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Buffalohair, Pink Slime Scare and Other Stupid Pet Tricks

Pink Slime Scare and Other Stupid Pet Tricks

The pink slime scare is probably the most ridiculous news story to come across the wire thus far. The real story should be about how the general population can be lead around by the nose to believe anything without facts. Apparently few people have butchered and prepared meat and have no clue what pink slime really is. How far beyond stupid is that?

Within my tradition hunting and butchering our kill is a part of life and survival for the most part. There are plenty of other cultures who over the years evolved even more techniques to salvage the animal’s renderings such as haggis, sausage, tripe and menudo. The list of seemingly undesirable portions consumed by man goes on and on. Brains, testicles, sphincter as well as the animal’s skin are eagerly consumed as a delicacy all over the world including the USA but now people are freaking out over the use of finely ground meat, pink slime. No one dares mention how people clean the ka ka out of the gut and intestines in the US but rest assured in other countries there are ‘gifts’ left behind. I’m still here and I’ve eaten plenty of ‘exotic’ foods from around the world.

Have you ever butchered your own food or even have a clue what it feels like to fondle the inside of a dead moose or bovine? If you did then you would not be one of the mindless lemmings who are ranting about the evils of pink slime because you already know the drill. The insides of an animal are slimy feeling, much like humans, just kidding. Slice up a raw steak and look at your blade homeboy/girl. See all that squiggly finely ground pink or red stuff that did not make the cut as a T-Bone? Imagine butchering an elk then look at your butcher block with all those tiny chunks of meat and slimy portions that are lying around. We place them in the grinder and add them to the hamburger since there are other parts of the animal with red meat that we simply don’t waste. With wild meat we also add suet or hard fat to our burger since wild game is so lean. If not, the burger gets all crumbly.

But this is not a story about how to process your own food, it’s a story about how stupid the general public is and how they will believe anything they read without researching the facts first. Pink slime is just fine renderings from a wide variety of cuts of meat like steaks, chops, roasts and so on. It does not even come close to animal intestines or gut that is consumed everyday around the USA for it is pure meat from some of the finest cuts of beef plain and simple. If we believed everything some bonehead with an agenda says about foods we would be calling Alaskan salmon ‘Sea Kittens’ and leave bowls of milk alone the Susitna River, gads. Oh oh, I better be careful or my favorite fishing spot will be littered with bowls of milk. Mac Donald’s mystery meat burgers are chock full of beef parts and it’s not all NY cuts either.

I am not a fan of Genetically Modified Foods and fortunately pink slime is not a GMO contrary to what some spin doctor may tell you. But in a nation that has turned its back on American companies it is no surprise our lemming population has closed the doors of another US firm, Beef Products Inc., over bold faced lies. You call yourselves American’s yet you choose to persecute an innocuous meat processing company over something you do not know or understand in a heretic mentality. Now the pink slips for hundreds of American workers will soon come to pass all because someone lied and lied big time about so called pink slime. The real slime ball is the person or organization that perpetuated this myth in the first place. This wreaks of s second agenda anyway.

Why don’t we question real issues like the nuclear industries use of the environmental movement to promote ‘clean’ nuclear power? So what if our planet is contaminated beyond our wildest dreams with radiation from disaster after disaster causing newer and better cancers. Addressing the issue of thousands of people poisoned from the ‘side effects’ of prescription drugs would be nice. Genetically modified garbage and the creation of super bugs would make a nice conversation starter. Dare we mention how Bill ‘GMO’Clinton opened the Pandora’s Box of GMO foods allowing Monsanto lackeys into American government? Naw, lets not since he is one of the pretty presidents who can lie at his leisure and every loves him in spite of his random acts of treason. Speaking of Bill the Shill, why did he ignore the Haitians while bolstering the iron ore industry in Haiti after the quake? Follow the money paisan.

But nooooo, lets rant and snivel about pink slime with no clue what the truth is because that is the new American way, to cast judgment without knowing the facts. That is just messed up. On well; when you snooze you loose and America is asleep at the wheel again. Small wonder we are living in a time of change and now I see why Ma Earth is pissed off. Next on the hit list will be menudo & sausage but I think the Scots will put up a fight over their haggis. Eventually all meat will come from test tubes or gleaned from human waste in the ultimate act of recycling and corporate profiteering. And yes, you will have it your way…..

My heart goes out to those Americans who will loose their jobs over a carefully calculated lie. But in the land of lies, it’s business as usual.

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