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Buffalohair: Burmese Junta Thugs Threaten U Win Tin’s Life

Burmese Junta Thugs Threaten

U Win Tin’s Life

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U Win Tin National League for Democracy Senior Officer, better known as “The Man of Steel” has been at the gates of Insein Prison since Daw Aung Suu Kyi’s arrival. Released from prison after spending 19 years, almost entirely in solitary confinement and left to die from illnesses, has held his ground. With his spirit unbroken and still very much alive this warrior of democracy once stated, “I will keep fighting until the emergence of democracy in this country”. *U Win Tin is defiant even with threats to his life by junta thugs.

It is known the Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) and the paramilitary group Swan Arr Shin have made threats to U Win Tin’s life. Undaunted, U Win Tin refuses bodyguards and stands defiant. Man of Steel and full of love for his country U Win Tin has become a beacon of courage and principle for the people of Burma and refuses to compromise his ethics in spite of his age and medical condition. He is a role for all Burmese people to emulate and this has made him a target for assassination by Gen. Than Shwe and his band of international criminals.

It is at this critical time in Burma’s history that the world must be vigilant and know that if this champion of democracy and morality is killed the criminal regime of Than Shwe’s Burma was wholly responsible for his murder. With the noose tightening around Than Shwe’s neck every day it is only a matter of time before the junta makes a move and begins another round of assassinations and secret kidnappings. This is junta justice better known as crimes against humanity at its best. The only problem is now like never before the whole world is watching.

Like the warlords of Somalia, Than Shwe and his band of cut throats and thieves are nothing more than thugs and do not deserve a place in the world arena. He is not a leader he is an extortionist who uses rape and murder to keep a country in bondage. He and his regime have violated every international law which places him in a category of criminal and undeserving of any consideration a leader of a nation. He was never elected by the people and only used force to gain control of this beleaguered nation. All Than Shwe and his generals deserve is to be arrested and tried in court for egregious crimes against humanity. His legacy will be nothing more than that of a mass murderer and all the corporations who’ve financed his escapades show be tried as co-conspirators.

Truly U Win Tin is one of Burma’s courageous patriots and deserves the worlds attention at this critical time.


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