Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Buffalo Hair What’s the deal anyway?

What’s the deal anyway?

With the disclosure that speculators utilizing the Enron Loophole were responsible for the rise of fuel costs, something the Saudis said back in November by the way, why all the double talk about fuel efficiency from both presidential candidates? Sure we should be more frugal with fuel and all but the reality is there was no shortage of fuel. It was only greed that buckled nations to their knees.

Oil execs as well as the Saudis both said fuel prices should have only been between 60 and 70 bucks a barrel. You’d think it would be a no brainer to simply dump this proverbial Enron Loophole since it was an affront to economies world wide. With a myriad of oil and gas discoveries you’d think King George would stop his ranting about drilling in nature reserves and off shore, but no.

Wells are being drilled and capped along the US/Canadian border while drilling permits are not being utilized in areas already known to have that black gold. Again I say it’s all about extorting and bullying to get their greedy hands on Alaskan soil to drill. On the streets it’s called “putting the squeeze” to force their will on others.

Just goes to show you that there are many people in high places who are gleaning a clear profit from this Enron Loophole and they are not about to upset the ox cart. Oh lets have a congressional hearing on this loophole, paleeze. They already know it’s a bogus shelter that allows speculators to do their nasty deeds out of the eyes of federal regulators. So it’s a national crisis and all but they truly do not give a flying crappola about the citizens they are supposed to serve. They are only lining their own pockets.

It was a sad day in politics when it was leaked out the Obama was not going to address the NAFTA debacle and the selling of national sovereignty. Fact is he assured corporate interests in Canada he would not harm this corporate deal. Like a stacked hand in poker, we have no choices in this presidential election. They are all basically the same as far as courting the corporate dollar. We the people have been given jokers, literally and corporations will win no matter who is made the main talking head or president as it were. I venture to state the war in Iraq was nothing more than a corporate takeover of a nation. They could not get their greedy hands on Iraqi oil and Saddam was not about to let corporations rule his roost.

The media was fast to quell the tell all stories from a former Bush aid and the mindless public simply forgot it would appear. They forgot the War was all a hoax and people died for nothing, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens let along out kids. It was a shame from the gate but Corporatism marched onward.

This cancer has spread around the world as leader after leader sided with Bush making them a party to the “Great Lie” of the 21st century. And in its wake their nations face the chaos the US has been dealing with. Corporations over people have become the axiom of world leaders. The all mighty dollar has become the center piece of rulers who were entrusted with the wellbeing of their citizens. Now they jump through corporate hoops to keep the money flowing into their pockets. And of course, the people loose their benefits, take a cut in pay and go broke. Ask a transportation worker in France or an airline pilot in the US.

Viet Nam made it criminal for speculators to artificially raise the price of rice after Cyclone Naris. They made it be known to speculators of the dire consequences if they manipulated the price of rice. So why can’t the US do the same with these criminal oil speculators? Yup, it’s all about the money.

Sadly, this is all a part of the time of change when greed rules the planet and it’s a sign. Ma Earth has her agenda as well. Not a square inch of Earth will be safe from Ma Earths rage I might add. Her cleansing will be complete and to quote a passage in the Christian Bible, “The Meek shall inherit the Earth” In my visions it was said, “A rich man will die of starvation in his sleep while using a sack of pinto beans as a pillow”

Well, being a Krusty ole Native guy has its advantages eh. As far as my people are concerned we’ve already been placed in bondage. We have nothing else for them to steal, except our lives. My aunt told me that someone would have to tell us we are in a depression since we would not know the difference. Natives of the America’s are the secret third world and someday soon we will not be alone.

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