Saturday, November 8, 2008

Buffalohair:True Colors?

Buffalohair: True Colors?

True Colors? - November 8, 2008 by Buffalohair

It did not take long before the true nature of the beast was reveled as Barack Obama unveiled his plan to reward the rich. Filled with empty words of recovery and hope for the poor his stimulus plan will reward bad business practices and secure retirement accounts while giving we-the-people the crumbs. Again, America will face more Bush-a-nomics as government prepares to rob the coffers and feed the axiom of Corporatism.

The fact ringers McCain and Obama shared core tenets of GW Bush from the very beginning should have been an indicator this was truly a corporate election. The media as well as corporate funds supported these candidates. They deliberately ignoring candidates who supported the Constitution, hmm I wonder why? The public was given a bill of goods and now will face the consequences. It was a calculated move to place the American public behind the 8 ball. Desperation rather than sound choices dictated the outcome of this election. Nothing more than a form of extortion eh.

The internet is already under assault as new technology reigns in a new form of censorship. Attacks on web sites that don’t follow the party line are being hacked and in some cases obliterated by technologically advanced forms of span. The era of totalitarianism has begun and the ride to hell will be a ruff one for the vast majority of the population.

The Constitution of the United States has effectively been retired as president elect Obama embraces the core objectives of GW Bush and the Presidents Club. The only real color that has entered the White House is the color of green on the dollar bill. If only people would have bothered to research the candidates they would have known both candidates were just clones and products corporate admen. The ole song and dance routine that convinced you to buy useless items was used to sell these candidates. If you don’t see it then you deserve what is about to happen to America, it’s a corporate takeover.

With 4 more years of Bush-a-nomics and total disregard of the Constitution civil liberties, human rights and democracy will soon disappear all for the “Greater Good” Extortion is the best way to describe what is thinly veiled as an economical stimulus package will fill the headlines as America borrows more money from China to balance our books. We sold our freedom and the American way of life so an absolute minority can glean profits and secure their retirement funds before the tank is dry. When the recession reaches its maximum level of destruction there will be no cash for the cash strapped American citizens who trusted these criminals.

Whether you like it or not Obama is just another point man in the push for a One World Order or Economical structure effectively eliminating national sovereignty. Obama wants to save jobs and help industry, but there was no mention of the millions who’ve already lost it all and businesses that folded. Not a bail-out in sight for these people eh. It’s all about the money since it should be obvious by now that corporations rate higher than people. There was no stimulus package for education, Social Security or poverty. Sick part about it was the fact social issues and all that is wrong with America could have been cured by just the interest of these bail-outs combined. But that means a leader would actually what to help the citizens of this nation not corporate interests. What ever eh.

But like I keep telling you, though this may look very bad at the onset it is really meaningless. Ma Earth is soon to kick some major ass and there is no way man or his greedy ways will be able to combat or quell the coming Time of Change. So suck it up and prepare for the show of a lifetime since this change will come on many levels. Take it or leave it since I did my job. What you do or how you accept my words is all on you.

Earth Changes were foretold by every culture on the planet long ago. It was always accepted this time would come, again. This is not mankind’s first rodeo with catastrophic disasters that alter mankind’s destiny boys and girls. The sad part of the coming changes is the fact the majority of the world’s population will blindly follow a leader to their destruction. Remember this phrase, “The meek shall inherit the Earth”? Well this is written in many dogmas in various forms but it points to the fact the greedy will have their day in the high court of Humanity. You can run but you can’t hide from the law of retribution. Like they say on the streets, “What comes around goes around” homeboy/girl others also say, “You reap what you sow”.

I call it the “Humbling Times” since mankind will be humbled and there is no material wealth that will alter this destiny. Nature will be the equalizer for all humanity. Money will be a poor fire starter and a dark era of human history will come to a close. It really does not matter if I survive or not since I know where I will be going, that press club in the sky. Knowing the world will be a better place for future generations is all that matters. But if I did survive I guess I’ll have to learn how to carve since I’ll still be writing. The first phrase I will etch in stone will be the words “I told you” Hope my handwriting is legible. Hmm, a life without spell check would truly be the Stone Age eh.

As glaciers and ice packs disappear more and more people who’ve tried to survive the last change will appear. It will be a grim reminder of what lays ahead for mankind I venture to say. I’m still amazed at how quickly an elephant like creature, the wooly mammoth, could be completely frozen while still chewing food or mid stride. Like dipping them in liquid nitrogen they froze quickly preserving the meat all the way to the bone. Don’t think it would take as much to ice us up for an eternity.

So the world is being taken over by corporations as a new for of tyranny takes humanity for a ride, (economical). At the very least I hope Obama lifts the embargo with Cuba so I can savor one more hand rolled stogie before I get whacked. I can see it now, people will be running helter skelter as unexplained phenomena terrorize people all around me. I’ll be seated in my lawn chair drinking a vintage Peruvian Cabernet Sauvignon while puffing my stogie. My stereo resonate a Doors tune, “This is the end”

“This is the end

Beautiful friend

This is the end

My only friend, the end

Of our elaborate plans, the end

Of everything that stands, the end

No safety or surprise, the end

I’ll never look into your eyes, again”

Your Devil’s Advocate


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