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What You’ve Been Waiting For…September 8th, 2007 

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Daniel Joseph Leonetti, born sometime in the early 50's; gads he's worse than a dame when it comes to getting his actually age. He was born in Trinidad Colorado of Apache and Italian lineage. He was raised and attended grade school in Trinidad. Then in 1968 he enlisted in the Army and trained extensively in Intelligence and Communications before shipping off to Viet Nam. Once in Nam he was assigned to a classified intelligence unit and shipped to the Cambodian border. Much of his work was classified so there is little to tell. I sum up his journey in his own words: 

"I saw a whole  nation get completely erased from the face of the Earth. I saw what man and his inhumanity could do to other human beings. Death was everywhere since  life had no value.  My teenage eyes witnessed carnage beyond imagination as whole villages were destroyed and people executed. I saw the beginning of the Killing Fields of Cambodia first hand, oceans of mutilated bodies and the stench of death forever etched in my mind. My life would never be the same..." Dan Leonetti and the Screenplay "Woodpecker Waltz"

Within my tradition we believe there is no death. Whence we've crossed over into the spirit world we are embraced by our ancestors and will never be alone again. So my prayer is for the living who walk this ambivalent world in the pall of grief and loneliness. 

"Maheo' hear my prayer, fore I ask in a humble way.

I pray for the living and their broken spirits

Fore they truly walk in a much emptier world

Their hearts still filled with grief and sorrow

May the winds of the four direction

Whisper the words of their fallen loved ones

The words they need to hear

To let them know they are with you

In the land from which we all came from

And the land from which we all shall return." 


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