Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Buffalohair, Earth Changes 102, My Way or The Highway G*D

Earth Changes 102, My Way or The Highway G*D

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With FEMA and other agencies around the world revealing that 2010 was the most virulent disaster year to date, it should be clear change is upon us. It’s no longer a matter of ”IF” changes will occur but where. Oh well, it’s not like mankind was not warned considering our ancestors left volumes of warning signs for future generations to heed, but to no avail eh. If you don’t get it by now, you never will, I believe. It was also written in prophecies much of the worlds population would not get it either and blindly march to their demise, so you are not alone. But there is another side to the time of change that simply does not get enough press and that’s the supernatural side.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hopi need our help !

 Hopi need our help ! 

Hello my sisters and brothers !
The Hopi people need our help please read and make calls.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Please Re-Post URGENT NEWS-!! La Creek Electric is pulling Lakota familes electric meters.

Please Re-Post URGENT NEWS-!! La Creek Electric is pulling Lakota familes electric meters.

  • Dec. 2010

    Please Re-Post URGENT NEWS-!! La Creek Electric is pulling Lakota famlies electric meters. It’s cold, it’s the holidays. Needing Support please call 605 685 6851 ask why can’t they wait for warmer weather to pull meters! It’s snowing and 30 degrees out !!

  • Wow …They do this every year and they just don’t care.
    I think they need to be reminded that they can’t cut off peoples heat at certain times of the year.
    Will do what I can to help!!
      • They jump around and here we go again at another area! Dec. 2010 Dec. 2010
        Please Re-Post URGENT NEWS-!! La Creek Electric is pulling Lakota families electric meters. It’s cold, it’s the holidays. Needing Support please call 605 685 6851 ask why can’t they wait for warmer weather to pull meters! It’s snowing and 30 degrees out !!

      Dec. 2010

      • La Creek Electric is scheduled to turn off 420 peoples light in the coldest months of winter. Lakota people who are already impoverished. They charge Lakota people $200 to get their lights back on. This is not right! People who’s lights are off have no water, no way to heat their homes! What about the elders and kids!

  • Indigenous Lakota Women Face Harsh Winter Wrath Under Climate Change

    Indigenous Lakota Women Face Harsh Winter Wrath Under Climate Change Numerous Lakota Oglala Sioux women Elders, are now facing extreme poverty on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. They also face real danger with threats of hypothermia during the winter season. “An average of 689 (reported) deaths p

  • We the people need to stand against tribal corruption. This is why we the people suffer. As many sit with out lights, heat and water. Our tribal  official our on their way to sleep in hotels eat out and enjoy the night with our money that should be used to pay our bills that's entitled to us under our treaty rights.

    These statistics concerning the Pine Ridge Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Reservation were compiled from recent Political, Educational, Government, Non-Profit, and Tribal Publications. An earlier version was published by the same author in 2002 entitled, “Hidden Away, in the Land of Plenty.”

    On Saturday, September 20th 2008, CAN-DO will be at Crow Creek participating in the “A Day of Dignity” project, a humanitarian effort to be held at Crow Creek Indian Reservation, Fort Thompson, South Dakota. In its second year of existence, this humanitarian event was started to provide immediate

  • Dec. 2010

    Please Re-Post URGENT NEWS-!! La Creek Electric is pulling Lakota families electric meters. It’s cold, it’s the holidays. Needing Support please call 605 685 6851 ask why can’t they wait for warmer weather to pull meters! It’s snowing and 30 degrees out !!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Buffalohair, The Wikileaks Scam

Buffalohair, The Wikileaks Scam

The Wikileaks Scam

It should be more than apparent that Wikileaks was a carefully calculated operation rather than an activist news group. The matrix of the operation is quite complex involving intelligencia with a host of hostile countries and people with an agenda. But for one moment did anyone ponder the possibility the leaked information may be tainted or altered if not completely fabricated in some instances? It is clear Julian Paul (Assange) is more of a figurehead rather than a mastermind and there are other operatives who are really calling the shots with this Wikileaks Ka Ka. It’s really quite odd that Julian’s primary target is America and her allies. If Wikileaks was legitimate it would have assaulted and exposed all the countries in earnest for all the fraud that earmarks contemporary governments around the globe, not just the free world. It would appear Wikileaks primary purpose is to break the spirit of the American people but sorry Julian, in the land of soap operas this is just entertainment and you are just a jester.

American’s love a good scandal but like any other salacious news story the Wikileaks scam will fade from memory as another scandal comes to pass. As sensational as the media likes to portray the so called discoveries of Julian’s most American’s already knew or had an idea anyway. In all fairness Julian should have exposed all the nations for their corruption and secret crimes if he were legitimate. But for Vladimir Putin to throw sticks at America about her democracy was actually quite funny considering he has Russian blood on his hands. Like a pot calling the kettle black, Vlad put his foot in his mouth and singing with kids will not white wash his crimes against Russian sovereignty. Wonder how much money Julian got from Putin or that other New World Order clown Dmitry Medvedev? Eventually the Russian people will take care of this deceptive duo when the truth is finally revealed about their treasonous activities.

As for America, Julian will be placed in the proper category along with Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton where he belongs. Maybe by then he will have stopped snipping the tips off his condoms and stopped spreading the disease called his gene pool. In any event this is part of prophecy and soon there will be others with more salacious material to share with the world. Frankly, I’d rather hear more Paris Hilton gossip since she is more appealing to the eye than that pencil neck mommies boy Julian Paul.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Buffalohair, Earth Changes, Paranormalization and Pizza

Buffalohair, Earth Changes, Paranormalization and Pizza

Earth Changes, Paranormalization and Pizza

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The time of change really is not a bad thing when you think about it. Cleaning the slate isn’t the best way to describe it but that is what it is. Call it an act of G*D, devil or just pure coincidence one thing is for certain, the Earth is changing radically in all plains of existence not just the physical. The reality of this ebbing cycle will soon dispel the myths of man with the harshest of its reality. Hopefully people will read the signs and seen the tide of change that has permeated every facet of existence or will they? Not everyone is destined to survive the transition but on the other hand not everyone is going to perish when pandemonium reigns across the globe. Survival will take on a new dimension as more and more people interface with elements of the supernatural. Surviving the onslaught of paranormal events will test the sanity of many people who will not be able to cope. If they don’t get a handle it the paranormal aspect of change will be a cataclysm unto itself.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Native Diversity 2010

Back! Thought you might like to see this video by Roscoe Pond. He used my song "You and I" from Flash of a Firefly to accompany this video he's sending to Hollywood producers. What a great way to make Hollywood more aware of these talented actors! Just click on the link below...
Here are the native performers who touched the mainstream in movies and on TV in 2010. There is such a thing as Native Diversity in Hollywood. Let us hope for more work in 2011.

Discovering the Bay Area’s original settlers | San Francisco Bay Area News

Ann Little Running Deer via Sal Kiki Camarillo:
The city of Novato was established in 1960, but people have lived in that area for thousands of years. The city is near the center of what’s now Sonoma and Marin counties – an area that was home to the Coast Miwok tribe for centuries before the first Europeans arrived in California. Now, Novato is

Yurok Tribe Seeks to Reclaim Part of Redwood National Park

Ann Little Running Deer via Sal Kiki Camarillo:

Environment News Service for the latest environmental news, current issues, climate, water, food, forests, species, energy, education. RSS feed.

Charles Littleleaf - Trail of Tears / Amazing Grace (remix)
Trail of Tears / Amazing Grace - Cherokee Dedication. Original song release (2003) from album, "Ancient Reflections" by Charles Littleleaf at Musical production & arrangement by Yaelle Byrd. Video production by V. Littleleaf (2009)

Buffalohair, Wikileaks Ushers in Cyber Censorship

Buffalohair, Wikileaks Ushers in Cyber Censorship

Wikileaks Ushers in Cyber Censorship

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Wikileaks can add Internet Censorship to their list of accomplishments since Sens. John Ensign (R-Nev.), Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Scott Brown (R-Mass.) introduced an anti-Wikileaks Bill that will surely open the flood gates of censorship on the web. Likened to 9-11 where we-the-people allowed our stewards to compromise liberty and democracy for a little bit of safety, Wikileaks has caused a similar mass hysteria where censorship will be touted as an acceptable solution. Chip away at freedoms and civil liberties a little at a time and eventually we will have a “Disciplined Democracy” like Burma or China. The direction our stewards should be looking towards is the massive security leaks within our bloated over paid government agencies, not penalize the citizens like in the case of 9-11. Bush spawned the PATRIOT ACT during the pandemonium that ensued after that fateful day. That spelled the end of our constitution and civil liberties. Now, granny gets fingered at the airport for our safety of course and politicians who’ve bankrolled the body scanner industry are collecting dividend checks. The terrorists celebrate their victory.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Buffalohair, What Has Wikileaks Accomplished?

Buffalohair, What Has Wikileaks Accomplished?

What Has Wikileaks Accomplished?

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Above all else Wikileaks has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are no secrets in this new information age we live. As Americans go through debasing unnerving body scans and cavity searches at airports people in positions of authority are doling out secrets. Naked pictures of passengers flood the net from lack luster TSA employees. Treason and espionage has taken center stage as this budding cottage industry supplements the incomes for a myriad of disgruntled federal employees and service personnel. Wikileaks also provided the perfect catalyst for laundering funds from a host of terrorist organizations who applaud Julian’s performance. Wikileaks should be called Julian’s Jihad for no good or purpose will come from his exploits, just pandemonium.

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A Superhero (Not an Ethnic Minority)

I love Halloween…but I don’t love racist Halloween costumes. And, sadly, it seems like the “go to” Halloween costume is often an “Indian Chief” or a scantily clad “Indian Princess.” When in doubt, wear something brown, cut some fringe, put a headband around your head and attach a feather. Now, you’re an Indian!…??!!
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What kind of statement are we making when we dress up as a marginalized people? What makes us think we own their culture in this way?

I thought I was the only one who felt sick to my stomach seeing someone dressed up in costume as an “Indian Chief” or “Muslim,” but to my surprise, I’m not! There is quite a bit of buzz online about racist Halloween costumes and how to avoid being racially/ethnically offensive, while still having fun.
As explained,
I saw people dressed as Mexicans, Asians and sporting the ever popular Afro wig. Putting on an Afro wig or a sombrero is not a costume. Batman or Superman is a costume, being ethnic for a night isn’t—it’s offensive.
"Native American boy" costume
Check out Gawker’s list of offensive Halloween costumes including the “Geisha girl,” “Samurai Warrior” and “Alaskan ‘Eskimo.’” also has a great slideshow of wigs and masks (and glasses like the pair below) that made my jaw drop.
This is not okay.
Please think critically when you pick your Halloween costume. Just because your friend who is Native American/Black/Asian/Latino/whatever is not offended, does not mean the costume is not offensive to others! Halloween is about fun…not disrespect.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Buffalohair, Julian Assange Wants a Girl to Call His Own

Julian Assange Wants a Girl to Call His Own

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In the beginning I found it darkly comical a journalist easily found people in sensitive and classified positions willing to betray their own country. And to think these boneheads are assigned the mission of spying on us for all intents and purposes. In any event Julian Assange managed to gather sensitive and classified diplomatic cable communications with relative ease. I find this discovery troubling indeed. Why would any communications officer treasonously dump classified communiqué’s and intelligentsia in the lap of a politically slanted journalist such as Assange in the first place? Who were the liaisons and go-betweens that facilitated this and other Wikileaks intelligence operations? Or is Wikileaks just a mechanism for Julian to vent his lifetime of personal torment and sexual frustration? Is this just another way for you to score chicks Julian?