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[nativeartsculture] Bring Back the Voice of KILI Radio Sent from the Internet (Details)

KILI radio, a small, but important station from the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota has been unable to broadcast since its transmission tower was damaged in a spring storm. More than $200,000 is needed to repair the tower; in the meantime thousands of local residents remain isolated without their community and cultural voice. An effort is underway to raise funds. Read below for more background on how you can support this worthy effort and spread the word....



Carole Levine

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For anybody driving west through the prairie expanse of South Dakota, something changes once you cross the Missouri. You soon come upon the moonscape terrain of the Badlands followed by the dramatic melding into the pine-covered Black Hills. If you're into drinking in the local ambience and turn off your iPod and satellite radio you'll discover something else. The intermittent radio signal of a station that is nothing like what most of us have listened to before.

The DJs occasionally speak in Lakota; sometimes interspersing the dialect with English in the same conversation. They broadcast live from pow wows, inform listeners about healthy lifestyles, school events and tribal meetings, discuss local issues, and play music. The playlist is especially eclectic; traditional and pow wow along with with pop, contemporary Native music and hip hop to appeal to younger listeners.

KILI Radio, broadcast "high atop Porcupine Butte" on the Pine Ridge Reservation, calls itself the "Voice of the Lakota Nation." Recognizing the physical isolation of Pine Ridge and nearby reservations, you appreciate the importance of having a venue residents can tune into to keep in touch with neighbors who may literally live an hour's drive away. But that voice has been silenced. This past April a lightning strike knocked out their transmission tower, and with it, the community connection in Pine Ridge.

The station is still broadcasting and is accessible through live streaming on their website. Whereas you and I and thousands across the globe can find out about the upcoming school board meeting, a majority of those in Pine Ridge cannot. Access to the internet is simply not an option for many in this poorest of poor reservations and the fact that a housewife from Stuttgart can tune in while an elderly resident of Kyle is unable to seems more than ironic.

Repairing the tower could cost up to $200,000. Raising that amount, which will enable the station to receive a matching grant, may seem insurmountable. It's not—literally millions of tourists travel through South Dakota each year, many stopping in at the local pow wows and sipping a soda at Big Bats. These folks might be tiresome and at times obnoxious fixtures to Lakota residents but they are also potential supporters of the reservation they swarm each summer.

For that reason, let's hope KILI puts the word out beyond South Dakota and Indian media outlets. Let's do our part as well. The voice of the Lakota nation has already been silenced too long.

(KILI radio is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.)

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Introduction The Weavers' View Techniques, Tools & Workplaces The Weavers' Aesthetic Burden Baskets A Set of Values Basketmaking Associations  



“He was sitting by his campfire, listening to the star echoes. His burden basket rested upright against a pine.

“The voices inside the basket got pretty loud and disturbed Coyote.

“He stuck his head inside the basket and said, ‘You people be more quiet or I’m going to dump you out all over the world.’

“They didn’t make another sound for many, many eternities.”


— Peter Blue Cloud, Mohawk,
 from Elderberry Flute Song:
Contemporary Coyote Tales




Provenance: ZIA

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By Provenance Location

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Journey West from Missouri


 Oklahoma Tribes and Officials - Listing of Tribes and Officials in Oklahoma.

New Mexico USA


Window Rock, Arizona is the capital of the Navajo Indian Reservation.

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  On first impression, the Petrified Forest may not sound very appealing - Stone log fragments
scattered over a rather remote and otherwise featureless section of Arizona desert. However, the
petrified logs are extremely beautiful with unexpected brilliant colors. The Park is
adjacent to the scenic Painted Desert so it is well worth a visit.

Click here to enter The Painted Desert & Petrified Forest, Arizona Photo Journal

 Located entirely in northern Arizona, the park encompasses 277 miles of the Colorado River and adjacent uplands. One of the most spectacular examples of erosion anywhere in the world, Grand Canyon is unmatched in the incomparable vistas.

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Historic Route 66


Lake Tahoe , California USA Photos

Title:  Highway 395 in Inyo County with the Eastern Sierras in Background, California, USA

Artist: Roberto Gerometta

 Highway 395 in Inyo County with the Eastern Sierras in Background, California, USA Photographic Print by Roberto Gerometta


San Francisco, California USA

Mystical Photography

Photoblog: the magic of the Bay Area captured by Fred Larson.

Eureka , California USA  at a Glance
With Humboldt Bay to the North and surrounded by ancient redwood trees, the city of Eureka enjoys an intimate relationship with the ocean and a colorful history of logging. During the city's prosperous years, wealthy lumber barons built marvelous Victorian-style homes, many of which are still standing. Carson Mansion is one of the most photographed Victorian homes in California. Nearby, the Redwood National and State Parks draw many thousands of visitors every year, and the coastal waters and parks bordering Eureka present ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and observation. The annual Redwood Coast Jazz Festival occurs for three days in March and brings the city's streets to life with swing, bop, calypso, blues and more. Aquatic activities like fishing charters and whale watching tours are popular with tourists in the area, while art galleries like the Ink People Center for the Arts and museums like the Morris Graves Museum of Art provide enjoyable cultural diversions.

Redwood National Park


The End of the Trail Museum; Skytrail ; at Trees of Mystery

Crescent City, California USA


Local Weather News up in the 

Trinity Alps:)




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 Picture: Mountaineers on the summit of Mt Shasta. California, USA


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See the Full Flower Moon

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See the Full Flower Moon
Full Flower Moon FeatureMay's full moon gets its name from the many flowers in bloom this time of year. It became full May 13 and will appear so for a few days. Learn more.

- Spotlight on the Moon's North Pole
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Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day Featured on Voices From The Circle

Voices From The Circle starts Mother's Day early! We begin by honoring our Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunties and all the women who have kept us all on solid footing through the music and thoughts of Native America's best entertainers; Indigo Girls, Keith Secola, Ulali, Cherokee National Children's Choir, Smokytown, Kevin Locke, Joanne Shenandoah, her Mom & Auntie, Mary Youngblood, Anita Anquoe George, Brule', Radmilla Cody, Saved By Grace Navajo Choir PLUS story telling by Mary Louise Defender Wilson and Gourd Woman. For more information visit:


I felt a child's love today
Drifting around me like flower pedals from above
Their worried eyes and sad faces
As they reached out and touched my heart
Ah my children
My love is so deep for you
It is all right my child
Know that you are stronger than you think

Always remember
I will always be there In a song we sang together
no matter where you go you will always know
The good moments we had together

And they will be like my hand touching
 Your face and your heart
Yes always remember dear ones
Yes, I felt a child's love today
byLittle Running Deer
August 25, 2003