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Rape On the Reservation ABORIGINAL WOMEN In past times it was the abusers who were shunned

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Ann Little Running Deer

Hulu – Vanguard: Rape On the Reservation – Watch the full episode now.

Video description: One in three Native American women will be raped in her lifetime. Correspondent Mariana van Zeller travels to Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, where the growing sexual assault epidemic has finally escalated to murder.
Ann Little Running Deer
I suddenly felt shame for those young men of the two boy gang at that High School following their fathers mistake! A Mistake That was taught as men of other Lands came to these shores so many years ago. Who tore apart the Spiritual life of the Tribes with their lush of power over everyone and greed for everything . Plus the anger that comes with it. 

Do these young men know this History? 

Yes, the way I was looked at lusted after through my younger years by the boys and men. All came from these men who arrived on these shores. They stole more then Gold or Furs They sole the Beauty of real Love between a man and woman They stole the love and peacefulness of being Spiritual in our lives. They stole beautiful happiness away from this land they had entered.

littlerunningdeer Says:
Ann Little Running Deer 

In past times it was the abusers who were shunned

The Attack on Aboriginal Culture
Women were never considered inferior in Aboriginal society until Europeans arrived. Women had few rights in European society at the time of first contact with Aboriginal people. Men were considered their soci…al, legal and political masters. Any rights which women had were those derived through their husbands. The law of England, for example, held that women did not have the right to vote, to own property or to enter into contracts. This attitude was ultimately reflected in the Indian Act, which blatantly discriminated against women.

This attitude toward women continued until relatively recently in Canada. Women had to fight battles in this century to win the right to voteand to be recognized as legal persons, and it was only within the past few decades that the final legal restrictions upon their right to contract and own property were lifted.
The imposition of new values and cultural standards brought about tremendous historical, social and economic changes which, for the most part, were destructive to Aboriginal communities. Dr. Sally Longstaffe of the Child Protection Centre
has written:

The razing of Indian societies and their traditions is well-documented. Symptoms of this dislocation are evident in high rates of unemployment, suicide, alcoholism, domestic violence, and other social problems. This loss of tradition has seriously damaged the oral means of preserving cultural norms, and the values which prohibit deviant behaviours have been obscured and often forgotten. Native peoples often appear reluctant to adopt “white” solutions to problems that stem from the latter’s apparent destruction of their societies.3

In past times it was the abusers who were shunned; …

littlerunningdeer Says:
Ann Little Running Deer

Shame for Rose Bud On a promise broken, to destroy these empty houses used for the rapes!

The World seems to have its eyes on Rose Bud in a dreamy eyed way !!!! Yes we noticed that When we were doing News research on the Internet! Wow, now this Film about this murder. Not so romantic looking now?

Will they blame it on them selves for bring it here to this land or just look down their noses once again…. 

Wake up Bros it is not too late to break the chains and be Spiritually right once again!


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