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Buffalohair, Having Visions & Surviving Them

Having Visions & Surviving Them

By now many people who’ve been plagued with ‘fitful dreams or visions’ are well aware these premonitions are coming to pass. In speaking with readers from a multitude of countries it is clear no single culture can claim exclusivity with regard to spirituality & visions. For people who’ve come to terms with life’s paranormal realities, it is not a matter of ‘If’ visions are real but how to survive them as prophetic events strike at the core of their lives and sensibilities, myself included.

I’m not immune to the time of change and share a place in the trenches with the rest of you buttheads as prophecies come to pass. It should be as plain as the nose on your face that evil, greed and deception are the cornerstones of mankind’s ‘New Era’ of globalization. Morality was replaced by the corporate bottom line and the cries of the innocent are an exercise in futility. Industries lust for rare earth minerals, oil & gold and will resort to criminality and genocide to acquisition minerals around the world to the joy of their investors. In the grand scheme of things investors are equally culpable for the sins corporate thugs commit in the name of profits. In essence investors have as much blood on their hands as investees and ultimately will share in the retribution their antics spawned. What comes around, goes around homeboy so don’t snivel like a baby when you get a taste of your own medicine eh. It will not fly but you can kid yourselves all you want but the only people you will fool is yourself. That’s the bug in the ointment for people who claim they were unaware or oblivious of the crimes committed by their investees and blind trusts are only sugar coated blood money.

The good news is the fact man’s reign of greed and deception is reaching its crescendo in one of the most elaborate pyramid schemes ever concocted, globalization. Centuries and centuries of abuse by a hand full of families are coming to a close boys and girls as predicted within a multitude of dogmas & oral traditions and it does not stop there. Dogmas and ideological principles from throughout the planet describe catastrophic disasters of every kind. I’ve yet to find words to describe what I’ve seen in visions since I never saw or heard of these events before in nature. We will soon learn how other advanced civilizations simply went kaput. Take it or leave it but that’s what I’ve seen in visions since I was a poop butt kid and I can safely say many of my readers around the world share these very same visions.

With all that said, adnauseam I might add, there is the personal aspect to the era we live. We can prepare physically for catastrophe with shelters, stocks of food, water and guns but we are powerless to defend ourselves from those butt crack spirits that manipulate ‘simple’ minds. But if you are already hooked up within your dogma or ideological principle this is a no brainer and you already prepared for the spirit war that is happening at this very moment. The only problem is the fact you might be prepared spiritually but that does not mean everyone else around you is, and that’s where the kink in the garden hose is. It’s a real pisser I tell yea.

No matter how much you prepare spiritually there is no guarantees and we can’t dodge mankind’s proverbial bullet when people around us begin to lose control and follow the influences of evil. The family unit is the primary target for bad spirits and they are working over time and family units are being destroyed around the world. Remember that brother against brother and father against son part of prophecy? That is in full bloom as family after family falls pray to spirits who are attacking them. Why? Well it is really quite simply since family has strength and a bond that evil can’t quite stand and they will go out of their way to crap in your corn flakes.

Not all families are being destroyed but if you asked a family that is still bonded they will tell you how much crap they are
taking from just about everywhere. It’s those butt crack spirits trying to screw them over and they will resort to anything to break the bond of a family unit. Other families who are not in tune are killing their kids, husbands/wives and destroying their own lives for a host of lame reasons, especially from stupid voice in their pin-heads. The news is wracked with stories of abuses, murders and suicides from seemingly healthy families in the heart of suburbia. Families that were considered pillars of the community by their peers are doing some crazy ka ka. From sacrificing their kids to roasting them in the oven, people are losing a grip with sanity in droves.  

For people like me who are aware of this time of change it is not a matter of proving that change is here, it’s a matter of surviving all those visions and prophecies we know are coming. I’ve seen and experienced some strange things in my lifetime but watching the masses go mad must be the highlight of my paranormal experiences to date. Space dudes don’t hold a candle to this new form of mass hysteria but they will add to the chaos in the future. But rest assured this is only the beginning for the spirit-world is going into hyper drive. Sadly world leaders are in the deep pockets of evil and from what we already know, evil is in the drivers seat and doing a fine job in many nations.   

People rant about Scientology, pointing fingers at Elron Hubbard’s crew and scared entity but not a peep is uttered about the other secretive groups the elitists from around the world are members of. Elitists are in for a big surprise because they are destined to be betrayed by their own and sacred entities for that is prophecy as well. Just suppose these elitists are all ga ga with some alien being they presume to be benevolent and the true keeps of the secrets of the universe. Obviously these pencil neck geeks will be considered G*D’s but that is pure blarney and I am surprised these so called educated elitists fell for it in the first place. But as we all know, greed blinds a person’s soul and humans are really stupid anyway when it comes down to it. Like chickens in a coup, people will follow anyone who offers them some corn with a promise of more, even the devil himself apparently.

Mankind never actually became ‘civilized’ and is only a half step away from the stone age and eating thy neighbor. I still can’t find the passage in their sacred book that states where it is OK to kill people, take their land and murder the survivors though. Just skip the civilized part, mankind is just stupid and should stick their tongues in a wall socket and save Ma Earth the trouble making them extinct. Man has been stupid for a long time; just go back to the time of Ramses the 2nd and the shameful use of religion so troops can fight under one religion. Butthead Constantine mistook aliens and UFO’s for a sign from G*D to kill people and that was pure stupid. Charlemagne only drove the point home and it all went down hill from there and through the ages. Using G*D to justify killing people was a contradiction of their sacred teachings but that’s OK, G*D said it’s cool to kill for material gain, riches, land and now; rare earth minerals. Funny how some very exclusive elitist groups claim lineage to those butt cracks of world history but that should be a sign as to who is following the false profit.

There is really nothing we serfs can do about it but bare in mind Ma Earth has something for their ass. The elitist’s days are numbered no matter how many advanced weapons they have and people they kill off to protect their lies, their ass is toast and there is nothing they can do about it. Their not-so-sacred entities will also be on the hot seat no matter what they try to do either. When the day comes elitists finally reveal their sacred connection I will not be impressed. Why pay homage to alien or spirit pukes who shared technology with greedy and reprehensible people over the millennia’s who used it to dominate and murder people”? I’ll wager the revelation of alien involvement with elitists will be more about control, domination and a way to keep the masses in check in a form of spiritual shock doctrine.

Bare in mind there are more spirits and aliens on earth now than every before and they are not all grays, browns and reptilians. Many look almost like us except for a few minor details and others don’t even need a craft to zip in and out of earth’s atmosphere.  Any supernatural crappola elitists reveal in the future will only verify my point they’ve been hooked up with bad spirits or star people all along. In my visions I saw people from all cultures totally freaking out when governments revealed their ‘sacred’ connection with extraterrestrials.

Having visions and getting a glimpse of what the future holds is sort of cool but also a major pain in the ass these days for me since I have to live through all this Scheiss, if I am lucky. I am not alone for there are people from across the globe from all quarters of society who are having the same visions as I only they are silent because of a myriad if reasons including the fear of being labeled a nut case. They also share anxiety or frustration at stupid earth guys who continue to ignore the warnings of the ancients. The time of change has already begun and Ma Earth is counting coup. ‘The Stupid Earth Guy Show’ is only in the 2nd act and the juicy stuff is yet to come and you ain’t seen nothing yet baby. You really need to get a grip on this era or you will die only because you were too lame to see the forest for the trees or decided to ignore common sense. But if you choose to kiss ass with aliens that governments claim are benevolent then maybe you would be better off dead because you will have given your soul to the devil, just like them.

Your Devil’s Advocate

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