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Buffalohair: Than Shwe’s Bogus Prison Release Bares Fruit

Than Shwe’s Bogus Prison Release Bares Fruit

Mon child running from Death Squad, Photo FBR

Mon child running from Death Squad, Photo FBR

Remember a few months back when Than Shwe, Military Dictator of Burma, gave the appearance he was relenting to world demands for humanity? Sure you do since he released prisoners by the droves including NLD Central Committee member Win Tin. There was a buzz Than Shwe was bending to international pressure and possibly turning an new leaf. On the other hand there were Burmese insiders who looked on with a skeptical eye. Recently Than Shwe purposely ignored millions of Nargis survivors, leaving them to die. Burmese troops raising villages, murdering and raping villagers after the cyclone was hatred at its best. Brutality has not ceases only the news sources.

The prisons release was a calculated maneuver to show a compassionate face to the world while freeing up beds for the next round of arrests. Coincidentally it was this time frame Than Shwe approved capital investments in the largest IT Center in Burma, The Yadanabon Cyber City. 9 Burmese technology firms as well as 3 foreign corporations, CBOSS-Russia, Maxinet-Australia and Global Technology of dubious origins, were selected for the project according to The Irrawaddy. It was also a coincidence this high tech merger of technology and Than Shwe’s criminal regime came on the heels of an Internet assault directed at Pro Democracy sites and newspapers around the world. It was a veritable assault on freedom of speech worldwide.

With many news groups out of commission and or scrambling to repair their servers and site as well a private citizens, Than Shwe escalated his campaign against the NLD and 88 Generations Students group. Boldly Than Shwe assaulted the United States of America with a Cyber Attack knocking out site after site. Thailand and the news groups in that region were hit hard as well. And all the time his criminal regime arrested student after student on trumped up charges using the September 2007 excuse. Monks as well as common folks were rounded up day and night. The magnitude of General Than Shwe’s “round up” is yet to be told as people come up missing. It is clear Than Shwe is on the offensive and has declared war on all Free Burma Sites as well as exiled Burmese citizens.

With prisons near empty and key September 2007 conspirators in jail the stage was set. 40 Burmese citizens and monks were sentence to terms ranging from 6 months to 65 years in prison. The longest terms were given the 14 leading activists of the 88 Generations Students Group. Min Zeya, Jimmy (aka Kyaw Min Yu), Arnt Bwe Kyaw, Kyaw Kyaw Htwe (aka Ma Kee), Panneik Tun, Zaw Zaw Min, Than Tin, Zeya, Thet Zaw, Mie Mie, Nilar Thein, Mar Mar Oo, Sandar Min and Thet Thet Aung, were given 65 years a piece for their involvement in September 2007. Silently people are being arrested/convicted and sent to prison. These students have been given the death penalty for wanting democracy. There are more convictions to come as he tightens his grip on an already beleaguered nation. Journalists who dare to speak the truth find a similar fate whence the junta gets wind of his/her dissidents.

Popular Burmese music group “Shwe Than Sin” lead guitar player Win Maw was sentenced to 6 years in prison as well as activist Than Naing. Three of the defense attorneys were given 6 months in prison for contempt when they tried to voice their objections to the kangaroo style hearing their clients received.

Valiantly the convicted 88 Students Group member stood defiant to the end after their sentence was read;

Min Zeya replied to the reading of his sentence: “Only 65 years?” Mie Mie shouted: “We will never be frightened.”

Others shouted: “Free Burma!” according to The Irrawaddy.

With the courage and fortitude of America Patriot Patrick Henry of “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” fame, they gave their lives for democracy.

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