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Buffalohair Buffy Saint Marie

December 19, 2009

Buffy Saint Marie

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What can you say about an artist who earned awards that span the imagination like the Oscar and a host of other honors for excellence? Well, after receiving her latest album, “Running for The Drum” all I can say is WOW. Pure energy is an understatement as Buffy and her crew pounded off another fantastic album that is absolutely fantastic.

Running for the Drum is a classic example of why Buffy Saint Marie is still an iconic legion who commands the respect of all who follow in her foot steps. The lady totally rocks and still manages to get my crusty dander up when I hear her dynamic tunes on my Marconi. Gads, from the first tune, “No No Keshagash to the last “Still This Love Goes On” Buffy has you on the edge of your seat in anticipation for the next tune. And in true Buffy style she delivers and delivers big time in this album.

Not relegated to living on royalties Buffy is a true trooper as her and her merry band of minstrel’s pound out tune after tune to live audiences from around the world. Does she know when to stop? I hope not since she is still tops in my book and her latest album “Running for the Drum is well worth a look see and it is a sure bet you will enjoy her music as much as I have since I received this fantastic album.

So it is my recommendation that you listen to Buffy Saint Marie’s latest Album and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. It will be a musical experience you will not soon forget. This Saskatchewan Canadian Native is more than the pride of the Indigenous communities of the America’s; she is an icon within the music industry.

Find out for yourself eh….

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