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IMPORTANT!!! Navajo Nation Piracy Bill

IMPORTANT!!! Navajo Nation Piracy Bill
The Navajo Nation Council will vote on the "Navajo Nation Unauthorized Recording Act of 2007" (Legislation No. 0836-07) this week at the Council Spring Session April 21-25, 2008.

This is a very important piece of legislation that affects all us artist and business owners. Please, those of you that support this legislation show your support by attending the Navajo Nation Council Session in Window Rock, AZ and lobby our elected leaders for their support on this legislation.

Piracy is a multi-million dollar business on the Navajo Nation and if this new law does not pass, we artists and business owners will loose millions of dollars annually from the illegal sales of pirated CDs and DVDs on the Navajo Nation.

The legislation is sponsored by Council Delegate Edmond Yazzie. We have been working very closely with Edmond over the past few months and created a short documentary film titled "Pirates of the Navajo Nation" to help educated the Navajo Nation Council about piracy on the Navajo Nation.

You may view the film here:

We (Andee and I) will be at the Council Session on Wednesday to lobby the Council. We hope to see all of you there to support this very important piece of legislation.

You can download the Councils agenda at:

The Associated Press also released a story on this legislation, you can view the story here:

Please feel free to pass this information on to anyone interested. We hope to see as many people there as possible to show their support in this legislation. if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our contact info is below.

Thank you,
Shonie and Andee De la Rosa
Sheephead Films
(928) 429-0671

Location: Kayenta, Arizona

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The legislation was tabled until the summer session in July.

We still need supporters!!!!



Thursday, April 24, 2008

Buffalohair Food Shortage Hits American Shores


Food Shortage Hits American Shores

What was once thought to be an Asia issue, rice shortage, has hit California, New York and New England as shopper's line up at markets to buy rice. Some stores are considering rationing the commodity as panicked shoppers buys hundreds of pounds of rice at a time. Some call it sticker shock since the looming rice shortage has increased the price of this once cheap food stuff.


Flour is also coming into short supply as feverish shoppers but up this commodity as well. As we all know, corn has taken a major hit since it is now targeted for ethanol fuel. Corn, the staple of feed for livestock, is increasing in value hence the rise in meat costs. Meat has taken a hit do to the rising cost of fuel, fact is all food items have taken a major hit as the corporate world puts a strangle hold on farmer's and rancher's pocket book across America and Canada. And there is no question it is affecting farmer's world wide.


Across the globe food riots are becoming a common occurrence as the hungry struggle to buy food stuffs that are now in short supply. The price of corporate greed is starvation for many within the third world nations. Yet fuel prices break records everyday. The total disregard for the environment from corporations has become the death nil for bread baskets around the world. Climatic change has taken a more virulent role in weather patterns.


Ah but who is paying attention anyway? The rush for rice is on, so what? Well, climatic change is already affecting the lives of millions with failed crops. It's bound to get worse as time wears on fore this is only the beginning I fear. Mark my words, "There will be a food shortage in your community sooner than you think" It's only a matter of time.


You have to wonder though. Is this just an elaborate way of ridding the world of pesky poor and indigenous folks? What a diabolical exercise in Eugenics this would be. The advantages would be priceless to the multi national conglomerates (New World Order) that are lusting for the natural resources many of these third world people live on. Corporatists can simply starve to death the annoying indigenous population who hinder their lucrative bottom line. Without wasting precious money on bullets and having to find an "excuse" for killing them, they can reap their bounty. And it's all about the money Paisan.


Your Devil's Advocate



The Whole Web is watching!

This one is about getting electric power to the border camps and the Karen people there so even they can surf the WEB.

The Whole Web is watching!

Search Google for Buffalohair Stories, are you there?

Monday, April 21, 2008



While the world ponders how to convince China, the real power behind the Corrupt Military Junta of Burma, to stop the blood shed the environment has been ignored. Deforestation has destroyed the soil with unchecked erosion. Putrid water littered with garbage and industrial waste line many waterways. And the total break down of medical services as well as other environmental and health issues has made this nation ripe for disease and pestilence on a grand scale.

Of course world wide conglomerates who’ve also enjoined in raping this nation of its natural resources share the blame. China has reaped most of the benefits from the wholesale robbery of this nation but the corporate world also shares in the total disregard for Burma’s environment and the enslaved people within her borders.

It’s absolutely disgusting to review the photos smuggled out of country showing the likes of Chevron, Daewoo and other international companies and the fetid conditions they leave in their wake. It is bad enough these companies have taken a stance of “Money before People” in their ruthless assault of natural resources. And We the People support them for their efforts. In essence we who shop and buy goods from these greedy corporations give justification and a green light, so we must share in the blame in the ecological and human disaster that is happening today in Burma.

Chevron Oil, Total Oil and a host of other companies such as Daewoo have saturated the world with their products and gleaned a handsome profit from death and disregard of the environment. Daewoo with its total disregard for the people of Burma fill the shelves of Wal-Mart and other stores with their electronic gadgets as well as fill our streets with their cars and trucks and we keep on buying them. The oil companies have the world in a strangle hold of greed as it is yet we still support them and mindlessly except their total disregard for life on this planet. How far beyond stupid have we become??? I will venture to say the Corporate Fluoride Conspiracy has made us mindless nymphs complacent and docile. We have become a world of lookie loo’s and it’s only a matter of time before we face our fate since we are making a bed that we will soon have to lay in. Cambodia has been stripped of its forests to make furniture in Europe and the US just for starters. It would appear that all these Asian countries have become the target of corporate greed since there are no checks and balances with human rights and the environment.

You can keep this Blood Olympic Games China hopes to cash in on. Their hands dripping with the blood of its own people they murdered and displace for this bogus sports event. But world wide corporations are lusting to cash in on this pocks of a sporting event. The only benefits I see in this Olympic fiasco is in identifying the corporations and businesses who are supporting these games. Let them be seen and let us identify the bed fellows of death and environmental disasters, let us see who is sponsoring the rape and murder of innocent people in Burma and the rest of Asia.

How many people must die before we finally had enough? How many forests must be destroyed before we say a word? South Asia has become a grand experiment is biological warfare and soon it will become the melting pot of incurable disease as millions die. And we the people of Earth let it happen. Buy your fetid radios and big screen TV’s from Daewoo, pump the life’s blood of a suffering people into your tank when you support one of these putrefied corporate swine. And while you’re at it enjoy your hot tub while eating cookies from Mrs. Beasley’s baked goods and toiletries, a subsidiary of Chevron by the way, and enjoy the death and destruction you have fostered. Fore it is the consumer who is footing the bill and you are it.

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

Sunday, April 20, 2008



With the realization that most of the urban water supplies are sugar coated with drugs that have passed through the intestines of previous drinkers, I have to laugh. This is way too funny, but the stark reality of the chemicals is not. The reality is that many people are on psycho active drugs such as Prozac, Zoloft, Thorazine and the like. With chemical companies boasting astronomical figures of their use everyone is being sedated by mind altering drugs. Small wonder King George W. Bush failed to address this issue fore this was known way before these drugs were discovered a few short weeks ago.

Call it the Ka Ka Water Conspiracy if you will. And there is more. Fluoride has been in most municipalities for several generations already. The reasoning for the addition of fluoride was to help fight tooth decay. But knowing the government as it truly is this was a bold faced lie since dental care or any health care clearly was not on their agenda from the start. If so, America would have had socialized medicine long ago.

The realities of fluoride date back to Stalin, Hitler and other totalitarian regimes. Its use in drinking water was not to fight tooth decay but to alter the minds of its drinkers. It’s always been known that it induced lethargy and complacency. It was first used in the drinking water of prisoners for behavior control. Later it was used to control the masses.

With well over 200,000 tons of fluoride added to the current American drinking supply annually as well as all the things on our stores shelves, we’ve become a sedated nation. Add all the psycho active drugs recently discovered and there you have it, the perfect stew for building a complacent and lethargic population. Lab rats became so docile there were no Alpha males anymore. They simply lost their will and had no spirit. In humans, prisoners became so docile they did anything they were told without any questioning or resistance.

Look all around you and see what is going on in this nation as we speak. Things are completely out of control in government while King George throws the Constitution out the window. Criminality by government officials are only news items and quickly forgotten as a medicated society simply says “Oh well”. Then they forget everything that happened the next day. Everyone is complacent and does as they are told regardless of what it is. We do as we are told while the elite class drinks bottled water since ours is poisoned.

Major international conglomerate corporations such as Alcoa, Pharmacia, GE Health Care, Ningbo Yadong Chemical LTD, Excel Water Technologies, and corporations on the Fortune 500 list are in on the fluoride conspiracy. They boast sky rocketing profits from the manufacture and distribution of this mind altering drug in many forms to the world. This also has become the perfect marketing tool since the minds of the consumers have become putty and easily influenced into buying their other products regardless of need or consequence. So why do people buy the things they do? They have no choice since they were told to. Their will to reason and discern has been destroyed or severely altered by the collective use of fluoride in the drinking supplies in America and other nations who have chosen to control the minds of the masses.

I call it the lemming mentality since individuality and the free spirit has been destroyed for the most part. Complacency has become the rule of the day and people just do as they are told. They buy what they are told to and do as corrupt government officials tell them. Of course it’s all about the money and the bottom line when we look at this closely. Rulers can side step the established laws of the land and this is a windfall for the corporate.

Then we come to the Ka Ka Water Conspiracy that was recently uncovered. It was always known that chemicals simply pass through the body and it was always known purification techniques used in the sewage treatment did not remove these pesky chemicals people passed through their bodies. The fact we live in the Prozac nation was a blessing to our corrupt leader King George and he truly benefited from our drugged state. If we were not drugged into complacency he would have been impeached long ago as well as the rest of our corrupt leadership.

Hitler and Stalin would be proud of what this world has come to. Corporatism and its New World Order have the perfect weapon and they are boldly using it in the face of a docile and complacent society.

Boy, am I glad I live up stream in the Rockies eh. At the very least I am drinking water that passed through deer, elk and an occasional moose. Drinking water from the butt’s of millions, what a thought.

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind



From the heartland of America you would think farmers and truckers are revered but alas such is not the case. For the most part farmers are ignored and forgotten. Truckers are the pocks of society. But the real question is why. Why are these once revered and endeared groups outcasts today?

In the old days farmers and truckers were the salts of the earth. Farmers grew the crops that fed the nation and truckers delivered the goods and were the salvation of stranded motorists since time immemorial. Not much has changed other then the fact corporations with the help of the federal government have bankrupted most of the little farms and corporations from other nations bought up the land. Remember back in the 70’s when farms went belly up when the government suddenly stopped subsidizing farms? Well there is a dark secret Uncle Sam failed to tell you. I remember how the government agencies used to promote farmers to buy new and fancy equipment while using their farms as collateral. In 1976 these government people made such a big deal about buying new expensive equipment. Many farmers went for broke and upgraded their farms at government insistence. Then in 1977 the government pulled the rug out from the farmers leaving them in serious debt. The banks scored big time as farm after farm went under. Farms and ranches that were owned for generations found themselves on the auction block and corporate America stepped in and took full advantage of their plight. Now corporate farms have replaced most of the humble farms and another piece of Americana died in the process. In short, farmers were set up and lost everything because they trusted the government.

Today there are still some small farms but they face an up hill battle just to survive since they have to pay the astronomical fuel prices corporate farms don’t. Why? It’s really quite simply since corporations can buy in bulk leaving the little farms to fend for themselves. So you say it was a burden to the tax payer, all the farm subsidies eh. Well if the truth be known the corporate farms have subsidies that far over shadow the subsidies the little farms once had. The ethanol subsidies for corporate farms are astronomical. In all actuality it takes 2 or more gallons of fuel to produce 1 gallon of ethanol. But since the government is subsidizing all this, we the tax payer are footing the bill on both ends. The environment still suffers the negative effects of the 2 or more gallons spent in the manufacture. The price of feed and other food stuffs have skyrocketed and corporations glean yet more blood sweat and tears from the already cash strapped public. Pharmaceutical companies get subsidies to invent and manufacture drugs at the tax payer’s expense then we get hit with the price of development even though we foot the bill in the first place. Ah what the hell, no one pay’s attention anyway.

Then there is the on going war between the wagoners and the rail roads. This war was going on since the time of John D. Rockefeller. You remember him, the father of Chevron Oil and the Rail Road Empire eh. Back at the turn of the 20th Century wagoners were in competition with rail roads to distribute oil from Rockefeller’s refineries. Well he decided to up the cost of oil delivered by wagons to stop this intrusion of his rail roads. At the same time people were getting tired of all these monopolies and he had to divest his interests in many industries, rail roads and oil for starters.

So here we are today. Most people have a very negative view of truckers these days. Again this is quite simple since the corporate world controls the media at large and they’ve managed to sensationalize all the truck accidents and falsify statistics to make the independent truckers the scourge of the nation. You tell a lie long enough and people will believe it. The media did the same thing to the Native American’s with great success and my people were murdered for crimes the media fabricated. It was all about the money as well.

Yeah them trucks are noisy, they hold up traffic and truckers seem rude and distasteful for some reason. People forget that truckers kept small town America alive during the Great Depression and made Route 66 the legend it is today. Further the government deregulated trucking and heaped restriction after restriction along with exorbitant fees and extreme penalties for relatively minor infractions. The American Trucking Association should be better called the American Rail Road Association since they are not the voice of the independent and small trucking firms. Rather, they are the voice of rail road owned trucking firms who relish the elimination of all independent truckers and small firms who can beat their rates and give prompt service. Further, the government made it no longer a necessityfor new drivers to drive with seasoned veterans of the road. They simply pay a few grand, go to truck driving school and in two weeks, POOF, they are truck drivers. Back in the day a green driver spent months on the road with a senior driver to learn all the facets of driving. There was no way any school could teach drivers these salts of the driving world could.

Next time you are at a rail road crossing take a gander of all the truck trailers on flat cars and you will know the names of these corporate trucking companies who’s parent company’s are rail roads. The rail road lobby is a most lucrative one since they languish in government subsidies and promote laws and bills that only affect the non rail road companies. They also buy fuel in bulk from the oil companies and why not? They are still bed fellows since the time of John D. Rockefeller and you better bet your bippy they have conspired to destroy the competition. The monopolies of the turn of the 20th Century never really been broken they only went under ground.

I had the golden opportunity to know these veterans of the concrete sea. They are the last of the Big Strappers. Big Strappers was a term designated to seasoned wagoners who used to get those mules moving back in the 19th Century. Granted they are were not the social butterfly and pretty much stuck to themselves. They chose this life for one of many reasons. Some were WW II and Korean War vets others were Viet Nam War Vets. Others simply had a love of traveling and wanderlust. But all were American’s and stood tall within their trade fore trucking is not for everybody.

Donnie, a Krusty Old Buzzard, is the classic “Old School Trucker”. Though he is in his 60’s I would still think twice if I ever got cross threaded with him. He’s driven many millions of miles delivering freight all over America. He watched as cottage industries grew into major companies. He watched the land change in front to his wind shield. And he did his fair share of rescuing stranded motorists along the isolated highways of this land. He remembers when kids used to give the sign for him to toot his air horn and would oblige them with a blast from his rig. Today people only give him the finger, a sign of their distain for big trucks.

Ironically as people discuss ways to keep trucks out of their neighborhoods or heap more regulations and fees, they are eating sitting or dressed in something a truck delivered. The reality is your fresh veggies and tofu are delivered by independent truckers who rush to market for fresh deliveries. Corporate trucks do not deliver and the rail roads tried in vane to deliver fresh produce only to have it rot on a siding. The very paper used to make petitions against big trucks came in a 48 foot trailer.

Then there is Bob and Stacy a father and son trucking firm. They have delivered organic meats, tofu, soy milk and other sundry items to markets for many years. They like so many other independent truckers have been hit hard with fuel prices as well as over regulation of their father and son operation. Yet these salts of the earth keep on trucking and bringing the groceries home so you can have a fresh salad or enjoy a fresh cut of meat. But what do you care anyway? Maybe when you can only buy rancid meat that sat on some rail road siding for a few weeks will you appreciate what the independents once did.

The price of fuel has caused the rise in food costs and by no means has this increase helped the bottom line of these independents. The cost of operation has made many truckers go bankrupt while corporate rail road trucks picked up their loads. Just be forewarned whence the rail roads finally eliminate all independent companies they will fix the price of freight and your service will be marginal at best and that is a given.

It is funny how the devastating train wrecks with hazardous materials goes relatively unnoticed. Whole communities have disappeared do to contamination. But there was not a peep from the media eh, imagine that. The pollution from any train would rip a hole in the ozone but the rail roads can buy Carbon Credits, something truckers are not privy to. If anyone would take notice, after a train wreck the rail road will simply burry everything along the siding. This usually happens out of the public’s eyes so what’s the big deal?

Maybe that is why George Bush did not address the pollution of the drinking water recently discovered. He wants us to be sedated so we don’t make a stink about ANYTHING. Don’t get me started on the sedative called fluoride eh. You know, that drug Stalin, Hitler and other totalitarian leaders used to sedate their population. I don’t think Stalin was worried about tooth decay either. Hopefully the research done in the 60’s is still around where they verified that fluoride induces complacency in lab rats. Add all the drugs that have traveled through host intestinesand I’ll wager most of them will be psycho active drugs like Prozac, Zoloft and Thorazine. Ah, so what. After all, a sedated population is an obedient population. But that’s another story eh.

California was built by trucks. Orange County was once a farming community filled with groves of orange trees. It was the trucker, not the rail road who went to all these cottage industries picking up and delivering “LTL” (Less Than a Truck Load) helping them grow into the industries they are today. Sadly all the orange trees disappeared as well as the farmer by the way. Truckers were made out to be second class people as a whole. California has gone out of its way to make life hard for trucks in general since they have taken up the policy of backing corporations rather than the little man. Truckers are looked on with distain by law enforcement as well as the cash cow of fines and penalties. Guilty until proven innocent is the axiom of the California Highway Patrol and they are eager to arrest drivers for minor infractions of their bulging book of regulations. There are more different kinds of cops that look for fault with truckers than you can shake a stick at. There is the DOT cop, The Pollution cop, The noise cop and the list goes on and on. Each township imposes even more regulations that effect truckers. Other states are following suite since the cash cow of independent truckers is most appetizing to these pork barrel law makers.

Ah what do we care about some farmers and truckers anyway? Corporations have taken on every aspect of our daily lives. Viva Corporate Rule and down with the rugged individuals who originally built this land. It’s all about the money. Just so long as the media tells you all is nice and the news speaks of stock gains, everything is OK. Dare I mention the auto industry and the jobs that went out of country leaving career auto workers bankrupt? Or should I remind you of all the college educated poor who are loosing their homes as we speak since their companies out sourced all their jobs for a greater profit and bottom line?

Corporate Fascism or Corporate Communism, depending on which continent you live on, is erasing the little industries and those who oppose them at an alarming rate world wide. Yet the media is silent. The American dream has turned into the American Nightmare as corporate greed sucks the life’s blood out of every nation on this planet. There is no rugged individual nor are there any cottage industries who will survive this cancer that has infected the globe. Globalization will profit only a select few, the absolute minority of the Earths population at best. The farmer, trucker and auto worker were only the beginning. From the blue collar to the white collar worker, no one is safe and it’s only a matter of time before your career is on the chopping block.

If international corporate conglomerates have their way, we the people of Earth will be nothing more than slaves to the New World Order. Depression? You ain’t seen nothing yet baby fore we’ve already begun the downward spiral and the bottom is not in sight. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

Buffalohair HEARTLAND


Ah yes, nothing like traveling through the heartland of the good ole USA to stimulate me and my stories. Remember when Obama made a statement about people being bitter and all? Well he only touched the tip of the proverbial ice berg with that statement eh. Bitter is an understatement fore the real phrase should be “pissed off” and pissed off big time and not just in Pennsylvania.

In my travels through the continental United States I’ve interviewed people from all colors and persuasions lately and they ALL are dismayed and disgusted. It is not hard to see that this is more a general consensus of the population as a whole and not that which is being portrayed by the main stream media. Of course we all know the main stream media is ALL controlled by, you guessed it, conglomerate corporations, lock, stock and tomahawk. So in all actuality the world is hearing a bogus lie for it is not the voice of the vast majority of America. It is the voice of the absolute minority who are gleaning the handsome profit from this New World Order.

In speaking with my European friends I’ve noticed the riots in France and other places are barely mentioned if at all. Nothing is being said about the plight of the Basques in Spain for instance. Burma and its absolute savagery against the Burmese population is a non issue. The struggle of the Native’s throughout the America’s is non existent and Africa is of no concern what so ever. The vast majority of the world is in total chaos as corporate rule takes over. And yes folks, it’s all about the money Paisan, Capice? It’s all about the corporate bottom line and we the people of the world are simply slaves to this new form of world domination. The main stream media keeps painting a picture of “all is nice” and artificially keeping isolated all the turmoil that has ensued since corporate rule has taken the scepter of power, like the thieves in the night.

American’s with 401 K’s are watching helplessly as their entire retirement fund disappears. People are losing their homes at a rate that over shadows the devastating Depression of 1929. Jobs have been sent to third world nations for cheap slave labor with no environmental laws or restrictions. But the media sticks to a script manufactured by the corporate rules that’ve enslaved a planet.

Coming from “Third World America”I already see the handwriting on the wall. It’s already a done deal and now the world faces the very same plight as we did. In all actuality I should buy stocks in Duct Tape and wire cloths hangers fore the rest of the world will soon learn to live like us Native’s in the America’s do. Maybe I should write a book in surviving the world depression that has long since taken hold. It would be a number one best seller if only people had the cash to buy my publication. And of course I would be hard pressed to find a publishing company who would dare to defy the corporate powers that own all the major publishing houses.

The word “Depression” comes into the conversation whenever I speak to the people I meet in America, every time. Not once does anyone say “Recession”. I spoke with a couple who was traveling in a used rental truck they purchased with the few dollars they had left after they lost their house. All of their worldly possessions were onboard and they were toting a “vintage” 1990’s car that contained their plants. I took notice of them in a parking lot of a lavish casino in Las Vegas. They were selling off some of their possessions to fund their journey to one of their parents home back east (gas money). Like the other people I’ve met on the road, they shared this look of shock as they told of their plight. Yes, they were college educated and once held fanciful jobs and lived in plush surroundings only to find they are homeless. They are the voiceless victim’s of corporate greed. You can bet your bottom dollar their plight is not an isolated one fore this is the hidden America the world is not allowed to see.

If you are not aware, casinos provide parking to big rigs and motor home travelers. This is becoming a port of call for the homeless travelers. According to security people I’ve spoken to, people are allowed to park for a maximum of 2 weeks then they must move on. Walmart parking lots also provide a place to park as well. As time wears on it will become more and more apparent to the general public that all is not well. The media will no longer be able to provide a smoke screen.

One day soon the information super highway will be silenced as corporate rule quashes the free flow on information world wide. The excuse will be to fight terrorism but in all reality it will be to silence journalists such as myself as we report the true state of affairs on this planet. There are bills before congress to stop the free flow of information as we speak and other nations are doing just the same. So be prepared for yet another Orwellian turn of events, all for the sake of corporations that have taken over the governments of the world.

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Schools project for Earth Day! Earth Day Groceries Project

Earth Day Groceries Project

To bad they are not full of food to the poor!


Dear Educators,
You and your schools are invited to participate in the eighth annual Earth Day Groceries Project! This activity is coordinated entirely on the Internet. There is no cost, the rewards are many, and registration is not
necessary. This project is a sure-fire way to increase environmental awareness at your school, empower your students as teachers, and build strong community ties. It all happens on Earth Day, April 22nd.

Visit the completely redesigned website for complete information: Read through some of the thousands of inspirational reports. Look at pictures of students working on and proudly displaying their Earth Day Grocery Bags. Pick up the online Starter Kit. Find out why so many schools have made this activity an annual schoolwide event. Below are the Four Simple Steps from the project web site:

  • 1. Borrow. Contact a local grocery store that uses large paper grocery bags. See if the manager will let you "borrow" enough bags so that each student in your school can decorate one. Let the manager know about the project and its environmental education message, of course! Grocers usually get these bags in bundles of 500.
  • 2. Decorate. Have students at school decorate the bags with pictures of the earth, environmental messages, the name of your school, etc. Be creative! DO NOT allow students to write their last names on any bags.
  • 3. Deliver. A couple of days before Earth Day you and/or your students return the decorated bags to the grocery store - with many thanks to the manager! The store then distributes these bags (full of groceries) to happy and amazed shoppers on Earth Day.
  • 4. Report. Fill out the report form on the project web site to document your schools commitment to caring for our world on Earth Day. Please, only one report per school. All reports will be posted on the Earth Day Groceries web site at

The Earth Day Groceries Project is one of the oldest and largest educational activities on the Internet. Begun in 1994 with a simple email invitation that attracted a handful of schools, it now involves hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren, grocers, and consumers around the world annually. Now operated as a nonprofit 501(c3) organization, the project is still run by its founder, Mark Ahlness, a third grade teacher in Seattle Washington.

Remember, you do not need to sign up or register, just have a great time with the project! Happy Earth Day, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008



While on an excursion to Hollywood’s most exclusive Hotel and eatery Châteaux Marmot, I came across something that was in stark contrast to the glam and pomp of the movie industries most hallowed ground. Just off the Santa Monica Freeway in the recesses of the off ramp I noticed something glimmering in the bushes. Upon closer examination I noticed a shopping cart. Then I noticed yet another, then another.

After the meeting, a most deliciously decadent salmon dinner and a few glasses of wine I decided to make my way back to this most curious scene. As I panned the location I was struck by its complexity fore there were many makeshift huts. Shopping carts were parked in a most distinguished fashion, all in a row. They looked like jets parked on a flight deck. Each one was decorated by various items such as plastic flowers and the like.

Within the bushes there were many huts and lean twos in an equally neat row. I was stunned by the ingenuity and utilization of cast off card board, tarp and plastic. In the back ground was Century City with its rising crystalline towers and engineering marvels. They obviously were the homes of many motion picture empires and moguls. Truly it was a billion dollar landscape and some of the most valuable property in the Southland. At its door step was this shanty town.

People were busy moving about within this enclave of the impoverished. They seemed not to have a care in the world as they chatted. Their attire was a mixture of rags, out of date polyester and patchwork. Folks were laughing and singing along with a gentleman who had a harmonica. It was a rich mixture of races and I noticed a few children running through the flight deck of shopping carts. I became mesmerized as I tried to drink in all that I saw. It was like stepping into a B Rated movie like Mad Max or Thunder Dome, a futuristic series of movies about survival after a cataclysmic world catastrophe.

It truly was a hypnotic scene and I could not help but watch in total awe. Was I looking into a key hole of the future for humanity? Was this a pre-view of the envisioned “Humbling Times”? I could not turn away as I peered through the dense bushes. They were not bitter or unhappy from what I could see. Regardless of their appearance they all brandished smiles. Granted not all of them hadteeth but who cared. It was a moment of bliss for these human beings. I found myself feeling a bit envious since they truly were not on the “grid”. My mind drifted in thought as they sang and played the harmonica.

Then the spell was broken by a loud, “What do you want from us?” I turned around to find three men dressed in rags. They did not seem too happy with my spying on them it would appear. I explained that I was a journalist and was hoping to get an interview with them or the people within the camp. The eldest man came forward and said; “We are not a part of your world anymore so please leave us alone” I turned back around only to find the festivities I was watching has ceased and everyone was looking at me with a blank expression. They stared motionless at me and with a bit of distain. The eldest gentleman made a motion for me to leave and I did. As I made my way back to my car I could hear the people asking if I was going to call the cops or force them to leave. The elder said, “I don’t know”.

The next day I returned for another meeting at the Châteaux Marmot. But as I drove onto the off ramp I did not see a soul, the shanty town, the row of shopping carts and the people were all gone. The landscape was different as well somehow. This tribe of forgotten American’s simply disappeared without a trace. But I still can hear the harmonica and envision the people dancing some jig in the dust beneath the Santa Monica Freeway. But I’ll never forget what the man said, “We are not a part of your world anymore” Sadly, many more people will soon be thrown away as the secret depression gains momentum in the land of the free.

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind



With little more than gender and race separating the three candidates in America’s Presidential Election it is only obvious that corporations are financing them all. Lobbyists and corporate monies are shaping the outcome of the election no matter who wins the draw. There is no question the top priority will not actually be social concerns and the quality of life for all American’s.

But if you did vote for one of the Three Stooges chances are some ‘Super Delegate’ would vote for the money. What the hell is a super delegate anyway? I can just imagine how difficult it is for a third world nation to figure out their new found democracy with America ever changing the rules about their own democratic process. Everyone cheats now-a-days and the rules of engagement are always changing. Zimbabwe and Zambia are clear evidence of sore looser syndrome and other third world nations are following suite as well. It is funny how the main stream media has little to say about the elections in South America eh. Seems elections in that region buck the corporate system and voice the will of the people. Dare I mention how the Military Junta of Burma has padded the voting process by including under age children? Oh about 30,000 under age children have been added who incidentally are members of the ruthless Union Solidarity Development Association. That’s right Than Shwe, we are paying attention to every detail of your corrupt and bogus Constitutional Referendum. Hopefully the Three Stooges, John, Hillary and Barak don’t get any ideas.

Sadly its only a matter of time before one of these talking heads calls a foul and the election and the electoral process is called into question. It will be more of a distraction or smoke screen anyway. Seems the only time the Constitution is honored is when it is advantageous to some political official or corporations. The rest of its contents are not valid if it interferes with commerce and the New World Order. President Bush made paper air planes out of the pages of the Constitution and passed illegal Executive Orders in defiance of the Constitution as it is. But we the people simply sat by counting our chips or worried about Paris Hilton’s fashion statement.

Guess I should not give a flying crappola about this bogus election and the corrupt electoral process. AndI should not give a hill of beans about how the corporate world has pulled the ultimate fast one on the public as a whole, world wide. Why should I anyway? As far as the Indigenous population is concerned, we are a non entity and more a curio to be passed around at luncheons and cotillions. It makes me barf every time someone asks me to give them an “Indian Name” or if I can play the “Tom Tom”, gads.

The Constitution, what a piece of work it is I might add. But sadly the ink was not even dry and the new American’s were killing us off like flies. It would have been wonderful to have lived in harmony with these new folks from Europe. The Constitution was well written and spoke of rights and all the trimmings that would have made any nation proud and truly free. For all intents and purposes the Indigenous population was more of a burden and an eye sore to these people. We were not considered human until 1918 when the US Cavalry stopped buying robbed Native skulls to give to scientists who were struggling to find proof we were sub human.

For the most part we live in sub human conditions while our natural resources are robbed without compensation, our people are still dying from the effects of despair and abject poverty. You must realize not everyone has bustling casinos and lucrative tribal industries. For the most part we are the secret “Third World” within the borders of the United States of America. Our people die from diseases others can buy a pill to cure; our health care is in shambles as well as our educational process and opportunity. This cancer is spreading throughout the United States as we speak. Corruption has come full circle and now others are joining the ranks of the ignored and displaced. The only color of concern is green, the color of money.

Like the Karen of Burma, we are being systematically killed off, one person at a time. It’s a long and slow death I might add. Ambivalence has become the weapon of choice. Pretend they are not there and maybe they will go away. The joke on the rez is that if a depression was to hit America once again someone would have to come and tell us since we would not know the difference. Living in squalor has its advantages since we already know how to live with nothing. We’ve mastered living with fetid water and cholera infested blankets. We’ve mastered living in houses without electricity and heat and we’ve mastered the use of Duct Tape and metal cloths hangers. But the media at large says nothing about our plight, not a peep.

The core of this cancerous dysfunctional behavior is corporate greed. They are the ones who lust for natural resources around the world. From the Shoshone to the Karen tribal people are under siege by mega corporations like Chevron Oil who rob their sacred sites of gold, emeralds, oil and a host of natural resources. In some nations tribal people are killed on site other nations simply ignore them to a fault. The media at large are owned by these conglomerates so the ears of the world are muffled by nonsense rather than reality.

As the price of food rises beyond affordability world wide the reality of corporate greed begins to show its ugly face. People will starve to death because oil companies decided to run for the gold. The world has become a “puppet regime” for the corporate buck. Presidents and Kings are nothing more than lobbyists and front men for the will of corporations. Follow the money Paisan, read it and weep fore we are living in a time where corruption and greed has become the rule of the land. Talk about organized crime. John Gotti and the boys look like school kids in comparison to corporations. What ever, as if anyone pays attention anyway.

And the band played on.

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

Sunday, April 13, 2008



As the world media reacts to China’s horrific actions taken against the Monks. I have to wonder why the media has not taken such a stance against the Military Junta of Burma. Clearly the people of Burma have been under siege for about 50 years as Than Shwe and his merry band of thugs killed their way into the hearts of millions.

The Karen are being murdered as well as other ethnic tribal people as we speak but not a sound from the media eh. The bogus Constitutional Referendum is up for yet another “fixed” election and will soon be the law of the land. Yet the media at large just sits there. If it were not for the free thinking people at Irrawaddy and other obscure publications true news from Burma would be non existent.

Fortunately for me I have many friends who’ve survived to tell their stories and assist me in my research. Granted they are still very fearful for their lives so I do not mention their names since it is known the Burmese Junta has agents and hit squads within the borders of the United States and other nations. From ex political prisoners to Karen refugees arriving in the United States the stories keep on coming. The picture they paint is that of total horror, rape and gruesome torture.

Now China is trying to promote their “Blood Olympic Games”. What a sham that will be since there is no question they will win the “Wholesale Murder For Fun and Profit” event only followed closely by the USA for their treatment of the Indigenous people within their borders. The African continent will be a top contender since they have many contestants as well. Dare I mention South Africa and their blood filled diamond mines? South America Countries are also in the running with their corporate sponsored elections as well as their wholesale murder of tribal people and destruction of rain forests, all for fun and profit. So now I have to reconsider if China will win hands down after all. One sure bet will be on the corporations behind the nations who chose to perpetrate these crimes against humanity. Will it be Chevron Oil, will it be Alcoa Aluminum? Maybe it will be Daewoo or Total Oil. Course it could possibly be Halliburton or Boeing. Another possibility would be within the insurance industry. Only time will tell as the true rulers of the planet finally make themselves known. And you better believe it will be a conglomerate corporation who has become the absolute ruler of the New World Order, not any nation. Nations of the world are only store fronts or masks that hide the beast within.

So I have to wonder why all the fuss about tribal people? What did these innocent people do to be targeted for death world wide? Is it because they had no use for modern ways and chose to live truly free? Just think about it, are we free anyway? I venture to state that us people living in this so called free world are not free at all. We have to pay and pay and pay. One Karen refugee told me if she knew what it really was like in this so called “Land of the Free” she would have waited to be executed by Junta Killing Squads rather than die a slow death in America. Her complaint was that she could not sit under a tree without having to pay someone for doing so. Everything had a price tag on it and you could not exist without money.

Hmm, I did not think about it before but she was absolutely right. There is no freedom anymore since ultimately we have to pay just to sit anywhere. We have to pay someone for something at any given time of day. Do the math and calculate how much you must pay just to sit on your lawn chair or even pick your nose. Do you pay $5 a day, $10 a day or even $100 a day just to be here? Ultimately the money goes to corporations since they are the bottom line in all that we do, eat or live in. The buck stops at the corporate stocks and bonds. It’s all about the money eh.

Small wonder the Indigenous people of the America’s were decimated, divided and conquered. The very notion people could live and eat free was a poisonous ideology indeed. With all that free meat running around and not having the need to buy and have “stuff” could have dashed the dreams of early industrialists for sure. How could one be rich in comparison to others if nobody cared? How could they be a class above if nobody gave a hoot about all their junk anyway? The word progress, what does it mean? Natives would have spread this axiom to the Europeans who came to this country there is no doubt. And a 1000 years of conditioning would have been lost in a matter of months to the chagrin of Ole’ Mad King George and other rulers who’ve profited over the millennia.

In a very real sense we live in a fanciful form of indentured servitude. Think about it, we are slaves and must work to have the privilege to sit under a tree or simply walk down the road. Everything has a price and the slave master uses the all mighty dollar as the new whip. If we don’t conform we are punished or imprisoned for violating corporate law. Add up your monthly household bills and divide it by the days of the month and you will discover how much you have to pay, just to sit there. If you like, divide your daily price for existence by 24 hours and you will have your hourly rate of existence. Go one more step and divide the hour and you will have the rate for the minutes you must pay. It will sicken you whence you make the realization of exactly how much you must pay to exist. And it all ultimately goes into the coffers of corporations; it’s as simple as that eh. It costs me $2.50 an hour 24 hours a day to exist here in America. How much do you pay for freedom eh?

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

Buffalohair GRAPES OF WRATH, 2008


As I traveled through the heartland of America these last few weeks I came to realize exactly how bad things truly are. For example I ran into a fellow near a truck stop. He was living in a Motor home and using the facilities at the truck stop, shower, rest room etc, in an effort to keep his dignity. Jobless since he was laid off and eventually ran out of unemployment insurance he lost everything, house, wife and his engineering job, poof.

With a book full of degrees he told me of a familiar plight. His company was downsizing and pulling out many of their US based operations and moving to India. With no need to worry about minimum wage, health care and environmental concerns in the third world their stocks would soar. To the chagrin of the American’s who’ve worked there for 15 to 20 years making this their entire career they simply got a pink slip and a few thousand bucks for their efforts. In a matter of a few months they were jobless and had only 18 months to find gameful employment, in this economy of ours. In essence this man, like so many others was tossed to the winds to fend for themselves. Eventually he could not make ends meet since unemployment insurance was very minimal and he could not support the lifestyle he and his family once had.

Forced to sell off his assets, stocks, bonds and almost everything he owned he eventually found himself in divorce court and lost his family as well. His now ex wife moved back in with her parents and he moved in to his Winnebago. She did not want support and fortunately for this man she only wanted to find a new life since his was now in shambles.

As I talked with this gentleman I noticed the expressions on his face. It was as if he was in a constant state of shock. His manner of speaking was as if he still could not believe this was happening to him. He kept showing me his portfolio filled with degrees and certifications; some were as recent as 3 years ago. His age was 39 and from the pictures he showed me he lived well beyond my standard of living.

Ironically he was living in the shadow of a major construction site along the US/Mexican border. I could not help but look at the stark contrast of the man speaking to me next to his motor home and a sign directly behind him purporting the expansion and development of these warehouses to accommodate NAFTA spun industries. Lavish roadways as well as elaborate street lights lined this new industrial complex and here sat an engineer who only a few months ago eagerly awaited news of a promotion.

I also talked with a truck driver at this location. He was in a similar plight since he lost everything except his truck and was breaking even with most of his hauls do to the price of diesel fuel. He and his wife were literally living in their truck since they no longer had a place to call home. It was foreclosed a few months back. I noticed other campers and cars filled with household items so it was not hard to see that these people were some of the “New Homeless” as well. They just did not have that casual KOA Campground look about them. They shared a look of desperation and shock. On the highway I noticed more hitchhikers with boxes of their belongings. Some even had signs asking for a job. But the saddest thing I saw was a family of four living in their Ford Tempo. It was pulling a small pop up trailer. They were trying to find money to buy diapers and formula.

As if it were a remake of the movie “Grapes of Wrath” I witnessed human suffering the main stream media seems to have over looked. Some people refused to speak with me and were suspicious of my intentions. But the eyes of their children told volumes of their plight and suffering. This is the real Heartland America and this is not an isolated case fore its happening all over the country. But their plight is brushed under the carpet as corporations boast of high yielding profits such as the oil companies.

What really gets my goat is the fact all these corporations are moving to third world countries. It makes a joke of the environmental movement since they simply move to countries that are exempt from the environmental mandates imposed on other nations. No need to worry about the environment in the third world, no need to have work place safety or standards, no need to pay more than 10 dollars a day for slave labor either. If there was an environmental issue they could simply buy “Carbon Credits”. Now what’s that all about eh?

But it does make for a better bottom line and it makes their stocks look more lucrative. They have rid themselves of all the labor and environmental laws in America, let alone having to deal with unions. The ugly face of Corporatism world wide is fast taking over the world and like lemmings we are being lead around by our noses while the infrastructure of the “New World Order” silently takes over the world. Soon it will be made public that American does not exist anymore since the “North American Union” has taken over. The USA lost its sovereignty many years ago under the terms of NAFTA, same as Canada and Mexico alone with other countries who’ve signed on with this new corporate rule. Europe is in the same state with this “European Union” fore all the nations have lost their sovereignty as well. Just read the fine print my European readers. It’s all about the money Paisan, It’s all about the money.

Corporations have taken over the world without firing a shot. The wholesale murder of tribal people in Burma and the world over is financed by corporations, not nations. The gleaning of natural resources is their justification in displacing or simply killing innocent people on a scale never before imagined until today.

Again I quote;

“Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.”
-----Benito Mussolini

Look all around you my readers and tell me what you actually see. Corporations influence ballot boxes throughout the world as we speak. When a vote is contrary to that of corporate will the vote is ignored or the election is called a shame. The will of the people world wide has no place when corporations are concerned. There are no nations, only corporations.

Just remember what Martin Luther King once said;

“Everything Hitler did was Legal”

Your Devil’s Advocate
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Buffalohair's Smooth Show has not been on PheonixRadio for three week ends!


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A Note

Carlos/Buffalohair moved to a new studio and it turned into a big under taking! Of course others have taken their sweet time to reconnect all his services and to get him back on to the internet.

For him it was to get his studio all set up and hopefully in excellent running order, as he still was making this big move.

Everything will get settled in once again and then you will hear the talent he has of blending the Artists and their Music together...... that is where the Smooth comes in! His Magic touch of Smooth makes their Great music stand out even more!

Will let you know when the Magic is back!


Monday, April 7, 2008

This has got to stop! Attacks on Native American Indian women!

Sexual Abuse of Native American WomenOne in three Native American women will be raped in her lifetime. ... Yet her rape and murder remained uninvestigated until this story was aired on NPR. ...  - 13k -

Sexual Abuse of Native American Women
Ron His Horse Is Thunder, chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, says that as long as the tribe must depend on the federal government to police and prosecute people on their own land, anyone who comes to Standing Rock may well be able to rape or assault women and get away with it.
(Photo: Amy Walters)

One in three Native American women will be raped in her lifetime. This two-part series tells the story behind this shocking statistic — a story of both human tragedy and  systematic failure of criminal justice on and off of reservations.  This series led to the reopening of a sexual assault case, Congressional hearings, and the launching of a website to manage donations to help sexual assault victims living in the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

Part One: Rape Cases on Indian Lands go Uninvestigated

Laura Sullivan reports from Standing Rock Sioux Reservation on the story of Leslie Ironroad. Five years ago, Ironroad was brutally beaten and raped. Before slipping into a coma and dying, she managed to scratch out a statement for a Bureau of Indian Affairs policeman who came to question her in the hospital. Yet her rape and murder remained uninvestigated until this story was aired on NPR. As Sullivan reports, Ironroad's story is typical rather than exceptional.

» Listen to part 1 MP3

Part Two: Legal Hurdles Stall Rape Cases on Native Lands

Sullivan investigates the legal system that has failed to respond to sexual assault cases like Leslie Ironroad's. She finds a convoluted system: tribal police can't charge non-Indians with crimes, while the US Attorney's office, which can, rarely does. The result is what one tribal police chief calls "almost a lawless community."

» Listen to part 2 MP3

Ok then stop it!
Congress Moves to Protect Native Women From AssaultJul 26, 2007 ... "American Indian and Alaska Native women are living in a virtual war zone, where rape, abuse and murder are commonplace and sexual predators ...  - 19k -

Why do I bring this subject up again?

VERY sad news to release about the missing 6Nations young woman.
In a message dated 4/6/2008 4:04:53 P.M. Central Daylight Time, bluejay@3riversdbs. net writes:
To all of you who helped spread the word about our missing 6Nations sister, Tashina Cheyenne Vaughn General, I just got a message from a relative in Canada and said that the family had expressed the information below.

She also wished to THANK EVERYONE, who put forth all efforts at trying to find their precious young family member

I send you all here, my deepest thanks as well,

"sad to report...... ... She was found raped and murdered two hours ago ....
family would like to express their kind thanks to all that sent this around......
pass this along....... .
Prayers for the family requested"

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