Monday, August 27, 2007

Our Native Youth at Our Film Festivals and Events

Do we treat them with respect?

Do we give them a chance to shine their light!

Do we allow them to have Pride in their Culture and their Native people?

We know from the Film Makers Stories they tell, that it can be hard to have your New Films shown at times. At the cost of even getting into the Event. Do we give our Youth their chance?

But you know they also have Musical Talent during these Festivals and So how difficult is it to be accepted?

Is it only the friends of friends who get chosen?

Yes again,  do we give Our Youth their chance?

You may be shocked of the answer, for some Festivals.


It all depends on who is in charge!

Now I heard of how New Film makers solved some of these problems by starting their own Film Festival! Free and open to ALL Native Film makers. This was good news to hear!

But then I started hearing reports this year in 2007, coming from another Film Festival up in the Beautiful north west, my home land where I was born, that really disturbed me.

There were some very Popular Native people being treated with disrespect!  Why, you may ask? And I asked that question myself.
Then I found among them Our Youth, also being disrespected! 

Are these 'unknown' Youths in the Music Industry?

No, they are very well know Native Music Artists who are very Popular in the state of Washington, Very Popular with the Native Youth at the Festivals and Events there. I needed to investigate and get facts and this is only part of what I have found so far.

So this is just the beginning of this Story. 

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Ann
Date: Aug 25, 2007 8:55 PM

Hello my name is Ann Little Running Deer (Lummi/Blackfeet/Dakota)

I heard you were excluded from the
Tulalip Film Festival, is this correct?

Hearing your sound and seeing your profile I cannot understand why this could happen to you!

I would like to hear your story, if I could.

Yes, after I check out all the information I can get my hands on. I am going to do an investigation story on the findings, so this sort of thing hopefully does not happen again and hopefully will make others think twice.

Any help you can give me in just telling me your experience, I will be thankful.

Ann Little Running Deer

From: N8V

Date: Aug 26, 2007 5:58 AM

Subject: RE: You sound GREAT! Great music and singing!

Thanks .... Glad you dig the music! Yes, ... its true ... I tried to talk with the lady that was in charge of the festival .... she said that they wanted artists that were more well known and that my band displayed a negative message to the native youth and people because I have a friend on MySpace .. that had a bikini top on in her pic ... that "this was not the message that I should be passing to our people" ...  when in fact we do a lot for native youth .... kind of funny ... I asked her some questions and was very respectful with her ,,, and she was very rude and didn't want anything to do with us .. we simply were trying to play another show for our native people .. which is what we try to focus on ... native gatherings and events

Did you catch that?

Your Profiles that add on these new Internet friend pictures?
Like I can control what all my Internet friends at my profiles wear or change to or what animals they are going to be next! Yeah right! Good one!

"the lady that was in charge of the festival" Who are they  ALL  talking about in this story?
Robin Carneen, Festival Coordinator
C/O Film Festival Staff
6700 Totem Beach Rd.
Tulalip WA, 98271
Phone: +1 360-651-3570


Let's hope you never do this to our Native Youth! Give our Native Youth a helping hand. Encourage them to stay with and love their Native people/culture.



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] The Anonymous Blogger Speaks…Go “Walk in Beauty” Somewhere Else 

Go "Walkin Beauty" Somewhere Else…

By all means do it, if you mean it of course from the core of your spirit as best as you can as a human being, if you truly believe that is what you are doing. Go for it, please, we need all the truly spiritual and hard working people we can get in our community especially now.

On the other hand…

What kind of an entertainment community "culture" do we have when the people who are the most "well-known" are famous wannabes who post fan photos on their sites as if they have ever worked with the people they are pictured with?Who has anointed them the self-proclaimed voice for our entire people?

The Anonymous Blogger Speaks…Go "Walk in Beauty" Somewhere Else

So this is just the beginning of this Story. 

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