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Buffalohair Suicide and Soup Kitchens

Suicide and Soup Kitchens

Reflections of our past, 1936. FDR's Bail-Outs did not help them.

Reflections of our past, 1936. FDR's Bail-Outs did not help them.

Little has been said about the growing suicide rate across the country. I was first enlightened by an Iraqi War vet who told me about many his friend’s who took their own lives upon their return from Iraqi. That was a stunning revelation. The reasons were many including the loss of jobs, homes and families. With the economy beginning to tank at this juncture people have already begun to whack themselves as well as their families. This phenomenon has crossed all cultural lines within our society.

Without getting into the politics or religious aspects of suicide I simply want to focus on the blatantly dumb reasons. Economics has offered a host of reasons one might want to kill ones self. The loss of jobs, homes and ultimately families seem to be the trend these days as we dip deeper into the abyss of financial turmoil. The fact millions of Americans have lost everything already with no bail-out in sight is a potentially grave indicator indeed. But surely this is no reason to kill yourself. You’re only losing “stuff” and stuff comes and goes.

Born with a plastic spoon in my mouth has become a benefit in this trying time. Raised in abject poverty in an era where it was expectable to beat your spouse and racial divisions was considered a birth right, I’ve seen plenty. Being poor is not as bad as one thinks and it is not impossible for a person to pick up the pieces and rebuild. If everyone decided to whack themselves whence they took a financial hit we would not be here.

No matter what our politicians tell us today, it was already known we were going to take a major hit and the downward spiral would not hit bottom for couple of years. And I believe these irresponsible politicians who’ve offered false short term hope are the culprits of the suicide epidemic. Bail-outs failed during Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency. It was the advent of WW II that brought the economy back in the black. So it is ludicrous for our leadership to use this fiasco as an example as to why bail-outs are needed and giving false hopes. It is better to brace the nation for the inevitable and make preparations to feed and house a suffering nation. This would better prepare people emotionally for the future. Knowing others are in the same boat would not be such a stark and lonely reality and possibly stem the rising murder suicide rate that is sweeping our nation.

A hard look at the present and our secret reality

A hard look at the present and our secret reality

One thing I do agree with our new stewards is volunteerism since this offers some dignity since people would be participating as well. So we have to get in line to get a box of beans and bread once in a while. Just be glad you’re in line then take a long hard look around you and you’ll see fellow American’s. If the organization needs help in distributing food, jump in and help out. I’m already volunteering in food distribution since this economical debacle has been in existence for much longer than the media recognized. The only real thing that is happening now is that no industry wants to be first to take a fall. and the mainstream media can no longer cover it up.

Knowing what it was like to go to bed hungry as a child I have no qualms about picking up free food, even if I don’t care for it. I learned a long time ago that I can eat anything when I am truly hungry. This is survival at the ground floor and the sooner you get into the swing of things the sooner we will recover as a people. We’ve lived in an era of waste and greed. The only way to wean us of this gluttonous way of life is to simply change our ways. There is a generation of people who never knew suffering and they will take this the hardest so we have to be the example, like my mom is mine. She survived the depression and learned how to survive. The recession of the 50’s was my lesson in survival. My people and my mom lived in poverty when I was a little poop butt kid. Sadly many of my people still live in depression mode but that’s another story.

Loosing “stuff” ain’t nothing but a meatball Paisan. The hard realities of life are; if you can’t eat it you don’t need it. The fact we are headed for some major food shortages should prompt the need to save what money you have. Learning how to can, make soap and stretch a meal will undoubtedly be a priceless asset since we will have to weather at least one or two winters in national poverty. If you’re not in a drought zone you can grow veggies and use them as bartering material since money will not be able to buy sustenance if fresh food become rare. People would rather have food instead of cash. When food is scarce money will become you can’t eat paper. My mom told me about salt riots and other food related disturbance. The Great Depression was a cultural equalizer, except for the rich who’ve profiteered from the stock market drop. After all, the money went somewhere and most likely the loot is going into the pockets of the same families this time around.

A rule of thumb is all luxury items such as Ipods, electric gizmos, goodies in Sharper Image Magazine and a host of other trinkets will go by the wayside as people begin to starve. Industries based on luxury items and excesses will soon disappear as survival becomes a priority. My ma told me after you’ve been hungry long enough you no longer feel the pain of starvation. My mom nearly died of starvation and she, like so many other people, would sift through fields and trash heaps to find anything to eat. Picking weevils out of flour was a common practice provided you could find any. Cartoons in the old days used to depict people boiling shoe leather in a kettle. My mom said this was very true for many people. When I was a kid we were dirt poor and I remember back in the 50’s during a major recession, I discovering a cube of Oleo margarine and ran to a hideout so I could eat it. Chicken used to last us three meals and we savored every bite if we could afford one. The bones became a soup the next day and the third day was biscuits and gravy day. Beans were a constant source of protein for us. Pasta, rice, fry bread and other food stuffs were delicacies. Fresh veggies and fruit were novelties and highly revered. The depression was much worse that the 50’s though.

People don’t remember that the Depression fostered the advent of vitamin fortified foods products such as the case of Wonderbread to stem the tide of malnutrition. Fortunately iodine was included in table salt to assist digestion and stem the tide of thyroid condition called goiter prior to the Great Depression. Laws were passed to keep industrial greed at bay though these protections were eliminated by Inron and their petitioning Congress to eliminate these safeguards. You do remember the Inron Loophole and all the ka ka it evolved. Wonder why these loopholes, hedge fund and speculator disasters were forgotten by Congress this year? Please tell me you remember how Congress was going to address these criminally disastrous activities and the plan to fix them last year?

We suffered a major recession in the 50’s and it was a bad one since there was much suffering. Only difference with Roosevelt’s Depression and the recession of the 50’s was the fact President Eisenhower did not Bail-Out anyone. Eventually we came out of this period of economical disaster a much stronger country unlike Roosevelt’s Bail-Outs which plunged us deeper into the Great Depression. Roosevelt’s only salvation was WW II. So I venture to say war will be our next salvation. I can hear the sables rattling now and the bugler will rally our troops as Gary Owen echo’s around the world.

In any event these periods of economical disaster were survivable and not worth killing yourself over. The lessons learned made us stronger rather than weaker. The survivors learned the valuable lesson about borrowing money and how foolish it was to live beyond our means. We became a frugal nation as a whole. Loan sharking used to be a bunko street crime and people went to prison for doing so since it took advantage of people. Credit was only a last resort and it was likened to dealing with the Devil since the borrower paid exorbitant fees for using someone else’s money. If you could not afford it you did not buy it and you learned how to save. Now it’s the cornerstone of our economy. How stupid is that?

Today borrowing and spending beyond ones means is promoted and people pay interest that far out paces the most sinister street thug. And we wonder why we are in this mess, we did it to ourselves. Like a junkie to a drug dealer we borrowed beyond our means and the people who were supposed to be our protectors, the government, allowed it to happen. The reality is people in government became partners in crime by investing in the very cancer that caused this disaster. These thugs should be jumping out of windows for guiding this nation down the path of destruction. They are traitors to America and the respective nations they represent. Take the time to explore who is invested in these corrupt corporations such as the mortgage industry, insurance, housing and healthcare. The list will include the rolls of the House of Representatives, The US Senate and Congress.

It is stunning to note that the top of our political garbage heap are profiteering directly from Bail-Out money vicariously through stocks and bonds. Small wonder both parties are arguing about who’s Bail-Out is better. No matter which one we eventually agree on, trillions of dollars will go to less than 1% of our population while the rest of the country will be given pocket change. Obama wants to give the poor some crumbs and a little relief anyway. The greedy balk at the notion of giving anything at all to the poor and labeled this miniscule amount as “Pork” and only seek ways to capitalize on our suffering. We should not be contemplating suicide; we should be absolutely pissed off at the very least. No matter which way we go, the lion’s share of our money will grace the pockets of an absolute minority and we will be fed chicken feed.

Obama mentioned that we should buy American and that’s the first positive word I heard from his mouth. We need to support our country in the worst way. We can’t push the corporate agenda of Globalization anymore. It was a greedy and self serving directive from the very beginning and it was an act of treason for politicians to promote this Ponzi Scheme in the first place. Madoff made off with 50 billion dollars while he was this exalted steward of NSADAQ and you better believe he was only the tip of the iceberg. To bad so sad eh. No one is connecting the dots or paying attention anyway. And your reward for your blindness is suicide? How far beyond stupid are we?

Oh well, guess I’ll unpack my box of food stuffs and keep a keen eye on the news paper. I’ll look for more food give-aways and brace for the hard times ahead fore this is only the beginning. Gads, I was raised on commodities so I know the drill. I just wish we got commodity cheese again since I think I will be eating more macaroni and cheese in the future. I just hate powered cheese. And I’ll have to adjust my pallet as I eat more canned green beans, again. I’ll miss my fine cigars and imported wine though. So much for my taste for Armani attire since there is no way I can afford them now since my portfolio looks more like a ski sloop. Course being in the entertainment industry we’ve always lived in a depression era like existence. It has always been a feast or famine situation no matter which genre we are in. I did no whack myself then and I’m not going to whack myself now. But I am going to put myself in survival mode and I suggest you do the same.

Your Devil’s Advocate


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What work am I doing now? Buffalohair-Jage Press

Buffalohair-Jage Press

Welcome to Buffalohair Jage Press. This is the home of both Buffalohair Gazette International and Mother Earth Changes at Ann’s Journal Collection.
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Buffalohair The Plight of the Western Shoshone

The Plight of the Western Shoshone


As Barrick Gold of Canada rips into sacred Mount Tenabo on Nevada’s Shoshone sovereign land, it is not hard to see why we’ve been cursed or plunged into this financial nightmare. Call me old fashion but it’s the age old “what comes around goes around” axiom that is coming to pass. With total disregard for treaties, boundaries and concern for the environment the quest for the funny yellow metal that makes the white man crazy has gone into high gear. Of course the concerns for the Indigenous population was not a consideration or a factor in the decision making process. Treaties? Forget about it!

Barrick Gold has a long track record in Africa for buying leaders of third world countries to steal land from the population to make open pit environmental disasters filled with toxic slug. They’ve destroyed water tables; farmland and their private armies murdered scores of innocent villagers who struggled to save their way of life. With Bill Clinton and George HW Bush as their ally and lucrative business associates Barrick has become unstoppable in their quest for gold around the world. Bush and Clinton groomed national and international policies strictly for corporate interests at the expense of indigenous populations.

Little was said by the mainstream media about the utter shock and dismay the good people of many African nations felt as the “White Devil” Hillary Clinton was made Secretary of State. Though the African population looked to Obama for hope and salvation, the appointment of this jackal spelled the death nil of their cultures, let along the ire of his party. The stripping of Africans natural resources and total disregard for the citizenry of this beleaguered continent has gotten a green light while death and land grabs will continue. Up against the wall with nowhere else to go it’s a small wonder revolution are widespread. Call it the Clinton/Bush Death March since the voiceless majority is not being heard, sounds familiar. Of course China is up to its elbows with human blood in Africa. After all, their lackey Bill Clinton and his bride Hillary are back in the saddle thanks to Obama. For all intents and purposes Africans feel betrayed. Read a news feed or two and learn the hard facts. Clinton’s so called non profit efforts are only a smoke screen, just read his list of donors. It reads more like a “who is who in world tyranny”.

Like a fox watching the hen house, Hillary Clinton takes oath of office for Secratary of State. What are you thinking Obama?

Like a fox watching the hen house, Hillary Clinton takes oath of office for Secratary of State. What are you thinking Obama?

South America is also plunged in the Clinton/Bush Death March as Barrick Gold, disguised as Pacific Rim Mining Corporation or Pacific Rim Cayman LLC., destroys farmland, and the way of life of Indigenous people as well. This was a most enlightening endeavor for it also exposed tenets of the North American Free Trade Agreement as well as Central American Free Trade Agreement that allow foreign countries to sue a nation so they can strip the land of natural resources. These so called business agreements side stepped the will of the people of any nation who subscribed to them. The US is one of these nations who subscribe to both of these criminal agreements. Sadly we drafted them both with help from of the Clinton’s and Bush’s for this was their baby, lock stock and tomahawk. Ironically Barack Obama has followed suit regardless of some opposition he showed earlier or should I say, before he was elected as President of the United States of America. It’s of no surprise America is hated like no other country in the world and it’s by people who used to love and admire us. And we-the-people had nothing to do with this abhorrent criminally unconstitutional conspiracy.

Mexico had to shell out $15.6 million in damages toCalifornia based Metalclad Corporation for it’s refusal to give permission for this company to build a toxic waste dump in the middle of an ecological reserve. Barrick Gold aka Pacific Rim plans to sueEl Salvador for untold millions if they don’t get their way and build toxic sludge ponds. They will be filled with thousands of tons of cyanide and other deadly chemicals. With no concern for the long term effects on the environment it is clear water tables and rich farmland will be destroyed. The means by which these Indigenous people live and survive will be taken away from them. Likened to slaves farmers will be forced to work in these mines or starve. With no labor, health or environmental concerns the Clinton/Bush Death March will advance unencumbered as profits fill their coffers.China, their bedfellow, enjoys millions of slaves with the blessing of the World Trade Organization. This is the raw facts of Globalization and the One World Order. Now how far beyond stupid have we become? Or is in OK since it’s “down there” and not on US soil? Remember the Western Shoshone Nation of Nevada? As I recall, Nevada is still a part of the contiguousUnited States. The Clinton/Bush Death March continues.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Buffalohair: Outside of the Loop

Outside of the Loop

Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scrolls

Like so many American’s I’m outside of the loop and don’t have to worry about qualifying for anything since my investments are finito la musica, na da, kaput. Sadly for many of my viewers they have also lost jobs and homes. I don’t see a bail-out for them in the near future fore they are the forgotten Americans all political parties have not addressed. Some of my viewers are relegated to using the public computers in the library when they can. At least they have access even though it’s for a few minutes. I’m also humbled they keep in touch with this Krusty journalist in spite of the misery and sorrow in their lives and I salute every one of them. I also offer my prayers for each and every one of these human beings.

Their ranks consist of Iraq War veterans, medical professionals, truck drivers, business owners, single mom’s and dad from all quarters of the United States and Canada. They have no race in my eyes nor do I recognize their nationality or political persuasion. They are simply human beings caught up in an era of corruption and greed and have already lost it all. Particularly sad was the fact many of these people had homes and jobs whence the issue of the first bail-out came into focus. They whole heartedly believed the promises and veiled threats of doom if the original bail-out did not come to pass.

Desperately they held on to hope as all our political icons fostered hope for those who were holding on by a thread. Ironically they discovered that even with the TARP or bail-out money foreclosures increased two fold rather than give them breathing space. Fact is, lending houses have increased with venom their pursuit of homes from suffering Americans. People who’ve paid their mortgages for years and only had 10 or 20 thousands dollars left on their home loans lost 2 to 3 hundred thousand dollars of investment because they were delinquent by only a few months. Imagine paying over 300,000 dollars into a home with only 8,000 left owed only to loose it all.

Unscrupulous and unforgiving mortgage lenders begged for hundreds of billions of dollars from the taxpayer because of the current economic slump. Then they turned around and raped the public that gave them this TARP money and foreclosed on homes with greater zeal than ever before. To top it all off these lenders and banks filled the coffers of their top investors, buy out other banks and even buy up crude oil in an effort to drive up fuel prices such as the case of Morgan Stanley. Imagine, this bail-out was nothing more than free money to make capital investments and pad the pockets of their constituents. And now we learn banks and lenders will get 3 to 4 trillion bucks with no guarantees, promises or hopes for the public they are foreclosing on. $4.000,000,000,000 will be given away to lenders who will not give Americans a break, lenders who have accelerated their foreclosures and placed American families out on the streets to fend for themselves.

If only people would read history they would learn Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal was a dismal failure and not the great hope it is currently billed as. History dictates the depression worsened in spite of industries cash cow. And now we are poised to give more bad money after bad. According to my elders people loved FDR regardless of his failures and his money give-a-ways. People were desperate for a champion because there was little hope at all. The rich were richer and there was a deep division of classes that is not mentioned these days. The opulent who were on the takers side of the Depression and the vast population of extremely poor people. The country was forced to live on pennies or pocket change for wages while the rich lived in the lap of luxury. Back then an absolute minority cashed in their chips, absorbed federal dollars and acted like kings and queens while American stood in line at soup kitchens.

You must remember, money just does not disappear whence a recession or depression takes hold of a nation. The wealth of a nation goes into the pockets of an absolute minority whose only concern is their own bottom line. The rapeing of a nation has already begun and the culprits are getting trillions of dollars to pad their pockets so they can live in opulence while the rest of the nation loses everything they own. How much money do these people need? Why is it so important for them to force America to her knees? Why is the solution to our economic plight going to be a global one? Corporatists such as the World Trade Organization promote globalization making protectionism the pariah of the 21st Century. We are not asking the right questions. We should be finding out exactly who is cashing in on this recession and where our trillions of dollars are going with no double talk or legalese.

There is a silver lining to all this. Granted it’s not a material solution to the plight of humanity. Fact is, it will be quite a turbulent period time as far as climate and Earth Changes are concerned. Though the cure to humanities disease will be a stark one it is guaranteed opulence and material wealth will be meaningless. The petty and the greedy will be on equal ground with the people they ravaged and subjugated. The dynamics of which will be like nothing man has experienced since the last cleansing of the planet. Like it or not, Earth Changes are very real and one day soon Mother Earth will enter into the next phase of cleansing. There are no underground shelters that will save the select few nor is there a price one can pay to avoid this catastrophic cleanings process. Like the ole saying goes, “You can run but you can’t hide”

So let them take their material wealth, let them keep their empires made from the blood of nations fore it will soon be meaningless. In a dream or vision I had I saw people deep in the earth weathering the changes on the surface of the Earth. Their shelter was filled with food and water but this place of safety became their tomb and the Earth swallowed them. Others had armed fortresses filled with sustenance only to discover they had to evacuate because the waters covered their fortified position. In my dreams it was said no place on Earth would be spared the cleansing and there is no class that will be above the hardships that await mankind. It was also said people from throughout the universe would stand in awe of the power of Mother Earth, helpless and equally in peril.

For some it would be the end of the world, for others it would be the end of an era. The key to survival is written or discussed by a camp fire from all cultures of the universe fore it is no secret, it was never meant to be. Regardless of your dogma faith is the key to survival. Recognizing the difference between good and bad messengers will also play into it. And messengers will come in all forms not just from the mouth of man. Whether it’s an owl or the neighbor down the street named Murray messengers will abound us all. Sadly modern man has no concept about the supernatural or paranormal and this will be the death nil of people. Knowing which spirits are cool and which spirits are bogus is the key.

Buy into this or not, does not make a difference to me. All I’m doing is keeping a promise I made when I had a near death experience. Don’t place me in some Guru or Spiritual Leader category fore there are many other messengers with the same words of caution. Everyone is a Medicine Man these days and I’m not one of them. I’m just a Krusty journalist and one of many messengers. They come from all walks of life and religions. Fact is, when I had my near death experience I did not want to come back. I really did not want this job and I told them so. Far fetched you say? Believe me homeboy/girl you ain’t seen nothing yet. If I told you everything I learned when I was there you’d freak out or fill me with Zoloft. I must admit my NDE did completely change my life. I would not have guessed in a zillion years I would be here talking to all you boneheads about Earth Changes either. Funny thing about it was the fact my people already knew my journey and knew my visions. What ever eh.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Monday, January 19, 2009

If Interested Watch the inauguration online

Watch the inauguration online
Detroit Free Press - United States
Once a video starts playing, a small "Click to Download" link appears on the lower left of the YouTube screen, allowing the viewer to download a copy of it ...

The Obama administration is also feeding the frenzy.

Its ChangeDotGov channel on YouTube ( is offering inside looks on the transition leading to Tuesday's inauguration with a new twist: The videos can now be downloaded.

That's a first for Google, which quietly rolled out the new download feature over the past few days; for now it's only on the Obama channel but later to be expanded to other videos.

Once a video starts playing, a small "Click to Download" link appears on the lower left of the YouTube screen, allowing the viewer to download a copy of it to their computer's hard drive.

While third-party software has been available for some time that will capture audio and video from YouTube, this is the first endorsement of the practice by Google and constitutes a shift in its closed-wall proprietary practices.

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Black Panther named "Geronimo" Pratt...Resistance/Revolution

Check out my video ----
Black Panther leader in Seattle explains one of the reasons why "Geronimo" Pratt took the name of Apache leader Geronimo.

FBI Attacks on American Indians Continues! NEWS

FBI Attac
ks on American Indians Continues!


Red All Over Band
Date: Jan 13, 2009 10:16 PM
Body: This is the letter from Leonard which I just received today, as did many of us.

It is just another time when my heart, as well as those of many of our brothers and sisters is broken.

Please re-post this often.


Dictated by phone January 12, 2009

Greetings my relatives, friends and/or captors

To my relatives and friends, I want to especially thank you for your generosity in this season of giving they call Christmas. And I want you to know I’m mindful of the reason for the season as they say, for Jesus himself was a political prisoner. He stood up against the warmongers the exploiters of his people and he was imprisoned and hung out to dry, likewise so many other people who have stood up against those who would exploit the lives and resources of people around the world. I don’t claim to be of any significance on their level, I am but one man of many who have stood up against exploiters that would use force to inflict their value system upon a weaker people.

I am in the process right now of being transferred; I had hoped to be transferred to a facility on the Turtle Mountain Reservation while I dealt with other legal issues regarding my imprisonment. However my captors have once again triumphed in their continuing efforts to break me. They have sent me even farther away from my traditional homeland. I hear them and others continually talk about justice. One of the bureaucrats in North Dakota when becoming aware of my efforts to be transferred to Turtle Mountain spoke up and said he believed justice is being served in my continued imprisonment. I sincerely hope good people will take note of this person, Senator Byron Dorgan, on the Senate Committee for Indian Affairs.
It is quite obvious that he has no knowledge of true Indian History, no knowledge of my case, and is only a lackey for those who wish to keep us always subject to their
version of what justice is. They have at times called me a thug and a cold blooded murderer, but I know historically they called Geronimo a cold blooded murderer and savage, they called Crazy Horse a cold blooded murderer and savage, they called Captain Jack of the Modocs a cold blooded murderer and savage, they called Black Hawk of the Sauk a cold blooded murderer and savage, they called Tecumseh a cold blooded murderer and savage, they called Sitting Bull a cold blooded murderer and savage …and the list goes on and on.

The one thing all these men have in common is they were all imprisoned or killed by this government; they were all patriots in their own land, trying to stop the illegal immoral taking of their people’s land and resources. They didn’t call the men who murdered our people at Wounded Knee thugs and savages, they didn’t call the snipers who shot Frank Clearwater at Wounded Knee in 73 a murderer, they didn’t call the ones who shot Buddy Lamont a cold blooded murderer, they didn’t call the ones who shot Joe Stuntz a cold blooded murderer, they didn’t call the sniper who shot that young woman and baby in 1992 at Ruby Ridge Idaho in a cold blooded murder, they didn’t call the ones who burned the men, women and children to death at Waco, Texas in 1993 in cold blooded murderers.
I assume cold blooded means you have no sense of right or wrong or something of that nature when you
take a life. And if that is so, then this country is full of cold blooded murderers and thugs because by proxy they have killed thousands of innocent men women and children in Iraq and most recently in Afghanistan, I’ve seen them on TV. I’ve seen the pictures of children’s bodies piled on top of each other. And right now the US funds Israel’s war machine as they kill hundreds of innocent men, women and children.

Einstein once said, “All things are relative” and “For every action there is a reaction.” In the traditional way our people teach the same. In all the major religions around the world it is taught the same way before Einstein ever drew a breath. Every person in America who allows this injustice to continue without voicing any opposition is a party to murder on some level. Someone once said and it is a truism, “All that is needed for evil to prevail is good men to say nothing.” And if Einstein is correct and Jesus is correct then you reap what you sow, and Buddha is correct who said there are karmic laws that must repay or be repaid for whatever you do then this nation had better start paying attention. It is financially at this point bankrupt. It is spiritually and morally bankrupt.

I’m sure this letter won’t buy me any favored treatment. Actually I don’t know that anything ever has. They had a plot to kill me once that didn’t work. They have denied me medical treatment that I need. I have arthritis in my knees. I have a semi dysfunctional jaw from lack of medical treatment. I have 80% loss of vision in one eye. And I have other internal organ infirmities that need medical treatment. But though I have trouble walking I will stand and voice my objection to the cold blooded mistreatment of indigenous people in this land and others. I will speak out always against the cold blooded atrocities that are caused directly by military weapons and/or political policies that cause people to take their own lives as in my country and other countries around the world. And though my vision may be failing me somewhat I can still read the writing on the wall.

Though this country is in great financial peril money - is not the cure. There are some writings today that this country will be destroyed by fire, well let me tell you, or should I say, reiterate the words of my elders and others; the fires are burning now, right now today all over the world the fires are burning. There will be natural devastation upon devastation coming to this country that has used the land and resources of my people to pollute and destroy the natural order of life. You reap what you sow. And as my people say everything that goes around comes around. As Einstein said, “For every action there is a reaction.

I may live a hundred years or I may die tomorrow; but I will always have concern and sorrow for those innocent people that lose their lives. It is such a great tragedy that even some of those who pull the triggers and attack others have been convinced they are doing the right thing for some bureaucrat with little or no understanding of life that espouses some rhetoric about justice being served.

If I sound angry or hurt or disappointed or a multitude of other emotions you would probably be correct. I remember once upon a time, in my naïve belief that sooner or later I would be free and justice would be served. In my case after 33 years of illegal imprisonment justice will never be served, it will be up to the Creator to bring about a reaction that may in some future time balance the scales. But for me and the others like me, whether they are among other prisoners in the US prison system or dead in the streets of Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza Strip or South America or some reservation road or some ghetto street, justice is not being served at this time.

If there is anything further I could say that would affect you in some way it would be to encourage you to take a few minutes out of your life and quietly sit and reflect and maybe just maybe you can hear the mothers crying for their lost children and the men crying for their lost wives and daughters and the grandfathers crying for their lost sons and I could say more but perhaps you may have grown tired of my commentary. Thank you for your time, thank you for reading this, and don’t let evil triumph. Say something.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse and all the others who gave their lives that future generations might enjoy some time together on this beautiful mother earth,

Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations)

Leonard Peltier

PS. I also want to take this opportunity to whole heartedly thank all those who wrote the prison on my behalf recently seeking my transfer to Turtle Mountain facility in North Dakota. Thank you.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Buffalohair: Defense Contract Lobbyist Named Deputy Defense Secretary

Defense Contract Lobbyist Named Deputy Defense Secretary


How far beyond stupid are we? Obama, the toast of the town and so called Washington reformer selected yet another lackey from a failed administration to oversee the *Defense Department. William Lynn, Senior Vice President of Raytheon and War Industry Lobbyist will assist George W. Bush lackey and former Dean of the George Bush School of Government and Public Service Robert M. Gates in overseeing our Department of Defense. And you are asleep at the wheel.

In yet another blow to his supporters O”bummer has chosen court all that was bad in former administrations. This is a critically dangerous selection since we don’t need self serving cabinet members in government. Remember Dick Cheney, CEO of Halliburton and Vice President of the United States of America? Surely you remember the Iraq War and the liars who pushed us into a war with bogus intelligence data. And surely you remember how this war singlehandedly made Halliburton filthy rich? Or did you write it off as a coincidence, again?

It’s laughable how short the collective memories are in this nation. Absolute corruption and corporate interests has become the mainstay in our government. If only American would just wake up and smell the coffee then maybe we would actually reform and return to democracy. Corporate Fascism has taken the helm of not only US politics but most of the free world and no one is paying attention. We seem to forget O’Bummers pandering to the criminally unconstitutional 700 billion dollar Bail-Out. What happen to the checks and balances he promised us when he was catering to the banking industry eh? Or did you forget that already.

Maybe the trillion dollar South Side hassle will remind you since O’Bummer is rushing us into another shady Bail-Out. Why all the hurry, we should have paid attention the first time. Now banks simply lost track of the 350 billion they ran off with. Torture, Spying on American’s and a multitude of crimes against the Constitution of the United States is yet another pre-requisite to gain favor within the O’Bummer Administration. The selling of US jobs via NAFTA is on his agenda as well as union breaking, like it or not. The **Billary’s are planning to expand the powers of the Secretary of State and clearly violating our Constitution, again. It is clear as the nose on your face O”Bummer is a bold faced liar and working the crowd with “feel good” speeches that actually say nothing other than his global objectives. Globalization should be the red flag for all American’s since its main objective is to lower wages down America to match the third world countries.

With 11.1 million Americans out of work do to globalization surely you’d think this would raise an eye brow or two. Maybe when it reaches 25% we will wake up as a nation. If not we will be working for $3 an hour as engineers and $3 a day for laborers. At least we will have jobs and the corporate bottom line will flourish. Industry’s like Alcoa cut US jobs while investing in China. Do you blame them? After all they don’t have environmental standards and their economy is slave labor based. Thanks to the Billary’s China also own 25% of our Treasury Notes.

“Urgent” is yet another red flag word our politicians use to force our hand in these Bail-Out scams. O’Bummer is reusing his old Bail-Out speech in yet another scare tactic to snow ball the population, again. I still wonder why mortgage lenders doubled foreclosures rather than slowed them down whence they got the corporate bail out money, don’t you? Well it is obvious O’Bummer is preparing to wage war in Iran. He is already saber rattling and alluding to Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Mid-East. It’s just another Clinton’esk ploy to distract the population from criminal wrong doing by our leadership. Obama only rejuvenated the den of thieves and their quest for world wide financial domination. Remember Bill’s cover up attempt to mask his wandering hormones by bombing a Sudanese aspirin factory? Dare I mention his “Black Hawk/Somalia” disaster? Oy Vey!

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”

Ben Franklin



Your Devil’s Advocate


Experiments Causing all these extra Earth Quakes?

Tab/click picture below for a graphic on U-Tube video to view what this news release is talking about:

Experiments Causing all these extra Earth Quakes? Before a Black Hole forms?

Reminds me of the copycat of Mose's Signs, In an Old Story once written.

Yellowstone has had 500 Earth Quakes 3.5 There were 200 in just one week end!

Concerns and more concerns

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1, 2009

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Quapaw Tribe Of Oklahoma

Quapaw Tribe

The Quapaw Tribe are descendants of a tribe of Native Americans who historically resided on the west side of the Mississippi River in what is now the state of Arkansas.

Several hundred years ago, the Quapaw were a division of a larger group known as the Dhegiha Sioux. They split into the tribes known today as the Quapaw, Osage, Ponca, Kansa, and Omaha when they left the Ohio Valley.

The Quapaw moved down the Mississippi River into Arkansas, displacing the Tunica and the Illinois. This is the origin of the word "Ugaxpa" (“Ugakhpa”), as the Quapaw were known to other tribes, which means (roughly) "the downstream people."

The downstream people settled in the area where the Arkansas River met the Mississippi, where the meandering of the two massive rivers had deposited nutrient-rich soil conducive to farming. They settled into four villages at the mouth of the Arkansas River. This is where the Quapaw stayed until they were pushed out by Euro-Americans several hundred years later.

Today, many members of the Quapaw Tribe live in Ottawa County, Oklahoma. Their language is of the Dhegiha branch of the Siouan language family. Although it is no longer spoken, it is documented in fieldnotes from 19th-century linguist James Owen Dorsey, and, in the 1970's, by linguist Robert Rankin.

To learn more about the Quapaw Tribe, please visit