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Fox 12 TV: Duck Valley Residents are Running Out of Food

Carole of  NativeVue asked:

 Grazie for the clarification, Anne! This makes me feel lots better knowing that donations will go straight to the folks who need it. Which leads me to my next question....

I work for Catholic Charities here in Michigan. Have they jumped into helping at all? Usually, they are pretty good at disaster relief efforts.

It is one thing to call and ask about someone, which does help them know you are worried about them

 Or you may wonder if it is all true or even be gun shy of who is getting the money!

 But in the mean time. They are trying to save every drop of gasoline to keep those generators running for the sewer system, pumping what gas they had left, and even pumping water sparingly.  Being careful with what bottled water and ice  and even batteries for the hand fans or flashlights they now have and still be able to keep their people going until the main power can come back on and Wildfires are out!.

 And the little lunches sent in for the children really do help, but is like a bandaged quick fix. All the perishable foods they had was lost. With all their Elderly and over 380? children they can not cut back on the food for them, so supplies run out fast.

The fire crews are still working, yes folks it has not ended yet!

Duck Valley Residents are Running Out of Food
July 28, 2007 08:53 PM

Emergency Supplies To Duck Valley Reservation
News Video

DuckValley, Idaho-- Although power is now back on for the over 1,000 people living on the Duck Valley Indian Reservation -- the crisis there continues.

  Earlier the Murphy Complex Fire knocked out power to the reservation by destroying over 200 power poles and transformers.

  Without power, residents lost all refrigerated food and were unable to pump water or cook.

  Many also lost medicines that require refrigeration.

  Even with power back on - hundreds of homes are running out of food-- after using up all their canned goods.

  "Beans,carrots, and corn. Hash, Chile. I've been told they just love peanutbutter and jelly down there.  If they get these case lots and bring them to the parking lot, which we'll be setting up with a large truck,we'll be taking them down on Tuesday," said Chaplin Tom Westall, with New Life Family Ministries.

  "Our community is known for coming together in times of trail and crissis and this by far is the biggest crisis we have seen and been through," said Yvonne Powers. the editor of a tribal newspaper.

  Two canned goods donation centers are being set up.

   The collection sites will be open Monday from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m.

  One is at the Broadway Avenue Baptist Church in Boise.

   The otheris at the Tester Broadcasting Group in Mountain Home on Canyon Creek Road.

  The power situation on the reservation is only temporary...and the Murphy Complex Fire is still active.


Second new Fox 12 TV News Video says Pres Bush is going to visit  Duck Valley now.

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