Sunday, February 26, 2012

From The Desk of Ann Little Running Deer, Loving, Healing Prayers for Buffalohairs Mom

From The Desk of Ann Little Running Deer, Loving, Healing Prayers for Buffalohairs Mom

Thoughts and News for the Day!

Loving ,Healing Prayers for Buffalohair’s Mom. All good thoughts as she goes into the hospital Monday Feb.27, 2012 for an operation. She is a tiny elderly grandmother whom Buffalohair loves with his whole being.



Thoughts about My Life

Flash back mind photos will continue …..

My Favorites:

gentle rain storms;

walking along the beach,

waves washing over my feet,

gulls flying over head,

a gentle breeze blowing my hair,

the smell of salt water;

Walking in a deep forest with tall older trees making it like a room,

sun light filtering down,

birds singing,

the ground at my feet like a carpet.

All of the photos on this page


Grandmother Cookie Break

Where else can you
— lie by an open fire and listen to the rain without getting wet? – In a tipi
— roast hot dogs over glowing embers while the wind blows and not get smoke in your eyes? – In a tepee
— on a hot summer day can you raise the wall of your shelter on the shady side and let a cool breeze flow through, or sit out a winter storm, secure and warm, while the elements rage on the outside? – in a teepee
— gaze up at the stars as you fall asleep and awake to a cloud burst and still stay dry? – in a tipi
Take Care

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