Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If You Are Voting ..... Please Read!!!!!

If You Are Voting ..... Please Read!!!!!

Reading the NEWS ...
Sep 24, 2008 ... DO NOT go to the polls wearing any Obama (or whoever you are voting for) shirts, pins, hats, etc. It is AGAINST THE LAW and will be grounds ... - 29k -
DO NOT go to the polls wearing any Obama (or whoever you are voting for) shirts, pins, hats, etc. It is AGAINST THE LAW and will be grounds to have the polling officials to turn you away.
Please, please, please advise everyone you know that they absolutely can NOT go to the polls wearing any Obama (or whoever you are voting for) shirts, pins, hats, etc.  It is AGAINST THE LAW and will be grounds to have the polling officials to turn you away.  This is considered campaigning and no one can campaign within X amount of feet of the polls.  They are banking on us being overly excited and not being aware of this long standing law that you can bet will be ENFORCED THIS YEAR!!!!!
They are banking that if you are turned away, you will not go home and change your clothes and return to the polls to vote.  Please just don't wear ANY gear of any sorts to the polls!  Please share this information with as many people as you can.  If you are already aware of this, please don't take it as insulting your intelligence.  
Have a great day and see you at the polls on November 4th.

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DJ Angelica Premiering LIVE this Friday!

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Buffalohair: Patriots, Reload Your Muskets

Patriots, Reload Your Muskets

Through the smoke I can still see Old Glory waving in the autumn air. It would appear the indomitable American Spirit has managed to fire off a salvo that caught the Corporatist Fascists off guard. Sorry boys, no Pay-Offs, I mean Bail-Outs today. Better reload before they fire off another volley of fear laden threats and extortion. But threats are meaningless at this juncture for most American’s anyway. The damage is already done and there is no saving the vast majority who’ve already lost it all.

As the enemies of Democracy and Freedom prepare for another frontal assault against the Constitution of the United States on Thursday, American’s need to make their voices heard and heard loud and clear. It’s time to let our representatives and congressmen know their jobs hang in the balance now. Give us back our country or end up in prison with the rest of the criminals who’ve betrayed this nation fore their day will come. Let history record the names of those who betrayed America and the Constitution of the United States of America. Let their signatures be evidence of their treason.

What really hangs in the balance in this Bail-Out debacle is the very core of what American is all about, democracy and the voice of the American people. If we loose our voice in this pivotal unlawful government intrusion America will cease to exist. America was founded on the principals of democracy, a nation of the people, by the people and for the people. If the absolute majority of the American population does not get their voices heard by our so called representatives it will be proof positive we are no longer a democracy. There is more at stake than a few bucks; it’s our last stand. Just remember we will be eating lots of fry bread and beans no matter which way the corporate ax falls.

Come to think about it, I already eat lots of fry bread and beans. My sister-in-law Lisa makes fry bread to die for eh. She’s Dakota and her people have been living in a recession for over 500 years. Hmm, so have mine. You get used to it. Guess I should not care either way about the loss of democracy in the US, but I do. I read the Constitution of the United States of America and it was quite a powerful and inspiring document. Though I have issues with our government and politicians I believe in the tenets of true democracy. This is not a dictatorship yet though it is getting dangerously close.

Talk about a bi-partisan voice eh. Does not matter what race, color or creed I’ve encountered, people were vocal about their opposition to the Bail-Out. It was heartening to see the nation united for a change. To bad the main stream media only shares the opinion of the corporatists on both sides of the fence who hunger for the tax payer dollar. “We the People” are not represented by the media. If congress signs the Bail-Out anyway at least democracy went down fighting and sadly 2008 will be the year the American people “officially” lost their voice.

Your Devil’s Advocate
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Buffalohair:Paper Airplanes and the Constitution

Paper Airplanes and the Constitution

As politicians and money markets world wide prepare to count their chips the American voting public has no say in the most unconstitutional and criminal Bail-Out in US history. The only fortunes that are going to be saved are the fortunes of our heavily invested politicians and a select wealthy minority who’ve gambled heavily on the stock market. In essence they are the people at the top of the pyramid. The fact this Bail-Out will do little if anything for the American public has been ignored and distorted by the leadership of both political parties. The nationalization of debts is pure criminal. Course banks in the UK are being nationalized as we speak. Unpopular at best, this Bail-Out is not the will of the American people and we have been denied our right to vote on such a national issue, again. It’s being dictated to us by investors and the absolute minority in an effort to save their ill gotten fortunes.

“We The People” have taken our licks and lost everything over that last 20 years already. We’ve witnessed as our rights disappeared one by one. Democracy has all but vanished from the landscape as politicians penciled in more and more power and authority. By eliminating the need for public input such as voting they do as they wish. This is not democracy nor is it legal by any stretch of the imagination. The government official’s who approve this Bail-Out are criminals, involved in Un-American activities; a party to treason and history should record the day democracy died. The Bail-Out, when approved, will be the death nil of democracy in the United States of America.

Above the law and above the scrutiny of the general public America’s politicians have turned their positions as public servants in to positions of authority. In direct violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights George W. Bush led America down the path of destruction purposefully and with conviction. He violated his contract with America with his wholesale disregard for the Constitution of the United States and voided his presidency. Ass-Crack politicians with greed in their hearts assisted GW in his quest to destroy our economy fore he was not alone. Follow the money and learn who your executioner really is and you will discover it’s the same executioners who’ve financed death around theworld. It’s the same gang of corporations who own Washington and an army of lobbyists who bought the United States and political favor lock, stock and tomahawk.

Ah yes, nothing like a good crime drama I always say. The sad part is the fact we are living this nightmare and can’t change the channel. It does not seem to bother the public at large as they cheer on their favorite talking head. Like the Pied Piper’s of deception the leadership of both political parties is part and parcel in on the greatest pyramid scheme in US history. The Bail-Out is nothing more than a manipulation by top investors so they are not left holding the bag. Sadly it’s John Q. Citizen who will foot the bill for the lavish squandering of corporate funds and bad business practices.

Why can’t the feds slap a lean on the fortunes of those who committed such high crimes of embezzlement and treason? Why doesn’t the letter of the law apply to them? Municipalities have declared war on their citizenry by increasing fines for almost everything under the sun with no room for compromise. “We the People” pay and pay through the nose. Our prisons are filled to capacity as lobbyists rally for steeper fines and more jail time. Then peddle their stocks in the prison industry. Rather than Bail-Out the educational system, Bail-Out Health Care or save the millions of American’s who already lost jobs and homes, our corrupt politicians choose to Bail-Out cronies as well as save their fortunes. It is all a lie and the American public is a patsy or fall guy, simple as that.

With stock brokers waiting in the wings on Wall Street and the world markets it should be clear as the nose on your face who will benefit from this Bail-Out, Investors. The American population will be left holding the bag and holding the bag for generations. America will become the largest collections agency in the world by purchasing bad debts. The perpetrators of this crime will walk away with full pockets.

With many friends who’ve invested in the market my phone is ringing off the hook. They are frantic since they are locked out of their accounts today. Funny thing, while we were grappling with the Pay-Off err, Bail-Out, the Democrat controlled House of Representatives quietly approved a paltry $25 billion dollar Bail-Out to the auto industry. That’s OK though because out of this financial disaster will rise “The One World Economy”. After all that’s what it’s all about anyway. Oh well, to bad, so sad.

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

Sunday, September 28, 2008

WATCH: Leonard Peltier: Incident at Oglala


September 12th marked the 64th birthday of Leonard Peltier, an American Indian male convicted to two life sentences based on fabricated testimony and circumstantial evidence....Amnesty International considers him a "political prisoner" who should be "immediately and unconditionally released."

Sign a Petition Supporting Parole and Write to him at: Leonard Peltier - # 89637-132, USP Lewisburg, US Penitentiary, P.O. Box 1000, Lewisburg, PA 17837-1000.

WATCH: Leonard Peltier: "Incident at Oglala", parts: 1 ,

September 18, 2008 - The Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee (LP DOC) is campaigning to raise awareness and educate the public about Leonard Peltier for the purpose of mobilizing people to take actions to set him free. 

September 12th marked the 64th birthday of Leonard Peltier, an American Indian male convicted to two life sentences based on fabricated testimony and circumstantial evidence.  Many of us see this as the typical injustice perpetuated against American Indians in the legal system that exists through today.  Mr. Peltier, a citizen of the Anishinabe and Lakota Nations, is a father, a grandfather, an artist, a writer, and an Indigenous rights activist. He has spent more than thirty-three years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Amnesty International considers him a "political prisoner" who should be "immediately and unconditionally released."

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sorry but even Uncle Jay gets it/understands that is!

Uncle Jay Explains the News - Sept. 22, 2008

Screaming ....

Buffalohair: Now What?

Now What?

Nothing, it’s already a done deal no matter what we want to believe. There are no champions of the American people, or the world, anymore. The Constitution is being ignored by both political parties in favor of Corporatism and the New World Order, like it or not. Hammering out a deal in this Bail-Out is criminal at best as we succumb to extortion. After observing the desperation in the politician’s eyes on both sides of the fence it’s all too apparent they are invested in these troubled markets. Believe me; we are of no concern to them at this juncture. They are struggling to save their empires and they will stoop to any depths to save their personal fortunes, anything. Starting wars for fun and profit is the standard operating procedure these days. So beware just in case GW declares war on Santa Barbara, California or something.

Ideology or no ideology we must be prepared to tighten our belts and hunker down for the impending storm fore this Bail-Out will do little for us. You don’t have to share my opinions but just prepare especially if you have family. Natural events will add to the mix of fun and games as we enter the next phase of this time of change though. What we take for granted now will be a luxury in the future. Simple preparation like having water containers to haul your water will be a good one eh. Maybe electricity will take a dump as well, then what? Hygiene should be an absolute priority, we simply need to be more self sufficient and innovative if we plan to survive the hard times ahead. Would not be the first time America or the world faced such a daunting challenge though. The Depression/Dust Bowl Era was a very humbling time but America became a stronger nation for it. Like a Phoenix, out of the rubble of financial ruin rose the leader of the free world and a champion of democracy, The United States of America. Maybe she will rise again once we stop feeding this corporate cancer called the One World Order.

The Bail-Out or Pay-Off will do little for the working class who’ve already lost their jobs and homes. The damage is done to the real Americans. Businesses have already been placed on the auction block while corporations moved their manufacturing facilities to third world countries. Like one homeless woman told me, “We already lost our voice”.

I reflect on the stories I’ve already written “Homeland and Homeland 2” and how the average American was excluded from the democratic process. I remembered the New Homeless who were traveling to relations or simply wandering aimlessly trying to understand why they lost their homes and jobs. Americans having to sell off their prized personal possessions to garner gas money to finish their journey made my heart ache. Then to interview them only to discover they were like lost children. Many people were still in a state of shock over loosing their jobs. I remember this gentleman who showed me degree after degree; his portfolio was quite impressive but not impressive enough to keep his company from down sizing and moving their engineering department to a Third World Country. In four months he lost his job, home and eventually his family. It was only a few short months ago when I met these jobless Americans. And I know there were many more I did not manage to see. The damage is already done and America has been bankrupt.

Interestingly enough my advice goes out to the good people of the world since they are caught in this spider web of corporate greed and this One World Garbage. With world lending giants in a fix, housing markets in the toilet and nations plunged into an economical abyss it is obvious this is more than coincidental. Everyone hates a conspiracy but I contend all this financial turmoil was staged and part of the grand scheme to usher in the savior, “A One World Economy” better known as the corporate take over of the world. Mussolini’s dream of Corporatism has come to pass, lock stock and tomahawk. Come on, with world leaders doing as they wish and not the will of their people we all have been living in a dictatorship for quite some time. George W. Bush finished off America and the very core of the Constitution as he and his gang ransacked America’s coffers and lined the pockets of corporate interests. World leaders who’ve followed GW’s lead did the same thing to their countries. GB’s PM Brown is getting anxious while Sarkozy has fitful dreams of the French Revolution. Partners in crime, they have guilt written all over them. Who else eh?

How far beyond stupid are we anyway? Just from a business standpoint it would be a stupid investment to buy bad notes and delinquent mortgages. Gads, they are already in default. How much worse should they be? So we are going to invest in bad securities. By purchasing these bad notes is the United States of America going to become the biggest collections agency in the world? Are the people who’ve defaulted going to be taken to debtor’s prison, loose their licenses and have property ceased whence they can’t pay Uncle Sam? Think about it for one second. Something has to happen to these delinquent notes and you better believe the IRS and the US Treasury will want to get their hands on these delinquent bank notes and foreclosures, that is a given. Garnishments of payroll and income tax returns will be a given I’ll wager. Ironically the very corrupt and tyrannical stewardship the colonist’s band together and defeated has returned. Remember something called the Revolutionary War? I also found it ironic colonists had a Mad King George as well. I wonder if GW’s pee is blue, hmm.

I worked in the collections field back in the day and it’s always worked out like this. The selling of bad notes goes to various collections entities who bid on blocks of bad debts. Once they are sold the debts are processed for further collections. Notes don’t just disappear; by selling these notes in this Bail-Out corporate embezzlers will get a free pass as the bulk of the financial burden is passed back to the tax payer. It’s a financial pardon and a get out of jail free card big time for an absolute minority who’ve robbed America blind. Sadly their tyranny has already spread across the globe like a flesh eating strep. Oh well, to bad so sad. Maybe people will figure it out or maybe not. Ain’t nothing but a meatball Paisan. Bad Guys 1, Good Guys 0.

Your Devil’s Advocate
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Friday, September 26, 2008

Buffalohair: The Great American Rip-Off

The Great American Rip-Off

After listening to George W. Bush rant and rave about this illegal and unconstitutional bail-out I could not help but remember the speech he gave the United Nations earlier. The separation of church, state and industry are clearly defined within the Constitution of the United States, it’s as simple as that. So why was GW promising other countries that he would deliver the 700 billion dollars? Are these world leaders actually a part of this One World Order? Even the United Nations got into the One World act this week.

With Americans as well as Europeans out of work and loosing benefits to the corporate bottom line surely you see a major trend don’t you? Using the ole “Guilty by Association” technique it is not hard to see a clear picture of absolute corruption in all the nations who’s leadership snuggled up to GW. Seems King George has loyal subject that control the purse strings of Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. I know the good people of France are not having a good day. The news that mortgage lender Bradford and Bingley of Great Britain is trimming their work force should be a red flag indeed. I just find it coincidental that nations George W. Bush has courted are in a similar fix as us. Opps, Washington Mutual just went under, poof. I hate it when a bank closes shop before I’m done with a story, very annoying eh.

Why weren’t the American people included in all his behind the door chicanery, business deals, war making, selling of sovereignty and a host of absolutely criminal behavior. It’s plain to see he and other world leaders have or-castrated the greatest fraud against the people of their individual nations. They have conspired to keelhaul the current world economical system, basically sabotage the free market system and usher in a One World Economy. In essence they will have taken over the world. When King George was speaking to the United Nations, he was talking to partners in crime assuring them the payoff was in the bag. With both the Democrats and Republicans vying for a Good Bail-Out it’s obvious no party cares if this action was constitutional or legal. If they pull off this caper it could very well be the straw that broke the camels back for the American public. Then again, it’s been “In-Your-Face” corrupt politics all along. It is old news the hierarchy of both sides of the political arena are heavily invested in all these corporations. A Bail-Out would secure their fortunes, you know, that 20 to 35% loss you took on your investments this year. That money did not just disappear, it lined pockets.

From Paris France to Pittsburg Pennsylvania the corporate bottom line has prevailed at the expense of employee benefits, wages and working conditions. Humanity and the environment have taken a major hit as well. National leaders who’ve fallen for GW’s line have sent their nations into an economical tail spin while plotting a course to the New World Order. Nothing more than corporate minions, Gordon Brown as well as France’s Nicolas Sarokzy dutifully navigated their countries economical sovereignty to the brink of financial pandemonium. Through fear and extortion the only solution for this terrible situation is to form a One World Economical System, what a coincidence. Guess the new currency will be the Bush Buck eh. Imagine a dollar bill with GW’s mug on it. In any event we have a ring side seat and the show has only begun. There is no easy way out of this game. No matter which way this situation goes financial chaos will surely ensue. The only difference would be in the conclusion by who weathers the storm, us or corporate thugs who’ve already squandered trillions from the nations they represent.

Frantically Gordon Brown of the UK is struggling to show face to financial institutions of England as Bush’s game of extortion begins to come unraveled. I venture to state there will be more visits from other corrupt world leaders who come forward to beg for more of American Tax Payer Dollars. Eventually the people of the world will see clearly the scam that is being played in favor of the New World Order. From my perspective it’s as clear as a cold winter day. A select group of world leaders and an army of the largest corporations in the world are making their move and trying to get this One World Order started. Extortion and fear are their tactics now as they manipulate the media and even an election. Just so the world knows, we the people of America were never given a chance to vote on or agree with George W. Bush’s New World Order. And I know the people of Europe, South America, Asia or Africa did not have a say either.

The only cure for absolute corruption is to tighten out belts and let these thugs take their medicine. We’ve already lost our homes, jobs and retirement so that threat is meaningless to most of us by now. In third world countries people are systematically murdered for standing in the way of corporate greed. Their land denuded of all resources. We need to starve off the disease that has poisoned the planet with corporate greed. And no matter what, we will have to tighten out belts fore there is no easy way out of this blatant act of extortion. George and the New World Order Boys have been busy little beavers eh. Funny how social issues, healthcare and humanitarian concerns rarely get any government attention, let alone funding. It’s absolutely wrong and blatantly criminal for the United States to coddle industry over her citizens. But the clouds will part when big business and the needs of corporations come into focus. Regardless of their criminality the public is going to pay.

No one is paying attention or they choose to ignore what they are seeing. So it is inevitable we will reap what we sow. We will reward wealthy and greedy businesses for bad business practices while the very people they prayed upon foots the bill for their lavish squandering of corporate funds. After the public has paid dearly, corporate goons will cash out and we will be left holding the bag. The New World Economy will be the salvation of the economical world and rules will change giving the original thugs clemency of sorts. Corporatism and the New World Order will have taken over the world and nations will disappear. Remember what Benito Mussolini once said;

“Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power”

The world is in the midst of an elaborate Fascist takeover and no one is paying attention. They took America and much of the free world over without firing to many shots, granted they blew it in South America. The weapon of choice was the “All Mighty Dollar” and Bush was the point man, this shift. Leaders of the free world who’ve allied themselves with Bush are clearly in on the takeover as well, just look at the financial turmoil their stewardship intentionally led their nations. Oh well, it was already prophesized in many dogma’s anyway. With food riots, famine and natural disasters at an all time high world wide I find it odd the American pressmakes no mention of it. One would be a fool to invest in the stock market now. The insurance racket is in peril as well as companies who’ve gambled on that industry. Mortgage lenders, banks and other institutions are on the verge of collapse on a grand scale world wide, what a coincidence eh. Oh well, it will all be better now. Someone is bound to come up with a bitchen speech and tell us what we want to hear, but in all reality it will be another rouse and the beat goes on.

“Die Neue Weltordnung ├╝ber alles”

Your Devil’s Advocate
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Buffalohair: Welfare for the Rich

Welfare for the Rich

Welfare for the Rich   Never before in US history has such blatant criminal behavior been rewarded as it will be when the Bail-Out comes to pass. Bernake a Bush lackey has given Congress an ultimatum of sorts with tales of a grim financial future if Congress did not approve this latest act of extortion, the Bail-Out. King George was a very shrewd and manipulative task master as he led America down the path of financial ruin and you ask why.   From the very start GW has calculated every move that eventually bankrupted the nation. His callous and wrongful act of terrorism  . . . . Link to more of the story!!

Buffalohair: Burma’s Mixed Signal

Burma’s Mixed Signal

Renowned journalist and founder of the National League for Democracy U Win Tin released from infamous Insein Prison after 19 years of false imprisonment. Also included in this surprising act of humanity were NLA dignitaries Dau May Win Maung, Aung Soe Myint, U Aye Thin as well as 9,000 other prisoners. Obviously not included on this list was Aung San Suu Kyi.

In contrast, Saw Myint Than, chief reporter for Rangoon based “Flowers News” has been transferred to Insein Prison. It is believed by fellow journalists Saw was originally detained for publicly reveling details about his treatment by authorities in an earlier detention. Knowing how the Than Shwe regime operates makes me wonder what the true intention of this mass release is actually all about. The fact Aung San Suu Kyi was not one of the freed dignitaries of the NLA sends a mixed message about the true motive behind this mass release. Are they going to be assassinated by some “unknown gunman” whence they hit the streets? This would afford Than Shwe distance from the killings as his hit men whacked Burma’s hero’s while keeping his hands clean in the eye’s of the international community.

It is obvious Than Shwe is trying to appear legitimate in an effort to give the major corporations invested in Burma a white wash, including America’s Chevron Oil. But actions speak louder than words as Burma’s military continues their assault on the internet by hacking web sites of newspapers. Irrawaddy and other fellow news sites have been under constant assault in recent weeks as Than’s goon’s try to hack and destroy freedoms voice over the internet. Sadly Malaysia has begun its campaign of censorship and imprisonment as journalists get silenced and imprisoned. Than Shwe’s cancer has poisoned Thailand’s political arena since past and present cronies, Thaksin, Somak and now People Power Party Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat have destroyed true democracy and plunged Thailand into political chaos.

Why wasn’t Aung San Suu Kyi released from bondage? Karen, Mon and other tribal people are are still being systematically murdered raped and displaced. In the northern regions children are dying from disease and starvation. Victims of Cyclone Hargis are still suffering with little relief or assistance in sight. The war on journalists and free speech continues. And here sits the free world, impotent and showing the face of a coward. Though Than Shwe’s internet assault silenced some of the freedom fighters of the internet, this vomitous dictator has not silenced all of us. Yet the world looks on with ambivalence or helplessness. It’s more about convenience since so many nations still have financial interests in Burma. Yup, it’s all about the money Paisan, It’s all about the money. The cancer of corporatism has polluted the waters of democracy world wide. The free world looked to America for assistance and we let them down, it’s as simple as that. From Burma to Darfur students of true democracy have been stunned by “Western Style Democracy”, it’s coddling of corruption and total disregard for the people in favor of corporate interests.

When I read the definition of democracy it was plain as the nose on my face, true democracy does not exist, anymore. Corporatism and the New World Order have risen from the ashes of a free world. One day the world will be united under one flag; it will be the flag of death. Tyranny will reign where freedom once did. But just remember, Ma Earth will have the last say. Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom.

Your Devil’s Advocate
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Buffalohair: Cross Section of America

Cross Section of America

This week I attended a class. Actually it was a driving class, a penalty leveled at me for flying down the highway at one zillion miles per hour, on more than one occasion. It was an ethnic buffet a diverse cross section of the American public it would appear. From students to a singer who just released a CD, it was a rich cultural mix of true Americana and me. The political make up was equally as diverse and everyone had something to say, “What happened to America, The Land of The Free?”

It was just a safe driving class but people who normally would never have cross paths in life shared a moment in time together. At first everyone was quiet as most people are these days. Wary at first but then people began to chat. The instructor was a very charming African American woman. Then the ultimate of horrors came to pass, we were assigned groups through a series of psychological tests.

Feeling like Pavlov’s dog Spike I shuttled over to my group, it was the artsy, creative types. It was a hot day so in true Native fashion sense I wore, basketball shorts, sports tee shirt and sneakers, gads everyone else was all spiffed out. Interestingly we just jumped in and began to chat. As we socialized it was all too apparent we shared political views and opinions. I bit my tongue and paid attention as they spoke about the world around them. Clearly they were very conscious of the political circus. They were well versed and knew facts and figures about the absolute corruption that has taken over the United States. You’d think they were reading my stories but I had not written much on the bail out. I held back from commenting since they were more astute on the subject and I wanted to learn more on this issue. They were far from voiceless as they spoke their mind. The president has committed treason against America. I added my two bits when it was clear I would not taint or influence the conversation. Then I shamelessly promoted my news page.

Through another series of tests we were moved into yet another grouping of “types”, arf, arf, arf, wags tail. Now I found myself in a small group of women. Again, I held my tongue and paid attention. They were not as absolute as the first group was, at first. But these women were also well versed in the world around them. They ranged in age from early 20’s to umm, my age. Hokey Smokes Bullwinkle, in a move reserved way, they were just as pissed about the absolute “in your face” corruption that has taken over the country and yes, they were well aware of this New World Order. Their query was, “why didn’t we have a chance to vote on it?” and “who made George W. Bush king?” One woman, working for a major US corporation, told of how she and fellow employees were paranoid and fearful of their jobs. The company would send out memos with thinly veiled threats of termination if they did not submit to queries about a variety of personal questions. The corporation made employees aware that there were major cuts in the future and if they did not comply they may be next. In a stark contradiction of the previous statement the corporation hired psychologists to explain to the employees that they should not feel targeted. What the heck is that all about eh? Just corporate double speak I venture to say. The woman continued as she told it like it was. She made the observation that poor business practices were rewarded in her corporation with major Parachutes just like the prize George Bush’s cronies were getting for bankrupting America. Universally both groups shared the opinion George W. Bush caused the crisis in order to move his New World Order forward.

As the class continued the issue of steeper penalties for speeding came up. Then the issue of education came up. People from all groups made note this country does little for education and chooses imprisonment and that only the wealthy can buy their way out, of anything. So fines were no deterrent. Then the bail-out came into focus since the president excused the millionaires who squandered billions. From all groups the issue of absolute corruption was an undertone. A crime was committed against the people of the United States of America and the bail-out was wrong. It was also the general consensus the media and polls did not reflect the actual American opinion. Someone mentioned they did not believe that our presidential elections were on the up and up in the first place as well as other scurrilous information of the current regime. I was amazed at how well versed and educated the people were. The issue of education verses fines and jail time was the ice breaker as Americans voiced their opinions on how the government did not do the will of the people and only the will of corporate interests.

Earlier this year I traveled around American interviewing people and discovered the vast majority of American voices are not being heard. With no regard to race, creed and location it was believed the main stream media was NOT 1. Telling the truth, 2. Representative of the American people, and 3. Nothing more than propaganda. It blew me away to hear John Q. Citizen speak their minds. It was as if they finally had a chance to have their voices heard. I should have told them about the fact George W. Bush passed an executive order that would place them in the category of terrorist and subject to the loss of their Constitutional rights. But for some reason, I think they already knew. It did warm my heart to know that others were paying attention though. I was also amazed at how educated this cross section of Americans were. It was the general opinion America was in the clutches of a criminally bankrupt regime hell bent on taking over the world, financially. The voice of the American people has been effectively silenced by the corporate controlled media and America has become a memory. Americans have become a “Voiceless People”

I also learned to use my cruise control.

Your Devil’s Advocate
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Buffalohair: King George Speak

King George Speak

George W. Bush had his say today as his elaborate scheme to usher in the New World Order takes wings. After all he was the pilot who ran the American airplane into the side of a mountain. Now The USA is going to buy bad bank loans? How far beyond stupid is that? We the people who’ve already lost homes and jobs are going to foot the bill for corporations who’ve squandered billions in corrupt criminal theft. In essence we the people are rewarding millionaires for their bad business practices.

It should be plain as the nose on your face that this government has no regard for its citizens in favor of corporations and their criminal activity. AIG and the insurance industry as a whole has extorted trillions of dollars from US citizens and the world and had their day in the sun as we the people suffered. Now we are going to pay their bad debts. You’d think the leader of a nation would put priority on his people and not corporate thugs who’ve stolen so much already. Naw, not a chance eh. It’s more important to reward them for doing bad business and pay off their debt. Talk about a double standard, this is blatant and “in your face” but I doubt anyone will catch it. To bad so sad.

How sad it is to realize America has long since disappeared in the wake of this New World Order. The final outcome of George’s buying up all the bad debt will be total control of the banking system and forming this New World Economy.

I’ll bet you did not know that we the people are also dumping zillions of dollars into banks in Europe and Asian markets eh. It’s all about controlling them later on and getting a foothold on this New World Economy. The whole thing reeks of a set up and Crime Boss G.W. Bush was at the helm of this ship wreck from the very start. By destroying the old economical system he has paved the way for his fathers New World Order. It’s a masterful long term elaborate criminal scheme and I must admit I do admire a well planned heist. The beautiful part of it was the fact he did it in front of your faces and no one said a thing.

From the war in Iraq, the insurance health care scam, the bogus oil prices to starting crap with Russia to boost McPalin’s chances for office, George was a busy boy. Well planned and well executed, the total destruction of the American way of life as well as her Constitution was a masterful accomplishment and should be noted in a hall of fame for criminal and treasonous accomplishments. Benedict Arnold, slid on over fore George W. Bush and his minions have blown your doors off and America has disappeared in the horizon. Welcome the New World Order as the North American Union is born and America is dumped in a trash heap along side democracy and freedom. Now you guys are a conquered people like us Indigenous dudes and dudettes.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Buffalohair: Thailand, PM Samak Sacked

Thailand, PM Samak Sacked

After Samak Sundaravej lost the support of the People Power Party he resigned as the PPP leader. Wracked with charges of corruption and exercising “Western Style Democracy” (a term used to describe Samak’s form of democracy), he finally stepped down after a wave of protest that all but shut down the nation. Acting Prime Minister of Thailand Somchai Wongsawat eased the “State of Emergency” Samak imposed on this nation noting, “We have analyzed that the situation is less serious and if we still maintain the state of emergency, it might damage the country” according to The Nation. The need to return to normalcy was apparent as the state of emergency was lifted.

Samak’s cozy relationship with fugitive ex PM Thaksin Shinawatra and tyrant Than Shwe of Burma did not help his cause one bit, let alone altering the Constitution. What was most striking was how the Peoples Alliance for Democracy (PAD) compared Samak’s corrupt regime to “Western Style Democracy”. With Samak ousted you’d think all is well in Thailand as normalcy returned but such is not the case. As if to exacerbate the situation the People Power Party (PPP) placed Somchai Wongsawat in the running for the Prime Ministers slot. Sadly, Somchai is the brother-in-law of Thaksin Shinawatra the other corrupt ex Prime Minister of Thailand. Cronyism American style for sure. Small wonder students of true democracy have sickened by the corrupt nature of this Western Form of Democracy, its not democracy it’s corporatism. The example of corrupt governmental mismanagement was scripted by the good ole USA. How sad that a nation that was once the positive example of freedom and liberty has become a pariah in the eyes of Democracy proponents.

From Than Shwe to the list of corrupt former and present Prime Ministers of Thailand their actions mimic our morally stagnant national political fiasco. Dump one creep and two come to fill in the void to insure the diseased corporate agenda prevails. Its all about power, money and control as far as this New World Agenda is concerned.

If one would take the time to see that every continent, except Antarctica, are in turmoil as this One World Agenda makes is appearance. Indigenous people world wide are under siege as corporate backed countries rape and pillage in the name of economics and the corporate bottom line. I just talked with one of my news correspondents in England and I was not surprised to hear they are in the exact same shape as us with housing starts at an all time low and banks ready to go kaput. Are we this blind that we can’t see a world wide connection with mega corporations, natural resources and the total disregard for the citizens of the world? It’s us and them race, nation and creed has nothing to do with it for it’s the corporatists against the world and they are amassing wealth beyond imagination.

Than Shwe of Burma, is nothing more than a puppet for the corporate interests who are stripping Burma of her natural resources. Than Shwe’s homeboys Thaksin, Samak and Somchai are nothing more than a mirror image of America’s corporate leadership, including King George W. Bush and his cronies. Bush and the crew are the poster boys of a Corrupt Criminal Empire better known as the New World Order. Just smokes my shorts to know Both Obama and McCain are pro New World Odor, just stinks eh. Samak/Thaksin, Obama/McCain, Hitler/Mussolini or Custer/Chivington? Excuse me while I puke.

Corporatism is a cancer and the good people of Thailand are not buying into it. It’s just too bad Americans don’t have the balls to defend their own constitution. It’s to bad Americans don’t have the moxie to speak their minds and make a stand for freedom and democracy, anymore. Viet Nam made a stand against speculators on rice futures to protect their citizens. America did nothing to save her citizenry from price gouging speculators as they destroyed families, business and the American Dream. Fact is the Enron Loophole that allowed for corruption and speculation on a grand scale has yet to be addressed. I’ll bet those mucky mucks in D.C. are hoping we the people have forgotten it by now.

My take on all this is quite simple, it’s all connected and most likely there is a bigger conspiracy than we can comprehend at this juncture. It’s the people of the world against a cancer called Corporatism better known as “The New World Order”. Take a gander at the world around you. Funny how race and religion has become a viable reason to hate these days. The media at large has become the masters of Double Speak and blatant lies about almost everything we read and hear. Eventually, independent journalist such as me will be forced off line and silenced forever. Some will be dead, others will be in jail or Gulag and others will be labels “Terrorists” under GW Bushes executive orders or did you forget about those two executive orders giving the president of the United States of America;

1. Absolute power to do as he wishes around the world with no regard to sovereignty, and I mean anything.

2. Giving the President absolute power to do as he wishes within the borders of the United States with no regard to the Constitution, period.

From the War Powers Act to Spying on American’s George W. Bush single handedly destroyed the core tenets of the United States and the free world. We have become the classic example of the negative side effects of capitalism and democracy. Countries who once dreamed of democracy now struggle with corruption. We wonder why Burma, Somalia, Darfur and now Thailand are in such a political state of emergency. Dare I mention the chaos corporate greed caused in South America? Or do you care? Don’t matter anyway fore it is in your back yard now. Believe what you see, not what they want you to see, they meaning the corporate owned media. So now you know what the Thai PAD group is calling Western Style Democracy. Again I must reiterate that we are not living in a democracy anymore. Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom. It’s all about the money Paisan, its all about the money.

Your Devil’s Advocate
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Buffalohair: From Allen Greenspan to an Election to Nowhere

From Allen Greenspan to an Election to Nowhere

If only people would have paid attention to Allen Greenspan about the economy. He warned us about the reality of our grave financial future but nobody listened. Then there is political appointee Ben Bernacke who only postponed the inevitable downfall of the most elaborate pyramid scheme ever created, the stock market. Now, the fed is bailing out major money brokers who’ve squandered all the loot. Sadly, it’s John Q. Citizen who will foot the bill. It’s the same John Q. Citizen who is loosing their jobs, homes and future while multi-million dollar a year executives get a free pass for criminal mismanagement. Think about it for one second, here are the top mortgage brokerage houses in the nation with the most educated corporate heads in the free world. The billions they’ve spent on lobbying efforts have finally paid a gigantic dividend.


Some homeless mom gets 5 years in the joint for swiping a can of baby formula. Her kids get separated and sent to foster care only to endure abuses from foster parents more deserving of time in the slammer. Families lost their homes and forced on the streets only to fend for themselves. The very backbone of industries, are moving to other countries leaving an unemployed nation in its wake. But we will make sure top investors get their do while “the little people” watch in silent horror as their retirement investments, CD’s and various other gambling chips simply disappear. That’s what all these bail outs do it seems, pander to an absolute minority. And there sits China with all them Treasury Bills, what a game of chess eh, but that’s another story.


The loan sharking industry (Mortgage Market) gathered influence much like the insurance racket did. It bought influence through extensive lobbying efforts. Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac, AIG and Lehman Brothers Holdings took a dump and they are big players. Found it weird the feds did not bail out Lehman Brothers though. Must not have been part of that good ole boy network. From a street kids point of view the nation was taken by some good old bunko schemes and shy larks. Almost makes a wiseguy want to cry eh. It was just a caper but on a grand scale and they took Billions in the process. If anyone paid attention to Allen Greenspan you should also know it is far from over. Like a boil waiting to burst we are on the verge of total financial disaster. Like a virus this will spread around the global financial markets. This is the negative side of a One World Economical Block, which is what corporatists are building. LOL, all this stuff, economical disaster, totalitarian rule and Earth stuff is written in a bazillion prophecies as well. Just thought I’d throw that in, yea got to love it eh.


Since both presidential candidates and their VP’s are into the OneWorld Order thing there is no real relief in sight. Palin Shmalin, ain’t nothing but a meatball Paisan. No matter who wins, we loose and loose big time. Like I said, our political arena is likened to a cake. The only difference that will actually occur is the flavor of the frosting. Will it be vanilla or will it be chocolate? But once you pass the sugar frosting, it will be the same old rancid cake, Bon appetite’. On FOX Business Channel one announcer boldly said that out of this chaos and loss will rise a One World Economy. The New World Order is here folks and the chaos is its growing pains. Just be advised, Ma Earth holds the trump card in this stacked deck. This is better than a movie and it is well scripted too. We’re well into a tumultuous second act but from all indicators the third act is going to rock your socks off.


Your Devil’s Advocate


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Free Screening of Aleut Story, with special guest author/poet Marie Huskey (Unangan/Aleut).

Free Screening of Aleut Story, with special guest author/poet Marie Huskey (Unangan/Aleut).
Thursday, October 23, 2008
Aleut Story

In the turbulence of war, the Aleuts of Alaska would redefine themselves – and America. From indentured servitude and being put into concentration camps during World War II, to Congress and the White House, this is the incredible story of the Aleuts' decades-long struggle for our nation's ideals. Special guest author/poet Marie Huskey (Unangan/Aleut) to start the screening.

The film series was established to provide quality documentaries and films by and about Native Americans, and bring together a central gathering place where discussion and news can be shared with the community and its supporters.

For More information on the film series please or visit

The film series is held at the National Center for Preservation of Democracy located at 111 North Central Avenue, between 1st Street and Central Avenue, in downtown Los Angeles.

(Sponsored in Association with the Japanese American National Museum, National Center for Preservation of Democracy, the Southern California Indian Center, Inc., and Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center)

Aleut Story

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Buffalohair: A Prayer for Those Left Behind, (9-11)

The One Voice Mural

The One Voice 9-11 Healing Totem sculpture above was gifted in the memory of all those lives lost in the 9-11 tragedies.  It was transported cross country from California and unveiled and erected within the New York City Bronx Zoo in September, 2002 on the first year anniversary.

A Prayer for Those Left Behind, (9-11)

Within my tradition we believe there is no death. Whence we've crossed over into the spirit world we are embraced by our ancestors and will never be alone again. So my prayer is for the living who walk this ambivalent world in the pall of grief and loneliness.

Maheo' hear my prayer, fore I ask in a humble way.
I pray for the living and their broken spirits
Fore they truly walk in a much emptier world
Their hearts still filled with grief and sorrow

May the winds of the four direction
Whisper the words of their fallen loved ones
The words they need to hear
To let them know they are with you

In the land from which we all came from
And the land from which we all shall return


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Monday, September 8, 2008

Energy Independence from Oil Bill Blocked by Senate Republicans

When will America wake up and smell the greed, arrogance and pure unadulterated corruption that is oil companies, fronting the Republican party?

Palin’s record for Alaskan Tribal issues is a failure.

  Sarah Palin’s Record on Alaska Native and Tribal Issues

Perhaps no issue is of greater importance to Alaska Native peoples as the right to hunt and fish according to ancient customary and traditional practices, and to carry on the subsistence way of life for future generations.

Governor Sarah Palin has consistently opposed those rights.

Palin has attacked Alaska Native Subsistence Fishing

Once in office, Governor Palin decided to continue litigation that seeks to overturn every subsistence fishing determination the federal government has ever made in Alaska. (State of Alaska v. Norton, 3:05-cv-0158-HRH (D. Ak).) In pressing this case, Palin decided against using the Attorney General (which usually handles State litigation) and instead continued contracting with Senator Ted Stevens’ brother-in-law’s law firm (Birch, Horton, Bittner & Cherot).

The goal of Palin’s law suit is to invalidate all the subsistence fishing regulations the federal government has issued to date to protect Native fishing, and to force the courts instead to take over the roll of setting subsistence regulations. Palin’s law suit seeks to diminish subsistence fishing rights in order to expand sport and commercial fishing.

In May 2007, the federal court rejected the State’s main challenge, holding that Congress in 1980 had expressly granted the U.S. Interior and Agriculture Departments the authority to regulate and protect Native and ruralsubsistence fishing activities in Alaska. (Decision entered May 15, 2007 (Dkt. No. 110).)

Notwithstanding this ruling, Palin continues to argue in the litigation that the federal subsistence protections are too broadand should be narrowed to exclude vast areas from subsistence fishing, in favor of sport and commercial fishing. Palin opposes subsistence protections in marine waters, on many of the lands that Natives selected under their 1971 land claims settlement with the state and federal governments, and in many of the rivers where Alaska Natives customarily fish. (Alaska Complaint at 15-18.) Palin also opposes subsistence fishing protections on Alaska Native federal allotments that were deeded to individuals purposely to foster Native subsistence activities All these issues are now pending before the federal district court.

Palin has attacked Alaska Native Subsistence Hunting

Palin has also sought to invalidate critical determinations the Federal Subsistence Board has made regarding customary and traditional uses of game, specifically to take hunting opportunities away from Native subsistence villagers and thereby enhance sport hunting. Palin’s attack here on subsistence has focused on the Ahtna Indian people in Chistochina.

Although the federal district court has rejected Palin’s challenge, she has carried on an appeal that was argued in August 2008. (State of Alaska v. Fleagle, No. 07-35723 (9th Cir.))

In both hunting and fishing matters, Palin has continued uninterrupted the policies initiated by the former Governor Frank Murkowski Administration, challenging hunting and fishing protections that Native people depend upon for their subsistence way of life in order to enhance sport fishing and hunting opportunities. Palin’s lawsuits are a direct attack on the core way of life of Native Tribes in rural Alaska.

Palin has attacked Alaska Tribal Sovereignty

Governor Palin opposes Alaska tribal sovereignty.

Given past court rulings affirming the federally recognized tribal status of Alaska Native villages, Palin does not technically challenge that status. But Palin argues that Alaska Tribes have no authority to act as sovereigns, despite their recognition.

So extreme is Palin on tribal sovereignty issues that she has sought to block tribes from exercising any authority whatsoever even over the welfare of Native children, adhering to a 2004 legal opinion issued by the former Murkowski Administration that no such jurisdiction exists (except when a state court transfers a matter to a tribal court).

Both the state courts and the federal courts have struck down Palin’s policy of refusing to recognize the sovereign authority of Alaska Tribes to address issues involving Alaska Native children. Native Village of Tanana v. State of Alaska, 3AN-04-12194 CI (judgment entered Aug. 26, 2008) (Ak. Super. Ct.); Native Kaltag Tribal Council v. DHHS, No. 3:06-cv-00211-TMB (D. Ak.), pending on appeal No 08-35343 (9th Cir.)). Nonetheless, Palin’s policy of refusing to recognize Alaska tribal sovereignty remains unchanged.

Palin has attacked Alaska Native Languages

Palin has refused to accord proper respect to Alaska Native languages and voters by refusing to provide language assistance to Yup'ik speaking Alaska Native voters. As a result, Palin was just ordered by a special three judge panel of federal judges to provide various forms of voter assistance to Yup'ik voters residing in southwest Alaska. Nick v. Bethel, No. 3:07-cv-0098-TMB (D. Ak.) (Order entered July 30, 2008).Citing years of State neglect, Palin was ordered to provide trained poll workers who are bilingual in English and Yup'ik; sample ballots in written Yup'ik; a written Yup'ik glossary of election terms; consultation with local Tribes to ensure the accuracy of Yup'ik translations; a Yup'ik language coordinator; and pre-election and post-election reports to the court to track the State's efforts.

In sum, measured against some the rights that are most fundamental to Alaska Native Tribes – the subsistence way of life, tribal sovereignty and voting rights – Palin’s record is a failure.

 FWD: A News ? video;
Witch Hunters head of her church, pray Palin in as Govenor? Wild! 

Warning about video, this is a bit scary crazy let me tell you!

Buffalohair: Western Style Democracy?

Western Style Democracy?

Obviously the main stream media has chosen to ignore the revolution that is occurring in Thailand. People are already tired of the corrupt regime of Samak Sundaravek. His blatant coddling of fugitive ex Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has pushed the people over the edge. As we all know the two of them recognize and promote business with the criminal regime of Than Shwe of Burma. With a State of Emergency announced by Samak the media at large is under siege as well as civil liberties.   George W. Bush has managed to show his true colors as a corrupt wolf  . . . . Link to more of the story!!

John McCain on Nevada Yucca Mountain

Senator Clinton Addresses Yucca Mountain

Friday, September 5, 2008

Buffalohair: Speech to Nowhere

Speech to Nowhere

With Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech out of way it is very clear Bushes agenda will move forward whence Senator John “What Houses?” McCain takes office, and then some. A host of former candidates including “America’s Philanderer” Rudy Giuliani spoke highly of this articulate Junior Governor. King George W. Bush beamed an endorsement for Sarah raising the hair in the back of my neck like an omen. Karl “Above the Law” Rove was almost giddy as he spoke on national TV about this dynamo with good reason. The firing of law enforcement officials, including ex Wasilla Police Chief  . . . . Link to more of the story!!