Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Go Green! Native American TV Network Active on-line

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Earth Friendly Tribe

Dream Nation

Entertain the mind and soul.
Make a Change for all Life on Earth

Also Native American Humor Videos

INTERVIEWS: individuals, corporations, and organizations; how they are ‘going green’ and what they are doing to contribute to a healthy and sustainable life.

NATIVE AMERICAN PEOPLES: Dedicated to our elders and Native Americans. Honoring them as Earth Caretakers, and showcasing their models for sustainability & community.

ACTIVE: We highlight those who are taking action to make a better future through sustainability, cover there life work, and then provide viewers with resources for them to take action themselves.

EARTH JOURNEY: This is the section for the music of DJ TRIBE, and other selected artists to showcase their music, while the VJ guides the visual journey with ambient footage from beautiful places on this planet.

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