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Buffalohair, 2012: Another Bilderberg Election….OR?

2012: Another Bilderberg Election….OR?

If you did your homework you would already know that the Bilderberg Cartel has planted their lackey’s deep within all political parties in the United States of America. Europe and other continents suffer this scourge of international corporatists who are deliberately bankrupting their host nations in order to usher in the infamous New World Order, a fascist dictum. Humorously, China is an example of Bilderberg Cartel Corruption and Russia is not far behind since Putin and Medvedev both promote the New World Order as opposed to communism. The vehicle of this treasonous crime against national sovereignties is Globalization. The goal is to officially install an elite group of trillionaires in the seat of ultimate authority on a world scale. Their infantry consists of the United Nations, The World Trade Organization, The International Monetary Fund and the World Health Organization, all lackeys who take their marching orders from the Bilderberg Cartel. Basically, I call it “Rockefellers Revenge” for having to disenfranchise their monopolies back in the early 1900’s.

Rupert Murdock’s latest antics where he used his Bilderberg influence to spy on kings and presidents only exposes the lawlessness the Bilderbutthead Cartel operates around the world. Rupert is an officer in this crime cartel by the way. They are above the law since money is the influence that has bought kings, Presidents and political parties around the world. The common man is powerless to stop them since they control almost every news outlet on the planet and ultimately, the minds of the lemming populations throughout the free world. They also control the fuel and food so they are playing with a stacked deck and we-the-people are dealt jokers. Funny how we all forgot how congress and the newly elected president was going to address the “petroleum speculator scam” back in 2008. Guess the profits were to good for investors on both sides of the political isle. There is no shortage of fuel since Saudi Arabia increased production to offset Libyan production losses. Saudi also cut back production when people balked at the rise in fuel costs as well. The only pawns are the blind public and the poor as corrupted politicians use them for votes with false hopes and promises, the same rhetoric they uses the last election. They could have made new lies to promise us with rather than the old ones though. But as usual we are to stupid to remember that far back anyway.

The rulers of the Mid-East have always been in the pockets of Bilderberg Cartel Lackey’s and that is the real reason for such a dysfunctional response to the cries for democracy around the world. Ironically, democracy is a pocks to all Bilderberg scum and America is a classic example of this vermin’s negative influence on the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Phony Tony, Gordy and Davey of the UK are all Bilderberg lackeys and Nicole Sarkozy is another slime ball Bilderberg kiss ass, go figure. Just read the list of attendees to their secretive meetings over the years and you will know who is who in the world of treason, deception and corporate greed.

It’s all about the fetid Blue Blood line of hacks who are descendants of signers of the Magna Charta. Its old money and feudalism dressed in civil society. Sadly there is nothing civil about this scurrilous collection of greedy vermin who consider themselves the “Elite Class” and it’s all about the money paisan. There is no question they are followers of the false prophets who’ve come to their ancestors several thousand years ago. Whether it be aliens from the bowels of the Earth or space or simply bad spirits who’ve offered parlor tricks to kings to show their G*Dliness and proof they are rules of the universe, man has been taken for a ride, plain and simple. You don’t have to buy into this and I really don’t care but now you know the reality and what you do with it is your business.

I live with many visions within my tribal tradition and this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg as far as intangible science is concerned but I guarantee you its gong to get way more supernatural or whatever you guys like to call things from the paranormal. Another piece of advice, don’t buy into how great any stellar being is when it is governments who promote their benevolence for they are just G*Dless buttheads from space with fancy toys that impress the stupid. Check out your respective dogmas or ideological principals for more details about this time of change homeboy/girl. If you even bother, you will come to realize these sacred books are all about the intangible and the supernatural. And these sacred texts are chock full of stories of how people survived these bonehead spirits regardless of their toys, what ever. But if you don’t see it now, you never will and most likely you will march to your doom by some charismatic figure who is purposefully leading you astray. That’s in prophecies as well by the way, or did you miss that part?

Bottom line is, Ma Earth will ultimately win but not for our sake but for her own since she was created with this cycle of cleansing. The space or spirit puke that has led Charlemagne’s descendants down the path of death and greed in the name of G*D will loose in a big way for this will be their day of reckoning also. There is no turning back the clock for this is their destiny as prophesied. Their days are numbered and like the old adage goes, “And the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth”. In my tribe we say, “The Top Will Be the Bottom and the Bottom Will Be the Top”. In any event, every dog has his day and what comes around goes around from a street perspective. It is funny how Bilderberg  scumbags  managed to hijack the environmental movement and science in order to secure the most contaminating source of power on the planet, Nuclear Energy. But that’s another story and is just a side-show in the grand scheme of things. Just remember a vision I had where many beings and man would watched helplessly as the power of the Creator cleansed the Earth and humanity. When you think about it, Charlemagne and all his descendants were actually true dummies for buying into parlor tricks from either space dudes or spirits. But I guess their reward was the riches of the planet since these boneheads from the supernatural realm condoned the wholesale murder of innocent people. Not so benevolent eh?

For me it really does not matter if I survive the catastrophes that lay in store for humanity and the space vermin I’ve seen in my visions. I just want to watch as their empires built on silica sand and the blood of the innocent comes crumbling down because technology will be first on the hit-list and that day is just around the corner. I am already contaminated by radiation from work I’ve done in the past and since radiation is cumulative I know my days are numbered. I don’t fear death since I know what is on the other side and one day you will too and say, “That crazy Red Indian guy was right all along”. Then you will be scrambling to remember all the weird stuff I was telling you. Fortunately there are other messengers from all dogmas who’ve been trying to warn you so I am not alone. I’m just a crusty street skin and still wonder why I am a messenger when there are so many creamy and nice people who would be better suited for this job.

Frankly, I have a giant chip on my shoulder and an ax to grind because of all the strife my people endured by centuries of Euro-Vermin who murdered my people in the name of G*D, stole our land and robbed Ma Earths natural resources. So it is obvious to me the Creator has a sense of humor for giving me this thankless task. I would have rather said nothing and let this be a surprise to this G*Dless planet but that is just not in the cards since I made a deal with the Creator. Guess this is my penance of sorts for being a goon in my early life. On the bright side, most of you will think I bumped my head and blow off this and other warnings I’ve written in the years past. And that is part of prophecy as well. But in all reality we are all in the same boat, only difference is some of us are wearing a spiritual life-preserver while others wear a vest of solid gold and the boat has a hole in it. Anchors away, LOL!

Your Devil’s Advocate

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Buffalohair, Facts & Maps about Radioactive Fallout in Canada, US, The World

  Posted in America's, Asia, Global News with tags atomic news, contamination news, cover-up news, fallout map news, japan news, nuclear news, radioactive news, us news on April 9, 2011 by buffalohair In a civil society governments would be more forthright about the current fallout conditions that DO exist on the planet today. Unfortunately people must hunt down facts through a myriad of sites or read stacks of complex  data since the mainstream media are completely detached. Frankly, they appear to be living on another planet for that matter. But there are sites on the web where Americans have deciphered and explained AVAILABLE CURRENT DATA about the continued world wide nuclear disaster in Fukushima. And I applaud their noble efforts.
Current Charts and Maps Here:
It should be clears as the schnozzola on your face that this disaster has turned political. Nuclear pundits, investors, including politicians on both sides of the isle and financially involved scientists sugarcoat catastrophe. The media as a whole are owned by parent corporations who vey to capitalize on nuclear energy. Just follow the money and you will discover who is who in the world of nuclear energy and ironically, globalization. So it is up to you the forgotten citizen of what every county you reside to seek out the truth so you can protect your family. There are solution to this crisis and they are very affordable since all one would have to do is avoid precipitation and pretty much stay indoors. One could also wear a mask and long sleeved clothing if one needed to venture outside. All you would need to do is study the radiation disbursement charts provided by existing sites to plan your day. Sadly, this will eventually be a part of daily life as change continues to encroach on humanity.
Current Charts and Maps Here:
Then there are people who simply want to ignore it all and pretend all is nice. That is OK too since this is still a free country. After all, there is nothing man can do to alter the fact our environment will be much more radio active than before. It is also only a matter of time before governments  increase the levels of acceptable radiation in the environment. Sadly they have no choice because all days would be “Radioactive Fallout Days” if the bar was not raised. Unlike petrochemicals, radioactive contamination lasts forever as far as our lives are concerned. The deadly plumes that are coming out of Fukushima are contaminating Asia at an alarming rate and the ocean will soon bare cancer causing fish from the thousands of tons of radioactive water that has already spewed into the once pristine sea. It is a done deal boys and girls, we are beamed up with radiation and soon new cancers will arise from this latest transuranic event.
Current Charts and Maps Here:
Take it for what it’s worth but I am shamelessly providing a site that has some very valuable information, charts, projections and current data you can plan your day with. The animated charts reveal the reality of our exposure and the various radioactive contaminants that DO exist and DO pose a critical health issue. Hopefully this site will not disappear like so many others have in the past. None dare call it censorship, just another coincidence. But like always, this is only a sign of the times we live because it was prophesized in many dogmas that every aspect of life on earth would be effected by change during this era we live. With some common sense this and other disasters that are poised to strike mankind are survivable. It was also written that people would survive Ma Earths cleansing and I plan to be one of them, don’t you?
Current Charts and Maps Here:
We are in the midst of a nuclear catastrophe and there is no sugarcoating the fact our environment will be much more cancerous than before when and if Fukushima is finally put to rest. Just remember, the full extent of contamination from Chernobyl was concealed from the public and is still the subject of debate and cover-up. A few more nuclear disasters and we will need to wear *Tyvek suites just to go to Zellers or Tim Horton’s for a cup of java because radiation does not go away. Raising the level of acceptable rediation does not cure a thing other than show face to the nuclear industry.  Radiation sickness is already masked by the medical communities and pharmaceutical companies are already gearing up for the next rash of new “cancers” that are set to plague mankind. But what do I know since I was only trained by the EPA and FEMA. I also worked in radioactively contaminated parts of the country left behind by Union Carbide. I know I glow in the dark and I know nuclear pundits are lying their well dressed asses off as well.
I would rather know the truth and live rather than live in lies and die.
Current Charts and Maps Here:
Your Devil’s Advocate

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Buffalohair, Chinese Scientists Create “Minotaur”, Produces Human Milk

Chinese Scientists Create “Minotaur”, Produces Human Milk


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Just when you thought you heard it all within the twisted world of genetic engineering Chinese scientists spliced human and bovine genes to produce a new species or life form. Within their laboratory alchemists conjured a creature that is likened to the mythical Greek Minotaur. Reminiscent of Mary Shelly’s ‘Frankenstein’, 300 genetically engineered Holstein Friesian cows that resemble their organic counterparts, produce human-like milk from their supple breasts and I just have to say; How far beyond stupid is that??
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Urgent Updated News Videos Rolling In!!!!!! The Rest of the Story!

Urgent Updated News Videos Rolling In!!!!!! The Rest of the Story! Most of the other Videos have already been shut down on this Information.