Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Buffalohair Burma, Than Shwe 1, Cyclone Survivors 0

OK boys and girls here is the score card humanity is sure to hide in shame from. Dictator Than Shwe of Burma has successfully fended off any attempts by the globe to offer emergency assistance to all survivors of Cyclone Naris. Only under the watchful eye of the Junta did any aid get distributed at all. In essence we’ve become a party to Than Shwe’s exercise in eugenics and the systematic death of hundreds of thousands of select victims. Whether it was a bullet or simply disease or starvation, death was the reward for the innocent people of the delta region of Burma, simple as that. Wonder if we get a plaque or something. 

The distraction of this cyclone has offered the population of Burma more arrests and imprisonments of opposition leaders and members. The Karen and other tribal people have been relentlessly hunted down and killed while the world looked on. So nothing has changed, except for the worst for these innocent people, nothing.

The bogus Constitutional Referendum passed with flying colors, red from the blood of those who opposed it. Currently the Burmese government is paying social calls to villagers who voted against this insanely corrupt document. Imprisonment, torture and death await those who chose to exercise their right to vote NO. Grave diggers who were trying to bury the dead have been arrested in the Bogaly area where tens of thousands of rotting corpses decorate this region.

Known as “The Group that Buries the Dead” they have diligently took it upon themselves to assist their fellow Burmese people during this time of crises. Clearly they wanted to thwart the spread of disease and give dignity to those who have fallen. Of course this put a wrinkle to Than Shwe’s plan of genocide by nature. But should this be a surprise? I don’t think so since many aid workers have been detained or expelled from the country thus far. Their crime was helping the people ear marked for death by this criminal leader.

And here is the American congress and the First Lady condemning Than Shwe for his atrocities. If they were sincerely fired up they would have condemned Chevron for the continuation of their Burma operations. I find it odd that all business ties were severed with Burma except America’s Chevron Oil though. But alas, it’s all about the money. Corporate cancer has spread around the world now and all politics is concerned about is the corporate bottom line. To bad so sad and the beat goes on.

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