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Buffalohair, Burmese Troops Continue Shelling Kachin Positions near Laiza

Burmese Troops Continue Shelling Kachin Positions near Laiza

Predictably Burmese artillery units began shelling the *Kachin Pan Tsun post in northern Bhamo (Manmaw) district. For 10 gruelling hours Kachin Independence Army Battalion 19 faced an intense 120 mm artillery barrage on their position in a futile attempt to retain control of this strategic location before the position fell. They were forced to regroup, but no doubt the Burmese have not heard the last of the fighting Jinghpaw.

The Pan Tsun Post is critical in the protection of Laiza where over 25,000 Internally Displace Kachin refugees are sheltered. Other locations are also experiencing heavy fighting as the war intensifies. Kachin troops are focused on the protection of Laiza and its civilian population. The Bhamo to Loije trade route was ultimately closed because of the intense combat operations in this region. Reports of casualties have not yet been reported by either side.

As **U.S. Senator Jim Webb heads to Washington to propose the lifting of sanctions to reward Burma I must ask; “Reward for what, the ethnic war the military junta of Burma continues to wage against the Jinghpaw people?” If the Kachin fail to hold back the marauding Burmese army the possibility of a humanitarian crisis of epic purporting could very well ensue. The good senator and corporate interests he panders for would undoubtedly have Kachin blood on their hands for this calculated ambivalence. After all, it was the junta that broke the 17 year cease fire agreement 10 months ago and it is the junta who bare full responsibility for continued crimes against humanity in Kachinland. And for this Burma should be rewarded? How far beyond stupid is that, or is it just pure greed?

We must remember Senator Webb was courting Than Shwe and the lifting of sanction long before Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was released from bondage and Insein Prison was still filled to capacity with political prisoners. With over 900 political prisoners remaining in prisons throughout Burma it’s clear nothing has changed since Jim Webb continues to ignore the humanitarian crisis that persists in Kachinland and Burma as a whole. In all reality the mainstream media also share in this profoundly apathetic mindset when it comes to Burma’s policy of eugenics and ethnic cleansing. If and when the Kachin succeeds in retaining their national sovereignty they should tell the whole world to get screwed when it comes to their bountiful resources. But for now my prayers are with the Jinghpaw.



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