navajo Nation Washington Office
4) Board Member, Walk With the Warriors Inc; Bob Hrobak
5) Vice Commander, Walk With the Warriors Inc; Angela Barney Nez
6) MOPH member, Vietnam; Leroy Thomas
7) Dilkon Veterans Organization – Felix Tsinijinnie
Cool Closing prayer – William Singer, Dilkon Veterans Organization
5) 4:00 PM – 5:00PM Round Dance (Dance of Victory)
6) 8:00 PM - NAC Prayer Service (Teepees Welcome)

Sunday November 8, 2009
1) 8:00AM - Midmorning Brunch
2) 9:00AM - Gourd Dance and Round Dance
3) VA benefit Information, counseling, and blessings. (all day long)
4) Closing down by 5:00 pm.


Maine Act to Establish Native American Veterans Day
read more.........................


United States Senate Committe On Indian Affaires
Chairman- Byron L. Dorgan
Vice Chairman-John Barrasso Contact page
See a complete list of committe members and committe actions here................................


There are thousands of Vietnam Veterans that have been able to marry, raise children, and enjoy grandchildren because of the heroic service of military nurses in Vietnam. Please visit:

Please visit our website for further information:

Diane Carlson Evans 866-822-8963 President and Founder Vietnam Women's Memorial Foundation, Inc. 1735 Connecticut Avenue NW 3rd Floor Washington, DC 20009
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

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Buffalohair:The Fabulous Andrea Menard

The Fabulous Andrea Menard

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In an era where greed and hate prevail it is comforting that one can find solace, peace and tranquility. Through the velvety voice of the ever so talented Andrea Menard I found myself transported to a place where my mind can be at ease. Andrea and Robert Welsh wrote a beautiful song called “Evergreen” the first song of her new album “Sparkle”. Produced by Big Soul Productions and directed by Tony Hrynchuk, this piece is well worth experiencing.

Andrea, a Métis Native from Saskatchewan Canada, has become the ambassador of everything wholesome and pure in Canada. With the magic that Andrea is famous for she pierces the dark shroud of gloom that has engulfed both Canada and the U.S.A. with her beautiful voice in this wonderfully crafted video. I was whisked away from the harsh realities of contemporary life and placed on lush amber and green fields filled with blue skies. In some way I was given hope for the future for she reminded me that there is still beauty and joy in the tumultuous world we live.

Andrea is a magical creature gifted beyond words. Album after album of her wonderful music has proven to be enriching, endearing and well worth the wait. So take a moment of your time to enjoy this well crafted video and escape into the beautiful world of Andrea Menard. Maybe you will find solace and a little piece of mind if but for only a moment. Discover why she one of the top artists of all time.

Evergreen, the video;

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Buffalohair: Guatemalan Natives Taste More Canadian Colonialism, Two Murdered

Guatemalan Natives Taste More Canadian Colonialism, Two Murdered

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Death Head

Compañia Guatemalteca de Niquel (CGN), a subsidiary of Manitoba’s HudBay Minerals killed two Guatemala Natives. While extracting *Natives from resource rich tribal land the private army of Hudbay shot and killed two people who did not want to be evicted from their homes. The private army opened up on villagers who refused to leave their tribal land in protest. Killed in the assault was Adolfo Ichi Chamán, a teacher and community leader. Eight others were wounded in the assault.

If that was not enough blood shed, a bus load of Native educators and town elders was ambushed in a hale of machine gun fire killing Martin Choc and wounding nine more Natives. With Guatemalan government assistance homes were burned to the ground forcing villagers to flee for their lives on more than one occasion. This is a common practice throughout South America where Canadian mining companies and corrupt government officials have evicted thousands of indigenous people from their tribal land. Farms and homes have been systematically destroyed to make way for these unscrupulous mining companies with no regard for the Indigenous population. Thousands protested the evictions while mining officials claimed most of the villagers willingly complied with the resettlement order. One official claimed the villagers shot each other casting more doubt on the credibility of the mining officials claim. They complied all right, with a gun barrel aimed at their heads. Ah but Hudbay stocks are up and that’s all that matters eh.

Barrick Gold has an equally dismal track record as well as a private army who has murdered a multitude of people over the years. Africa and Asia has been plagued by corrupt politicians and mining companies who have wreaked havoc on the Indigenous populations for years. It’s not only Canadian companies by any means but in light of PM Harper’s bogus claim about colonization in Canada these events were worth noting. Guess it’s OK to colonize people in other countries. Time and time again the mainstream media has all but ignored the cries of the people as the land grab continues in the cloak of secrecy. Then if they reported the news they distorted the truth to whitewash the brutality committed by these firms. After all, much of the media is owned by a hand full of corporations. If you follow the money it will stagger the imagination how much the corporate web of deceit has spread throughout the planet.

If we as human beings would just open our eyes and see through the blarney we will notice that humanity throughout the world is under siege. People are being arrested, tortured and killed for simply living on mineral rich land for the sake of corporate interests. Politicians are not of the people, by the people or for the people anymore. They are of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. No matter which country you reside humanity is under assault as nation after nation is turned into an economic zone and citizens are relegated to the ranks of consumers. Just be forewarned when your national leader’s returns from the G20 summit they will have a “Global” solution to save their economies. It’s all a sham. Politicians call it Globalization. I simply call it the colonization. And it’s all about the money. Humanity was tossed in the dumpster. Just more New World Order malarkey.

Good thing we are living in the “time of change” because this is not a civil society. Mankind has come full circle for we have become animals who only lust for material gratification at any cost. Human life has become a nonissue in the corporate eye. Just remember my words, natural events will soon overshadow the petty land grabs as Mother Earth convulses and cleanses the globe of all the cancer that has infected her skin, lock, stock and tomahawk.

Your Devil’s Advocate



Buffalohair: Is Canadian Prime Minister Harper a Liar?

Is Canadian Prime Minister Harper a Liar?

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I choked on my Bannock Bread when I read *Prime Minister Harper of Canada tooted his horn about the absents of colonialism in Canadian history at the G20 summit. Sadly the Canadian PM failed to do his homework since he managed to forget the continued colonization of the Indigenous population. Maybe he just forgot about the “Belcher Declaration”, a cute little declaration where the Canadian government paid out cash to anyone who brought back a Native scalps. Moving Natives to reserves and giving them disease infested blankets was another part of Canadian’s grand colonization program he failed to “remember”. America shares this dubious history as well.

Then there was the policy of “killing the Indian in the child”. The Canadian government summarily took Native kids from their families and sent them to distant boarding schools. Many were murdered and buried in court yards of churches and schools as Canada cleansed the budding nation of them pesky Natives. Former minister of the Church of Canada, **Kevin Annett, chronicled Canada’s deep dark secret in books and the silver screen. The hidden history of Canada is more a story of genocide rather than colonization though. So maybe that is why he forgot that part, silly me eh.

Seems PM Harper over looked what is happening to the Métis of Black Tickle Labrador. Surely you remember how the Canadian government is trying to force the residents of this tiny village off their land. The Canadian government denied their request to have a road to the Trans Labrador Highway so they could capitalize on the growing tourist trade. ***Black Tickle is located in a pristine setting along the sea with excellent fishing and hunting, a perfect holiday destination. Interestingly enough was the fact the Canadian government was in bed with several major tourist related industries. Maybe that was a coincidence as well. But from my vantage point it wreaked of conspiracy. Imagine a government who willfully makes it hard on residence to get clean water to drink since e-coli bacteria began to seep into their water table. With no regard for the culture Canada wants them out and has done everything in their power to make life hard for this humble community. They only wanted a chance at the bras ring but got the shaft instead.

No colonization eh? The fact the Native population of Canada are still relegated to reserves or colonies means colonization is still going strong. Dare I mention the list of atrocities being committed by the Royal Canadian Mounties and provincial police? Murder and rape of Native school girls goes unnoticed or unaddressed to this day. Law enforcement has lead Native people to their deaths on more than one occasion by dumping them miles away from town to freeze to death. The list of atrocities staggers the imagination as the onslaught continues.

Shame on you PM Harper and yes you owe the Indigenous population of Canada an apology, at the very least. But I doubt that will happen since he and other world leaders are in the process of colonizing the planet. They call it “Globalization” but in all reality it’s colonization. The G20 summit is all about money and converting Canada as well as the rest of the free world into a One World Order. On a lighter note at least we Native people will not have to go through any changes since we are still being colonized both in Canada and the United States of America. Fact is all of the America’s are colonized as well as Africa and Asia. From an Indigenous point of view the only drawback from the colonization of the planet will be finding parking at the food bank since we will soon have the rest of the planet in the same boat as us.

Your Devil’s Advocate