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Buffalohair: Soldiers of Humanity, Free Burma Rangers

Soldiers of Humanity, Free Burma Rangers

Surgery at night in the Jungle

Surgery at night in the Jungle

While the government of Burma frantically tried to arrest and convict anyone who opposes the Dictator Than Shwe, the Free Burma Rangers are in the Jungles saving lives. There is no secret Burmas government is placing people in bondage for speaking out against a criminal regime. Young and brilliant minds are being thrown away for the rest of their lives. Popular artists and entertainers as well as religious figures and intellectuals are being targeted as the criminal regime of Than Shwe tightens its grip on a dying nation.

Deep within the jungle government forces have accelerated their program of eugenics and the wholesale murder and rape of tribal people. The Karen, Mon, Arakan and other tribal people of Burma have been ear marked for slave labor or death if they dont comply. Nothing has changed since before the time of Cyclone Nargis. Than Shwe’s hatred for tribal people and his lusting for natural resources has only gotten worse. Burmas future has become a journey into Dantes Inferno as the cries of the hopeless echo into the night. Hopelessness, fear and despair reigns in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of Internally Displaced People. In fear for their lives and hiding deep within the jungles IDPs hold their breath as government troops sweep the area for stragglers. Wounded and dying villagers struggle to mend the wounds with no medical supplies. With a government hunting them down like animals and a world powerless to help, their future looks bleak at best.

Hiding deep in the jungles scouts rush back to enclaves refugees carved in the foliage to report approaching troops. Fearful of the death and torture that awaits them; they hold their breath and pray for a miracle. As the troops advance to the refugees position, a feeling of helplessness envelopes the refugees for their fate rests in the hands of the Creator. Then when all hope seems lost one of the villagers notice these troops are not government forces at all. The noticeable badge on their uniforms read the unmistakable logo, Free Burma Rangers, Free Burmas Soldiers of Humanity.

Clinic in the Jungle

Clinic in the Jungle. Free Burma Rangers treating the sick and tending to the wounded.

Risking life and limb in a land the world has forsaken the Free Burma Rangers press onward offering humanitarian assistance, healing the sick/wounded and feeding the poor. They are also witnesses to the holocaust that has engulfed Burma. Their news briefs and photos come from deep in the jungle in spite of Than Shwes clamp down on freedom of the press. And I’m proud to be associated with this merry band of courageous human beings called The Free Burma Rangers.

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