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Buffalohair Earthquake Mambo or Earth Change 101

Earthquake Mambo or Earth Change 101

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Another coincidentally close earthquake has struck in *Okcular Turkey today killing scores of people. Like I said quite a while ago we’ve entered a much more virulent phase of Earth changes. Yet we quibble about material things when we should be seeking out our spirituality and preparing for rough times that lay ahead. Sadly world leaders have chosen to ignore the realties of the times we live in favor of colonizing the planet through Globalization. The real business at hand should be how to prepare for the survivors needs whence change is in full swing. Eventually all the noble aid givers and emergency managers around the world will be to busy domestically to rush to all the countries in desperate need of assistance. There will be no more show boating by pompous politicians with aid filled planes and ships. It will be fend for yourself as changes alters the face of the Earth.

Earth Changes can be compared to a woman’s season as her body purges all that causes her discomfort. Well, Ma Earth has entered this phase of cleansing and there is no global or green solution we can conveniently buy our way out either. For all the “Here and Now” folks who’ve refused to recognize that these changes are real you are about to learn an important lesson about prophecy. The Earth Changes are an all encompassing event where no part of the planet will be spared change. That means you can’t run to Boulder Colorado to find sanctuary or play out some bazaar scenario you watched on some lame “End of the World” movie. Interestingly enough some people I interviewed choose to ignore the signs, prophets or their own vision. They would rather pretend these catastrophic events are not related. Preferably they would rather die shopping than face the reality of the times we live. Many people know but they don’t want to think about it and face their fate blindly. So I guess it would be the end of the world for them but in reality it is only the end of a cycle.

My people call it the humbling times and for the most part we are prepared to face our destiny. Actually we are quite happy to see the end of this cycle of greed and material lusting. Unencumbered by material excesses we are better prepared than most since we never were dependant on electronic gizmos and the toys of the opulent. Frankly many of my people were never in a position to afford such luxuries. So weaning us from the 21st Century will not be an issue for the most part. I would miss spell check, my cameras, computers and other multi-media gizmos would be rendered useless so this change would hit me pretty hard at first. Good thing I know how to track, hunt and forage for food in the woods. Growing up in abject poverty has its advantages since this has prepared me for the future I do believe. But gads, why the spell check?? Oh the humanity.

Quakes are only a precursor to what lays ahead and eventually the chemistry of electricity will be altered and cease to function so all them electrical gizmos will be nothing more than a paper weight. In a vision it was said that people from many worlds would look in awe at the power of Ma Earth since even the most advanced technology will be rendered useless. That means if there were space dudes with cool technology they would also be stuck on Earth with their broke down intergalactic Frisbees. In my visions alone I saw many beings struggling to survive Ma Earth’s onslaught and I really don’t care if you believe it or not. I am not the only person with visions or knowledge from ancient teachings by far. It was said there would be many messengers from around the planet who would be warning the world about the times that lay ahead. Believe me, I did not choose to be one of those messengers. My uncle told me that I had no choice in the matter anyway. So here I am telling all you boneheads to prepare for some rough times ahead. If you don’t like my message call the office and complain to my boss. 1-800-Doomsday

Time is running short and eventually I will not be able to hold your hand and walk you through these times. Fact is all messengers will be incommunicado as the media shuts down. People will be scrambling to remember what those “Whizz-bang Prophets” were rambling about when times were good. This whizz-bang prophet will be way to busy tending to my elderly and assisting my people to give a flying crappola what others are doing. It was said people would hear the truth but their ears would be deaf to ancient teachings. And of course there are others who would rather face extinction then give up their IPod or stock options in healthcare. I guess they would be self cleaning…lol

The secret to survival is actually quite simple since it only requires a person to be connected with the spirit world and to know their messengers. In other world you must know which spirit is good or which spirit is bad when they approach you with messages or warnings. How else would Moses know to place lambs blood over the doors of his people homes when the angel of death cruised through Egypt? He knew his messengers and was connected with the spirit world. So get a grip on your commando gear and all your underground shelters since this is not the key to survival at all. It’s all about your personal spirituality and the connection you have within your dogma. Just remember, filling offering plates does not buy spirituality nor does it offer any guarantees. It only pays the rent paisan.


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