Thursday, August 13, 2009

NATIVE TALENT 2009 will end....

SHE-SHE-ETKO a short film By Monkey Ink Media

Shi-Shi-Etko (A short film)
"Shi-Shi-Etko", a six year old Native girl, has only four days before she is taken to residential school. Each day she spends with a family member, who remind her of the importance of remembering who she is.
Co-Writer: Marilyn Thomas
Director/Co-writer: Kate Kroll
As based on the book written by Nicola Campbell, Art by Kim Le Favre
Please got to Monkey Ink Media for information.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ELENA FINNEY announcement from her FACEBOOK

(Photo courtesy of Native Voices at the Autry). Elena Finney says, "I will be performing in a staged reading of "Fancy Dancer" at the La Jolla playhouse on June 20th at 4pm. It's free to attend! see 'special engagement'." Elena Finney, Noah Watts & Robert Greygrass just performed in London with the Play "Salvage." Is this too cool or what? Click on the picture for information.

Rapper/Actor LITE-FOOT and his music video MY CHICK

SAG Members Ratify TV/Theatrical Contracts by 75% of Votes

After 1 year of stalled contract talks and incessant infighting. The Screen Actors Guild members passed the 2009 TV/Theatrical contracts by 75% of the votes. Hollywood can start backed up TV & Film productions. The greenlight is a go for this town. What a long 2 years of a WGA Strike and Studio layoffs, TV pilots cut. Click on the picture for full story.

NATIVE VOICES annual Playwright Retreat

(Arigon Starr, Rayanna Zaragoza & LaVonne Rae Andrews)
Native Voices at the Autry -June 2009
Playwrights Retreat-San Diego

June 14th-21st 2009 Annual Playwrights Retreat (at San Diego State University)
June 16th- Special Reading of The Red Road (at San Diego State University)

Festival of New Plays-LA & La Jolla
June 19th-20th in San Diego area, at La Jolla Playhouse
June 26th-27th in Los Angeles, at Autry National Center
Click on Picture for MySpace information

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Kiowa Gordon portrays "Embry Call" in Summit Entertainment's "New Moon." He also was directed by Rick Schroeder in "Black Cloud" with Eddie Spears and Julia Jones. He was in "Destiny" for Vista Films as an Indian boy. His career is just beginning and why not start with a bang with the internet sensation WOLFPACK from NEW MOON? Click on the picture for Kiowa's IMDB Profile Resume. This is way Cool!

"I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here" with Lou Diamond Phillips

(Photo courtesy of International K9 Imports). Speaking of Floyd Westerman. Here he is with Actor, Lou Diamond Phillips. All in support of German Shepards. Mr. Phillips has joined the cast of I'M A CELEBRITY, GET ME OUTTA HERE on NBC. It is drawing decent TV Ratings. Click on the picture for Lou's IMDB profile. You can also catch all the Reruns of the "Celebrity" on HULU.COM. Or go to NBC for full details on the show. This is so cool!

NOT FORGOTTEN still playing at Beverly Center 13

Zahn McClarnon & Amber Midthunder appear in this film. It opened in select theaters and has a small audience. NOT FORGOTTEN is still playing at the Beverly Center 13 in Beverly Hills. Click on the picture for showtimes. Way cool!

The Late FLOYD WESTERMAN with International K9 Imports

(Photo courtesy of International K9 Imports). The Late Floyd Westerman and Actor, Josh Brolin pose for a picture in support of German Shepard companions. Click on picture for official website. You can watch the CNBC report on the German Shepard dogs. Also, you can click on FAMOUS FRIENDS Link to see Floyd Westerman and his Hollywood pals. Cool!

SAG TV/Theatrical VOTE will be announced tonight

Well, after heated arguments both Online and in Public. The VOTES for the new SAG TV/Theatrical Contracts are being counted today June 9, 2009. An announcement tonight will be made by SAG about all votes. Click on the Picture for SAG news.

Dee Dee Bradley Casting Workshop June 11, 2009

The A.C welcomes ALISON MIZE from DEE DEE BRADLEY CASTING. With a career spanning over 20 years DEE DEE BRADLEY CASTING has worked on several of Hollywood’s hottest TV projects including NEW 90210, VERONICA MARS, BIG SHOTS, PARTY DOWN and more. -- PLEASE NOTE: DEEDEE BRADLEY CASTING cast’s one of the Top TV shows available but due to the sensitivity of the studio we can’t promote any material.
DATE: June 11, 2009.
COST: $45.00
SPACES WILL BE LIMITED: PLEASE CONTACT US AT or call (323) 251 5076 for more info.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

DA VINCI'S INQUEST has 2 Seasons now on HULU.COM

Blame Canada! For bringing us an excellent TV series that involves Native/Aboriginal performers in the story lines. This show used to be here in LA late at Nite on ABC7. You can check it out at HULU. Click on the picture for information. Sit back and watch 2 seasons of a very good show. If there are episodes missing. That's because producers want you to go out and buy the DVD's. Okay. I can do that. It's worth it. This is way, way cool!

Alex Meraz attends LA Premiere of THE HURT LOCKER at the Egyptian

The Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles held the Premiere of THE HURT LOCKER and guess who shows up? Yep, Alex Meraz. Director James Cameron was also on hand and so was actor Jesse Metcalfe. Click on the picture for WIRE IMAGE Pics.

Digitally Remastered BILLY JACK to Screen at LA Film Festival June 21, 2009.

The LA FilmFest says, "Join writer/director Tom Laughlin for a special screening of this cult classic, in which he stars as a part Native American ex-Green Beret who defends a counterculture-friendly Freedom School against the ultra-conservative local townsfolk." In the 1970's BILLY JACK was Way, Way Cool with Native Americans across the U.S. The film spawned 2 more Sequels. Kick butt! Billy Jack! Click on the picture for Ticket information.

SAG Actors are also Voting NO to 2009 TV/Theatrical contracts

To be fair. Many Screen Actors Guild Union members are against the new 2009 TV/Theatrical Contracts. They are voicing their opinions at You Tube and other Online Blogs etc., I found this website where many SAG members have united together to Vote NO. Click on the Logo for Hollywood Actor Prep Website.

Actors Workshop in front Talent Agents June 13, 2009

Dear Actors -- Following the major successes of our last agent collection workshop we have extended our date with these guests. Our last workshops sold out in a few hours so please contact us “asap” to reserve your position. AGENT COLLECTION 3 WORKSHOP features AGENTS from the following agencies: INNOVATIVE ARTISTS/Melissa Hirshenson --DON BUCHWALD/Tracy Christian --GREENE AND ASSOCIATES/Jason Kendziera --TALENTWORKS/Samantha Martin
We’ll be using the same format as before. Here are the details:
• SUBMIT: Your headshot and Resume for consideration
• SEND: Your scene that you would like to be working on. Deadline for scene submissions is TUESDAY JUNE 9TH AT 10PM.
• SUPPLY: Your contact number so we can contact you regarding your position
• Make sure your scene is evenly balanced
• Comedy is always a plus although not essential
• Scene must not be longer than 2 mins
• If you can find a scene then we will assign one for you.
• We will also assign you with a scene partner.
• FREE WORKSHOP: Sunset Gardner Stages. 1501 N.Gardner, LA, 90046.. Please use this workshop so you can fine tune your scene. We’ll provide you direction for your scene so when you present your work it will be nice and polished. FRIDAY JUNE 12TH between 1-4pm.
• AGENT COLLECTION 3: The Complex Theater. 6472 Santa Monica Blvd, LA, 90038. 10am. SATURDAY JUNE 13TH at 10am
• CONTACT: or call (323) 251 5076. Our last workshops sold out in a few hours so please don’t delay. Any questions please feel free to give me a call. Daniel (323) 251 5076

Thursday, June 4, 2009

VOTE YES! on SAG Theatrical Contracts 2009

SAG says, "Every Vote Counts: Please Make Sure Your Vote is Counted! -- The deadline for ballots for the proposed TV/Theatrical Contract is Tuesday, June 9. Ballots must be received by 5 P. M. (PDT) on the 9th. -- If you haven't mailed your ballot already, please take a moment right now to cast your vote and drop your ballot in the mail. There is still time for it to be received before the deadline.
The Screen Actors Guild National Board of Directors is recommending a YES vote. You are encouraged to read your referendum materials carefully, and if you have questions, please email them to THEN VOTE, AND MAIL YOUR BALLOT IN!"
Click on the Logo for SAG Website.

Chief Dan George QUOTE Opens BEARS Documentary on HULU

I just watched this wonderful Documentary called BEARS on HULU.COM last night. A Quote from CHIEF DAN GEORGE opens this wonderful Documentary about Bears around the world. Alaskan Native Images/Symbols are used to tell the stories. Click on the Picture for HULU Website. Great Documentary. Bears Rock!

SAG Board Meeting June 15, 2009.

When: Monday, June 15, 2009
Time: 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Where: James Cagney Boardroom - 5757 Wilshire Blvd. - Los Angeles, CA 90036
RSVP’S will be accepted beginning 8:00 a.m., Wednesday, June 3. The Hollywood Division board will open its June 15, 2009 meeting to members-at-large for observation. This is part of the policy the board passed that calls for all future meetings of the board to be open, giving Hollywood Division members-at-large the opportunity to see their Hollywood board at work. -- Space is limited. Reservations are a must and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis (subject to stated requirements). All members who would like to attend must be in good standing, affiliated with the Guild's Hollywood Division and willing to comply with observation procedures. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
If interested, please RSVP AFTER 8:00 A.M., WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3 via email or phone at (323) 549-6029. Be sure to include your professional name, SAG membership number and contact information. Click on Logo for SAG Website.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nikki's Report at ON NATIVE GROUND!

(Photo courtesy of On Native Ground at Facebook). Nikki Report's from Sacramento at the OLDER THAN AMERICA screening. She spent time to give Roscoe and NATIVE 2009 SHOUT OUTS! Thanks everybody and hello from Los Angeles. Click on the picture for YouTube Channel for On Native Ground. To see more pictures you have to become friends on Facebook. That's a great idea. Way, way cool

On Native Ground attends "Older Than America" Screening

(Photo courtesy of On Native Ground at Facebook. Patricia interviews Michael Smith). It was said about 300 people showed for the screening. If you want to know more about "On Native Ground: Where Art Speaks." Click on the picture for YouTube Channel. This is just too cool!

OLDER THAN AMERICA Screens in Sacramento!

(Photo courtesy of On Native Ground at Facebook. Wes Studi on Left). I was told OLDER THAN AMERICA screened to a full house in Sacramento. Click on the Picture for Official Website. director Georgina Lightning has a great Trailer on the front page. This is way, way cool!

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