Thursday, February 5, 2009

Buffalohair: Madoff Was Not The Only One

Madoff Was Not The Only One

Birds of a feather

Birds of a feather

As the reality of the Stock Market comes to light it is only obvious the whole system was corrupted and government officials were part and parcel co conspirators. As I’ve mentioned all along, this is the most elaborate Ponzi Scheme in the history of the world and it is time the public to woke up, for a change.

But again, the mainstream media is asleep at the wheel, possibly because of their corporate handlers, since they still failed to give you the complete story about this financial disaster. The magnitude of corruption is staggering according to whistle blower Harry Markopolos who for 9 years struggled to expose this massive fraud. The Securities and Exchange Commissions was either part of the scam or was totally intimidated by these power house Brokerage firms. Markopolos was also fearful for of his life.

Now for the blockbuster of blockbusters; With in Harry Markopolos’s testimony he identified a criminally corrupt organization that was knee deep in criminality and fraud. Though the SEC was incompetent to say the least but the securities industry’s self-policing organization; the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority was totally corrupt and involved up to their eye lids in fraud. The head of this organization during this period of absolute criminal behaviour was a person named Mary Shapiro. With her stewardship and guidance this crime was executed with no oversight intentionally. And if you were paying attention you would also know Mary Schapiro was appointed by Barack Obama to head the Securities and Exchange Commission this December. Talk about another fox watching the hen house eh.

How many other lacklustre, inept and criminal negligent people must Obama include in his cabinet before we realize Barack is either part and parcel involved in the total destruction of our government or is shamefully misguided by a staff of advisors with a “second agenda”? And now he is pushing a “stimulus package” that will not work since it is already known by economists Bail-outs never worked in the past and actually plunged out country deeper in Depression. Obama’s rush for the gold on the first bail-out was misguided at best. The bail-out was a clear failure at best and this one is sure to cause more harm than good. This is “Disaster Capitalism” at its best as International Corporatism tries to extort more money from the US taxpayer again. How far beyond stupid are we?

For government to promote borrowing and borrowing is completely wrong. Buying beyond our means was the axiom that was pounded into our heads while politicians invested in these mortgage lending firms and filled their coffers. Follow the money and you will see who is invested in these loan sharking corporations and it will show you how corrupt our politicians are. The first bail-out only masked or concealed other perpetrators in this elaborate Ponzi Scheme. These institutions should have gone broke like any other corporation involved in fraud. The end result would have been an example to other corporations who wanted to commit a crime against the people. And out of the ashes honest companies would have taken over where corruption once stood. It would not have been the end of the world but new beginnings within the business world for not all corporations were criminal. Now, the new bail-out will cover-up other fraudulent enterprises and reward criminals for bankrupting a nation and the free world.

We are on our way down and the sooner the better so we can rise up once again. There is no turning back the clock and it is time to face our reality rather than cushion the fall of corporate criminals for that is all this bail-out will do. Whence this bail-out failed our leadership will say, “Well we tried” and generations after we are gone will foot the bill and we will have extended our recession by years. That was the case with Franklin Roosevelt’s bail-outs. It is time to clean the slate of corrupt politicians and break the back of these international corporations who’ve long ago declared war on our constitution and democracy, all for the corporate bottom line.

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