Sunday, December 21, 2008

Free Music download for everyone

Lost White …Lost White Brother

Hi Everyone, we've just uploaded our "Christmas Carol" onto our myspace player, and it is free for you to download!! Merry Christmas to all our friends!!
Chris & Mike

About Lost White Brother “We Are The Lost White Brother”….. What does this statement say to you?.... “Lost White Brother” is an idea inspired by HOPI INDIAN philosophy. The HOPI believe we are ALL “The Lost White Brother”. WE have LOST our WAY! Our pursuit for material advancement has made us forget that everything in our world, this planet let alone this universe requires BALANCE. The PATH we have chosen is causing imbalance. “WE ARE THE LOST WHITE BROTHER”.

..........after the Fire Clan had migrated to their permanent home, the time would come when they would be overcome by a strange people [the white people]. They would be forced to develop their land and lives according the the dictates of a new ruler, or else they would be treated as criminals and punished. But they were not to resist. They were to wait for the person who would deliver them. This person was their lost white brother, Pahana, who would return to them the missing corner piece of the tablet, deliver them from their persecutors, and work out with them a new and universal brotherhood of man,...

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