Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Buffalohair Tornado Strikes Home

Buffalohair Tornado Strikes Home

Tornado Strikes Home

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While researching a news item I received a news clip about a tornado in western *Oklahoma. As I was viewing this news brief I began to notice some familiar sites then it dawned on me, that is my reservation. Holay, this twister was bouncing around all over the place tossing 5 houses about and ripping down power poles. Of course the power was out and the phones were down adding to my anxiety as I tried frantically to call home. I was only 400 miles from home but at this juncture it might as well be a million.

I finally made contact with my brother and sister-in-law. They assured me that everyone was OK. It was a blessing to hear that my people were safe at the very least. But there was a moment where I felt shear panic since I could not rouse any of my relations. Visions of catastrophe filled my thoughts as the feeling of helplessness and fear surged through my veins. Covering news stories about disasters in the last few weeks fanned the flame of concern. I saw the aftermath of several Earthquakes around the world. The faces of the survivors haunted me since their eyes told volumes about loss, sorrow and disbelief. Now I was watching a news video in disbelief as a tornado ripped through my town and the twister just missed my house.

Fortunately my brother was in light spirits as well as my tribe. They joked about the twister that came to visit our village but we all realized how fortunate we were that none of our relations were injured. I was not so amused since my heart was still racing from my near panic. I was reminded that this was to be expected since no place on Earth would be untouched by change. Funny, that’s what I always mention in my articles. I had a taste of my own medicine and in a way it did me good. For some reason I was walking around in a bubble of immunity, like I was above the tribulations that lay in store for humanity but nothing could be further from the truth. I was reminded about our traditions and prophecies. We are living in the time of great change and we got a wake-up call from one of the elements of the four directions today. No place on Earth will be spared from the wrath of Ma Earth as she cleanses herself, not even the Red Moon Agency.


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