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Buffalohair: Coping with Paranormality

Coping with Paranormality

Hopefully you’ve managed to hook back up with your respective dogma or ideological principal and are squared away for the approaching new cycle. If you paid attention to your sacred text you’d be well aware of the supernatural aspect of our persona and the world around us. Like it or not boys and girls, we are spirits to. Granted we are at the bottom of the proverbial food chain as far as intelligent life forms are concerned. Sadly we are more like a box full of newborn kittens in the grand scheme of things.

At least we are not alone in the bottom of the tank since we can add those guys in spiffy space ships to the list of sucker fish. Not all space dudes are bad and not all space dudes are cool but the point being is they are more or less like us and not G*D’S, get over that ka ka. They come in all shapes forms and sizes and not just your standard ET’ish little dude. Fortunately I am not the only one who knows this factoid, not by a long shot. When any spirit is encountered you will still need to verify if they are good or evil as prescribed within your dogma in fact this should be second nature to you. A spirit is a spirit whether it floats around your house taking smack or sits on your porch zapping satellites and eating earthlings.

Rule of thumb, good spirits don’t mind getting checked out or verified where bad spirits come up with excuses or threats in an attempt to keep you from asking about them. Arm yourself with the tools provided within your respective dogma or ideological principal. The ancients defeated bonehead spirits with the same old medicine eons ago. So what if a spirit does not want me to ask if he is cool or not, screw that puke. Umm, hello Mac Fly, the fact he was sniveling about being verified within my tradition in the first place would be a major red flag anyway. I pray or ask about spirits in their face, period. I learned the hard way not to wait to long before asking for help with some of these guys because they have some powerful medicine. You have to have absolute faith within your tradition to stand in the face of some of these buttheads of evil because that is exactly what you must do. This is where you go directly to your dogma for details. Customs and traditions vary from tribe to tribe but absolute faith is universal.

Call it paranormalization if you like but the sooner you get a handle on the spirit world the sooner you will be able to grasp its complexities and the key’s to survival. There is a lot more going on within the spirit world than I can possibly describe in one article and by no means do I have all the answers. Many events are interconnected with life on earth. There are no secrets within the confines of the spirit world and our existence is more like fish in an aquarium to the worlds around us. It’s like a one way mirror since both good and evil can check out our junk, press a few buttons and have a few laughs. We are blind as a bat on many levels. Just know in your heart mankind is like a babe in the woods spiritually and celestially speaking. Sorry, we are not “All That”

Just because I might have a slight heads up on some of this spirit stuff does not give me a free ride either. In fact I think I get hit harder and they can be severe. Rather than pull one trigger they always give me both barrels and its no picnic from a spiritual point of view. After all, I do piss them off big time revealing their smack in my stories. It’s an on going battle not to get negatively influenced by these boneheads no matter what challenge they toss at you. Any crack in the concrete is all they need to enter and disrupt your life. We are all under assault from within the spirit world these days. Yup, and there are plenty of bad guys to go around. But if you are already dialed into your dogma you know the drill. It’s more about battening down the hatches at this stage of the game because a storm is brewing.

I get bitch slapped by bad spirits on an ever growing basis these days but in all reality I think everyone is. Please don’t be lame and let some whizz-bang spirit talk you into hacking up your friends. Don’t laugh, crimes are getting juicer these days and we’ve only begun our final decent into darkness. They are also getting closer to home. So fasten your seatbelts boys and girls for it’s not going to be a smooth landing. And put the ax in the overhead compartment. There is no way around the supernatural side of change and at some point you will have to face it. Even ignoring it will ultimately be impossible as time progresses. The supernatural is already ‘in your face’ to many people. Some folks are handling it quite well while others are completely freaked out. If only people paid more attention to their sacred books they would know the spirit world is very much alive and well. It does not matter where on the planet you reside since the spirit world is a universal place.

Civilization has entered a very dangerous period for the journey is filled with many unforeseen and unimagined obstacles. Prophecies abound with many tales of struggle and survival of epic proportions that stagger the imagination. And you can bet there are a bazillion bonehead spirits that accompany each tale of anguish and human suffering. The physical aspect of change will be most humbling but the paranormal side will strike a blow to many people’s sensibilities. They would be easy prey from spirits in need of servants or worshipers. Read your sacred book and get it from the horse’s mouth within your tradition eh. You need to learn how to run with the big dogs of the spirit world or you will be toast homeboy/girl and that’s the bottom line. Just so you know, paranormal stuff will follow us into the next cycle and be more a part of our daily lives, like it should be.

Bad spirits kick my ass from time to time and I am aware of what they are doing, how annoying. The pricks hit way below the belt and they are not screwing around. You must get your spiritual act together within your tradition or ideological principal, like now. Evil has already come out swinging and you’re just sitting there playing with your self, spiritually. You don’t need to walk around like you have a broom stick up your ass just because you possess sacred knowledge either. It’s time to pay attention and embrace our paranormalized existence with both eyes open if we plan to survive with our sanity intact.

You had better be anchored solidly within your dogma or ideological principal because the bad guys hit hard when they play. I get my share of lumps from evil’s wrath and they hurt in places closer to my heart and soul. Helplessly all I can do is pray for my family’s wellbeing as I embrace their fondest memories. This truly was not the world I wanted my kids to grow up into. I had a different dream for my kids. But alas my kids are now in my dreams. Bad spirits know exactly where to hit you so be prepared for the unexpected, believe me.

For those who are truly aware, just keep taking your lumps since it’s not going to ease up any time soon. You’re going to have to distance yourself more from others since there will be an influx of ‘travelers’ that will bring a multitude of spirits along with them, some good and some very, very bad. Be like the coyote and stay away from their world for this is not a time to make new friends but to sort out the old ones. As desperation rises across the planet there will be more travelers who will do and say anything to survive. Just remember, survival begins at home and you must be the number one priority. People will literally be going crazy as spirits and world events freak them out. You may be a bit freaked out by the presences of a spirit of some kind but you must hold your ground and stand up to them no matter what they tell you. You need to grow a spiritual callous because encounters are going to increase.

The world is in flux and many things are going to change and it is up to you to prepare since this is not going to be an easy ride according to all prophetic teachings. The trick to surviving this era is written in stone, within oral histories and a multitude of sacred texts from dogmas and ideological principals from throughout the universe. It’s not like the trick to survival is a secret. Knowing which spirits or entities are good or not would be a good place to start. You just have to get over the hump of the reality of spirits and move onto more practical concerns. It’s going to get very busy and people will have a harder time focusing on the spiritual activity. That is why it is so important you get your act together spiritually now before things go crazy. I am very aware and spiritually in tune and I’m getting my ass kicked. They are more like battles but fortunately I was still able to squeak out a prayer while under assault. Yup, for those of us who are aware it’s not an easy journey either, in fact it kind of sucks.

Good will prevail when it is all said and done, as prophesized. No matter how evil tries to alter this destiny they will only speed up their inevitable demise. Beware that the battle between good and evil has begun in earnest and many dark years lay before us. Evil will manifest itself in a multitude of disguises and misguided religious fervor. But if you got your act together within your dogma or ideological principal this all would be old news. You would have all the spiritual tools needed to survive the times we live. The supernatural side to this era would be an accepted part of life rather than something to freak out over. And you would not be likely to take lip from any spirit that pops into your life. Oh well, get it or don’t. It’s in your court now. A word to the wise, you better hurry up and get it together because it’s about to get real busy.

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