Saturday, August 4, 2007

Yes, We need a HOT LINE for helping those in Dire Need!

A comment has been posted to the tiny Journal:
Beauty in Art
Time to Share some of this Good News here! For  Shoshone-Paiute Tribes of the Duck Valley
Comment from: rdautumnsage
"Thank you! Somehow I knew we would take care of our own. I know from my own journal a number of people stepped foward and said they sent contributions. In the end it's about people caring for one another. You don't need to be a Native to care. Having compassion isn't a skin condition. (Hugs) Indigo
The problem at first was in getting the News out to our Nations!!!!!!!!

As no National Network touched it!!!!!!!!!

It started with one little E-Mail to Carlos.

Then to our Blogs, Journals, Web pages and our Group Sites.

Then finally ones paid attention to the Fire Stories coming out of Nevada.

Now TV News In Idaho is playing catch up after it is almost over

So we have come to realize we need ONE WELL READ BLOG that will cover News of Nations needing help for all to check in on!
Yeah! I don't mean one that copies the NewsPaper News around the country we have plenty of those you have to hunt through.
 I mean only our own News! [Just one will do  thank you helpful white folks not hundreds] And a 'Real Native' one ..... one who really Cares ..... not in it for the Money!
Buffalohair's Blog is getting well read these days and he did get that first little E-Mail from Paz, trying to get help for her people/Nation.

Back to the Nation:

What cattle that are still alive, with their grass lands burned to a crisp, they need to buy extra food for those cattle now!

 Do you think that will come cheap? I don't think so!

Could you feed a whole town and cattle on nothing?

 So even with a tight budget with these monies coming in, this will be a story in itself. To make it through the Winter?  

As Carlos stated; "It was a  great Loss of the Paiute economic infrastructure during the fire.

 You must realize the reservation is very isolated, 100 miles in all directions from the nearest town on a little two lane road, definitely off the beaten path.

The fire has ravaged their ability to be self sufficient,  killing cattle and other small industries that once supported this village."

 What money they had, they spent all of it on dry ice, regular ice, bottled water and other suppies for over 1500 people when they could get through the fires or was allowed to go through.

 Stories were that the Red Cross had helped them at the begining?..... Not!...... That was their own money that bought that!

 Then the Red Cross themselves said, "Oh they have everything, they don't need any help." Yeah Right!

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