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Don’t know if any of you are fans if this side walk commando Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman. I’m not since I already know too much about this puke from Denver as it is. Being a former bail bondsman and did my share of “collecting” in my day, I found his show quite annoying to say the least.

Imagine walking into a church and pissing on the Holy Cross thendisrespecting the preacher in front of his parish. Well that’s liken to what he did at a Pow Wow in Hawaii. I am making sure everyone has a chance to read this accounting of his lack luster performance in front of hundreds of Natives in Hawaii. And I will bet he thinks this would not get off the island. Well, power to the internet since I have the story here. And since I do not believe in re-inventing the wheel I am re-printing this story in it’s entirety and giving credit
to the author who originally broke this story. So now he's also a low life creep. Course I always thought he was anyway.

The only suggestion I would offer those who are as enraged about this punk of a person is to hit him in his pocket book. Contact A
E, the station his lame and foolish show airs. Let him know his ego cost him his job. To boycott or cast a negative light on anyone who airs his smack may cause the ones who sign his check to throw him in the rubbish where he belongs. Protest any sponsors who advertise when his show airs. Let them know this conduct is not acceptable and will not be tolerated by Native and non Native people here in the US and where else his stupid show airs. Hit Duane “Puppy” Chapman in his wallet.

Date: Oct 28, 2007 12:18 PM

Duane Chapman, aka "Dog the Bounty Hunter", recently made atestosterone-induced appearance at the Hawaii Pow Wow. He spoke highly  of his career, and mentioned his native ancestry. However, in the end, his actions brought shame to the sacred drum and anger to hundreds of local elders.

Red Warrior, a southern drummer, who hails from San Diego, was singing a song in honor for all Code Talkers (Native American War Veterans and non-
native veterans whom were honored by the military, in WWII) Then "The Dog's" youngest son picked up a drum stick and began uncontrollably beating the drum next to Red Warrior. The remainder of the honor-song was interrupted by the teen celebrity's mock drumming.

At the conclusion of the performance, Red Warrior asked "Whose kid was interrupting the song?" The Dog replied, "You don't talk to the boy, you talk to the man!...I am the Dog. Do you want a piece of the Dog?"

Shocked and appalled at the bounty hunters disrespect, the drummers looked at each other in disbelief. "The Dog" began to call on the drum's veteran singers to stand up and challenge him. Dog became furious and began to swear at the drummers. "Do you want some of the Dog?"

A drummer placed his drumstick onto the drum, approached The Dog and said "Yes, I will have a piece of the Dog,”

Outside of the arena, The Dog and the disgruntled drummer stood face to face. "Lets go to the side and take care of this like men.", as The Dog challenged the old indian

"No, we're going to take care of this in front of everybody. I'm not afraid of you." The veteran drummer spoke loud and clear.

The Dog persisted, "You're sitting with nothing but bitches here."

"How could you talk to your elders like that?"

The Dog barked, "As far as I'm concerned, they're nothing but pussies!"

The Dog walked off and challenged the drummer to "settle this like men."

The drummer replied, "We'll do this in front of everyone.". At which point Chapman’s harsh criticisms and vulgarities echoed throughout the parking lot.
The drummer was steadfast, "You're supposed to be a movie star, 'The Dog,' but you are nobody. You have brought shame to the drum."

Duane "The Dog" Chapman has disappointed and enraged the Native American community with his behavior, and insensitivity toward our fathers
& grandfathers. Behavior of this type may be tolerable onTV shows but will not be tolerated at any Native American Pow Wow.

I hope you are as pissed as I am. It is bad enough there is little respect for Indigenous cultures world wide. This is a total out rage. Like I said, we should send a message to all advertisers and A&
E letting them know, Dog has to go. And we the people have the power to alter his course in history and career. Don Imus paid the ultimate price for a similar transgression. So what’s good for the goose is good for the gander eh.


Your Devils Advocate
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[NativeVue] by Buffalohair: N8V, The Interview


Being that I'm a hard core rock  & roll fan whose enjoyed the  likes of Jimmy  Hendrix and Janis Joplin at free concerts, umm a couple  of years ago, it's more than just a treat to listen to a hard rocking Native group like N8V.  

With roots on Kodiak Island Alaska in the little fishing village of Port Lions, Alutiiq (Aleut) Tribe, the band with humble beginnings was established in Seattle in 2006.  The love and respect for their Native American heritage is ever present in all their works. They are storytellers from a perspective that is truly unique to Native American youth (and youth in general) but they are a rock & roll band by every stretch of the word. And their music is BAD TO THE BONE, with lyrics of significant social consequence and worth paying attention to...N8V, The Interview

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Tue Oct 23, 2007 3:46 pm    Post subject: CALL FOR NATIVE ARTISTS AND CRAFTSMAN OF ALL GENRES
Vickie Sykes curator of the Soaring Hawk Art Gallery is proud to announce the grand opening of their facility in Oklahoma City. And she is offering a wonderful opportunity for Native craftsmen, writers and artists to display their crafts, from sculptures, bead work, paintings, books, cloths, music (CD’s and DVD’s) and much much more. Her facility will display their handy work. It’s a great new resource for all artists to display their art and sell their wares to the general public.

Contact Vickie Sykes for arrangements so you can be a part of the grand opening of her new facility on November 6, 2007 at 10 am. To 6 pm.

Vicki Sykes, Curator





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Life Lessons: Humor of Buffalohair at NativeVue



Life Lessons
Because we like to laugh and cry and think
Moderators Ann LRD, Buffalohair

Reply with quote

Clearing the smoke filled sky’s over Miramar Naval Air Station near San Diego California. Two F-18 Hornets fully armed with GPS and laser guided bombs and missiles scrambled towards Barstow California.

Major Seymour Hair began his briefing to his wingman, Captain Delbert Pfoust on their mission. Through the roar of the jet engines and the crackle of the head piece he began his oratory.

“Del, it looks like another Renegade Robot again. Problem is, the Shuttle is supposed to land at Edwards Air Force Base in a few hours. We are to intercept a 1964 Skylark driven by some old women heading north on Interstate 15.”

Captain Pfoust responded,

“Sir, did I hear you correctly? We are to intercept a 1964 Skylark driven by some senior citizens?”

“That’s affirmative Captain, we are intercepting a 1964 Skylark filled with grandmothers and a renegade robot. At least it keeps us out of the smoke back in San Diego eh captain?” the major said.

“Yes sir, I was dreading the evacuation detail” the elated officer told the major as they flew through the sky.

“There it is captain, The Marine Corps Depot in Barstow and my guidance system also is detecting that Ann 235 Cyborg. I knew this experiment was going to go haywire though”

“Why is that sir?” queried the fighter pilot.

“Just think about it Del, the robot is designated Ann 235. They gave this thing a woman’s name. And sure enough, in this day and age there is no way a woman is going to do what a man tell them to do and apparently neither is this Ann thing-a-majig” quipped the major.

“Look, 7 o’clock, I see the Skylark” Hair said.

Their Hornets banked to the left to get a better look along Interstate 15.

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Post subject: Spoon Size Shreaded Wheat Reply with quote

Shocked What you say? Rolling Eyes

Have you ever enjoyed a bowl of Spoon Sized Shreaded Wheat, drizzled with honey from your own bee hives and covered with ice cold milk from your own dairy animals?

Are there any other uses for Spoon Sized Shreaded Wheat?



In the meantime, in a research facility located at Goom Lake better know as Area 54. Scientist Glen Thinzipper was reviewing old research data from the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Hipparcos—the High Precision Parallax Collecting Satellite that was designed to map the stars.

As he reviewed the data he noticed something very strange. After a few calculations and calls to other space agencies he called his supervisor for some input.

“Umm, Bill I have something I want you to come down and take a look at something I found in one of the star maps we have here” said the perplexed physicist.

Bill his supervisor queried, “What is the commotion all about Glen”

Excitedly Glen responded, “Well it’s something I discovered in these maps we got from the European Space Agency. It shows an anomaly of some kind and the calculations show that this object is on a collision course for Earth”

The curious supervisor asked his colleague, “What is it, a meteor, or comet of some kind? Describe it to me…”

With a puzzled tone to his voice Glen said, “Well I don’t really know since I never saw anything like this. It’s square and has only one polar cap and it seems to have cannels that all run in the same direction. Fact is, it looks like Sugar Frosted Spoon Sized Shredded Wheat”

The dismayed supervisor retorted, “All rightie then, umm Glen? When was the last time you had a vacation?”

The saga continues................


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[NativeVue] "Muffins for Granny": Exposing the Restlessness of an Ancient Sadness


Theresa McGraw is gone, but her voice is finally being heard.

The young Ojibwa girl from Northern Ontario was one of thousands of Aboriginal kids during the 20th century the government snatched from their homes and forcibly placed in residential schools in a grotesque effort to assimilate Natives into Euro-Canadian society. The house-of-horrors terror experienced by these children—from culture shock, profound sexual and physical abuse, hunger, humiliation and homesickness, seems incredulous. But the tragedy is that it wasn't.

It was real, it was prevalent, and the fallout of what happened sears Aboriginal communities to this day. The legacy that remains, says Nadia McLaren, is "the restlessness of an ancient sadness..."

Read the rest, including an audio clip from the documentary... "Muffins for Granny": Exposing the Restlessness of an Ancient Sadness

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[NativeVue] Buffalohair: Native Beatz, Hip Hop With a Real Message

native project banner

Recently I ran an article about hip hop and the messages that are told in the music. To some, Hip hop is nothing more than foolishness and street smack. Well, I beg to differ since after listening to hip hop groups, studying lyrics and talking with artists from all over the USA, Canada and the world over, I've grown to respect it. It truly is a window or glimpse of what is happening with our youth today. The singers are storytellers rapping about life, what they see, and other aspects of the human experience many of us would never even know exist. It can be raw, it can be rude and it can be vulgar, at least to some. But to me, it's a taste of reality and this article is about one such reality hip hop band called Native Beatz....Native Beatz, Hip Hop With a Real Message

[NativeVue] Northwest Climate Change Summit Information

This multigenerational four month Northwest Climate Change event is an example of the variety of ways our people can come together for positive change.  Everyone from traditional elders running sweats to youth showing their films about the environment, will gather to help create opportunties for understanding and awareness. Check out the event poster for more details…

Northwest Climate Change Summit poster

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I ran into a site the other day that I found quite interesting. It offers free exposure as they air your tunes and you can post your wares, events and profile for all to see. I contacted one of the people involved in this project and we chatted for a bit and I thought I'd share this site with our viewers. After all NativeVUE is all about you the entertainer and we promote you in every way possible and frankly this will be a welcome addition to my arsenal as I promote all you wonderfully talented artists world wide.

It's absolutely free with no back door expenses or fees. I've been hunting down new venues to promote the stars I already have on my roster when I ran into this site. So it's not a Native site but that should not stop those who want to be mainstream and shoot for the brass ring in the entertainment world. If you want to go mainstream kick it in high gear and jump in eh.

I'm pushing the groups that have sent me media packets now fore I think they can use the exposure. And I think anyone who reads this should consider this new and free option as well. It's a ground level opportunity since they are new. Your tunes will be on the front line for broadcast for sure.

Tom, the contact person I spoke to assured me that it's absolutely free with no hidden costs to the entertainer. They are excepting music from all genres so don't be shy. For the cost of a few minutes you will get more exposure than you would have. So what do you got to loose other than the time it takes to open up a Pepsi.

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[NativeVue] The Journey of Crazy Horse: A Lakota History

The Journey of Crazy Horse: A Lakota History
By Joseph M. Marshall III

book cover

Reviewed by Ernest M. Whiteman III

"Crazy Horse is the only Indian Man that Indian Men are allowed to be in love with."

This book represents a Lakota history in the truest sense. In that  Joseph M. Marshall is a Lakota himself, raised by family and grandfathers,  taught to give respect to, take part in and most importantly, be responsible to a Lakota way of life. At the center of that lifestyle, according to Marshall, stands the Oglala leader Crazy Horse.

Marshall was raised on the Rosebud Reservation hearing the deeds of Tasunke Witko, so much so that like most (if not all) Native men, developed a mythological image of the historically patina-coated figure called Crazy Horse. The man that has gotten lost in a haze of sepia tones and boyhood dreams. Marshall writes in hopes of connecting to that figure that is constantly forgotten about when set along side of the legend...The Journey of Crazy Horse: A Lakota History

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A load of Nike sneakers were lost at sea!


All the left foot Nike sneakers ended up at one beach and all the right foot Nike sneakers ended up on another beach. Because of the different design between the left and right side, they sailed differently;)


A Wilson
thanks for the wonderful resource... My students plot the movement of Nike shoes.. your video segment will be a great "hook" for the following day after the inquiry activity ... thank you!!!!

Pancho Garcia
Watched this segment on local PBS station last night. Found it very informative and entertaining. Used it as part of a lesson in 6th-gradeSocial Studies. The kids very much enjoyed it, especially the spot on the sneakers!

Thank you for making the media available online! 

[NativeVue] Principal Photography Completed on "The Only Good Indian"

LAWRENCE, KANSAS (October 17, 2007) Director Kevin Willmott (CSA: Confederate States of America) has completed principal photography on his new independent feature film The Only Good Indian, starring Wes Studi (Last of the Mohicans, Avatar). The film was written by Thomas L. Carmody with actor James McDaniel (NYPD Blue) as the executive producer.

In the film, Wes Studi portrays an early 1900's era Cherokee bounty hunter hired to return an escapee from an Indian boarding school.  Winter Fox Frank plays the teenaged student who is trying to get back to his family and the Kansas Kickapoo reservation in Kansas.  J. Kenneth Campbell (Bullworth, Yulee's Gold) plays a legendary Indian fighter-turned-sheriff who is after both of them...Principal Photography Completed on "The Only Good Indian" 

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Buffalohair [NativeVue] Rick Dakotah, The Author

rick dakotah

Since I've met Rick I've been introduced to a wonderfully gifted self made artist. He forged his own path to stardom and became a  world-class musician who dazzles crowds the world over with his music. A man for  all seasons, Rick mastered every musical instrument he picked up. He is truly a musical prodigy at the very least. Then  I discover Rick is also a wonderfully talented writer and artist as well. His love of the arts and beauty is apparent in his literary endeavor with Artwork, an earlier release, and now Thoughts and Images...Rick Dakotah, The Author

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[NativeVue] You Won't Want to Miss This: VisionMaker Film Festival

event banner

Even if you're not a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan, you'll want to be in Lincoln for the VisionMaker Film Festival scheduled Nov. 16 – 29. The Festival will feature a rich mix of documentary, narrative, and short films, curated by award-winning director Chris Eyre (Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribe of Oklahoma,) Sundance Institute's Bird Runningwater (Cheyenne and Mescalero Apache,) MRRMAC Executive Director Danny Lee Ladely, Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT)  Executive Director Shirley K. Sneve (Rosebud Sioux,) and NAPT Project Coordinator Penny Costello. 

For two weeks, Visionmaker will feature 12  to 15 films as well as present workshops, panel discussions and Q&A sessions with filmmakers and humanities scholars for community members, journalism and filmmaking students. The goal of the festival is to present high quality narrative and documentary films made by and about Native Americans and indigenous people, to introduce audiences to filmmakers and their creative process through lectures and screenings, to enhance pride in culture for young Natives living in Lincoln by presenting positive role models, and provide one-on-one opportunities to meet nationally recognized filmmakers...You Won't Want to Miss This: VisionMaker Film Festival 

[NativeVue] "Woodpecker Waltz" Scuttlebutt

As we draw down on production day I can't help but be a little excited. I have some video work to do on the film and I am happy with that. Then Dan Leonetti, writer of the screenplay, informs me of a part in the flick. He tells me the role of "Henry" a big mean spirited death row inmate who is obsessed with listening to the Lone Ranger on the radio. He's a cop killer, mean and ugly with attitude and everyone is intimidated by him. Then Dan tells me, "You would be perfect for the role". Umm, all rightie then.

Well I was elated with the dubious honor of playing Henry in the film. But talk about typecasting eh. So I get to play a "goon" in the film, some things just seem to follow me around I guess. My big scene debut is on page 80 when I get marched off to be executed. And it has a dynamic that is sure to make a grand dramatic return to the stage. At least I'm not typecast as a Native cop killer. But most likely I'll be typecast as a "goon" and forever be known as the "Cop Killer" in Woodpecker Waltz..."Woodpecker Waltz" Scuttlebutt

Read it all, and oh-so-much-more in...

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[NativeVue] APTN Sponsors “Show Us Your Beat Video Contest"

contest banner

 The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) in Canada has created a website dedicated to promoting Native culture through digital film and media. Digital Drum enables emerging artists to express their voice to a world-wide audience via the internet. 

To launch the new website, Digital Drum is working with Good Company Communications to sponsor the Show Us Your Beat Video Contest designed specifically for aspiring Native filmmakers....

APTN Sponsors "Show Us Your Beat Video Contest"

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Fwd: [NativeVue] I thought this would be good to share

I agree with this article shared with me on my MySpace bulletin via other native friends of mine.  Let me know what you think.

Oct 13, 2007 9:10 AM
Subject: REPOSTED important read for all BLOOD wado Sunghila for this
Body: ~Sunghila's Treasures~ Mitakuye Oyasin...Walk in peace!

Blood Quantum: A Relic Of Racism And Termination

I thought this was really interesting.<WBR>.....

Many Native People have gotten so used to the idea of "blood quantum" (degree of "blood") that sometimes the origin of this racist concept is forgotten. It's use started in 1705 when the colony of Virginia adopted a series of laws which denied civil rights to any "negro, mulatto, or Indian" and which defined the above terms by stating that "the child of an Indian, and the child, grandchild, or great grandchild of a negro shall be deemed accounted, held, and taken to be a mulatto." Thus both a person of American race and a person of half-American race (a "half-blood" in other words) were treated as legally inferior persons.

Colony after colony and state after state followed Virginia's example in using blood quantum as a way of determining who could have the privileges accorded to white persons. For example, Alabama's code stated that "all negroes, mulattoes, Indians and all persons of mixed blood, to the third generation inclusive, though one ancestor of each generation may have been a white person, whether bond or free; shall be taken, and deemed incapable in law, to be witnesses...<WBR>. except for or against each other." North Carolina possessed a code which prohibited marriages between white persons and "an Indian, Negro , Mustee, or Mulatto.... or any person of Mixed Blood to the Third Generation." Such laws meant that a part-Indian of one-eighth American ancestry and seven-eighth European ancestry would not have acquired sufficient European "blood" to be accorded the legal privileges of whiteness.

The racist use of blood quantum continued without a break. In 1866 Virginia decreed that "Every person having one-fourth or more Negro blood shall be deemed a colored person, and every person not a colored person having one-fourth or more Indian blood shall be deemed an Indian." (This is perhaps where the one-quarter blood concept used by the Bureau of Indian Affairs originated). In the 20th century Virginia broadened the term "colored" to include all Indians with any trace of African ancestry, if living off-reservation, and with more than 1/32 African ancestry, if living on either the Pamunkey or Mattaponi reservations.

The Federal government began to also use "degree of blood" in the latter part of the nineteenth-century, especially in relation to the enrollment of persons before the Dawes allotment commission. The use of "full," "one-half" etc. at that time was both an extension of the previous racist system and also a step in terminating Native Americans. Persons with greater amounts of white ancestry were assumed to be more competent than persons with lesser amounts. In other words, the degree of white blood was much more important than the degree of American ancestry. The white blood entitled an Indian citizen to greater privileges, including being able to have "wardship" restrictions removed, being able to sell property, acquire the right to vote in state and federal elections, and so on. Thus it may be that many persons chose to exaggerate their amount of white ancestry when enrolling. Persons without white ancestry were restricted persons, with the Bureau controlling their financial lives. It was also expected that when a person became "competent" (white enough) he would no longer be an Indian and that process would eventually terminate a tribe's existence.

Thus the recording of blood quantum is both a product of white racism and of white social science theories of a racist nature, and also a product of a plan wherein Native nations are expected to vanish when the white blood quantum reaches a certain level (above three-fourths, for example). For this latter reason alone, the use of blood quantum is exceedingly dangerous for Native Nations today, although the Bureau and some eastern Oklahoma Indians don't seem to care about this danger.

Recently, Kevin Gover issued proposed changes in the way the BIA calculates and invalidates a Certificate of Degree of Indian or Alaska Native Blood (CDIB). The changes were developed by a very small group of Bureau employees and a few tribal representatives, all in eastern Oklahoma. The changes may seem insignificant to some Oklahoma tribes, however, they should have been carefully reviewed by Indian Country because of their perpetuation of the racist blood quantum ideology, their ignoring of ratified treaties with tribes, and because of the role that they will play in Indians terminating themselves.

First, Indian ancestry is to be computed only from so-called Federally-recognize<WBR>d tribes (in spite of the ambiguous status of some tribes at this time). The changes specifically limit "Indian blood" to ancestry from a Federally-recognize<WBR>d tribe and define the latter as one listed in the Federal Register as a tribe recognized by the Secretary of the Interior. This means that one's degree of Indian blood cannot include American Indian or Eskimo-Inuit ancestry derived from a terminated tribe, from an administratively-<WBR>deleted tribe, from a Canadian, Greenlandic, Mexican or other non-US group, or from any state-recognized tribe (as along the east coast), or perhaps from any newly-recognized tribe. Thus a person who is 1/2 Inuit from Alaska and 1/2 Inuit from Canada or Greenland can only be counted as 1/2.

The possibility exists that numerous persons of full American indigenous racial ancestry will be counted as mixed-bloods and that, gradually, American Indians will be eliminated as a people as they marry non-Indians or currently non-Federally recognized Natives. This is a form of self-termination. If you are concerned about these issues contact Kevin Gover at the Department of the Interior and also Karen Ketcher, BIA, 101 North 5th. Street, Muskogee, OK 74401 or
KarenKetcher@<WBR> Refer to "1076-AD98." This topic will be explored in a subsequent column also.

(Professor Jack D. Forbes, Powhatan-Delaware, is the author of "Africans And Native Americans", "Only Approved Indians", "Red Blood". Founder NAS-UC Davis. Visit Native American Studies UC-Davis Copyright Jack D. Forbes ~ All rights reserved)

the People's Voice ~ Monday, November 27, 2000

Copyright © 2000 J.D.Forbes
All Rights Reserved

WADO Sunghila and JD Forbes for this important read!
! we truly are Mitakuye Oyasin ~~ Namaste'

Critical Disabled Petition for ALL

Saturday, October 13, 2007, 6:09 AM
Subject: fwd: Critical Petition for ALL

Please consider signing this petition. I think it's a worthwhile effort.


Original Message:


Dear Friends,

Please read, sign and pass along this very important petition. It is in reference to those who are Disabled and 'fighting' for their benefits.

Please read & sign even if you are not Disabled because you never know when you, a family member or friend may be in need of such benefits.

The system needs to change & I'm hoping this petition will be a part of that change!

Thank You so Much, C.C.

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cali's only native college


Is Online

Date: Oct 11, 2007 4:03 PM
Subject: cali's only native college

Date: Oct 11, 2007 1:09 PM

DQ-University- (California's One And Only Tribal College) Will Be Having a Benefit Concert Oct 13th 2007 @ The Intertribal Friendship House Located at 523 International Blvd Oakland CA.**Only $7.00** The Show Starts at 5pm to 11pm and is an All Ages Show. Our Performers Will Include Hip Hop Performances By The Savage Family, Para La Gente, Power Struggle, Count Salaz, Mi-She-Kae, Savageno, and Tekpot. We Will Also Have Guest Speakers:
Clayton Duncan a member of Robinson Rancheria (Pomo) from Upper Lake CA Kelysey(ville) Founder of The Lucy Moore Foundation, Which Calls Attention to The Bloody Island Massacre of Northern CA.

Wounded Knee De OCampo, a Miwok Indian from Vallejo CA. Wounded Knee is Head of The Vallejo Intertribal Council who Organizes the Sacred Site/Shellmound Peace Walk. He also is Leading The Fight To Protect Glen Cove Sacred Burial Site in Vallejo CA.

Janeen Antoine member of the Lakota Nation, co-founded The American Indian Contemporary Arts (AICA) in San Francisco in 1983. Janeen also works For KPFA Radio (94.1 FM) Radio in Berkeley as a host of The Bay Native Circle which airs every Wednesday at 2 pm to 3pm.

There will Be Aztec Dancers from XIUHCOATL from San Francisco CA And The Medicine Warriors Dance Group from Oakland CA. There Will Be a Sign Up Booth for The Longest Walk 2 at this Event. A "Rare" Longest Walk 1978 Patch Will Be Auctioned off to Help Raise Funds for The Longest Walk 2 Starting in February 11th 2008. For More Information On The Longest Walk 2 Visit We Encourge Any Person Willing to Share His or Her Poetry to Do So. This is a show honoring all Indigenous peoples. No Drugs or Alcohol is Prohibitted. Please Come out and show your support.**Only $7.00** We Look Forward to Seeing you at Our Event >;-D

***We Encourage Donations of Food so We Can Sell to Help Reopen DQ-University***
Anyone Interested In Volunteering at This Event Contact Quanah Brightman at (510) 672-7187


32nd American Indian Film Festival promo postcard

From:  AIFF

Date: Oct 11, 2007 3:39 PM
Subject: 32nd American Indian Film Festival promo postcard
Body: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Arigon Starr is a Winner!

From:  Native Voices at the Autry

Date: Oct 8, 2007 6:08 PM
Subject: Arigon Starr is a Winner!
Body: Please join Native Voices at the Autry in congratulating Arigon Starr for her 2007 Nammy award! Visit Arigon Starr on myspace at Listen to her hit single The Red Road on the Native Voices myspace page.

Arigon Starr “The Red Road”

Previous NAMMY wins for Arigon
Arigon Starr - 01 Song Single, 99 Best Independent Recording

[NativeVue] Short Takes:) "Finding our Talk"...Roger Cultee...Forum News

movie cam  Short Takes…    

  • The thoroughly amazin' Paul Rickard's and his partner George Hargrave of Mushkeg Media  are currently developing the third season of their APTN documentary series, Finding Our Talk.  To be produced next year, the entire season will focus on the state of Aboriginal languages worldwide...

  • Don't ya just love the net? Here's another reason… Native America's badass rocker Roger Cultee has signed on to appear live twice a month in Albuquerque's Community Cable Channel 27...

  • Allow us a plug…for ourselves. But it's all good, because we're all good; the NativeVue Forum  that is. Have you checked it out lately?..

Short Takes:) "Finding our Talk's" Next Season …Roger Cultee, (Virtually) Live…Check'in the Forum

The Canary Effect?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

[NativeVue] More than a thousand dog tags retrieved from Vietnam!

More than a thousand dog tags retrieved from Vietnam!

In 1994 a tourist to Hue City, Vietnam, purchased more than 1,400 dog tags believing they were from Americans listed as missing in action (MIA). An additional 199 dog tags were acquired in Vietnam in 2006 by a former New Zealand First Member of Parliament with the same belief and a strong desire to return the dog tags to the family of the deceased or missing serviceperson. A check of the dog tags revealed that although none appear to be those of an MIA, most are genuine and were worn by Americans during the war. In other words, these soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines served with honor and returned home after the war. Their dog tags, however, did not.

The primary goals of this project are to reunite lost dog tags with their owners or family members and to collect some background information on how they were lost. So, if you find your name or the name of a friend on the list of over 1,000, please let us know. (Not all dog tags list the branch of service.) Once we verify that we are reuniting the correct dog tag with the correct person, we will send it back to you at no cost. We have already reunited several people with their dog tags.

So far, only 64 dog tags have been reunited with their owners.

Click here to see if your name, or anyone you know, is on this list:

Collecting background info on how they were lost may help in locating the remains of those still MIA.

Requesting that you pass this on, I am


Saturday, October 6, 2007

George Littlechild

George Littlechild Comox,British Columbia
Aboriginal, Digital, Mixed Media, Painter, Photographer
Contemporary first nations artist, whose art explores the social, historical aspects of First Nations people of North America, known for rich colourful depictions of the first peoples...

Mike MacDonald

Mike MacDonald Vancouver,British Columbia

Aboriginal, Installation, Mixed Media, Photographer

Tannis Nielsen

Tannis Nielsen Toronto,Ontario
Aboriginal, Painter, Photographer, Portraits
I paint my that I may better understand my future.I paint my family.They give me strength. When I paint I am comforted by the sound and smell of memory.My family has a deep History here in Canada.We are Metis....I have photos of them in the Gold


Chris Siddall

Chris Siddall Banff,Alberta

Aboriginal, Digital, Landscape, Photographer, Portraits, Wildlife
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Wednesday, October 3, 2007



In researching the origins of Halloween I can’t help but notice how organized religions have made it a point to make sure everyone knows the Druids were Satanists and Devil worshipers. Fact is anything that did not follow the “party line” was labeled Satanic. I know many Europeans who don’t follow the prescribed dogmas of the land and they are as moral and just as can be. And in many ways, their traditions mimic our Native ones.

It’s always been my belief that all human beings, regardless of their pigment, used to have a clear understanding of true spirituality. From the Celtic’s to the Teutonic’s, Pagan religions all had a core of morality, truth and goodness. Their connection to the Creator was always festive and joyous a one filled laughter and merriment. Their G*D was loving and they honored him and Ma Earth plus everything in nature. Sounds familiar huh?

Charlemagne was the Custer of the European Traditionalist and murdered them in the name of this pissed off G*D. The Knights Templar was no better as they killed their way to the Holy Land reaping great wealth in the process. Ireland was the last stronghold and their struggle lives on. After the “Great Massacre” scribes put to pen the reasons these humble people were killed, their customs perverted and made to look evil and satanic. Their histories and culture forever destroyed as well as the true nature of these humble people. And Halloween was one of the victims whose real tradition was skewed and made a mockery of.

Then this cancer was shipped to the America’s as more innocent people were murdered in the name of this new angry and jealous G*D. Their gold was taken and their histories were destroyed. And yup, scribes began to re-write the history and facts about the Inca’s, Maya’s, the Aztec’s and the like. Libraries with millions of books were burned, only a hand full of documents was kept to show how evil these primitive people were. And it was only to justify the wholesale murder of innocent human beings. Provided they were not forgeries in the first place. The Vatican and the Church of England have their coffers filled with blood tainted riches of countless human beings all in the name of G*D.

There are countless theories about the origins of Halloween. I used the rule of thumb on this one. My rule of thumb is, anything that uses Devil, Satan or other garbagesuch as ghouls, goblins, spooks etc has a core in organized religion. It was these terms that were used to justify why people were murdered and their possessions taken in Europe, The America’s and everywhere else people are killed and their natural resources are gleaned, “In the name of G*D”. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, sounds familiar. Its funny how history repeats itself.

Native’s in Mexico celebrate “The Day of the Dead” and honor those who crossed over. In an obscure piece I read that as long as 2000 years ago so called “Pagans” of Europe used to honor their dead as well on All Hallows Eve. Only when organized religions came to exist did the goblins, spooks and evil aspect of All Hallows Eve come to light as yet another sacred day of respect was made a mockery of.

Interestingly enough is the timing of All Hallows Eve and The Day of the Dead though. In Mexico it’s held on November 2nd. The ancient Europeans honored their dead on October 31st. So I don’t buy into the spooks and goblins aspect of this time of honor. I see it as yet another way to cast a negative light on the ancient traditions of murdered innocent people no matter what continent they resided in.

So I will stick to my gut instinct and honor the dead and not buy into the crappola organized dogmas fabricated to simply cover their ass in the books of history they write.

Your Devil’s Advocate…………..OK OK OK so I’m using the D word


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Tanka Bars hit the market

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Name: Rob Schmidt Location: Culver City, California, United States

Tanka Bars hit the market

From the Rapid City Journal, 1/1/07:

Seven in Oh SevenThe tiny community of Kyle on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation seems an unlikely launching pad for the next big thing in health foods, but two longtime entrepreneurs believe Tanka Bars could take off.

"We wanted a snack that was good for you, that would be traditionally appropriate for us but that, number one, tasted good," Karlene Hunter of Kyle said. "These taste good."

Tanka Bars will be a high-protein, low-glucose mixture of buffalo and cranberry.

Hunter's partner, Mark Tilsen of Rapid City, believes that the bars will fill a fast-growing niche with a reservation trend. "The naturalfood market is growing by leaps and bounds, and the meat-snack market is growing by leaps and bounds," Tilsen said. "Buffalo is one of the highest grade proteins that exist, and the buffalo are returning to the Lakota people."Taste of the Plains

Energy bar based on indigenous recipeHow: The company is working with Hermosa buffalo expert Duane Lammers, South Dakota State University researchers and a food branding company on its product. Tanka Bars are made with a nine-hour slow smoking process developed by Native American Natural Foods and Froehling's Meats of Hecla.

Price: The 1 oz. Tanka Bar is $2.25; the half-ounce Tanka Bite is $1.

When: Tanka Bars hit the market Oct. 5 at the 21st annual He Sapa Pow Wow in Rapid City. Or, they can be ordered online at Tanka Bars as salutary as Nike's Air Native N7 shoes?Native Americans have one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world. About 16 percent of Native American adults have diabetes, more than double the rate of the general U.S. population.

"Genes have memories," said nutritionist Kibbe Conti, a member of the Oglala Lakota tribe. She promotes pre-reservation-era eating habits to her Native clients. "The concept of the food-gene connection is supported by a lot of scientific research. You really can't turn a blind eye to lineage and heritage."

Conti has yet to taste-test the Tanka Bar but said she began giving wasna to her clinically malnourished dialysis patients in 2002. She said malnutrition rates dropped from 30 to 20 percent among those patients eating wasna.

"The Tanka Bar sounds like a health food, absolutely, if only because I consider buffalo to be superior protein source. ... What little fat there is in buffalo is rich in omega-3 fatty acids--the good fat."Comment:  Another company markets a product that uses Native lore. Just like Nike, they say they want to help Natives. Are they exploiting Native culture to make a buck too?

And $2.25 for a 1-oz. bar? Yikes. I suspect most Natives lack fruit and vegetables in their diets more than they lack meat. I suggest they snack on apples or bananas.


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Anonymous said...

Native American Natural Foods is based on the Pine Ridge Reservation. There goal is not only to bring healthy lifestyle and healthy eating to the people. They want to bring economic stability to a place that really needs it, jobs and a structure not utilizing total goverment control. This product went through years of not only talking to the elders and youth but with the Leaders of the native people. they created a product that belongs to all native people and gives them something they can call their own. Native American Natural foods Has brought a sense of pride to native people, this product uses respect of all living things including the buffalo each one is respected as it should be, like the sister nation they are to the native people. Give them credit they're really a authentic native company coming from the reservation. They are doing more then just trying to make a buck. they are Native Owned and Operated and are doing good things for their people... The Native People

12:39 PM

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Greetings from Exitwound

From:  Exit Wound

Date: Oct 2, 2007 7:39 AM
Subject: Greetings from Exitwound
Body: Greetings to all my friends!

Well the day has arrived!!!

we are heading out in the morning to New York!

The Band will be there in person and Exitwounds Mang: Team!!

Brother Greg will not be able to make the trip due to work!

Dave Lasiter and Dr. Hook will be meeting us there!

This is very cool!

Wanted to thank everyone that casted a vote for Exitwound at The Nammys!

Now ~~~ we will see who takes home the awards this coming Sat, Oct 6th @ 8:00 pm!!!

Brother Steve ~~~ will have a laptop ~~~ so there will be pic's added to my site of the event and trip! ~~~ While we are there.

Peace to all,

Paul ~~~ Exitwound


October 1st, 2007

From the Pine Ridge Reservation comes a product sure to be a treat, actually assist in the battle with diabetes and it was developed produced and marketed by one of our own. The Tanka Bar, the brain child of Native American Natural Foods a Native and owned and operated business, is a buffalo and berry snack bar that mimics Wasna a traditional Lakota food used during traditional ceremony’s and gatherings.   

It only makes sense that in order for us to combat diabetes is to return to the traditional foods we once thrived on before conquest. Poisons produced and marketed by corporate America, with the blessings of the FDA, fill the shelves of every store in America. Our people are beyond the point of distress as diabetes ravages our population. I just lost an aunt to diabetes and it’s surely not first my family member to die from this “civilized disease”. Who needs cholera infested blankets with corporate American is doing a fine job with the garbage they are feeding the population as a whole.  

Is it exploitive to target Indians? Well Hello Mac-Fly I dare not think so since it’s a NATIVE company who is addressing needs specific to us Natives by offering another source of nutritional intake other then the Killing Fields of Micky Dee’s and other processed poison. The Tanka Bar is a breath of fresh air and a wonderful alternative to the slop fed us by the outside world.  

This wonderfully Native food is sure to take hold as the world over embraces this new and innovative snack treat. And it behooves us as Native people to support Native American Natural Foods and their latest endeavor. Fact is there are many Native owned and operated companies that manufacture clothing, health care products and a wealth of other innovative products that address our issues and concerns as well. AND that green back does not end up lining the pockets of Wall Street the money goes back into the pockets of fellow Natives, for a change.  

It would be nice to see semi trucks brandishing a Nativelogo on the trailers as Native corporations get a foot hold in the world of commerce. Let us have a chance at the brass ring and taste the fruits of our labor, for a change.  

I venture to state it will be more a grass roots effort that gets the ball rolling since we have a steeper hill to climb. The Tanka Bar faces a world of national conglomerates that have gobbled up all the smaller companies and they don’t like new comers. But we as a consumers have a voice, sadly it’s the sound of the all mighty dollar. But it’s the only voice others know and respect. And yea know, we really need to put our money where our mouth is fore we can make a difference by promoting our people. 

By promoting our Native businesses we also build the communities surrounding these budding Native industries. We can stem the tide of poverty by providing work in places that never saw hope in the past.  

If we don’t support our people in the business world Big Brother Industries like Nike and others will simply steal our thunder as well as our heritage just to sell their wares.  

Before the time of conquest we had established trade routes from the tip of South America to the tip of Alaska. Commerce was not a new endeavor for us Native people. Only after conquest were we subjugated to reservations and borders that eventually separated the tribes of the America’s. The introduction of languages by the conquering people has further divided us into even more secular groups. Groups not of our design I might add. And this closed the doors to a once flourishing world of commerce within the Native world of the America’s. 

The Tanka Bar is not the cure all for all our social ills in life as a conquered people. But it’s a ray of hope as we begin to see that their just might be a sliver lining in the dark clouds that hung over our Indigenous Nations since conquest. We need champions and positive role models to inspire our youth and give them hope for the future. I was raised in a world with little to no hope for Natives back in the 50’s and I know of the many doors available for those who lost hope.  

October 5th is the date Tanka Bar will be unveiled at the 21st annual He Sapa Wacipi na Oskate (Black Hills Pow Wow) in Rapid City. So if you’re in the area it may be well worth stopping by and having a taste of the future. It might just be a 4 inch snack treat but it’s ours. 

Hu Ho! 


Read more of Carlos Guevara's on-top-of-it perspectives--commentary, interviews, poetry. Insightful, funny and never-ever a dull moment...:) Says Carole of NativeVue!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Buffalohair NativeVue Concessions and Compromise

  Concessions and Compromise    October 1st, 2007

Since my family is very traditional and walks the path they do I am obliged to walk with them as well. There is no other path nor are there compromises within our customs and traditions. My family are my teachers not some lofty book, advisory board, the whimsy from some passers by or casual aquaintances. For traditional people everything is black and white within our belief system. There are no short cuts, substitutes or gray areas when it comes to our beliefs, teachings and what we honor.  

Hmm, what is a traditional Native? Well I can only speak for my people but a traditional person is ones who knows ancient stories to tell the Dancer during our highest holy days. A traditional is a person who knows the difference between eagle bone flutes and the purpose of a deer’s tail. A traditional is the last vanguard in protecting our history, lore, spirituality and our people. A traditional has no use for terms like status quo, contemporary wisdom, bottom line or the greater good.  A traditional is immersed in a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from the old ones who share their observations in life. I am honored to have such a family and will not compromise the tenants of my people for any sum of money, goods or a pat on the back. And I stand with my people in the face of all adversity and the foolishness of this contemporary era as we prepare for the Change.  

We are living in a world of compromise and false dreams. Everything has a price tag within this material world we live. Our culture is on the auction block as corporate America targets us and our cultures simply for the bottom line. The Sacred Sneaker by Nike unto itself is not a major hit but cumulatively we’ve suffered a nuclear strike from this picking at the pile. We’ve been constantly under assault since conquest. Absolutely everything we had was taken, desecrated, destroyed or made a folly. Treaties since time immemorial have not been honored and our people murdered simply for the land they live on. Our religions, traditions, customs and our lore are fodder for multi-billion dollar corporations. There is nothing sacred in the eyes of the conquering people, only profits and stock index’s. 

From the perspective of my elders, many people have not only crossed the cornmeal line they’ve obscured its very location and have long since lost their way. Ask my elders about all the false claims, hopes, dreams and all them feel good propositions offered by corporate America AND politicians over the last 90 years. And they will tell you that these so called donations and give aways never seem to make it to most reservations including ours. And there is a vast majority of Natives who’ve not seen any of this poppy cock corporate America spouts with their feel good ads patting themselves on the back. Sometimes we actually hear about some philanthropist giving out candy, trinkets and beads to the Natives, but as usual Na Da. Like the others we never seem to make the loop. So before you wave the flag of corporate love and generosity just look at how many people will actually be helped by Nike’s “ACT” of kindness. For all the pomp and ceremony these corporations use to tell the world about their “Good Deed” their words fall short for the vast majority of us. And of course, the media will tell the world how lucky we are to have such generous capitalists sharing their wealth with us unfortunate souls, the poor Indian. It’s all a lie for those who never see all the feel good crappola and it’s the vast majority of us period. 

They should call it the “Ghost Dance Sneaker” since it offers false hope to a desperate people who are suffering the effects of diabetes. We did not have sneakers back in the day and we did not have diabetes either. Science knew the world was flat, science knew Natives were subhuman and science could cure diabetes with a sneaker. Timing is everything or is it just coincidence that this miraculous discovery came on the heels of the “Longest Walk 2008”. What a publicity coup that will be and you better believe Madison Avenue will be watching. Maybe they will come up with a shoe that cures cirrhosis or PTSD’s. Its sort of exciting in a way, I look forward to “Boxers cut for the Native Man in mind”. But if they come up with a sneaker that returns the buffalo to the Great Plains, that will be something eh.  

PT Barnum coined a phrase that has become the axiom of corporate America, “A sucker is born every minute” and sadly the public at large are the suckers. But happily according to our tradition we are living in the time of great change and soon the facades and false store fronts of this so called civilized society will come crumbling down as Ma Earth cleanses herself of all that causes her discomfort. And those who chose to live in the world of false store fronts and material consequence will find them selves with nothing except green paper that does not burn well. 

All the rhetoric, foolish lists and banter promoting corporate America are meaningless to me and the others who see through this and other elaborate scams targeting us. It’s the same ole same ole, another shell game and ultimately we will loose, again. It’s all about the money it’s as simple as that.  

So go back to your corporate chums and tell them about the bad Injun who just would not buy into another great lie. Point the finger at the big bad Injun who would not play nice to liars and thieves from the corporate empire of this so called land of the free. But most important of all, let the world know who you are so they can thank you later fore they are watching. 

Hu Ho!    

Your Devil’s Advocate