Saturday, January 26, 2008

Teaching of the Tree People on Native KANU TV 99

I hope you have been enjoying the Teaching of the Tree People on TV 99 link before they start new videos this Sunday! Bruce Miller of the Skokomish.
Bruce Miller
Bruce Miller
Learn More Bruce Miller was the founder of the Northwest Native American Basketweavers Association.
Also on Internet:

Also they showed  on TV the movie:

Teachings of the Tree People

This 20-minute film produced and directed by former KCTS producer Katie Jennings was created for use in the Seattle Art Museum’s third-floor Pacific Northwest galleries. Was part of the exhibit, Song, Story, Speech: Oral Traditions of Puget Sounds First People.

The film is an introduction to the life and work of National Heritage Fellow Gerald Bruce subiyay  Miller, Skokomish teacher and elder. Chosen at a young age as the bearer of the language, oral traditions, art and spirituality of the Twana people of Hood Canal, he now races time and ailing health to pass his knowledge on to those who wish to learn.

Shot on location by Northwest photographer Diana Wilmar, edited by Michael Gross of Glass Jaw Pictures, and scored by Cornish faculty member Janice Giteck, the film allows audiences a window on the traditional practice of gathering and weaving a cedar bark mat, and the ancient philosophy imparted to us by the first people, our oldest teachers, the tree people.

Gerald Bruce (subiyay) Miller passed away on February 5, 2005.

In Loving Memory — Gerald Bruce (subiyay) Miller — 1944-2005.

Native KANU TV 99

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