Friday, November 7, 2008

Buffalohair The Prophesy Cha Cha

Friday, November 07, 2008

The Prophesy Cha Cha

OK boys and girls it's time to play "connect the dots". After having discussions with several religious types I'm compelled to write this piece. Their discussion was the Coming of Christ and or Earth Changes. Though I'm not a Christian per se' I have read their sacred book as well as others and respect the core tenets of their faiths. Any path that brings a person closer to the Creator and promotes walking a good way is OK by me. To bad very few people practices what they preach and kill in the names of their associated icons. The justification is "The Greater Good", paleeze that's just an excuse for poor behavior, plain and simple.

Anyway, as I sat and listened to these educated men and women of clergy I was taken back by how these dogmas's see this time we live. They shared observations and concepts' I do for the most part. Good is good and bad is bad, how hard is that? Though we are of different religions we all share a common belief that we are at a juncture in mankind's history. They discussed the "signs" of the impending chaotic period civilization will face and the bottom line was, "yup, this is the big one eh" Though we had different conclusions such as the "Great Rapture" and other tales of deliverance during a time of pandemonium we shared the same dooms day clock, so to speak.

Though the media has masked the fact the world is suffering famine and total pandemonium, it's happening now. The land is filled with false prophets and false hopes as totalitarian rule replaces democracy and civil liberties around the globe. Like a race for the gold mankind has become so materially oriented they will stop at nothing to garner material wealth. As if living in a bubble we've been spared the realities of the world around us while being fed garbage from the press. If only the people had access to missionaries and volunteers that travel the globe like I do eh. People would be aware that all is not well globally.

The reality of global climatic change has ravaged many countries already with crop failures and the loss of water. Food riots are already common place as the hungry struggle to survive. These are major signs eh. We all agreed that if people would just open their sacred books they too would see the signs that was given in their respective dogmas. Enjoin these respective "signs" with scientific facts and it is clear as the schnozzle on your fact we are on the final count down.

Ah but religion is passé these days and we make excuses for bad behavior. The quest for material riches has blinded even the most educated people as greed replaces humanity. All of which are "signs" that should have been heeded. But alas, they have been ignored or cast in a light of "folklore" After all; we are modern people with iPods, fancy gadgets and live in the land of milk and honey. Nothing could possibly happen here. Well almost eh, just ask the millions of American's who've lost everything already either by natural disaster or the latest economical rip off. They will tell you the time is now, for them anyway. Our western culture is at the end of the whip and one day soon it will crack with a loud pop and it will be all over. For many of us it will be the end of the world while for others it will be a cleansing and a rebirth. The conclusion to this tale of Earth Changes varies from dogma to dogma but the fact we are living in the time of change is a unanimous observation.

It was never my intention to be one of them dudes walking around the streets of Hoboken New Jersey wearing a sandwich board with "The End Is Near" written on it, not by a long shot. I was perfectly happy living outside of the box as a fellow materialistic lout chasing the all mighty dollar. As I've said in the past, I grew up a street kid and was not known for my pleasant disposition. I should have been whacked back in the 70's. I damn sure did not expect to live over a half century, holay. Think that is what really pisses me off about society. I was no goodie two shoes but I was an honest gangster. I did not try to play good guy, I was who I was. I ain't no cherry. But to discover the so called moral leadership of this nation was worse than all the crooks combined just blew me away.

Gangsters and outlaws in general would have never been able to pull of such a caper as our elected officials pulled off on the American public. There is no bank job that would yield trillions of dollars and offer you world domination. The US Government condoned loan sharking by allowing banks and credit card companies to gouge the public with interest rates that would put tears in a gangster's eye. The absolute corruption of our system has made Al Capone look like a saint in comparison. At least Al supplied soup kitchens to the poor during the Depression. What does the government do, give welfare to corporations with more to come.

It was sickening to learn this Bail-Out money went to retirement accounts and golden parachutes as well as investment capital. And there is more to come since Obama is already planning more Pay-Offs even before he takes office. GM needs loot to cover their retirement accounts as well. But again, these are signs of a bigger event in human history and there is no bail-out that will stop the inevitable Time of Change. For those who've squandered and stole riches they will have to struggle alone side the rest of us whence money becomes useless. Remember what was said in a vision, "A rich man will starve to death in his sleep while using a sack of pinto beans as a pillow"

According to the Mayan calendar 2012 will be a time of great change. Maybe it is, maybe not but from what I've learned from experts on the ancient Native's of Mexico, they knew way more than we gave them credit for. Coincidence or sign, I'll let you be the judge. But one thing I might suggest is that you go to your respective sacred books and read about the time we live since it's there in black and white. Then you can tell your clergy they are out of their minds. Better yet, you can tell the ancients who've written about the time we live that they are full of it. But keep me out of it since I'm only a messenger and frankly I could give a flying crappola what anyone thinks eh.

Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom

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