Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ndian Jobs, Please help us spread the word

Sep 30, 2010

Ndian Jobs

I’m trying to figure out why we cannot get any newspapers to post our story about Native American jobs, then I thought…. ohhhhh they are charging people to post jobs. NAJ job post are FREE …. Yup FREE…. Please help us spread the word….we need Tribe’s to sign up, Casino’s to sign up…. the more the better. Can you help spread the word????? Thanks.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Buffalohair Retired Air Force Officers Revel UFO Encounters

Retired Air Force Officers Revel UFO Encounters

It should be of no surprise that credible retired military personnel have stepped forward with tales of their encounters by UFO’s in sworn testimony before the *National Press Club this week. I reposted their testimony on my VOD Pod site just in case people missed it since there was barely a peep out of the mainstream media. Hopefully they will not disappear like many other videos have in the past. Remember the UFO that zipped over Obama’s inauguration in D.C. CNN captured on video? That one disappeared without a word. But the long and the short of it all is the fact these highly educated and credible people have risked it all to divulge the existence of UFO’s. But for many of us, this is old news. I must admit learning that space ships shot beams that incapacitated rockets with nuclear war heads during test launches was news to me eh.

Now comes the slippery slope of deciphering if this is part of the governments plan to host a grand revelation of the existence of alien people or that there are good and truly benevolent beings here to intervene if and when we get stupid with all our nuclear toys. Now if you did your homework and have already figured out that there are both good and bad spirits then it goes without saying there are both good and bad space people. Within my tradition we’ve always known there are people from other worlds so this came as no surprise for us.

The discrediting and debasing aspect that comes with this type of revelation comes with the territory. Debunkers are already coming out of the woodwork and that is to be expected since in all probability our government is involved up to their eye lids with space dudes. In part that would explain the need to rush the world into a single planetary government or New World Order. With that said it has always been my contention the government was involved with some less then benevolent space folks who shared their skills of mass destruction and advanced technology. Obviously these boneheads from space have shown poor judgment by picking greedy earth guys. I bet they told their earth bound hosts they were G*D’s or some other crappola. And again I contend, my G*D does not need nor use electro magnetic gizmos to zip around in. Just remember telepathy and speaking with spirits are two different things so don’t freak out if these guys try to meddle in your thoughts.  The same holds true with spirits. Your dogma has provided you the tools for deal with space guys and spirits already so I’ll leave that part up to you.

It’s the ole good verses evil deal with space guys as well so don’t get your boxers in a knot if and when

the government concedes they are in cahoots with space dudes. The appropriate response to this revelation should be, “Did you boneheads verify if these alien guys you are partying with are good or evil?” Clearly the answer is a resounding NO since these buttheads from space sided with greed and corruption through the ages it would appear. Medieval kings and other royals must have gotten all ga ga when they hooked up with these guys. 14th century paintings show Jesus flying around in one of these Frisbees. The paintings also showed depictions of telepathy but only with the elite class of the day. The secret of many sects and secret organizations who’s origins date back to Medieval times lie in their connection with beings from other worlds. Funny part is the fact these organizations are the pride of the elite class around the world. And this has been going on for centuries.

I had an interesting conversation with a district judge about UFO’s and alien encounters, his response was; “not all of them come from space, some come from within the earth”. He was a lifelong member of one of those secretive organizations I might add. In any event it does not matter where they come from because what is most important of all is if they are good or bad. That is what people should focus on when the great revelation comes to pass. The fact any space guy needs a craft to zip around only shows their dependency on ‘stuff’ along with other frailties they undoubtedly share with their carbon based pals on earth, ego for one. Both good and bad space guys zip around in kewl shiny crafts so basically speaking, it is up to us as individuals to figure out who is truly benevolent or who is a sleaze ball since we have the gift of free will.

If you are still struggling with the reality of the spirit world you had better come to terms with this soon because the next challenge will be facing the reality of space guys. If a person made it over the hurdle and made the sacred connection within the spirit world, via their respective dogma of course, the space guy deal would be a piece of cake by comparison. Good is good and bad is bad so it does not matter if they are Pleiadians or schmucks from Union City New Jersey with a Louisville Slugger about to smack you in the cabeza. The key to verifying if any spirit is nice or naughty is written in all the dogmas of the universe. From what prophecy and visions have already told us, the time of change will also be a journey into the supernatural as the spirit world and other plains of existence interface with ours. You know some people will completely freak out when this is in full swing I’ll wager. Folks are already loosing touch with reality as we interface with other plains and it’s only the beginning.

Take it for what its worth but when all else fails and everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off in fear just revert to the teachings within your dogma, in earnest. It may save your life but undoubtedly will save your sanity when everything gets weird on earth and its going to get way weird. The key to surviving this era lies within the pages of all dogmas so it would be advised that you build your spiritual arsenal before it’s too late. I know, I know, I know, I always end my stories with a lecture on spiritual stuff but this is truly the secret to surviving the earth changes and the whole ball of wax including the space dude sideshow. Well I better don my aluminum skull cap, go outside and feed Bear the Wonder Dog. I just hate combing out stray neutrinos in the morning.


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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Red Nation Media News and Press Releases | Red Nation Film Festival


Russell Means explains Alternative to Leave No Child Behind

The T.R.E.A.T.Y. Total Immersion School is an innovative solution to a centuries old challenge: How to educate our children with joy, respect and wonder. How to instill in children self-respect and ignite the spark of life long learning. President Bush's Leave no Child behind requires testi...

John T. Williams March, video produced by the Longhouse Media


Check out this short video produced by the Longhouse Media team about the recent John T. Williams march and the leadership asking for police accountability...citizen journalism and power of the people!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Infinity of Nations at the National Museum of the American Indian - Art preview

National Museum of the American Indian in New York Preview the upcoming "Infinity of Nations" exhibition on the Time Out NY Kids site. There's an awesome slideshow of some of the dazzling works in the show!
A preview of the new permanent exhibition Infinity of Nations: Art and History in the Collections of the National Museum of the American Indian in New York City.

Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards

 Jana Mashonee:
The final round of voting for the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards will now start. The final round of voting with take place from August 25th at 11:00am CST and close on October 6th, 2010 at 11:59pm CST.

Lakotah Cangleska Wakan The Sacred Hoop Flower of Life

 Sound is very low..

The Navajo Times Online - Navajo Nation Fair Rodeo: 10-year-old steals the show

Buffy Sainte-Marie Happy Full Moon
Buffy Sainte-Marie sings a hauntingly beautiful song about the phases of the moon.

authentic American Indian arts and crafts.

All photos are the property of their respective artists; please visit their sites to see their artwork in more depth.

Sa-Cinn Native Art
First Nations arts and crafts shop offers a stunning array of Northwest Coast Indian art including bentwood boxes and silver jewelry in bear, raven, eagle, and killer whale designs.

Bear Canyon Galleries
Jewelry and other fine Southwest Indian crafts from a Navajo-owned store.

Navajo Works
Navajo family crafts store offering hand-made sand paintings, pottery, and gifts.

Ancient Ways Native American Arts
Nice selection of Native American crafts from a Shoshone Indian gift store, including beaded leather goods, painted buffalo robes, and traditional Plains lizard and turtle amulets.

Hopi Market
Hopi-owned store featuring kachinas, basketry, and other Native American art of the Southwest.

A Gallery of Nations
Native-owned store selling Zuni Indian jewelry, pottery, and fetish carvings.

American Indian Art and Gift Shop
California Indian basketry and other native arts and crafts sold by a non-profit Indian cultural center.

Seminole Marketplace
Seminole Indian crafts including patchwork clothing, palmetto dolls, and beading.

The Wampum Shop
Beadwork, carvings, and other American Indian crafts by a Cayuga Indian artist.

Choctaw Art
An online gallery of artwork, jewelry, folk art, and home decor by various Choctaw Indian artists.

Algonquians Sweetgrass Gallery
Quill boxes, moccasins, and Native American gifts from an Ojibway-owned crafts store.

Northern Arts
Broad selection of Inuit and Native American art from Canada.

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Buffalohair Metaphysical Survival Guide For The End Of Times.

Metaphysical Survival Guide For The End Of Times.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah talking about spirits seems sort of lame in this so called modern error, I mean era. Fact being, all dogmas address the supernatural and our direct connection with the spirit world. It’s not a secret homeboy. The spirit world is just next door and there are spirits who are here specifically to rain on your parade. Take it for what its worth but it was said in visions we all chose to walk this world with all the obstacles we face long before we were born unto Earth. The obstacles placed before us were challenges we, as spirits, needed to overcome before we could continue our journey. Our time on Earth was only one of many stops we were to make on our magnificent journey of great knowledge. There, I said it and soon people will be burning my effigy in Time Square for being a heretic.

By the way I don’t buy into the “my religion is better then yours” ka ka either. In one of many visions I saw all dogmas celebrating together in harmony at this ancient square. Everyone was happy and did not give a flying crappola if someone wore a Burka, Yarmulke or a bonnet filled with eagle feathers. Dogmas celebrated together as one, not this convoluted ‘Holy War/My G*d Rocks Your G*D Sucks’ nonsense that drives war based economies and the New World Order. How far beyond stupid is that? So just be advised that man has bludgeoned religions to a pulp and retooled their respective dogmas to suite their material/ego needs over the last 500 years or so. He who controls the presses re-writes the history. If it were not for the fact we are living in the time of change I could only imagine the lies government scribes would write about this era of greed and corruption.

As for the metaphysical side to the Earth Changes, you had better figure it out before you find yourself struggling to find your sanity. We must make our connection with the spirit world and know whose who as far as spirits are concerned. We all have dealt with good and bad spirits since the time of birth. Sadly many cultures and religions have moved away from the concept of the spirits and the spirit world. Many people are blind to this very real side to our existence even though their dogmas preach about the good and bad spirits who influence our daily lives. Now people freak out when some spirit moves a stupid candle around a room or spells “Scream” on spilled beer, gads. How lame is that eh? There are many different types of spirits and by no means am I a pro. I’m just a puppy like the rest of you goon so I’m only sharing what I’ve experienced so far. But you must realize there is a very real spirit war going on right now and the spirit world has begun in earnest to interface with our plain of existence. That’s a part of prophecy as well.

What we must be aware of is the subtle suggestions we mistake for our own judgment or thoughts for those are the voices of spirits. Johnny on the spot, these guys are ready to push the envelope and influence us in some very negative ways. All it takes is just one more word or thought to push someone over the edge and there they go killing their co workers then chopping them up into tiny chunks just because a “voice” told them to do so. Now that is just plain stupid but that is what is happening now. Why else would grown men armed with knives march into daycare centers and hack kids to death? Some bonehead spirit told them to. If we go ga ga over just the sight of spirits we lost the battle. There are both good and bad spirits but no one seems to be paying attention to that aspect of the supernatural. Like the old adage goes, “Would you let someone convince you to jump off the Empire State Building?” Apparently the answer is yes since people are even tossing their kids out windows these days with the lame excuse, “the voice in my head made me do it”, paleeze.

Along with the physical aspects of earth changes the spirit world has come alive with spirits trying to connect with their ancestors. At the same time there is a host of evil spirits making sure people do not make this vital connection for they don’t want us to survive, plain and simple. The key to surviving the time of change was always a metaphysical one. Shelters, food stores and weapon stockpiles, though handy, are not the keys to survival. It’s your personal connection with your ancestors that would be the key to survival. Knowing which messenger is legit is a survival skill all dogmas preached about. Knowing who to listen to when danger approaches will save your life. Your dogma has all these tidbits written down as per custom so I’m not going to try and convince you to follow my tradition, just pay attention to yours. The key to surviving the times we live is written in black and white and has been told over many campfires. Guess its more about walking your talk rather than just filling offering trays and singing songs. You must be a spiritual being not just having a Prozac moment.

Being spiritual does not mean you must walk around fearful of everything you do or forcing your ideology onto others. You don’t have to be paranoid and anal about your spirituality either. And please don’t go walking around in some Moon & Star store wearing an Antediluvian robe mumbling scriptures all day long either. Religion was meant to enhance our lives not imprison us in guilt and fear. Spirituality does not require props, self flagellation or the sacrificing your first born child. Being spiritual is being consciously aware of the spirits and spirit-world around you and knowing whom to trust and who you can ignore. Fear should never play into spirituality since you should have absolute faith within the teachings of your respective dogma anyway. Your belief system is your shield of protection from evil and your strength over fear.

Just remember that evil spirits flourish in an atmosphere of fear and once they got your number they will haunt you with your innermost qualms. They love to threaten you and your loved ones when you first stand up against them. They say some powerfully spooky crappola if you give them the chance to say their schpeel. No matter what they say or do, always stand firm and don’t give them any quarter, is my advice to you. Just because they are spirits does not make their words gold. Hello Mac Fly, we are spirits to. It is imperative you get your spiritual act together before you end up on heavy meds, prison, mental institution or hanging from the rafters. Differentiating between good and evil spirit when a messenger appears (without freaking out) is the key to surviving the tumultuous times that lay ahead, capice?

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Buffalohair Earth Change Arpeggio

Buffalohair Earth Change Arpeggio

Earth Change Arpeggio

It should come as no surprise to an observant soul that change has already begun. There are many theories about the changes. For instance, many Russians believe Amerika, via *HARP, is responsible for the rash of fires that continue to ravage forests, crops and soon, their economy. Chinese scientists recognized solar flares as the seed of weather anomalies though their government rallied the stripping of western industries in the name of green. Granted, those nasty polluting industries simply moved to China or India where pollution has become an art form. Dare I mention the boon to the corporate bottom line for cheap labor? Slave labor is in vogue these days and coincidentally China has a thriving Gulag System, a proverbial chamber of horrors according to survivors. Funny how people forget that part.

Politically motivated alchemists continue to blame mankind, mostly the USA, for the total destruction of the environment with CO2 gas. Guess they blew off the sulfer dioxide threat. Scientists falsifying a hand full of key emotionally pivotal facts in the research of this highly charged issue tarnished the credibility of the scientific community for many years to come. These buttheads chose politics and deception over proven scientific methodology. Independent scientists proclaim to stand behind years of proven theorem and research in the earth sciences. Scientists who refused to sell their integrity lost funding and credibility for not promoting the global warming agenda. Careers came to an end for those who refused to be bullied. That is a national shame.

On the other side of the fence there are accusations of equal pall because of “private” funding from the petroleum industry and other groups. Special interests, not facts, have dominated both sides of the issue. In essence the truth became irrelevant as deception drew the lines of debate. Veiled in a quagmire of ambiguities the answers left more questions than they solved, further muddling the issue. Once politics entered the fray reality faded into obscurity as emotions took the helm. What a pain in the ass eh.

The indigenous populations and dogmas from around the world recognize this tumultuous era as a prophetic end of a cycle, world, era, etc. Inscribed deep within lore, stone and sacred scrolls are dire warnings to future generations of what the future would eventually behold. These works also offer their congregants tools for surviving these turbulent times, or at least the people who are paying attention. Granted there are differences between dogmas such as practices, traditions and belief systems but for the most part dogmas lead a person down a path of morality and ethics. In visions it was said the Creator sent messengers throughout the universe to teach right from wrong and good verses evil. A few whizz-bang clerics, priests, pastors etc should not gauge our impression of any belief system. How far beyond stupid is that? It’s not my job to judge anyone for how they pray or believe. But in a world where religion is used as a tool of war this is a futile ideology indeed. “Freedom of religion, as long as its mine” hmm.

There is no such thing as a holly war in all reality. The Cursaders were punks and that whole history sucks. The concept of anything holy about death and destruction in the name of G*D is completely ludicrous and contradictory to innumerable sacred texts and dogmas, including religions spawned by the children of Abraham, talk about a family feud, oy vey. The political hierarchy on both sides of the proverbial isle is heavily invested in lucrative war based industries as well as other dubiously collusive enterprises. I doubt moral resolution will ever come from these schmucks, just more death but with a healthy portfolio.

Unfortunately war no longer needs a moral impetus before we shell a nation into the Stone Age, only a financial one. Whoa be it to those who dare to live on land full of natural resources. With the help of morally bankrupt politicians farmers and villagers are extracted from their ancient homeland or simply murdered. This is modus operandi for corporations and third world leaders around the planet, something the World Trade Organization turns a deaf ear to. Toss in the de facto Muslim hate campaign and eventually we will come to hate ourselves for what we’ve become as a culture.

Mining companies across Asia, Africa and the Americas continue to murder their opposition in silence with their private armies in the noble quest for gold, uranium and riches. The mainstream Media mum to volumes of news feeds about this plight. And people wonder why peasants and villagers join fringe radical organizations. With governments evicting people so international corporations can strip the land of its natural resources the people have few options. There are some differences between corporate and ideological terrorists but the outcome is always the same in the eyes of the victims. Both sides will kill you if you stand in their way. Corporations have become the emissaries of human suffering around the world, not the bastions of wealth and opportunity as they purport. Monsanto has extorted farmers in third world countries into using their chemicals and seed on a grand scale while pushing their genetically modified organisms onto our food chain. Central America has become a petrochemical cesspool from years of abuse by oil companies. And let’s not forget our glow in the dark Native American communities and the toxic memory of the Cold War on tribal land. Out of sight and out of mind except for the people who have to live, eat and drink on toxic soil and cope with horrendous birth defects and this is in America. Good thing we are living in the time of change for this civilization is in dire need of a cultural enema.

Though the changes may seem horrific at first glance just remember it is only the crescendo of a very dark symphony and soon this era of greed and deception will draw to a close. It will not be just one event but a multitude of events that will span the globe and all levels of existence. Not a spot on or inside Earth will go untouched and its not going to be a fun ride either. So, as mankind haggles over stupid stuff, take a giant step backward, take a long hard look at the big picture and prepare yourself and your family. Don’t cut your nutz off and wait for a shooting star though. When you run out that door to escape a fire, flood or earthquake make sure to grab your survival backpack. That might be the only thing you have left when the day is done. We are in the final lap boys and girls so its time to pay attention and it really does not matter what country you reside.


Hmm, got that out of my system.

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