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Buffalohair:George, Obama and John Speak, “Give US Cash”

George, Obama and John Speak, “Give US Cash”

The Government of the United States of America has sided with Industry and Corporate interest’s world wide against the citizens of this nation. President Bush addressed the “citizens of the world” when promising to deliver OUR cash today. Why are we buying bad debts in Europe and the UK as well??? Why do we have to pay world markets? I never agreed to nor voted on any of this crappola. The leadership of the Democratic and Republican parties is struggling to get their constituents to agree with an unconstitutional 700 billion dollar corporate Bail-Out. The desperation in some of our congressmen’s eyes shows they have a vested financial interest in this Bail-Out as well. Their concerns are not for the nation’s financial future, just theirs.

With millions of US citizens living on the streets after loosing their homes from disasters and foreclosures and social issues including education, employment, healthcare and social security simply ignored, why the fuss over some embezzlers who’ve bankrupted their companies? Of course GW made his pitch to try and hustle the public out of 700 billion dollars. And it was not surprising when presidential hopeful John McCain joined the band wagon but when Barack Obama poured on the steam in a most eloquent speech begging the public to buy into the Bail-Out, I knew we were done. What a bummer since it should be obvious we don’t have a candidate for the people. Fact is, John and Obama are in GW’s court, like it or not. They are siding with corporate interests.

Why didn’t Nancy Pelosi, George W. Bush or any of those big talking politicians rush an emergency education or healthcare Bail-Out for the citizens of this nation? Millions of American engineers and technical specialists lost their jobs as companies moved to third world countries, no one bailed them out. Communities across America resemble ghost towns with all the foreclosed houses already. Why didn’t these families get a Bail-Out? How come the Independent Truckers did not get a Bail-Out when they could no longer afford to operate? Surely you remember tale after tale about patients who’ve died because of callous insurance company decisions to stop or deny treatment. Now these goons are on the ropes and want sympathy and our cash. Knowing the times we live we better prepare for another war or some bombing that will justify military intervention. That always seems to follow when GW does not get his way. Maybe he’ll get his cronies in the oil industry to punish us again.

Why does the banking industry world wide need America’s money anyway? Oh, I forgot, it’s that New World Order thing. With Bush vowing to European investors he was going to push the 700 billion dollar bill through its obvious this Bail-Out is directed towards investors, investors around the world. George made promises to foreign governments that we were not made privy to. These secret business transactions with foreign money markets by our prez are totally illegal at best. This whole process is unconstitutional and a total disregard for the tenets of this nation. It’s all about this One World Economy thing GW and his pop wanted all along.

According to a CNN report e-mails flooded the house as well as the 1-800 numbers overwhelmingly anti-Bail-Out. But our voice does not matter nor does it count it would appear. You are not being heard and we are living with a renegade government who is not respecting the will of the people. This is a dictatorship in the making and this is a crime against the American people. It’s a corrupt government against the citizens of the United States. The bazillion bucks George and his henchmen want is paltry in comparison to the lost of Democracy, freedom and civil liberties.

A Crap Sandwich is a Crap Sandwich no matter how many condiments congress, Obama and John puts on the Sandwich. It’s us against them as a trillion dollar multi-national industry tries to extort the American public. With the media and both political parties safely in their pockets they are making their move with GW Bush’s blessings. Hello New World Order, good bye Democracy. The signers of this Bail-Out Bill are committing treason and you are asleep at the wheel.

It’s almost laughable when I think about it. A nation founded on the principles of freedom and democracy that murdered, lied and raped it’s way to becoming the leader of the free world. A nation who systematically burned villages, raped and slaughtered innocent men, women and children. Then in an attempt to finish the Indigenous people off they fed rancid food and offered cholera infested blankets to the survivors of America’s epic act of genocide. Just so you know, most of my people are not to horribly concerned since this national take over will be meaningless to us anyway. Like the changing of the guard we’ll get a new handler who will give us nothing, like before. My relations will still have no running water and extension cords will stretch across the red earth of Oklahoma from one house to another. Duct Tape and plastic will still be covering our broken windows during the cold winter months. In reality we’ve been in a “recession” for better than 500 years. So when the votes are finally counted and the fate of America and Democracy is cast in stone, I’ll reach across the prairie and offer you a bite of my “Crap Sandwich”, Bon Appetite’

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