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Buffalohair: Surviving Armageddon and Garlic Salt

Surviving Armageddon and Garlic Salt

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It was one of those weeks where I was totally brain dead. Though the news was popping with predictably stupid news I just could not find the gumption to write, they call it writers block. So I went down to one of my elders for a visit and more inspiration. Those old buzzards have already lived through what we are about to. They were always filled with stories of survival during the Depression. This evening was no exception to the rule.

When I entered the living room, the old-timers were watching *Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel. They were all commenting on some of the bugs this guy was munching on. My ma commented on how she used to hunt down grubs for supper. Another old timer described the various spices they used in cooking up these little bugs. Knowing my place, I sat quietly as they all began to oooooooh and ahhhhhhh over some of the other exotic fare Andrew was eating. I’ve learned survival among other things in my early years but never thought my mom was much of a commando or survivalist. So I was caught off guard when my elders reminiscently discussed bugs and other squiggly creatures while watching Bizarre Foods.

After the show I commented on how I was amazed they ate some of the denizens of the insect world and that they watched Bizarre Foods. My mother chimed in “We also like to watch *Man vs Wild, Bear Grylls seems like such a nice boy” with a twinkle in her eyes, gads. She then described how they used to survive during the depression and how many people used to live in make shift tents and enclosures. Then they talk about survival and how some older people simply starved to death in their homes, forgotten by their children. Someone mentioned how the poor used to forage through the trash of the more opulent people in some communities. The desperation and futility during those days caused many people to all but loose their minds my ma said.

I was informed or reminded of how I used to relish grubs when I was a little kid. In a way I remembered but time had melted those memories away. I was caught in a quagmire of though as my relations reminded me of how impoverished I was when I was a little guy. I remember eating fuzzy woodland creatures of a wide variety. But I just did not remember the grubs and other assorted urchins though. It is not to say I have not eaten squiggly critters. Maybe that’s why I don’t mind eating traditional food whence I visit different cultures and served their delicacies. But all in all I guess I’m more prepared for hard times than I once thought though. I’ve done my share of surviving and have eaten many socially unacceptable creatures on many occasions. Guess I now know where it came from, course I never thought about it much.

Now I find myself watching Bizarre Foods and wondering if my ma ate that. Though I doubt my elders ever were left stranded in the heart of the Amazon basin. Their tales of survival in a bankrupt country was equally as harrowing to say the least. I’ll never forget how my mom was placed in an orphanage where she almost starved to death because she was a native though. She told me she was so hungry at one point but eventually the hunger pains went away and she was no longer hungry anymore. Hmm, I remember when I was in foster care where I was not allowed to play with the other kids because people thought indigenous kids bred lice or something. I ate and played alone. Though I did not starve I was served tuna fish casserole 6 days a week. To this day I can’t hold down tuna in any way, show or form but that’s another story.

In any event the old timers thought it was a good thing these shows were on the boob tube since they were teaching people how to survive. Man vs Wild was an obvious survival show but I did not consider Bizarre Foods as was one of them. Guess I’ll have to load up on garlic salt just in case I have to fry up a larva or two in the ole Hibachi whence the Earth Changes are complete. Bon Appetit



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Buffalohair: Earth Changes and Fry Bread

Earth Changes and Fry Bread

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Mayan copy

Destiny is destiny and we are moving along at a brisk pace these days as prophecies from around the world come to pass. Though the physical aspects of global change abound and are qualified by modern science there is little regard for the paranormal aspects that are coming as well.

I hate the term paranormal since it carries such a negative connotation to a vital aspect of our reality. If a person actually read the books of their respective dogmas they would discover their works are filled with so called paranormal events. Interfacing with the spirit world was a commonly excepted notion back in the day. The Bible and other dogmatic works have addressed with detail how one should deal with both good and bad spirits. They also warned them about entities of evil and how to combat them as well. Whizz-bang ideology, I don’t think so.

Relegated to superstition and folklore the supernatural has been set aside by modern man for the most part, to their peril. The spirits who caused such mayhem in scriptures and Sanskrit have not simply disappeared with the advent of the Industrial Revolution. The very same forces that’ve wreaked havoc on the ancients are very much alive and living in at least two plains of existence including ours. Like it or not we are still very much intertwined with the spirit world, just blind as hell to this reality.

You can green up all you want to but from a scientific stand point of view civilization as a whole has gone beyond the point of no return environmentally speaking. The stark reality of carbon emissions points to nature itself as volcanoes and fissures within the Earth belches millions of tons of a variety of toxic contaminants daily, far overshadowing the pittance man has produced. But if corporate interests found a way to make a buck on volcano emissions there would be no doubt the populations of the world would be financing the construction of catalytic converters atop Kilauea and other active volcanoes. That is not to say mankind should not have polluted like they did by any means. But what it does mean is that we are destined to experience catastrophes only the survivors of the last Earth Change did.

Back in Oklahoma where my people reside awareness of the impending Earth Changes is common knowledge and we only comment on events in passing. My aunt and *12 other grandmothers have traveled the globe warning of the impending times we face. So for the most part we know change is upon us at this juncture as the teachings from our elders coming to pass. The signs are everywhere yet the world has their noses buried in foolishness or conjuring ways to make money and ignoring the obvious. According to prophecy money and material wealth will be meaningless anyway. Oh well, to bad, so sad eh.

If people were as spiritual as they claim they would already know how to survive all the doomsday scenarios that flood the airwaves these days. No, it does not require that you live in underground tombs with vast supplies of guns and food. For that matter that’s just not the place to be since the Earths crust will be very unstable at the very least. There is no one place that will not be touched by change but it is up to the individual to know where to go whence the time comes to leave. This is where their spirituality comes in since they will be forewarned but in many cases people will only freak out when the messenger comes a calling. Why, because they never really paid attention to the words of wisdom written within the texts of their respective dogmas, plain and simple. If they did they would know there is more to life on Earth than just the here and now. They would also know the spirit world is alive and teaming with spirits of all kinds. And most important of all, they would know which spirits to trust and which ones to ignore. If Moses thought in contemporary terms his people would have been long gone with only a mention in the Dead Sea Scrolls, capice?

As for me, I will undoubtedly be with my people during the more virulent times ahead. Most likely we will be having a social or give away. Stewart and the boys will be playing the drum while our singers sing those ancient songs we love. I’ll be dancing my butt off whence they call for gourd dancers. All my relations will be celebrating Mother Earth’s cycle as prophecy comes to pass. If we don’t survive this time on Earth at least we took our journey together. But by some chance we do survive it will be business as usual since I doubt we will notice much change. Only difference will be the fact the world will be humbled and I guess we will have to teach the survivors how to make fry bread.


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Buffalohair Kim Jong II and a Hill of Beans

Buffalohair Kim Jong II and a Hill of Beans

Kim Jong II and a Hill of Beans

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Kim and Burma

North Koreas alliance with the criminal dictator of Burma, Than Shwe, has been known in circles in Burma for years. Only now is it becoming apparent to the rest of the world. Than Shwe’s alliances go much deeper as people begin to follow the money as China, Russia and other “secret allies” begin to surface. By all rights Russia and China should have recused themselves from voting on UN Sanctions pertaining to Burma because of their blatant conflict of interest. They are deeply involved financially and have everything to gain by the criminality perpetrated by Than Shwe’s criminal regime. The scuttlebutt over North Korea’s acts of stupidity by both Russia and China is nothing more the lip service and nothing more.

It was only obvious North Korea offered Burma the critical distraction they needed. The A-Bomb/bottle rocket scare was deliberate to mask the Aung San Suu Kyi disaster that back fired on Than Shwe. It also hid the fact the military regime has launched a new offensive on the ethnic minorities throughout the region, the Karen being one of them. His offensive has also targeted ceasefire groups who opposed the liquidation of their sovereignties and converting them into nothing more than border guards. Now Kachin State is being fortified by *Burmese troops in preparation for war. Ironically Burma and the Kachin were still trying to hammer out a deal. Apparently the junta already made their decision while using the negotiations as a smoke screen to build its troop strength in the region.

Also masked by Kim Jongs nonsense is the fact the Burmese military has increased its recruitment drive of **child soldiers throughout the region. And the United Nations response is to send the corrupt Ibrahim Gambari back to Burma after his disastrous self serving visitations in the past. Likened to a vacation Gambari will most likely enjoy the company of another Burmese starlet to pass the time with while recieving another priceless ruby, according to sources who’ve witnessed this in the past.

While these calculated distractions take hold, left in obscurity is the trial of Daw Aung Suu Kyi and all the criminality that goes with this sham of a trial. The reality is the UN as well as the well intended nations of the world have become partners with Than Shwe as they inadvertently condone the illegal sham election in 2010. The notion that there could be reconciliation or even a fair election is preposterous to say the least. The fact Than Shwe’s Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) has already begun the process of buying ***votes should be an indicator the election will be rigged at the very least.

Arrests of Daw Aung San Suu Kui and celebrants of her birthday continue under the smoke screen of Korea’s distract-a-news. Paranoid Than Shwe has further disrupted his upper echelon by shifting his generals around in a feeble attempt to have the most loyal next to him when he dies. Ironically his attempts will be futile since destiny can not be altered and he is on course to meet his fate for he only alienated some of his staunchest supporters. Soon Burma will have their “Night of the Long Knives” a befitting demise of Than Shwe if cancer does not take him out first.

Like they say, “Three strikes and you’re out”. With three Pagodas mired in unprecedented loss of life and the collapse of one, Than Shwe secured his fate. He will be the talk of the town during Taungbyone Nat or Spirit Festival in August. Taungbyone is a paranormal event where soothsayers and mediums come together. If only his astrologer would have told him of the price one pays for petitioning forces of the spirit world to retain power for payment is due. Adolf Hitler as well as Pol Pot learned the hard way. Soon Than Shwe will join their ranks as they enjoy the fruits of their genocide as revenge from their victims reigns for an eternity.

With all the discussion over the Iranian election and the voice of the people by the world over you’d think this would offer focus on Burma. After all it was a clear majority that voted for Daw Aung Suu Kyi. With the Muslim clerics fully supporting President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from the very beginning it was clear he won. When you consider the fact Iran is a radical Muslim state followers vote accordingly and Mir Hossein Mousavi was out of the loop, plain and simple. So I question if this is yet another distraction of some kind so the world does not have to deal with Burma and its flagrant acts of criminality. It would appear the world is full of words and is easily misguided. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon should take a stand and not cower behind the sofa or is the UN part of the money laundering operation of Burma as well?

Burma’s junta continues to rape and murder in their blatant acts of genocide as Daw Aung Suu Kyi faces trial for winning the hearts of a nation. On the bright since, international corporations continue to invest in Asia while divesting in the parent nations they once resided. Soon Than Shwe will be sporting a Humvee, GM will be selling cars from China and Daewoo will continue to fill shelves with electronic goodies we don’t need. After all, it’s all about the money and the corporate bottom line. By our ambivalence to the cries of the Burmese people we will in essence seal out fate as we empower financial concerns over humanity.




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Inappropriate Marketing tool for Alcoholic beverages

This was posted on myspace today. thought several of you might want the infor to act on as much as I did. I was appalled by what I saw in the photo.
From: glenda ★deer
To: 0
Date: Jun 16, 2009 12:19 PM
Subject: Inappropriate Marketing tool for Alcoholic beverages

fwd from Dave N

Below is an image that is being utilized as a marketing tool for selling alcoholic beverages. The business is located in Longview, Texas. We came upon this imagery while traveling back to Oklahoma from a Memorial ceremony in Fort Pike, Slidell, LA., to honor our ancestors who died on the "Trail of Tears". We had stopped for refueling at the Shell station which is also a truck stop called the "TEXAS BEST SMOKEHOUSE III". Cynthia, became enraged when she came upon this, and we brought this ceramic figurine to the attention of the manager. We attempted to educate the manager, and he made an apology to us, however, a young non-Indian man was laughing and snickering while we were attempting to educate (which is also inappropriate, while we were serious). Which enraged my wife even more. Now, whether or not they actually kept the figurine off the shelf or not, we don't know. If you are inclined to comment to the owner of the chain of stores, please feel free. I have supplied all points of contact for the "TEXAS BEST SMOKEHOUSE III" below. Also, please forward to all that would be helpful to educate this Business.

"Racism continues at all levels."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Amer Khalousi (owner)
16243 HWY 271N
TYLER, TX. 75708
Phone: 903-877-0800
FAX: 903-877-0802
Cell: 903-363-7655

Dave Narcomey, Citizen - Seminole Nation, Oklahoma.
General Council Member, Seminole Nation
American Indian Activist
Business Owner

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Honor Our Fathers? Forgiving Our Fathers:

"A Mile in His Moccasins" by Lisa Danielle

June 21st!

The American Indian is of the soil, whether it be the region of forests, plains, ... May we be strong in spirit and equal to our Fathers of another day in ...

"Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children."
Ancient Indian Proverb

Native America Calling Airs Live
Monday - Friday, 1-2pm Eastern

To participate call
that's 1-800-99-NATIVE

The following are links to listen to Native America Calling live at 1:00pm EST.

KNBA-FM 90.3 Anchorage, Alaska

NV1 Albuquerque, NM

KISU 91.1 FM Pocatello, Idaho

KUNM-FM 89.9 FM Albuquerque, New Mexico

KSJD 91.5 Cortez, Colorado

91.3 FM Ignacio, Colorado

KSFC 91.9 FM Spokane, Washington

WOJB-FM 88.9 FM Hayward, Wisconsin

KGVA-FM 88.1 Fort Belknap, Montana

Friday, June 19, 2009 – Forgiving Our Fathers:
For a multitude of reasons the Native family circle often lacks the presence of the father. This has a deep felt effect on the child, the father and the whole family unit. After years of dad being absent, often a child struggles with accepting him back into their life, and fathers are not always met with open arms when they are trying to mend relationships. When fathers do try to build a road to forgiveness, what is the reaction? How does forgiving our fathers help us heal? How much of forgiving your father is about forgiving yourself? Have you been able to forgive your father for his failings? Guests TBA.

Indian Summer tm Native American Art
Established 1996 ~ The original and still the best!

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PROMISES, PROMISES: Indian health care's victims

PROMISES, PROMISES: Indian health care's victims

BY MARY CLARE JALONICK Associated Press Writer The Associated Press
Monday, June 15, 2009 8:56 AM EDT

This July 2005 photo provided by the Little Light Family shows Ta'shon Rain Little... (AP Photo/Little Light Family)

More Health News

This should take you to the rest of the article, I hope, if not let me know

CROW AGENCY, Mont. (AP) — Ta'Shon Rain Little Light, a happy little girl who loved to dance and dress up in traditional American Indian clothes, had stopped eating and walking. She complained constantly to her mother that her stomach hurt.

When Stephanie Little Light took her daughter to the Indian Health Service clinic in this wind-swept and remote corner of Montana, they told her the 5-year-old was depressed.

Ta'Shon's pain rapidly worsened and she visited the clinic about 10 more times over several months before her lung collapsed and she was airlifted to a children's hospital in Denver. There she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, confirming the suspicions of family members.

A few weeks later, a charity sent the whole family to Disney World so Ta'Shon could see Cinderella's Castle, her biggest dream. She never got to see the castle, though. She died in her hotel bed soon after the family arrived in Florida.

"Maybe it would have been treatable," says her great-aunt, Ada White, as she stoically recounts the last few months of Ta'Shon's short life. Stephanie Little Light cries as she recalls how she once forced her daughter to walk when she was in pain because the doctors told her it was all in the little girl's head.

Ta'Shon's story is not unique in the Indian Health Service system, which serves almost 2 million American Indians in 35 states.

On some reservations, the oft-quoted refrain is "don't get sick after June," when the federal dollars run out. It's a sick joke, and a sad one, because it's sometimes true, especially on the poorest reservations where residents cannot afford health insurance. Officials say they have about half of what they need to operate, and patients know they must be dying or about to lose a limb to get serious care.

Wealthier tribes can supplement the federal health service budget with their own money. But poorer tribes, often those on the most remote reservations, far away from city hospitals, are stuck with grossly substandard care. The agency itself describes a "rationed health care system."

Video: Where have all the salmon gone?

Video: Where have all the salmon gone?

90 percent of the Chinook salmon along the California-Oregon coast have disappeared, causing the salmon fishing season to be canceled for the second year in a row. This is causing havoc for coastal economies.

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General Motors new plants in China. Buffalohair: Than Shwe Panhandles

General Motors new plants in China. Buffalohair: Than Shwe Panhandles

I’m still amazed that General Motors closed shop in the US and Canada only to build new plants in China. Are they going to capitalize on the 80 million slaves in China’s secretive Gulag System? Maybe it’s just the fact China has no labor or environmental regulations. Laughable they plan to build and send cars to the US and Canadian markets. Oh well, to bad, so sad after all its all about the corporate bottom line. I would not have noticed this tidbit if it were not for Than Shwe’s pandering. Thanks Than Shwe for the focus on China.

Buffalohair: Than Shwe Panhandles

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Custer Rides Again in McDonald's Happy Meal

Custer Rides Again in McDonald's Happy Meal

Say it isn't so! Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer has invaded Lakota country again, this time through the Happy Meals sold to little children at McDonald's.

Bobbie DuBray, Administrative Assistant for the Lakota Peoples Law Project was not only shocked by this apparent display of racial insensitivity, but also angered by it.

DuBray says, "I went through the drive thru at McDonalds on East North Street to get a Happy Meal for my five-year-old son. I got home and my brother opened the meal and found the Custer doll." She said he then asked her to come and look at what he found. To her shock it was Custer toy. Her son wanted the toy and she told him, "No. that's a bad toy." She said that her 10 year old daughter did not understand why the toy was bad. She and her mother, Betty Handley, then gave the girl a history lesson "My daughter was not taught about this in school. What are they teaching our children?" she asked.

DuBray, visibly upset by this experience, said, "I think it's insulting. It's like handing out KKK dolls in the south where there are a lot of Blacks."

Belva Morrison, Indian Child Welfare Specialist for the Lakota Law Project, said that DuBray told her about the doll incident this morning. Morrison said, "It is insensitive for local merchants to hand out these dolls where there is a large Indian population. They should have thought twice about promoting these figurines. I don't believe we're overacting. I think we are not tolerating things like this anymore. They're targeting young kids whose minds are easily impressed."

Pam Duncan, executive director for United Sioux Tribes, when asked about the Custer figurines said, "Why are they honoring Custer? I don't know how they [McDonalds] could be so insensitive. Especially the way we are experiencing racism right now. That's teaching our kids the wrong culture."

Dana Knight a mother, and a United Sioux Tribes employee said, "I don't want no Custer in my house."

Tim Swimmer who happened to be nearby offered his comment. He said, "It's like history is repeating itself." He was bothered by the apparent insensitivity shown by the McDonald's chain to a very sensitive issue in Lakota country. Custer is best known to the Lakota as an "Indian killer," and as the man who attacked an encampment of the Lakota, Cheyenne and Arapaho at the Little Big Horn and paid the ultimate price for this folly. He was the head of the 7th Cavalry unit that attacked a sleeping camp of Cheyenne/Arapaho on the Washita in Oklahoma ruthlessly slaughtering men, women and children.

Josh Ullmark, Restaurant Manager of the McDonald's on East North Street, the McDonald's most frequented by Native Americans, said he was aware that the Custer figurines were being distributed in the Happy Meals. When Ullmark was asked for a comment he offered an 800 number for McDonalds Midwest Regional Office in Peoria, Illinois and refused to comment.

The Happy Meal prize shows the man they labeled "General Custer" (he was a Lt. Colonel) riding a motorcycle and his figurine is accompanied by a card explaining a bit of Custer's history. "Ever hear of Custer's last stand? It was named after George Armstrong Custer who lead (their spelling) his troops into the battle at Little Big Horn," the card reads.

The question that immediately came to the mind of Jason Wolters, an Oglala Lakota, was, "I don't think the big shots at McDonald's realize what an insult this is to the Lakota people. Here was a man responsible for the death of many Lakota and a man responsible for discovering the gold that eventually led to the theft of the Sacred Black Hills of the Great Sioux Nation, and they have the audacity to hand out his likeness to children here in Rapid City, a town now fighting to prove it is not a racist community?"

Wolters compared the insult to putting a figurine of Adolph Hitler in a McDonald's Happy Meal served in Tel Aviv, Israel. "Most white people would never understand our perspective on this horrible faux paux, but to every Indian in America, the insult is obvious," he said.

He added, "Most advertising agencies are in the east and the people who put the ads and flyers together have absolutely no idea about the demographics out here in Indian country. We Lakota never see an Indian in the flyers of Kohl's, J. C. Penney's or Wal-Mart.. They never stop to consider that our Lakota children never see people like themselves in the flyers and ads they send out here and yet you can go to Chicago or San Francisco and see ads with African Americans and Asian Americans.

Yesterday several customers, white and Indian, visited different McDonald's shops in Rapid City and ordered Happy Meals. They soon discovered their packets did not contain a Custer figurine and motorcycle. They went to the counter and specifically asked for a Custer memento and were told there were none to be had. Customers buying Happy Meals without the Custer figurine were offered refunds on the meal if they so requested. It became apparent that McDonald's withdrew the offensive Custer figurines quietly and without comment.

Tim Giago is the editor of Native Sun News and this story will break in his newspaper tomorrow. He is the founder of the Native American Journalists Association and was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard with the Class of 1991


Mother and Child

Sky copy

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Buffalohair: Arnold Terminates California

Arnold Terminates California

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Kally and Arnie

Predictable Arnold Steroid Schwarzenegger bankrupted California while using flawed and in accurate data about the environment. Apparently he did not bother to utilize available data to verify the qualifications of his lead environmental advisor *Hien T. Tran Ph.D of UC Davis. This is not the only inept official misguiding Arnie by the way. As you well know California imposed the most ridged regulations on diesel engines and industry as a whole plunging California’s industries into a financial tailspin, all on flawed and inaccurate data. Some say this was intentional since many industries moved to China on the heels of Arnie’s bogus regulations. Guess it’s OK to lie when it comes to the environment and nasty American’s.

Now in desperation Arnie is trying to sell off California’s assets and prisons to meet the budget crisis he was responsible for causing. As he was destroying California’s infrastructure he was pandering to Mexico (NAFTA) and the new deep water port in Baja California for a source of revenue. He singlehandedly crippled the container and trucking industry in California with outrageous demands on truckers placing many out of business. Over the road drivers were forced to buy new trailers as well as new trucks in order to comply with these misbegotten regulations or face stiff fines. Cities in California got into the hate truckers axiom by imposing even more regulations and stiff penalties to garner funds for the local coffers.

Imagine being forced to stay in a truck during a blistering heat wave without being able to use the air conditioner. That is a law since trucks are not allowed under any conditions to idle in order to keep the truck habitable. California has placed American truckers on alert with outrageous fines for just about everything just to garner a cash flow. The California Highway Patrol has become Arnold’s hit men as they seek out fault and impose fines on hard working individuals. Minor infractions in other states become $1,000 jackpots for California’s coffers while pushing up the cost of freight and produce around the country.

If you did not know, California is a major producer of produce for Canada and the US. Trucks from all points in the northern hemisphere converge on this state during harvest time’s to feed the nation. Truckers have become public enemy number one in the eyes of law enforcement as they assisted Arnold in collecting fines on hapless drivers. Corruption from many agencies has plagued the trucking industry with criminals working at several ports of entry in Northern and Southern California. They falsified inspection reposts on safety issues on trucks causing drivers to shell out millions of dollars in illegal fines and bogus repairs. California has chosen to arrest drivers for minor infractions simply to garner hefty fines while destroying a persons driving career.

The heretic mentality that has evolved against truckers is absolutely shameful. Apparently California government officials don’t remember or care about all the trucks that helped build that state. Orange County was a classic example when years ago it was covered with orange fields and cottage industries. It was truckers who helped these little industries compete in the world market through LTL or “Less Than a Truckload” pick up and delivery of their goods with reasonable freight fees. Drivers would go from one customer to another making many stops to make a full load then drive cross country to deliver them in other states. This is what built the major corporations in Orange Counties today. Contrary to popular belief it was the independent truckers who helped build these industries not some railroad owned trucking firm fore they did not exist back then.

Small wonder California is faced with an economical crisis. California has cursed itself and now faces several catastrophes including a drought that will add to Arnold’s grief. By crippling industries with bogus data he has destroyed California’s infrastructure and a once booming economy. Ironically President Barack Obama is using Arnold’s false and inaccurate data to formulate his green campaign against industry and soon America will face the same plight as California. Don’t you find it kind of odd that America is crippling their own industries sending them to third world countries to pollute even more with no restrictions? Aren’t we all on the same planet anyway? China has given us the finger when it comes to the **environmental agenda and other third world nations will follow suite, there is no question.

So now we have heavy polluters moving to third world countries where there are no environmental laws what so ever. This is obviously counterproductive to say the least since these corporations will not have to abide by the laws they once did in the USA. We grow broke while making other nations rich as they pollute with no restrictions. And it was all done on bogus and inaccurate data all along. How far beyond stupid are we? It’s all about the money and profits for an absolute minority of people. This is the ugly reality as the planet goes global in the greatest scam in world history. Sure we need to be more responsible with the environment but by simply moving the industry to a nation with no laws what so ever smacks of stupid. Cheap labor with no labor laws or concerns for worker safety is a fringe benefit for international corporations who move to these third world countries. China has 80 million slaves that work in China’s gulag program, such a deal. All that will be positively affected by the mass exodus of industries from the United States and Canada will be the corporate bottom line. It’s Globalization or Corporatism at it’s best and we were asleep at the wheel.



Your Devil’s Advocate


Buffalohair: Than Shwe Exposes Corporate Greed

Than Shwe Exposes Corporate Greed

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Aung San Suu Kyi

With Burma’s military junta already making plans to move Daw Aung Suu Kyi to a new location to continue her house arrest it is apparent her fate is sealed. *Aung San Suu Kyi instructed her attorney to appeal to a higher court to allow two witnesses to testify when the lower court rejected them. The reality is the military junta will continue to keep Aung San Suu Kyi in irons until the sham 2010 elections is finalized and the junta won, of course. Where is the United Nations Security Council?

The only hope for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is the continued concerns of the people of the world. The influence and pressure they have applied to their elected officials has forced politicians to make a stand. It should also be noted that the usually ambivalent Asian nations have come up to the plate and made a stand against the junta as well. China has been unusually quite about this affair since they have more at stake economically in their decision than ever before. Bottom line is, the crisis in Burma would devastate and negatively impact the international corporations who are investing in China at this time, including General Motors. Than Shwe has tossed a monkey wrench into the path of Corporatism better known as Globalization.

The fact the general public has gotten involved means that the general public has come to realize that they have power and influence, the all mighty dollar. Obviously this was not expected in the grand scheme of things as international corporations silently worked with tyrants around the world. Than Shwe opened a can of worms and reveled the putrid underbelly of globalization and corporate greed. Democracy and human rights sites around the world have increased viewership 100 fold and Than Shwe’s secrets have been reveled. In the process other acts of tyranny around the world are coming into focus as well and the people of the world want to know WHY.

Absolutely every move Than Shwe makes is under the scrutiny of the growing number of worldwide consumers. China has everything to loose since she is already invested in tyranny in South America as well as Africa. International corporations who line our shelves are also coming into the limelight as the realities of corporate greed come into focus. Kim Jong II also shot himself in the foot with his bogus rocket and nuclear threats while offering a distraction for his chum Than Shwe. Now the consumer world is exploring the atrocities of North Korea as China’s human rights violations take center stage. Obviously Than Shwe’s 3rd grade education is showing as he lashes out and continues to **murder and wage war on innocent people.

Divisions on all levels of government are widening as his generals begin to see the hand writing on the wall. His military is racked with desertions since many people are forced to join or face a gun barrel. Children are his easiest target and his military ranks are burgeoning with child soldiers. His plan to convert and infiltrate ethnic ceasefire groups has become a scandalously dismal failure as group after group rejects his plan to make them border guards.

Someone should drag United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon out from under the bed and tell him he does not have to be afraid anymore. Maybe he should take lessons in courage from Daw Aung Suu Kyi. Poor guy is running out of excuses as to why he can’t find a plane ticket to Burma. If he does not do something soon maybe we should go to his bosses at the World Trade Organization and as we all know, “it’s all about the money” to them. If this situation is not positively resolved soon the world will discover how deeply the WTO entrenched itself in worldwide tyranny and the wholesale murder of indigenous people, including Burma.

Than Shwe spilled the beans in more ways than he could have ever imagined. He has managed to offer focus on the once secret world of international corporate exploitation and human rights violations. With cancer spreading throughout his body he will soon be dead leaving his generals to face charges of “crimes against humanity”. The international corporations who’ve financed Than Shwe’s bloody regime will soon be held accountable for their actions in the world of public opinion. This will undoubtedly wreak havoc on the corporate bottom line. Way to go Than.



Your Devil’s Advocate


Video added by Ann; Drugs are given to the military/ children to control them.

Aung San Suu Kyi - Jane Birkin Music Video

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Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada: Film on KANU TV

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Telling the Untold Story of the Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada ..... Film Review of "UNREPENTANT: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide". ...

Native KANU TV 99/Streaming 24 hours a day 7 days a week

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Hulu : True Whispers: The Story of the Navajo Code Talkers

PBS Specials: True Whispers: The Story of the Navajo Code Talkers
PBS Specials: True Whispers: The Story of... Feature Film (56:11) More: PBS Specials Channel: News and Information

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Thunder Valey

Thunder Valley E-TANKA Cafe’

White House to sell homes to hurricane-displaced families for as little as $1

Katrina trailers for sale — for $5

or less

White House to sell homes to hurricane-displaced families for as little as $1

Image: A FEMA trailer sits in the Lakeview area of New Orleans

Bill Haber / AP

A FEMA trailer sits in the front yard of a home in the Lakeview area of New Orleans.

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Buffalohair: Akwesasne Mohawks Stand Their Ground

Akwesasne Mohawks Stand Their Ground

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Photo Rebecca Zandbergen/CBC
Photo Rebecca Zandbergen/CBC

The Canadian Border Services Agency reopened the *Seaway International Bridge between Cornwell and the Akesasne Mohawk Nations after a 15 hour stand off. At issue was the Canadian governments proposed issuing firearms to the guard detail. With tensions already at an all time high tribal residence feared this would only lead to bloodshed since they already suffered harassment from the guards as it were.

According to John Boots of the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation;

”They’re so nasty and harassing our people that we can almost feel … their finger being itchy on the trigger,”

Earlier, tribal members protested this blatant violation of their tribal sovereignty while increasing the chances of deadly confrontations by government authorities. This caused guards to blockade the bridge for 15 hours while tribal leaders and authorities then hammered a solution to this potentially volatile situation.

Plagued with assaults and acts of intimidation by the CBSA in the past, arming the guards sent an ominous message to the community. The list of atrocities perpetrated by the government authorities is comparable to the government of Burma and its acts of brutality. Providing weapons would surely escalate the probability of racially motivated shootings where beatings once prevailed. Almost to the day, a year earlier guards savagely beat two elder women on this infamous crossing leaving a bad taste in the mouths of this tribal nation.

The reopening of the bridge was a relief to the residence since life could get back to normal. News of the reopening was welcomed by loud cheers from protesters. The government authorities pulled all their guards out of the area for safeties sake according to according to Ron Moran, Customs and Immigration Union leader.

It is astounding to note indigenous people must still endure racial hatred in an era where civil liberties and human rights are purported by nations of the so called free world. Sadly this type of activity still exists throughout the America’s but rarely reported by the mainstream press. In a New World Order where economics out weighs the concerns of human rights and civil liberties, events like this will undoubtedly continue to occur as the world looks the other way.

Ironically, the Mohawks are but a microcosm as governments of the world continue these silent acts of hatred against the indigenous populations on every continent of the globe. From Rangoon to Rapid City the silent war continues and the cries of fellow human beings go unnoticed by an ambivalent world. Only when tyranny has come full circle will mankind realize the totality of their indifference but by then it will be too late.


Your Devil’s Advocate