Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Buffalohair: Obama Sooths a Hurting Nation

Obama Sooths a Hurting Nation

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

After listening to Barack Obama’s speech tonight I must say I did enjoy much of what he had to say. Regardless of what I know about economics, history and the political arena I did enjoy the positivity he managed to rally. As a journalist and one that does not beat to anyone’s drum I kept an open mind since there was no point in beating the dead dog of trillion dollar debts and lackluster cabinet appointees. The need for positivity for the America people was much more important and for the most part Barack Obama came through with all the bells and whistles.

For a moment in time I found myself mesmerized as this eloquent statesman delivered a captivating speech that fostered hope in the face of insurmountable odds. Maybe it was only ear candy and maybe it was sincere fore only time will tell at this juncture. But in a time of extreme hardships and uncertainty the people of this nation needed a glimmer of hope to weather the disaster called our economy. I applaud his effort to easy the pain of our reality and I really mean that.

On the other hand I was not so impressed with Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and his dismally poor response to the president’s speech. If there was a message in his jargon it was poorly delivered and inspired distain for his candor and pointless rhetoric. With so much negativity swirling about on all levels of the American experience he only poured salt in the wound of a hurting nation. Timing is everything and there would have been a better time for his skewed dialogue to be addressed to the people of America.

I know things are as bad as they seem and there are volumes I do not agree with Obama’s administration. But I like so many American’s needed a break from the constant bickering between political parties and the talking heads of the mainstream media. Whether we voted for him or not is of no consequence since Barack Obama is OUR president and there is nothing we can do about it now. For a survivor of the Great Depression, my ma, to turn and say to me, “The president made me feel good” said volumes. We might be going to hell in a hand basket but a cup of cold water along the journey does offer some relief and I will savor every last drop. Thanks for the drink President Obama.

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