Monday, September 24, 2007

[NativeVue] Carlos/Buffalohair on....HIP HOP

There are many subcultures within the music world and Hip Hop is one that truly has come of age. Hip Hop has always been associated with inner urban life. It has become a musical snapshot of existence within the concrete jungle of major metropolitan centers across the country. Hard bitten and vulgar to some it paints a picture of the stark realities in an uncensored and raw style that gets the listeners attention. From the Ghetto, Barrio, the Rez, and the youth in general Hip Hop has become the voice of an angry generation. 

After listening to many up and coming artists within the Hip Hop world I must admit Hip Hop has a very real message. There are many critics of Hip Hop about its content, language and its influence on our youth. Well if you want my two bits on this whole kit and caboodle. Hip Hop is only a reflection of what our youth already see, feel and experience. All the concerns at this juncture is liken to closing the barn door after the horses got out, holay...HIP HOP

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